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Chapter 1

Welcome to Colourland


Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke and Artby lived together in an apartment in Colourland.


" The view here is great " said Crayon.

" It sure is " said Colouruke.

" It makes up for the danger, sure it's dangerous but with a view like this " said Artby.

" The danger is worth it "

" Worth it ? " asked Colourea.

" Yeah, the view is worth that " said Artby.

" It is great here to look at "


Time passed and everyone went to bed.


They got up.


" There's this bakery we should go to " said Artby.

" Don't people always fight there " said Crayon.

" The bread must be really good, then if there is so much fighting " said Artby.

" It gives me a sense of that "


" Bread is not worth dying for " said Colourea. " I'm not dying for that shit ".

" Same here " said Crayon.

" It's good with olive oil " said Artby.

" So is pasta " said Colouruke.

" Pasta is good with olive oil, but this bread is worth risking my life " said Artby.

Well we need to be careful and ready to fight if we are going there " said Crayon.


" We will be ready, bread is worth it " said Artby.

" I risk my life for bread "

" I will always risk my life for bread "

" Let's go " said Crayon.

" It will be great " said Artby.

" Let's be careful " said Colourea.

" We will fight if we have to but ideally we don't have to do so " said Crayon.


Meanwhile in this headquarters, Blackin was talking to a man named Easeion.

" Boss, it is time for us to take over Colourland " said Easeion.

" We will take over Colourland for ourselves " said Blackin.

" I will go in and fight " said Easeion.

" I will hurt people "

" They have no chance "


" There is no need for that right now, we will send in Maxclever and Willemease " said the Blackin.

" Sounds good to me " said Easeion.

" I will keep training "

" Yes, that would be good " said Blackin.

" I will train now, I must be ready for the future " said Easeion.

" I want to be able to terrify and scare people beyond belief "

" It will help "

" Yes, keep up the training while Maxclever and Willemease do what they need to " said Blackin.


Maxclever arrived in the room.


" Boss what do you need me to do ? " asked Maxclever.

" We need you to attack the villages around Colourland first " said the boss.

" I will easily do that " said Maxclever.


" Good, you will be sent there tomorrow morning " said the boss.

Sounds great to me " said Maxclever.

" These villages will truly suffer "

" The villagers are screwed "

" Yes, this should not be an issue " said Blackin.

" I have faith that we will not have problems "


Maxclever left the room.

Easeion and Blackin went to their separate areas.


Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke and Artby decided to head to the bakery, they arrived and went inside. They noticed this man wearing black with this claw marking.


" Give me what you have " yelled the man.

" No " said the man who was being attacked.

The man with the claw logo punched the man. Two other men with the logo also entered.

" You " said one of the men  with the claw logo to Crayon.


" What is going on here " said one woman.

" Your stuff belongs to us " said the man.

" Maxclever has ordered it to happen " said another man with the claw logo.

The man rushed Crayon but was punched by Crayon.


Artby kicked the other man.

The men got back up and then rushed towards Colouruke but Colouruke punched one of them and Colourea punched the other and the men were defeated.

The four of them got their bread and left.


" Wonder who those guys were ? " asked Colourea.

" No idea " said Crayon.

" The bread looks so tasty, so I am not surprised about the fighting " said Artby.

" Tasty bread does that ? " asked Colouruke.

" When there is more danger, there is going to be better bread " said Artby.

" It is what happens "

" Those guys also mentioned someone named Maxclever " said Colourea.


" We can give him a good asskicking " said Artby.

" Time will tell " said Crayon.

" Yeah, it will " said Artby.

" Bakers are amazing "

" Baking does so much "


On the way home they ran into Warbler.


" Hello " said Warbler.

" How are things ? " asked Colouruke.

" Good " said Warbler.

" We fought these guys in a bakery with these claw logo " said Crayon.

" Never seen guys like that " said Warbler.

" We will look out for them " said Crayon.


" Yeah sounds like a good idea " said Warbler.

" Warbler, I will fight them " said Artby.

" I am ready "

" Good " said Warbler.

" Glad to see, see you four later "


" Bye " said Colourea.



Warbler headed off.


Meanwhile Maxclever was approaching the village that the boss wanted him to attack.


" Blackin, I am almost here  " said Maxclever.

" Good, make sure to mess with the villagers because we don't have time for any fucking around " said Blackin.



" I will get you as much stuff as possible easily said Maxclever.

" Good " said Blackin.

" The organization needs this "


Blackin headed to a different area in the hideout.


Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke and Artby headed to this art museum that they wanted to go to.

They went inside where more members of the organization with the claw logo were there.

One member was talking to another.


" Why are we stealing stuff for Maxclever " said one of the men to another.

" He's not the boss or his girlfriend ".

" Look, we should just do this " said the other man. " If the higher ups catch any wind of this, we will be done for " said the other man.

" Yeah, that is true " said the first man.


The two men and one woman went through and started surrounding people demanding their stuff.

" No " said one man.

One of the men in the claw logo punched him and they took his wallet.

The three of them approached Crayon, Colourea, Artby and Colouruke.


" Your stuff belongs to us " said the trio of  people in the claw logo.

" It doesn't " said Artby.

" Give it to us and nobody gets fucked up " said one of the men.

" No " said Artby.

" I am not doing that "

" Well, then you will be hurt " said one of the men.

" Let's fight " said Artby.


They rushed Artby but Colouruke and Crayon kicked the men down while the woman grabbed Colourea but Colourea shoved her.


Colourea then kicked one of the men knocking him out.

One of the woman then rushed for Crayon but Crayon knocked her out. The last man punched Artby but Artby punched him which knocked them out.

They left the art museum.


They headed to see Challenger to talk to him about the people with the claw logo.


" Challenger, we have been seeing these people with this claw logo " said Crayon.

" Odd, I wonder what they want " said Challenger.

" We will fight them " said Artby.

" Hopefully we will find out more " said Challenger.

The four of them headed home.


Easeion was talking with Blackin again.



" Maxclever will destroy those villagers " said Easeion.

" Yes, they have no chance " said Blackin.

Hahaha, they will be robbed " said Easeion.

" I am going to be glad about this "


" Good, there will be no issues here " said Blackin.