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Chapter 6


First Fight With Advisors, Part Two



" Now you two will be questioned by King Bobby and the rest of our great advisors " said Salvador.

" King Bobby is very frustrated about the decision "


" King Bobby had lots of confidence in you Crayon, he saw the bravery against The Bear but now this ? " asked Paula. " Crayon, you would have been a huge asset in the war "

" It is a shame you did this, Bird's Isle will remember "

" The Bear were more of a threat than Numeria " said Crayon.

" Numerians are not a threat to either Bird's Isle or Colourland "

" There is no reason to fight any Numerian "

The Bear did want to take over Colourland, but King Bobby knows of the threat that Numerians pose " said Salvador.

" They are not a joke "

" The threat ? " asked Colourea.


" The fact that Numerians want to take Colourea away " said Salvador.

" Crayon, you cannot be okay with that "


" But if Numerians want to do that, then wouldn't having Colourea fight in the war put her in more danger " said Crayon.

" I don't understand "

" Same here, I do not get it " said Colourea.

" Colourea's abilities are something that the king has wanted in battle " said Paula. " If all of us are together, we can fight Numerians while protecting her "


" Plus it is not just that, Lord Grackle has craved the resources from Numeria " said Salvador.

" These resources can do so much "



" Well, since you are not going to us willingly we must continue fighting " said Paula.

" It is a shame that Crayon and his friends do not want to fight " said Salvador.

" Yes, let's continue this fight " said Crayon.



Paula then charged the Wind Implosion while Salvador used the Ultimate Wind Bomb. The attacks aimed at Colourea, Crayon and Colourea used the combined attack the Ultimate Sun Bomb. The attacks collided, creating a huge explosion.



Salvador got up, he used the Tenfold Wind Strike while Paula used the Wind Implosion again. Crayon and Colourea used the combined Sun Implosion.



The attacks aimed at each other, the implosion powered up Salvador's strike. After all of it, everyone took damage.



Salvador was seriously struggling, Colourea was slightly struggling.



" How could this be " said Salvador.

" I cannot believe this "

" Same here " said Paula.

" We have shown our skills " said Crayon.

" Yes, you are a bit stronger than we thought " said Salvador.

" Well now it is time for our ultimate attack.



Salvador and Paula combined their implosions to create the Sky Implosion which then directly hit Crayon and Colourea.



Crayon was able to get up and he used the Ultimate Light Blast while Colourea used her Ultimate Light Bomb. The attacks were aimed for Salvador and Paula but Paula was hit more by it.



Salvador looked almost finished, him and Paula then used their combined Sky Implosion, Crayon used his Ultimate Wind Blast while Colourea used the Light Implosion. The attacks then collided with tons of power.



" It looks like it is just you and me Crayon " said Paula.


" Colourea isn't done yet " said Crayon.

" She still has a bit more "


Salvador was defeated, Colourea was seriously struggling.



" Crayon it is time for us to combine our attacks for one last attack " said Colourea quietly to Crayon.



Crayon and Colourea combined for the Sun Implosion while Paula used the Wind Implosion which was overpowered significantly.



Paula was slightly struggling. Crayon was able to get up and then he was charging his Ultimate Wind Bomb. Paula then used the Tenfold Wind Strike and the attacks collided.



Colourea was alive but was not able to move, Crayon then charged his Wind Implosion while Paula countered with hers. The attacks then hit their targets.



" Crayon, you have shown yourself to be this strong " said Paula. " The king has always wanted this kind of power for the war "


I'm not fighting the war " said Crayon.

" Colourea doesn't want to fight "


" That is a real shame, the king does not take kindly to this " said Paula.

" If I do not make it, Rourke and Draco will have no trouble "


" Also Curtis as well "


" We will see about that " said Crayon. " I know that I am strong but war with Numeria isn't worth it "


" If we succeed in the war, it will make Bird's Isle a better utopia " said Paula.

" He knows how to improve Bird's Isle "

" Utopia ? " asked Crayon.


" King Bobby has planned to use this war to make Bird's Isle a better place, he plans to take everything from Numeria allowing us to be richer " said Paula. " He says he will strengthen parts of Bird's Isle, people will take more vacations here which is awesome "


" I get that he wants to be richer but we have chosen to make this decision " said Crayon.


" King Bobby has said that he is going to take all the money there " said Paula. " He will fund more great things here "


" Such as what ? " asked Crayon.


" He wants to expand Bird Port " said Paula. " He says that he will also expand more of Bird's Isle as well "


" He will also boost the amount of warriors here by doing this "



" Anyways, let us continue the fight "



Paula charged up her Ultimate Wind Bomb while Crayon countered with his Ultimate Light Bomb. The bombs collided with each other, creating an explosion. After that they both got up, Crayon used his Quintuple Light Strike. The strike hit and Paula was looking near the end.



" Crayon, remember the advisors " said Paula.


" Do not forget us, we will question all of you "

" You will regret this decision "



Crayon then used his Quintuple Wind Strike while Paula used hers, the attacks collided and Crayon won the fight.



" Great battling " said Challenger.

" Yeah, it was a great win " said Crayon.

" Glad to see that you won " said Warbler.


" We should find somewhere that has a hospital, we are going to have to leave the hotel " said Crayon. " I don't know when the next advisors will come "


" It is hard to say " said Warbler. " My brother Blackburnian will be pissed so we must be ready "


" He wanted us to fight in the war so bad, he will try anything "


" I know that he must feel hurt, but the war is not worth it " said Crayon.


" Anyways we should find a hospital " said Challenger.



Meanwhile King Bobby and the other advisors were wondering what happened with Paula and Salvador.



" They should either be back with them for questioning or at least just won the fight and about to contact me " said King Bobby.


" Our advisors should be able to handle them, if Challenger was to fight it could be an issue " said Queen Starling. " I have no idea if Challenger fought "


" If Paula and Salvador do not return, it must be that " said Blackburnian. " I know that Warbler has improved but he is still far from our advisors "


" Our advisors are incredibly strong " said King Bobby. " What do you think happened ?


" My guess is that Challenger fought and it took longer than expected " said Lord Grackle.


" They need to be questioned " said Queen Starling.


" We will give it 70 more minutes " said King Bobby. " If we do not hear from them, it will be assumed that they were defeated "


" If they lose, that would shock me " said Curtis.

" Same here " said Lord Grackle.

" That so called friend must be taken down and brought here " said Blackburnian.

" They are taking a great opportunity from Warbler away "


Crayon and his friends arrived at a hospital and they stayed the night there. Challenger and Warbler found somewhere to stay for the night.


They are likely to send Draco and Rourke in next " said Warbler.


" Or Curtis " said Challenger.


" Curtis is quite strong " said Warbler. " I think that I will need to fight "


" I could see that " said Challenger.


" We will need to keep training " said Warbler.


" Indeed, Warbler " said Challenger. " Let us go to sleep "



The morning passed and King Bobby heard that they had not returned.



" Now Draco and Rourke it is time, bring them here " said King Bobby.


" I cannot forgive them " said Blackburnian.


" We will make sure that they face justice " said Rourke.


" It is not right " said Draco.


" The resources of Numeria would have made Bird's Isle into the utopia that we need it to be " said Curtis.


" We thought that Crayon would be more heroic " said Queen Starling.

" He has truly disappointed us "


" True, Bird's Isle has seen Crayon for who he is " said Curtis.

" They are not happy with him "

" We were wrong " said King Bobby. " It happens sometimes "


" But Challenger is the leader, so he could have shown the leadership that could have gotten them to fight " said Blackburnian. " Why would my brother Warbler do this ? "


" That will be up to him to answer " said Diana.


" The previous leader Colour King was not like that, he demanded heroism " said King Bobby. " When he did not get it, he would have taken more action than Challenger took "

" Warbler would have loved Colour King, he was great "


" Colourlandish people had better order under him, but he is not there now so it is up to Bird's Isle now " said Queen Starling.


" We are united with the king and queen " said Diana. " No matter what  Challenger does "


" King Bobby's great " said all the advisors and Queen Starling together in unison.


" I am a great king " said King Bobby. " Draco and Rourke it is your time to bring these so called heroes  to justice "

" Yeah, they are no heroes to us " said Draco.

" We will deal with them " said Rourke.



Draco and Rourke then left and headed to find Crayon and his friends.