Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Ai no Natsu ❯ Vol. 2, Chap. 10: Wild, Wild West ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Wild, Wild West
Meanwhile, cupid stuck twice. Dustin lied on the floor in pain. Painful love. A goofy grin came onto his face.
Wow…, he thought. I… I… I think I love her!
“Excuse me, sir,” a man said. “Are you alright?”
“Huh?” Dustin asked as he looked up. An older gentleman stood looking down over him. He looked rather concerned. Dustin blinked at him.
“Huh?” he asked.
“You okay?” the man asked.
“Who are you?”
“The manager.”
Dustin blinked. “Wha?” He slowly sat up. “Oh. I came to get a job here.”
“Oh,” the manager said. “So you're the new guy?”
Dustin nodded. “That's right.”
“I see you met Hallie.”
Dustin's cheeks turned redder. Hallie… The manager noticed the boy's face. He shook his head.
“Oh,” he said in a low voice. “You better steer clear of her.” The country boy looked up rather confused.
“What?” he asked. The manager's frown left deep creases in his leather face.
“She's nothing but trouble,” he said. Dustin looked on intently.
“Why?” he asked. The older man gave him a nervous smile. He put his arm around the cowboy.
“Come walk with me,” he said.
“Huh?” the boy asked. The manager walked him all the way outside. The kids ran around on the playground. Hallie talked to Choko with some of the kids. Dustin turned to the manager.
“What? What's this about? Why are we here?” he asked. The manager frowned at him.
“Hallie,” he began. “Is…”
“Is what?” Dustin asked. Silence passed over them for a minute. The manager nervously chuckled.
“She's a real bitch,” he admitted in a high voice. The country boy raised an eyebrow at him.
“You don't say!” he said.
“But it's true!” the older man said. The cowboy shook his head.
“I'm not following.” But then, Dustin paused. “Are you… trembling?” The man bit his lip. Tick.
“Sir?” Dustin asked. Tick. He touched him on the arm. Tick.
“Sir?” he asked again. Snap! The manager gave off a scream loud enough to wake the dead. Dustin backed up slowly. The poor man trembled as he twitched. His eyes widened like a rabbit about to be hit by a car.
“She's just evil!” he yelled.
“What?” Dustin asked.
“She tried to beat me up when I hit on her” the older man yelped. “Run from her man! Hallie is the devil! Run man, run!” The manager took off running and screaming. Dustin stood there blinking.
O-kay…, he thought. Did that really go into his brain? Ha-ha-ha-ha! Keep on dreaming! In fact…
I like strong girls!, he thought. Ooo, that's it! I have to find out more about her! I want to date her! I want to marry her! I have to get to know her right now!
This his quest to learn more about Hallie Ross. Too bad that her first guy on her crush list is Hal! Oh buddy…
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