Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Ai no Natsu ❯ Vol. 6, Chap. 32: Sunday Bunch ( Chapter 32 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Sunday Bunch
Choko’s out this morning. However, she’s left a task list before she went out.
Good Morning, Everyone
I went out for a bit. I won’t be back until sundown. However, I have left you a list of things to do:
Sweep the floors
Clean the bathrooms
Clean the Chill Out Room
Recycle all cans
Do your laundry
Clean your rooms
Try not to kill each other
Do everything right and we’ll have barbeque for dinner.
<3<3<3 Choko
Everyone read the note on the Chill Out Room door. From there, the “Sunday Bunch” was formed.
Heather and Reggie took the floors.
“Ya doin’ anythang Saturday?” Reggie asked. His girl glanced up at him.
“What?” she asked. The fly boy paused with the boom in his hand.
“Are you doing anything this Saturday?” he asked with proper grammar.
“Oh!” Heather said aloud. “Sure, why do you ask?”
“Dunno,” Reggie replied. His lips curved into a smile. “I just see a lil’ date in out future,” he added. Heather’s cheeks colored pink.
“Seriously?” she asked.
“Of course,” he said. His girl quickly nodded her head.
“Okay!” she answered.
“Sweet!” Reggie said. “How does one sound?”
“I can do one,” she said.
“Cool,” her secret boyfriend said. He picked up with sweeping again. Heather felt like flying away.
“Why the hell are we doing this?” Evie complained.
“Just brave it, Babe,” Jack told her in the next stall. His girl sighed and sat back.
“This is lame,” she complained.
“I know,” he said. Evie looked up at the ceiling.
“This barbeque she’s planning better be good,” she muttered. “There is no excuse!” Jack chuckled next door. His girl glared at the wall on the right.
“What?!” she snapped.
“I can give you something better,” Jack offered. Evie froze.
“Like what?” she asked.
“You might have to stick around and see,” he told her. Evie couldn’t help but smile. Well okay, she thought. This should be interesting.
-Chill Out Room-
Hall and Sadao got to work.
“So, how are you liking the city so far?” the pool boy asked.
“It’s okay,” the priest-in-training answered. “It felt jarring at first, but now it feels calm around me.”
“I see.” Hal blew dust away from the keyboard with compressed air.
“How long have you worked here?” Sadao asked. The pool boy paused and counted in his head.
“About two years now,” he answered.
“That long?” Sadao asked.
“Yep,” Hal answered. “I just moved to Tokyo then too. Choko offered me a job in exchange for a place to stay.”
Sounds just like her, the priest-in-training thought in discomfort.
“Why did you come to this apartment complex?” Hal asked him. Sadao quickly came back to earth.
“What?” he asked. “Oh, it was the cheapest in the city.”
“Ah, so did I,” Hal said back.
Hallie and Dustin carried the cans to the recycling bin.
“I really like you,” Dustin confessed.
“Yes,” Hallie said.
“I mean it!”
“I believe you.”
“I really do mean it!”
Hallie froze in her tracks. “Okay, stop right there, cowboy.”
Dustin gave her a puzzled look. “But…”
She held up her hand to quiet him. “You’re trying too hard. Tone it back some and maybe something could happen.”
“How?” he asked.
“Just be yourself,” the tomboy said. They came up to the recycle bin. Hallie opened her bag and dumped in her cans. Dustin blinked at her.
“What do you mean ‘maybe’?” he asked. The tomboy turned back to him.
“That will depend on you,” she told him. Dustin didn’t know what to make of this as he dumped in his own cans.
Don just finished up with his load of clothes.
“There, that should do it,” he said to himself. He came to like it here at Fuji Apartments. Not many girls here, but Hallie, Evie, and Heather were enough for him. They all had their charms. Hallie was the tsundere girl in his mind. Evie fit the snobby princess character. Finally, Heather was the sweet girl next door. Don squealed to himself in the laundry room.
Why haven’t I made a move yet? From there, Don planned to at least talk to all three of the lovely ladies. He put his fists in the air. I can do this!
The residents sat in the lobby, waiting once they finished cleaning their rooms. Hallie glanced around at the others.
“Any idea what Choko’s bringing for this barbeque?” she asked. The other shook their heads.
“Why did she make us do all of that work around the apartments?” Evie complained. No one had an answer for either question. Suddenly, the door swung open. Everyone lifted their heads to see Choko walking into the lobby.
“I’m back!” the owner greeted them as she took off her shoes at the doorway. “Sorry it took me so long today. The battle for the specials was hell.” Everyone eyed her when she approached the glass coffee table.
“Who’s up for some beef today?” Choko asked. A sea of eyes lit up in front of her.
“Seriously?” Evie asked.
“Yes,” the manager said, nodding. “I figured you all could use a little treat for the summer.”
“Sweet!” Hallie said, rising to her feet. “Thanks!”
“You’re welcome,” Choko said with a wink.
Things are Gonna Change; I Can Feel it