Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Bloodsport ❯ Small Town Witch ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter Three: Small Town Witch:
The streets were empty by morning. It felt like the end of the world. It was just dark and creepy. Kim didn't seem to mind. “Makes things easier!” she said. Chachi just nodded and followed behind. She didn't make sense so far. But the again, she never did.
The city felt weird. Something was completely off. Why weren't there any life around? Where was everyone? But that wasn't the weirdest thing of all. There was an odd in the air. Chachi couldn't put his finger on it. It smelt of raw meat and something being left in the sun to dry. It was faint. But what was it? What was it? Just what was it?
Small town witch come to mess me up… yeah
See black, see bloom
Died on an impulse over you
Caught like a corpse crawling round a dream and loving you
And she hangs on youth
Crushing any feet to fit the shoes
Stepping it out with a size 12 mouth and cursing you
Small town witch come to mess me up
Small town witch come to mess me up
Small town witch come to mess me up again
“Hey Kim!” Chachi called out. “Yes?” she asked. “Do you smell anything?” the man asked. “No,” his partner replied. “Why?” “No reason…” Chachi replied. “Strange…” he thought. Why didn't she smell a thing? Was he going crazy? Or… was she lying?
Then, a light haze began to form in front of Chachi. It was very faint at first. But as the thug took more steps, the haze became heavier and heavier. Now, this was strange. “Am I seeing things?” he thought. Chachi tried to keep his eyes on Kim. She kept fading in and out with the haze. The thug felt as if he was dreaming.
When the haze started to get too thick, Kim vanished into thin air. Chachi looked around nervously. “Kim?” he called out. The woman was no where in sight. “Kim?” he asked. “Where did you go?” Only silence greeted him. “Kim?” he called again. Still nothing. The haze was all around. Chachi could barely see a thing. What was going on here?
Then, a sickness seized the thug tightly. He could barely breathe. “What is… this?” the thug thought in pain. It started at his stomach. Then, the pain shot up to his chest. It was so agonizing! Chachi sank to his knees. He thought that he would die. The thug became really dizzy. Then, everything went black…
She whored, she graced
Bitching with the bottle, saving face
Blowing it out as the jury's doubt is laid to waste
See black, see bloom
Choked up on a heartburn, bleeding through
How does it feel now the ones that feed are biting you
Small town witch come to mess me up
Small town witch come to mess me up
Small town witch come to mess me up again
Small Town Witch Come to Mess Me Up Again