Original Stories Fan Fiction / Other Fan Fiction ❯ Colourland Part 3: Blackin and Blackina the Ultimate Couple ❯ Chapter 5

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Chapter 22

It's Up to Challenger Now


Crayon then contacted Challenger about the message.


" What happened, " said Crayon.

" The Bear had this request involving you and your friends " said Challenger.

" A request ? " asked Crayon. " I wonder what that is "


" They want me to force you into not fighting, they say if you fight that your friends will be killed " said Challenger.

" I can't agree to this " said Crayon. " We can't let the Bear take over like this "

" I know, these threats cannot stop us " said Challenger.

" Good, Blackin and Blackina will be stopped " said Crayon.

" Keep training hard " said Challenger.

" We will continue to do so " said Crayon.

" Good " said Challenger.


Crayon then met up with Colouruke, Colourea, Artby and Warbler, they decided to keep training their attacks.


Crayon used the Wind Implosion while Warbler used the Sky Implosion, the attacks hit with so much power this time. Colourea and Artby used their Light Implosions, while Colouruke used the Ultimate Sea Blast. All the attacks were hitting with intense power.


Artby then used the Ultimate Light Bomb while Colourea used the same attack, the attacks were hitting with intense power again. Warbler then used the Super Sky Kick while Crayon used the Super Light Kick. Colouruke then used his Ultimate Sea Bomb with ultimate power.


Meanwhile, Bear members had headed outside and they surrounded a few men and then started charging their Shadow Strikes, the men tried to get away but were hit down to the ground.


" Your stuff belongs to us " said the Bear members.

" Hahahahahaha " said one Bear member.


The men then were struggling a lot, Bear members then punched them into each other and they robbed them. The members then stole their stuff and approached Crayon.


" Crayon, it is you " said a Bear member.

" Crayon, hopefully Challenger has told you what he has needed to say " said the second Bear member.

" What would have Challenger needed to say ? " asked Colouruke.

" Crayon knows it as well, if Challenger fails to control you, the end of his friends will happen " said the third member.

" I'll never die, bakers would never allow it " said Artby.

" Bakers have baked so much bread for me, I won't die "

" I have confidence in not dying "

" Don't be a fool, you are given the chance to live and you will get to see the love that Blackin has for Blackina " said the fourth member. " You will witness a wedding like never seen before "

" A different wedding ? " asked Crayon.

" It will be a ceremony that has never been seen before, Blackin just loves Blackina too much " said the fifth Bear member.

" Blackin's desire to be with Blackina, to marry Blackina, to keep Blackina happy cannot be stopped ever " said the first Bear member.

" Crayon, you must see this "


" Challenger knows that he wants you live and not die, so you will do what he has been asked " said the second member.

" You cannot let him down "

" Challenger wants us alive, but does he really want Blackin and Blackina to control Colourland ? " asked Warbler. " I don't see him wanting that "

" He was away and he was clearly told to control you five " said the third member.

" We have left it up to him " said the fourth member.

" The Bear has robbed so many people " said the fifth member. " It has made Blackina so happy, which means Blackin is happier "

" Challenger will not force us to not fight " said Crayon.

" Then your friends will die and it will be on him " said the first member.

" Hahahahahahaha "

" We won't die " said Artby. " Bakers want us to live "

" If we do not, we cannot buy bread "

" This will be on Challenger forever, now it's time " said the second member.

" Yeah, it is " said Crayon.

" Let's fight "

" We will take you down " said the first member.


Four of the Bear members used their Shadow Bombs while one used the Double Shadow Strike, Crayon fired the Ultimate Light Bomb while Colouruke fired the Ultimate Sea Blast.


The attacks hit, creating an explosion.


The Bear members got up and they grabbed Colouruke and threw him down to the ground.


" Colouruke, prepare to truly suffer " they all said in unison.


Colouruke then got up and launched the Super Sea Blast and hit the Bear members with it, they then got up and fired their Super Shadow Bombs, while Warbler charges the Ultimate Wind Bomb which was able to defeat all of them beside one.


" Blackin's love for Blackina is too strong " said the Bear member.

" We'll stop it " said Artby.

" Bakers have helped me, I can do this "


" The romance is unstoppable, the desire that Blackin has will last forever " said the Bear member.

" Blackin will not be pleased when he sees what Challenger has chosen to do "

" This is not what he wanted "

" Blackin must get his way "

The Bear member then rushed for Colouruke but Artby punched him, which defeated him.


They decided to head home.


Blackin and Blackina were contacted about Challenger's refusal to control Crayon and his friends.


" Challenger will regret this " said Blackin.

" When Crayon's friends die, it will be his fault and he will never be able to live it down " said Blackina.

" Exactly, their deaths will be great and Blackina you will be my queen " said Blackin.

" I love hearing that " said Blackina.

" They will not stand a chance against us together " said Blackin. " I will enjoy the look on Challenger's face when we succeed "

" He will be hurt beyond belief "


" The love we have for each other is unstoppable, the power we have cannot be matched " said Blackina.

" Hahahahahahaha " said Blackin. " The wedding and the takeover will be brilliant for sure "

" Us ruling the world together will be so amazing " said Blackina.

" Ruling the world with you is so special " said Blackin.

" Your body is so amazing to look at "

" Thanks, I am glad you like it " said Blackina.


Bear members then were sent to Colourland and they surrounded people and then attacked.


" No " said this man.

" Hahahahaha " said a Bear member. The Bear member used the Super Shadow Bomb, which hit several people.


Bear members stole their wallets and took a phone as well. The Bear members then attacked more people, launching their Double Shadow Strikes which knocked out a lot of people. They stole more stuff. They found a ring, credit cards, a lock, keys and more wallets. They took all they had stolen and then went back to the hideout.


Crayon and his friends then were talking.


" Blackin's plan must be stopped " said Colouruke.

" Eating bread is a must " said Artby. " We will be more heroic, we need all the heroism in the world on our side "

" We will just keep training like Challenger asks " said Colourea.

" Blackin won't succeed in scaring us " said Warbler.


" He fucking won't " said Artby. " Bakers have made us braver and have kept us stronger than ever "

" Bakers have made us braver ? " asked Crayon.

" When bakers bake, the flour creates a special kind of heroism, which has made you so heroic Crayon " said Artby. " The type of heroism makes us braver, bread has helped us fight a lot "

" I am not afraid "

" A customer who is not afraid is a great customer "


" Well we haven't been afraid to fight " said Warbler. " Our techniques have gotten stronger "

" I believe in bakers a lot, bakers create more heroes " said Artby. " Before bread, I was not heroic but now the bakers have made me heroic "

" I have thanked bakers so much because they have made people heroic who originally were not, not to mention the great taste the bread has "

" Bread can do all that ? " asked Warbler.

" Warbler, it does " said Artby. " Bakeries create heroes, they have made you a stronger fighter than ever before "

" Heroes are born thanks to baking "


They decided to eat and they enjoyed their meal.


After that, Crayon and Colourea were kissing each other.


Artby was talking to Colouruke and Warbler.


I wonder when Blackin and Blackina will make their attack " said Artby.

" They are going to strike pretty soon most likely " said Colouruke.

" We must give them a good asskicking, bakers have made our asskickings more heroic " said Artby. " The flour changes the asskickings we give "


" Flour changes the asskickings ? asked Warbler.

" It does, bread has flour that helps us fight better, the fighting changes based on the bread " said Artby.

" If this is all true, then the bakers must be very loved " said Colouruke.

" Bakers have done so much for us, I will never forget any baker ever " said Artby.

" I will always love bakers "


Crayon and Colourea headed upstairs.


" Crayon is so happy " said Artby. " I'm proud of him and the bakers for helping him out "

" I'm glad to see you are happy for Crayon " said Warbler.

" Warbler, when you were in Bird's Isle did you remember the bakeries ? " asked Artby.

" Well they are different than here " said Warbler.

" I'm sure they are great, I wonder what flour they use " said Artby.

" Well, if we go to Bird's Isle you will find out " said Warbler.

" Bird's Isle ? " asked Colouruke.

" Yeah, it is quite the island " said Warbler.

" It is led by a man named King Bobby "

" King Bobby ? " asked Colouruke.

" Yes, he rules Bird's Isle " said Warbler.

" Maybe you will see him one day "


Crayon and Colourea went to bed, so did the others.


Blackin and Blackina were talking.


" Now it is time for the demise of Crayon and his friends " said Blackin.

" We will fight together as a couple, like we always do " said Blackina.

" It is impossible for us to lose when that happens " said Blackin.

" We are the strongest couple that there is " said Blackina.


" My desire for you and our combined abilities will make us the new rulers and we will be together forever " said Blackin.

" I have the same desire that you have Blackin " said Blackina.


" Challenger will see them die and it will crush him " said Blackin.

" We will make a decision about other people when the wedding has been completed " said Blackina.

" Our members have stolen so much " said Blackin. " They will be at the wedding as well


" They have made it better, our lives are better and other people suffering is always worth it " said Blackina.

" Me being with you Blackina, is what must always happen " said Blackin.

" It will always be that way, if some people have to die then so be it " said Blackina.

" Their lives do not mean as much as our love "

" Our love means everything "

" Yes, we must be together forever " said Blackin.

" Nobody can ever go against that "

" I will never end this relationship "

" Our love and our power cannot be stopped " said Blackina.

" Hahahahahahahahahaha " they said together.



They then kissed each other.