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Chapter Eleven: Grazes
Chachi stood at the hotel window looking out. The sun hadn't come out yet. He had just learned the truth. The thug was dead. He died in the fog. Kim was dead as well. She knew that she was dead. She knew that he was dead. Chachi had accepted these truth whole-heartedly. But yet, there were a few things that still bothered him. How long had Kim known that she was dead? When did she die? Why didn't she tell him anything? Why did he have to die to follow her? These questions just wouldn't leave his head. The thug thought about asking his girl, but she was still asleep at the moment. His questions seemed to trivial to bother her with. But yet, Chachi would just have to figure out a way to question her or go insane for all of eternity.
So did the sympathy for me start to fade
When your conscience is down, a fix paranoia scars when a needle
So did you ever see the north get so grey
Swallows me up, hollows the language in my last lows
So which fucking ape is on you today
That what's my head wakes up and says when I crumble
(Early aim is to suffocate and blame, you gave less than you tried to possess
all the greatest nothing that I need, if you can't face the grazes)
I can't face the grazes
I cannot contain this
I can't fake the traces
I can't fake the grazes
Just then, Chachi heard a low voice mumbling softly. The thug slowly turned behind him. His girlfriend was slowly waking up. She looked up at him with full eyes.
"You're up already?" the woman asked. "Come back to bed with me." Chachi just turned back to the window as if to ignore her. Kim lightly propped her head up with her elbow.
"Come on babe!" she called out to him. “Speak to me! Don't give me the silent treatment here! I'm dying over here!”
“How long have you known?” Chachi asked out boldly. The woman asked a little dumb at first as she stared at him.
“What are you talking about babe?” she asked sweetly. The thug didn't turn to her at all.
“You knew that I was dead!” he announced to her clearly. “You knew all along, didn't you? Didn't you?”
“Babe…” his woman began.
“Didn't you?!?” Chachi demanded again. Kim sighed as she grew stressed.
“Fine!” she hissed. “Yes! I knew you were dead! All along! Happy now? I'm not proud of not telling you at all!”
“But why?” Chachi asked aloud?
“Why what?” his woman asked upset.
“Why would you keep this from me?” the thug asked.
“What would you want me to say?” Kim blurted out. “You died when you followed me?!? You wouldn't believe me then! You would've left of thought I was crazy! I was only trying to protect you from me! But how would you have believed me?” Chachi still didn't turn to her. The room was really cold now.
“You could've tried me!” the thug went on. “I don't really care what to believe anymore! I just want to be with you always! I would be bored otherwise.” Silence was still in the room. Then, Chachi felt her grab him from behind and hold him to her heavy bosom. Chachi just closed his heavy eyes and enjoyed her body wrapped around his.
“I understand,” he replied to her in low voice. “When did you die?” Kim just nuzzled up against his body. Chachi just smiled to himself at that response. Her naked body wrapped in sheets felt so good up against his strong one.
“Okay,” he said. “I understand.” The reason and answer were so deep to him. She didn't even have to part her lips to even speak.
So the fever that I got stole my name
It opened me up it twisted my bones now I'm nothing
I knew the second time that I saw your face
The city lit up it's bleeding its gifts
Now I'm sinking
Just another lonely box beneath her bed
A mark on her back a bruise in her head
Had she fallen, had she fallen
That is what she wished she had said
To traces of time was riding her spine
Was it worth it
(Early aim to suffocate and blame, you gave less than you tried to posses
all the greatest nothing that I need, if you can't face the grazes)
I can't face the grazes
I cannot contain this
I can't fake the traces
I can't face the grazes
By morning, Kim and Chachi checked out of the hotel. There are no words to sum up the end. Only Chachi himself can close this strange tell.
Do you know who I am? I am Chachi Ninomiya. I have died to follow my girlfriend, Kim. We had our glory days up until to kill the people that owned her and freed Sol from her body. Now, we are both dead. And you know what? We don't care! We have died to love and we are dead now! Nothing tear us about from the truth or each other now!
I Can't Face the Grazes