Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Badass ❯ Witch-Gunner Part 2 ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


By Sidewinder, 2009.


"Hiss!" The electrum serpent reared from the 15.25-centimeter-long gun barrel and turned to meet the shivering young woman's eyes; Maria could count the serpent's teeth as it prepared to bite the hand holding the revolver.

Isolde began hissing to draw the serpent's attention; the now calm beast lay flat again, an inlaid decoration; then the witch turned to the young woman holding her wandgun. "Calm down; control your breathing so it won't affect the point of aim."

Maria's eyes closed as she took deep breaths; they reopened when she was calm enough to ask, "The cannons' weight denies the gargoyles quick movement. You sensed Captain Freia still lives. Can we not wait for her and the Baron's men-at-arms to arrive?"

"The gargoyles need the cannons to face the Baron's forces; they've yet to need long-range weapons to destroy this town and kill its inhabitants. We must assume they surveyed the terrain as we did, and know no aid will arrive in time and in force to stop them."


"I may die the next time I face the beasts; if that happens, you must bear arms to defend your family and yourself."

"But this gun is...!" Maria could wield a double-barreled shotgun-- Victor instructed his family in his weapon's use as well as firearm safety-- but today was the first in which she held a handgun, let alone a witch's magic wand-and-gun hybrid.

"Freia and I sensed magic within you; I will teach you to imbue the weapon with this magic, so my weapon may serve you if I fall. Now," a log rose from a cord of wood, suspended in midair by Isolde's magic. "I advise you to hold the revolver in both hands, and apply isometric tension-- the right hand pushes forward while the left pulls rearward with equal strength-- to steady the weapon. Focus on the front sight-- the serpent's crest. See how it wavers with each breath? Control your breathing; now hold your breath. Apply pressure upon the trigger. Do not anticipate the shot; your muscles will become tense, and you will miss." Bang! The log shattered, raining little stars onto the ground. "Excellent." The witch's arm rose as she whispered words simultaneously alien and familiar to Maria. Dew rose from the ground to become a little cloud, which rained upon the wooden chips, extinguishing the fire before it spread to the cord.

'A fireball?' the surprised young woman wondered.

"Your magic embued the bullet as you focused on the target," Isolde explained. "Should Freia and I survive the coming trials, we will train you in the magical arts."