Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Badass ❯ Dragonslayer ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


By Sidewinder, 2007 (revised 2009).


The dragon lord roared as he dived towards the windmill. With his blood-red scales, he resembled a wound in the night sky. The townspeople screamed and ran from the terrifying monster as he breathed fire, igniting the particles of flour in the windmill and setting off an explosion that sent the windmill spinning towards heaven.

"You have not paid us dragons the respect we deserve; now you will suffer for your disrespect," the dragon shouted to the panicking townspeople. Flames consumed houses, barns, and crops; tooth and claw tore human bodies into pieces of meat that dyed the ground red. The dragon flew towards the church, where men and women prayed for deliverance from his tyranny.

A teenaged girl stood on the roof of the church. The dragon's mouth opened to breath fire and roast her tender meat.

Wham! The dragon recoiled from the church, feeling the pain from a shattered tooth. "How dare you?"

The girl's knuckles were bloody from the impact. She reached down to grab the sword she planted on the roof. The blade's length was greater than her height, its width was equal to that of her hips, and its weight should've been too great for the girl to bear; a golden dragon formed the guard, a clue to identify the master who crafted the sword, but not to the individual who wielded the weapon, or how she came to its possession. "Yaaaa!"

The dragon breathed fire. The girl reversed her grip on the sword, using the weapon to shield herself from the flames. She landed on the ground and, fighting the heat of the dragon's fire, stepped forwards, towards the dragon.

The dragon paused to catch his breath. "Do you really think you can challenge me?" The girl answered by jumping into the sky and slashing, the light reflected on the arcing blade becoming a second moon.

"Roarrrr!" Blood flowed from a cut on the dragon's forehead, where one of his horns was chopped off. "I'll tear you to pieces!" The dragon clawed at the girl as she fell from the sky, only to have the girl spin the sword and knock away his claws.

The townspeople turned to stare at the girl who dared to fight a dragon. "Where did she get the strength to fight the dragon?" "She must be a demon!" "Demon or angel, she is welcome as long as the dragon is defeated!"

The girl raised her sword and charged towards the dragon. The dragon's tail swept to one side, slamming the girl through a stone wall. Bruises covered the girl's skin as she rose from the shattered stones, only to face a stream of flame.

"Why won't you die?" the dragon demanded as the girl, her clothes on fire, marched towards him.

The girl answered by jumping, the wind extinguishing the flames as the point of her sword reached for the dragon's heart. The dragon flew backwards to dodge the blow; the girl landed, jumped again, and slashed.

The dragon's mouth clamped down on the girl's body; his teeth sank into her flesh. The girl reversed her grip on the sword and stabbed the dragon's left eye, blinding him. "Grrrr!" The dragon refused to release the girl as he soared into the sky; his right talon gripped the girl's right leg and pulled, trying to tear off the limp.

The girl ignored the pain in her leg as she continued to push the sword into the dragon's eye socket, through the bone. The dragon froze in midair as the sword entered his brain; he fell, crushing a house underneath him.

The townspeople hesitantly approached the motionless dragon. "Is he dead?" Then his mouth opened. "Ahhhh!"

The girl braced her arms against the dragon's jaws and pushed, freeing herself. The strength of her will forced her wounds to close; the bruises began to fade. She took a deep breath, pulled the sword out of the dragon's eye socket, marched forward five meters, and slashed. The dragon's heart continued to pump blood to the missing head, painting the girl red. She ignored the blood on her body as she planted her sword into the dragon's neck and raised the dragon's head over her shoulder, the sword a flagpole to a monstrous flag.

"Who are you?" a brave soul asked.

"I am one who hates dragons," the girl answered. And as suddenly and mysteriously as she appeared, she marched out of the town.