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Chapter 3

Willemease and Maxclever vs the Heroes

Meanwhile the boss was talking to Easeion.


" Easeion, it is time for Maxclever and Willemease to fight that group that has been fighting our members " said the boss.


" They are way better than those regular members " said Easeion. " When they die, Colourland will belong to us "

" Hahahahaha, it will be great "

" I cannot wait to have my siblings see this happen "


" I will be the new ruler of Colourland, our organization will have everything " said the boss.

" Willemease and Maxclever will eliminate them forever " said Easeion.

" We must have them out of the way "

" They will be gone after Maxclever and Willemease deal with them " said the boss.

" Yes, they will not make it " said Easeion.

" Hahahahaha "


The boss and Easeion went  to their respective areas.


Maxclever and Willemease were looking for the four fighters.


" They should be around here " said Willemease.

" They will truly suffer " said Maxclever.

" This shouldn't be hard " said Willemease.

" Yeah, they will not be able to hide " said Maxclever.


Maxclever saw the four of them.

" You four " yelled Maxclever.

" This is it " said Willemease.

" Prepare to suffer " said Maxclever.

" We ate bread " said Artby. " The bakers are counting on us "

" The bakers ? " asked Willemease.

" Baking bread allows us to be stronger, I always thank the bakers for their bravery " said Artby. " I know they won't be let down by us "


" No bread can save you four " said Maxclever.

" I believe in what bread does " said Artby.

" You got lucky against our weak members, nothing will save you now " yelled Willemease.

" Yeah, you four won't luck out again " said Maxclever.


Yeah, you four won't luck out again " said Maxclever.

" Don't be so sure about beating us " said Crayon.


Willemease then rushed for Crayon with a punch but Colourea blocked it. Maxclever then hit Artby with the Shadow Strike knocking him down. Colouruke then punched Willemease but Maxclever grabbed Artby.

" Artby your end will be very soon " said Maxclever.


There was a struggle between them, Willemease was charging for the Darkness Bomb attack then fired it at Colourea who used the Light Blast causing an explosion. They both got up. Meanwhile Maxclever punched Artby while Colouruke started using the Shadow Strike and aimed it towards Crayon while Crayon hit Maxclever with the Air Kick technique.


Artby then used the Light Bomb technique and fired it towards Maxclever but Willemease then used the Darkness Bomb while Maxclever used the Darkness Blast to create a super powerful blast that hit Artby down damaging him a lot, Willemease and Maxclever took minor hits.


" Artby is going to be eliminated from this fight very soon " said Willemease.

" So much for those bakers " said Maxclever.

" No flour or baker can save you now " said Willemease.

" I will keep fighting " said Artby.

" You will be taken down " said Maxclever.

" You cannot make it through this " said Willemease.

" I will " said Artby.

" I know that the bakeries want my purchases "


Artby was starting to struggle. Colourea kicked Maxclever while Willemease punched Crayon.

Colouruke then got the Sea Punch ready while Crayon had the Air Punch and they both landed on Maxclever while Willemease then aimed the Shadow Strike at Artby while Colourea aimed the Light Blast towards Willemease. The attacks hit. Artby was really struggling at this point.


" This technique will remove Artby from this fight " said Willemease.

" Hahahahaha " said Maxclever.

Willemease used the Double Shadow Strike at Artby while Maxclever used the Super Darkness Bomb and aimed it at him. Crayon used the Wind Blast while Colouruke used the Sea Kick and Artby used the Light Blast. A giant explosion hit which caused Artby to look defeated while Maxclever was starting to mildly struggle.


Artby was struggling to such a degree that one more hit would defeat him.

" How are you not dead or least defeated " said Willemease.

" Bread, the bakers will never let me die " said Artby.

" You should have stayed down " said Maxclever. " Now anymore attacks will kill you "

" No, the bakeries are counting on us " said Artby. "

" Bakeries, hahahahaha " said Willemease. " All they want is your money "

" Bakers love having me inside the bakery " said Artby.

" It is special having me walk inside there to them "

" Yes because they want your money, they want money " said Willemease.


" To be fair when he dies, they won't be getting as much " said Maxclever.

" It's not over " said  Colouruke.

" The only reason you three are not struggling is because we have focused on Artby, when he dies you three will be done for " said Willemease. The last two attacks are the only strong ones you have faced at all ".


Willemease then rushed Artby while Maxclever then used a Darkness Bomb to prevent the others from attempting to save him. Artby used the Light Blast and aimed it at Willemease who dodged it and kicked Artby, defeating him.


" Artby is done for, you three will truly suffer " said Maxclever.

" Hahahaha " said  Willemease.


Crayon then hit Maxclever with the Air Kick while Willemease punched Colouruke.

Colourea then used the Light Blast while Maxclever used the Double Shadow Strike. Maxclever was starting to struggle.


Maxclever then launched the Super Darkness Bomb while Willemease used the Double Shadow Strike, but Colouruke used the Shadow Strike, Colourea used the Light Bomb. The attacks hit and Colouruke was starting to struggle.


Willemease then hit him with a fast punch, while Crayon kicked Maxclever. Maxclever and Willemease used the Double Shadow Strike on Colouruke while Crayon used the Air Blast, Colourea used the Light Kick. Colouruke was really struggling, Maxclever was weakening.


" Time for your end, Colouruke " said Willemease.

" Crayon and Colourea will be done very soon " said Maxclever.

" We are simply too much for you " said Willemease.

" Yeah, we will succeed here " said Maxclever.

" You haven't won just yet " said Crayon.


Maxclever then rushed with the Triple Shadow Strike.

" Triple ? " asked Crayon.

" Yes " said Willemease.

Willemease then used the Super Darkness Bomb.


" Colouruke, it's over " said Willemease.

" Colouruke's end is what the organization needs now " said Maxclever.

" Yes, he must stay out of our way " said Willemease.


Colourea used the Super Light Bomb while Crayon used the Supreme Air Kick to help Colouruke. Maxclever, Colouruke and Colourea were all struggling but Colouruke could barely stand up.


Willemease rushed for a punch to finish him which succeeded.


Maxclever and Willemease then used their Triple Shadow Strikes while Crayon and Colourea then launched their Double Light Bombs creating a huge explosion. Maxclever and Colourea were seriously struggling.


" Now this is it " said Willemease.  " Crayon you will be on your own right now haha "

Colourea then rushed for Maxclever while Crayon then used the Wind Blast on Maxclever, Maxclever used the Double Darkness Bomb. All the attacks defeated Colourea and Maxclever.


" I have to commend you on beating Maxclever " said Willemease. " But you will be beaten easily, I am stronger than him ". " All your allies are defeated and now there is nobody to save you ".


" Maxclever is gone as well " said Crayon.

" He beat three fighters, and he is not as talented as me " said Willemease. "

  " We will see about that " said Crayon. Crayon used the Air Kick while Willemease used the Shadow Blast. Willemease was charging for the Triple Shadow Bomb but Crayon used the Air Blast creating an explosion.


Willemease was starting to struggle but he got up and hit Crayon with the Triple Shadow Strike, causing Crayon to mildly struggle. Crayon then punched him while Willemease kicked Crayon.


Crayon rushed for Willemease with the Air Blast while Willemease used the Darkness Blast. Crayon was starting to struggle while Willemease was barely in the fight. Willemease then used the Shadow Bomb but Crayon was able to avoid it and Crayon kicked him, defeating him.


Crayon then called Challenger.

" Challenger it is over " said Crayon.

" Good, how many of you  four are left " said Challenger.

" The rest of us lost but they fought very hard and will need care at the hospital " said Crayon.

" Understood " said Challenger.

They headed to the hospital.


Warbler came as well.


" Glad to see that the fight went well " said Warbler.

" Those two were really strong, we are going to need to get tougher " said Crayon. " I'm curious who else they have "

" You guys should be fine but rest up for now " said Warbler.

" Thanks " said Crayon.


After a while, the other fighters woke up.

" The bakers did it, they saved us " said Artby.

" Baking has saved me "

" I'm glad, we won " said Colouruke.


Meanwhile Crayon and Colourea were talking.

" I'm glad that you are okay "  said Crayon.

" We should plan something special " said Colourea.

" Sounds good to me " said Crayon.

" Us being together means a lot " said Colourea.


Meanwhile Challenger contacted Colouruke.

" Colouruke, glad to see things are good now " said Challenger.

" We were able to fight through the dangerous situation " said Colouruke.

" Keep in mind with Artby it is bread first and safety second " said Challenger.

" We shall do so, we will find out more about the organization " said Colouruke.

" Good, we will do so " said Challenger.



Warbler said his goodbyes to the heroes and the four of them went home.