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Chapter 6

Showdown with Flora and Jessica



Flora and Jessica were searching for Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke and Artby.


" Where the fuck are they ? " said Flora.

" We must find them soon, if they are not dead it will be a problem " said Jessica.


Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke and Artby ran into Warbler.

" How are things " said Warbler.

" We ate bread " said Artby. " It will make us more heroic "

" Never heard of bread that does that, I enjoy eating chicken but I have never seen that sort of thing " said Warbler.


The bread has made people more heroic, the flour is full of heroism " said Artby.

" Heroism ? " asked Crayon.

" During the fight with Maxclever and Willemease, the heroism was awakened within us due to the flour " said Artby.

" We can talk to the bakers about it "

" I think they will know something "


" The bakers " said a voice. " Don't be ridiculous ".


Flora and Jessica have arrived.

" There are five of you here " said Jessica.

" I suggest you leave right now, whoever you are " said Flora. " The Bear wants these four out of the way so you will end up being extremely hurt "

" The bakers are counting on us " said Artby. " With the bread we ate, we can save Colourland "

" No baker will do shit " said Jessica.

" Bread helps " said Artby.

" Bread can change things in a fight if you eat lots of it like I do "

" Bread will do nothing " said Jessica.

" You four got lucky against Maxclever and Willemease " said Flora.

" It won't happen here "


" I am Warbler " said Warbler.

" You will fall with the other four " said Flora.

" You will not stop us "

" You won't last long here " said Jessica.

" Warbler will last, baking will help us protect him " said Artby.

" Baking will not change the outcome " said Jessica.

" Baking does help " said Artby.

" Now it is time to fight, it will be your demise " said Flora.

" I am ready " said Crayon.

" Prepare to fall " said Jessica.

" Yes, Crayon's friends will be taken down for sure " said Flora.

" Friends of Crayon go inside the bakeries, as a friend I will fight " said Artby.

" It matters not " said Flora.


Flora then launched the Double Shadow Strike and Jessica used the Double Darkness Blast and aimed it at Artby while Crayon used the Air Kick and Colourea used the Sea Kick but Jessica was able to block the Air Blast but was hit by the Sea Kick.


  Crayon and Colourea used their Light Bombs while Flora used the Extreme Darkness Blast and Jessica used the Super Darkness Bomb creating a huge explosion. Artby had taken quite a bit of damage and he was near struggling slightly.


" This is where the heroism kicks in " said Artby.

" There will be none of that " said Flora.

" It will make us do some amazing asskickings " said Artby.

" Yeah, I think not " said Jessica.

" Bakers say it happens " said Artby.


" I don't see it " said Flora.

" Bakers will not dictate what happens when we fight "

" Same here, I think Artby is wrong here " said Jessica.

" Let's keep fighting " said Crayon.

" Yes " said Jessica.

Artby then rushed for Flora with the Light Bomb while Warbler used the Air Bomb. Warbler's attack hit but Flora dodged the Light Bomb. Jessica then rushed for Warbler with the Triple Shadow Strike, succeeding which did a lot of damage.


Warbler then got his Air Blast ready which hit Flora while Jessica hit Artby with the Triple Shadow Strike.

Crayon and Colouruke punched Flora while Colourea was kicked by Jessica.


Artby was starting to seriously struggle, Warbler then aimed a punch at Flora but Jessica was able to block it and kick him. Warbler was starting to slightly struggle. Crayon then aimed the Super Air Blast at Flora while Jessica then punched Warbler, the attacks hit. Warbler was starting to struggle.


Jessica then hit  Colouruke with the Triple Shadow Strike while Colourea then kicked Flora. Artby then launched the Light Bomb while Colourea launched the same attack at Flora while Flora and Jessica used the Darkness Bomb, creating a huge explosion. Artby could barely get up.


" It is over, so much for this heroism you said " said Flora.

" I am not done, bakers want me to continue " said Artby.

" Bakers will not change what is happening " said Flora.

" The Bear will take over Colourland " said Jessica.

" Hahahaha " said Flora.


" Bakers are very useful " said Artby.

" Not here " said Jessica.

" Exactly " said Flora.

" Baking will help me, I am ready " said Artby.

" Let's keep fighting " said Warbler.

" You all will go down " said Jessica.


Crayon then used his Air Blast to hit Jessica but Flora then hit Colouruke with the Triple Shadow Strike. Colourea fired the Light Bomb at Jessica but she was able to dodge the attack.


Warbler then rushed for Flora with the Air Kick while Crayon used his as well, Artby fired the Light Bomb at Jessica. Jessica used the Triple Shadow Strike while Flora used the Super Darkness Bomb. The attacks all hit.


Warbler was struggling a lot like Artby, Jessica was starting to mildly struggle. Flora then aimed for kick on Warbler but Colouruke used the Sea Punch to block the attack.


Jessica then hit down Colouruke with the Super Darkness Blast. Colourea hit Flora with a kick while she was hit by a punch. Flora then used the Super Darkness Bomb against Warbler, finishing him off. Artby then hit Flora with the Super Light Bomb but Jessica punched him which defeated him as well.


" Two of you down, it won't be long now " said Jessica.

" It's not close to over yet " said Colouruke.

" We will just see about that " said Flora.

" We will take down every friend of Crayon " said Jessica.

" Time to continue " said Crayon.


Colourea then used the Double Light Blast while Jessica and Flora launched their Super Darkness Bombs. The attacks hit, Colourea was starting to slightly struggle. Jessica was starting to struggle. Flora then hit down Colouruke with the Triple Darkness Blast, making him start to slightly struggle. Crayon then fired off the Air Bomb at Flora while Colourea was hit by the Double Darkness Kick making her start to struggle.


Flora and Jessica then launched their Double Darkness Blasts at Crayon

Colouruke used the Super Sea Punch, Colourea used the Super Light Bomb and Crayon used the Supreme Air Kick. All of this caused a huge explosion, Colourea and Jessica were seriously struggling and could barely move. Colouruke was struggling as well.


Colourea and Jessica starting punching each other and eventually Jessica was defeated but Colourea looked like she was about to pass out.


" Colourea, no " said Crayon.

" Colourea is done " said Flora.

" Hahahaha "

" You've got this " said Colouruke.

" I cannot believe that Jessica has been defeated and both of you are still fighting " said Flora.

" The training has paid off " said Crayon.

" I am stronger than her " said Flora. " Colourland will still be taken over by The Bear ".

" That shit won't be happening " said Crayon. " Me and Colouruke will bring you down.

" I don't think so, let's continue this fight now " said Flora.


Colourea fell to the ground, Flora went for a punch to have a chance of killing her but Colouruke tripped her. Crayon then used the Air Kick which hit her. Flora was starting to slightly struggle. Flora then used her Triple Shadow Strike and Crayon fired the Super Light Bomb, the attacks hit. Flora then used the Super Darkness Bomb, which then hit Colouruke. Colouruke was seriously struggling while Flora was struggling.


Crayon then fired the his Air Bomb while Colouruke fired the Double Sea Punch and Flora used the Super Darkness Blast. Crayon was starting to struggle, Colouruke was defeated and Flora was very near the end.


" This cannot be " said Flora.

" The Bear will not stand for this "

" This is it " said Crayon.

" It is over "


Crayon launched the Super Air Bomb, while Flora used the Triple Shadow Strike, Flora was defeated. Meanwhile Alice, a member of the Bear arrived at the organization headquarters where she was talking to Whites.


" Glad you are here " said Whites.

" It is good to be at this place " said Alice.

" I do remember it "

" Good " said Whites.

" If Flora and Jessica do not win their fight, you may be fighting "

" That makes sense " said Alice.

" I will be ready "

" Glad to hear " said Whites.

After that, Crayon contacted Challenger.


" We have won the fight " said Crayon.

" Great to see " said Challenger.

" We should head to the hospital " said Crayon.

" I wonder what The Bear is going to do now " said Challenger.

" They will be sending in some great fighters most likely, we must keep getting stronger " said Crayon.

" Good to see " said Challenger.


Meanwhile Easeion had learned about the defeat and was talking to his siblings.


" I'm pissed " said Easeion.

" Crayon should have lost "

" This shouldn't be happening " said Bill.

" The Bear needs his friends out of the way " said Tara.

" They cannot interfere with us " said Bill.

"When I fight, Crayon will be defeated and miserable about losing " said Easeion. " It won't be this bullshit that happened "

" I will not have Crayon hanging out with his friends no more unless they get out of the way "


" It will be no friendships for Crayon if he fails to see that "

" Yes, that cannot continue " said Tara.

" These fighters must be taken seriously by the Bear "

" Yeah, these fighters are better than we thought " said Bill.

" It seems so " said Easeion.

" Yes, that cannot continue " said Tara.

" These fighters must be taken seriously by the Bear "

" Yeah, these fighters are better than we thought " said Bill.

" My ability is great "

" The others will not get in the way when we fight  " said Tara.

" Of course, Colourland will be taken over and it will be because of our talent " said Easeion.


" The Smithsons are unstoppable " said Bill.

" Yes, we are a family like no other " said Tara.

" Hahahahahahaha " they said in unison.

" Crayon and his friends will be finished " said Easeion.

" Crayon will never love Colourea again "

" The Smithsons will put an end to that "

" Yeah, no loving of Colourea anymore by him " said Bill.

" Good, I have had enough of that " said Easeion.


Blackin was talking to his girlfriend Blackina and his cousin Whites as well.


" This is not right " said Whites.

" Do we have to use the Smithson family yet ? " asked Blackina.

" Not yet " said Blackin. " But my next fighter had better succeed or else we will have do that "

" Alice will be able to do that " said Whites.

" Yes " said Blackina.


" She has some special darkness techniques that will stop Crayon " said Whites.

" For our sake, his demise will truly be great " said Blackin.

" It really will be " said Whites.

" Crayon is a threat to us now, we will succeed in taking him down " said Blackina.

" That is for sure " said Blackin.


" The three of us will take everything from Colourland " said Whites.

" We will make the Bear stay unopposed when that happens " said Blackina.

" Yeah, there is no stopping us " said Blackin.

" Hahahaha " said Whites.

" The Bear really is great " said Blackin.


" Yeah, we are an organization that is not like any others " said Blackina.