Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Becoming X ❯ Vol. One, Chap. One: Low Place Like Home ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Low Place Like Home
Tokyo 2071. The rain poured down upon the night-dressed city. Chachi stood outside the bar smoking.
Chachi was a nobody. From the time he was born, the man wad placed in an orphanage. That was no joyride in itself. The authorities at that crap-hole of a place were abusive. It was always run away or take it like a man. Chachi always took it like a man.
Finally, the boy couldn't take it anymore and ran away. From there he was a fallen angel. Chachi committed so many crimes that the police could spot him in a huge crowd in five seconds.
Today, that was a blur to Chachi. He was still a nobody. But that would soon change.
A woman walked pasted Chachi into the bar. Usually, the man didn't notice women too much. But the scent of her hair caught his attention as she walked by. It smelt of brown sugar, cherry blossoms, and umesake. Her hair was so… arousing.
This was a strange thing about Chachi. The scent of a woman's hair turned him on. Not just any scent did for him. If the woman's hair smelled like dog shit, he was turned off. But if a woman's hair smelled like wine and flowers, the man wanted to bang her on the spot.
Chachi grinned as he saw the sweet scented redhead go into the bar. “Fresh meat!” he thought. Then the man followed his prey back inside. Then the man followed his prey back inside.
The woman sat upon a barstool. Chachi sat two stools away from his potential woman. The man observed her closely. His eye of affection had a lovely profile. Her cheek was like a geisha's. The freckles kept her from being too perfect. Her bangs completed her. Yes! This board was worthy for bedding.
The bar tender approached the woman. Chachi still observed his prize. “I'll have some whisky.” the woman said in a strong tone. Chachi smirked. “Broad with good taste.” he thought. “Sure thing.” the bar tender said. Then he went to the back.
Chachi then decided to make his move. He moved right next to his target and sat down. The woman turned to him instantly. Chachi was overtaken. The woman's face was like a geisha's. Her lips were rich and plump. Her eyes were a deep brown. Her nose was slim and perfect.
Chachi let his eyes stray south. The woman's breasts were thick and well rounded in her black tight halter-top. He wondered if they were real or not.
“Oh, they're real all right.” the woman said in a low voice. Chachi stared hard at her. “She can hear thoughts.” he thought. The woman smiled. “It's a gift of mine.” she replied. Chachi just grinned. A psychic and a hot babe. Now Chachi was interested! This was a catch for sure!
The bartender returned with the woman's drink. “Here you are.” he said as he handed her drink. “Uh, bartender!” Chachi spoke up. “Yes sir?” he asked. “Put her drink on my tab.” the man announced. “Whatever.” the bar tender mumbled. Then he disappeared into the back again. Chachi turned to his lady companion. “Arigato.” she said with a lusty smile. “Doshimate um….” the guy said. “Kim.” the woman replied. “Doshimate Kim.” Chachi repeated. Kim just smirked.
After two or three drinks, Kim started to leave. Chachi watched her do so. He wondered if he should follow her or not. “You can follow me if you like.” Kim said in a low husky voice. Chachi grinned and did so lustfully.
You walked all over, in your blunderstones
In your own road movie, with your one armed man
Gonna make it to the problem page
Need some time and space
Just to find yourself
I hope you find yourself
In a low place like home
Kim and Chachi made it to Kim's apartment. The place was dark. Only the light from the moon in the window was present. Chachi scanned the dark room quickly. This was the living room. It was a modest looking room. A modern touch was present. The sofa was red and velvet. The living room was perfectly clean.
“Why is it so dark in here?” Chachi asked at last. Then he moved to turn on the light, but Kim stopped him. He turned to her quickly. Kim's eyes glowed like a cat's in the dark night. She was smiling.
“You don't want to ruin the mood, don't you?” she asked in a husky seductive voice. Chachi quickly caught on and grinned. He lowered his hand slowly. The animal within was awake and ready to attack. Now was the time to move.
Chachi rushed forward and kissed her wildly. Kim let herself fall to her knees. The drifter slid his hand up her shirt but she grabbed his wrist and broke off the kiss. “Now, now.” Kim replied. “You're hornier than a bulldog in heat.” Chachi grinned. “Like always.” he replied. Kim grinned back and rose to her feet. Then she headed down the hall. Chachi followed behind closely.
The couple made it to her bedroom. It was perfectly clean. The bed had white sheets on it. The room was dark as well. Chachi was really in the mood now.
Kim sat onto the bed. Her one-night man followed. Chachi began kissing on her as he removed her black halter shirt. Kim felt up his chest and took off his shirt as well. She leaned in close to his ear. “I've got something for you.” Kim whispered gingerly. Oh! Her breath on his ear drove him crazy!
Then, Kim reached for the drawer behind her and opened it slowly. Chachi watched in anticipation. Kim slowly drew out a condom. Chachi's eyes grew big. In an instant, he dropped his jeans and attacked like a savage beast.
When the heat died down, the couple lied asleep in bed together. All seemed peaceful. But…
Far away, he sensed Kim. He smiled coldly. “Found you, my dear!” he thought. Then he snickered in the dark.
You talked it over from your bedroom throne
Making sense of nothing, like your one armed man,
Read your future in the magazine, search your stars for clues
Read your future in the magazine, tells you what to lose
Just to find yourself
I hope you find yourself
In a low place like home
You fall all over, in your small town heels
Catching hold of nothing, like your one armed man,
Treat your life like a tragedy, self-inflict abuse
Treat your life like a tragedy, precious else to choose
Crucify yourself, I hope you find yourself
In a low place like home
Low place like home
Crucify Yourself