Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Becoming X ❯ Vol. Two, Chap. Ten: Walking Zero ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Walking Zero
The rain poured hard in Hiroshima. Kim looked out the window of her motel room. Chachi was in the casino gambling and Clover was in the motel pool. Kim was just lost in her thoughts as usual.
Ten, a knock came on the door. The smoking gun looked up confused. Neither of her companions should be back now. She never ordered room service. So who could it be? Kim slowly got up from the window and crept to the door. She peeked through the peep hole.
A small man stood on the other side. He was dressed in a heavy black poncho and a heavy dark rice hat. Kim's old fear woke up. “Oh no!” she thought. “They have found me!” At first, she didn't want to let him in. But knowing she would be trapped wither way, the smoking gun finally opened the door.
“What do you want?” Kim asked in disappointment. The messenger said nothing. He just handed her the paper and walked off. Kim slowly shut the door and stood there. A chill of death ran through her. The past had finally caught up with her. The past had finally caught up with her. But why now? Why after ten years hunt for her? Kim drew in deep breath. There was only one way to find out.
Kim quickly unfolded the paper. She read it to herself on silence. Here is what the death message said:
We have found you at last, Sol. Come out to the old Wah House downtown and we'll settle this once and for all.
The smoking gun dropped the note on the floor. Fear paralyzed her. Her… go up against the Wang-Ton clan? Never in a million years! If anyone went up against the clan, they never lived to tell. Kim shut her eyes tightly. It all was flooding back to her. The greed, the money, the kills, the blood, the corpses, her powers…
Then, an idea hit her. She opened her eyes wide. Of course! Kim had her solar powers! That was why she was such a prized possession! Of course she would battle them! This would be so easy! Plus, if she won, Kim would be free forever.
The smoking gun took the note and sat it on the nightstand. She wrote a message to Clover and Chachi on the back of it and left. Thus, beginning her long battle for the end.
Sacrifice my vanity, kick off my heels
A careless weight on your hetred,
Understand it's so simple, a simple please
To keep the faithful on a wounded knee,
To the madness I do confess
I never see myself as blessed
Confused, unaddressed,
Like a saviour I do caress,
The truth is boredom more or less
Unused, obsessed, my time is only given to you,
Too much to choose, it's not mine to contemplate
If I can lose, with this blood on my shoes
The walk in the rain was a long one. Kim kept her mind on one thing. Freedom. Freedom from her past. Freedom from killing. Freedom from him! Kim shut her eyes for a moment. She could almost taste her freedom. And it was good! In a short time, the smoking gun made it to the old Wash House. Here was where her fate sat. Freedom or death. The line was so paper thin. Kim couldn't wait to walk it. The smoking gun slowly walked inside.
Meanwhile, Chachi made it back to the motel room. He knocked on the door. “It's open!” Clover called out. Chachi opened the door and walked in. He was surprised and confused on why the little girl was here alone. “Kid,” he said. Clover looked up at him. “Hm?” she asked. “Where's Kim?” the driver asked. The girl shrugged. “Don't know.” she replied. Chachi sighed in frustration. “You're useless!” he yelled. Clover just shrugged around.
Then, Chachi saw the not on the nightstand. “Hm?” he asked. “What's this?” Clover turned to him as he picked up the note. She came around him to read along. Here is what it said:
Dear Guys:
I have gone away for some important business. Don't follow me. Bye 4-ever.
Clover looked at Chachi. “What does that mean?” she asked. “She's left us.” he replied. “But why?” the little girl asked. “Don't know.” the driver answered. Then, he turned the note over and read it. Clover read with him. Both looked up pale. Neither of them said a word. Chachi and Clover quickly hurried out the door and down the stairs. They had to hurry! This could be a trap!
Kim made it inside the Wash House. So far, it was dark. She smirked to herself. “The classic dark attack set up!” the smoking gun thought. “How predictable!” “Okay guys!” the smoking gun yelled out. “I know you're here! Come on out!” Then, a great light shot on. It nearly blinded Kim. She looked ahead again. And then they were. The Wang-Ton themselves. They were all looking down upon like a jury at a trail. Kim looked at each one of them. Low and behold, there he was. Carp-face, top rat of the clan. He was sitting right in the middle staring dead at her. Kim kept on grinning. “They are all here!” she thought. “They are all here!” The boss smiled at her. “Sol,” he said aloud. “It's been a long time!” “Yes it has! Kim replied.
“Let's cut the crap,” she said. “I want to get this over with!” The boss grinned. “Very well!” he called. Then, the rest of the dogs rose up their guns and aimed at her. Sol grinned at them. “I knew you were going to pick that!” she said. Then, Kim held up her hands and began chanting.
Outside, Chachi and Clover had just about made it to her aid. Everything looked set. Then, they heard an explosion go off. Worry filled them both fast. “What was that?” the little girl asked. The driver didn't answer. He knew something was dead wrong. Chachi turned to the hostage. “Stay here, kid. You got me?” he asked. The little girl nodded quickly. Then, the driver leapt out of the car and raced to the Wash House. Clover watched him leave. She feared the worse.
Compromise in full extreme, cut off my heels,
Name a price on what's sacred
Guaranteed I've got something,
A royal disease, take a flood to clean these streets
To the madness I do confess, forever see myself as blessed
Immune, obsessed, like a saviour I do caress
The truth is boredom, it's excess
Take more, give less, My time is only given up to you
Too much to choose, it's not mine to contemplate if I can lose
With this blood on my shoes
Sacrifice My Vanity