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Capricious Infection

Act 15: I'm so Tired Of Being Here

By: Melissa Norvell/Revamp


“Actually, maybe you should let her go,” Oz brought up a point. When he thought about it, letting a piece of Chaos run around in this state was negligent on their behalf. Someone needed to watch him and monitor the time rips that appeared.

“What?” Rezzi turned to him, confused at his decision.

“I don't want Dante destroying everything. He's very unstable right now. It might help calm him if someone was there for him that was not Tarvos or I. You, I and everyone else can talk about things here,” the alien reassured her. Tarvos would only trigger him more, and Dante wasn't about to listen to him, or anyone else. Lannad had a shot because of her gentle nature and understanding.

The blind girl looked defiant for a moment; her mind was caught in an assault of torpid emotions. Clenching the shoulder of the blue and white country Lolita dress, she looked thoughtful for a few moments before letting go and agreeing to the alien's offer. “Go and take care of him.”

Lannad turned and thanked her friend, running out of Rezzi house. She headed down the driveway to pursue the emotional boy.

Dante walked with his hands deep in his pocket with a look of mixed emotions riddling his visage. All of this information was just too much to absorb. Everything that came out of those fanged mouths only complicated things further. If there was anything he wasn't ready for, it was getting everything dumped on him like that. He gazed up at the red and purple skies at the abnormalities known as time rips. `I'm Chaos…and apparently my real name is Diablo? I can't believe this. Not only that but Tarvos is my fucking potential mate or some shit. That guy creeps me the fuck out. He's so cold that Antarctica is intimidated. He's also the most apathetic, sociopathic being I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. He had more emotions when he was actually trying to pretend to be human.' He stopped as a realization hit him. `Or did he? When I think about it…Tarvos did all of this for me.'

He continued to walk; his thoughts took a new course. `He allowed Pandora to talk to part of me in the Null Zone. He also gave her the ability to prepare a human body that would harbor my soul. Tarvos somehow manipulated Pandora into helping me escape Londa's seal.

The priestesses…I can't believe I killed them…It makes sense, no matter how much I don't want it to. They couldn't have people with those powers freeing those who rightfully belonged in the Null Zones. I just wished that I could remember it…Tarvos…What actually do you know? What have those eyes seen?

You and Oz…you're different, even by your own race's standards. There's a lot I want to know. I just don't think I'm ready right now.' When he actually put all of that thought into it, things morphed into an entirely different situation. Tarvos wasn't so bad…Okay he was still an insane asshat who needed severe help with his mental issues, but his intentions were in his favor. Maybe they were meant to work together? Maybe that's what the Messiah's message in the game was. Death wasn't on anyone's side but Tarvos was needed as the bull dozer who would clear out the world's population so that they could rebuild. `I should thank Tarvos for what he did. I know he's lied before, but I think he's being completely honest now. He's the only one who can help me learn about who I was…even if I can't forgive him for killing Mae.'

Lannad's voice calling out his name caused him to turn and utter hers in an inquisitive tone. He hadn't anticipated anyone following him. It was actually kind of irritating, considering he specifically stated that he wanted to be alone. Stumbling as she reached him, the priestess placed her hands on her knees, bending over and panting before she stood up and asked to walk with him.

“I want to be alone,” Dante deadpanned.

“I won't bother you too much. If I talk about something too pressing, then you can tell me to shut up,” Lannad pressed intent on walking with him. She worried about Dante, and didn't want him to end up hurting himself or being ambushed by aliens. Her thoughts went a thousand miles an hour just building up anxiety over things that could happen.

At this point, he was too mentally drained to put up much of a resistance. He knew Lannad would keep begging him, despite his protests. She was aggressive when it came to worrying about people. “Fine, whatever,” he sighed in defeat as the two started walking down the side walk. It was a wonder that it was still in once piece.

The blue-haired girl kept to his left side and walked with her hands clasped and her gaze to the ground. “This must be a lot to deal with.”

“Yeah…I feel like up until this point in my life, I've been living a lie. Sort of like my life was a distortion of bullshit. Now all of a sudden, Tarvos drops that relationship crap on me,” Dante's voice was low, still holding its familiar hint of irritation.

Lannad looked at him and blinked. “Do you believe him?”

He nodded, “he did all of this for me. His dedication is creepy. I can tell that he cares about me. Everything he's done makes sense.” Those were factors that he couldn't deny, no matter how much he wasn't into being in a relationship with someone like him.

The girl turned her sights away. She could feel her heart slamming against her sternum. “Do you love him?” Her words were low and held a slight sorrow to them.

“I don't love anyone. I don't even care about that shit.” After all was said and done, Dante was pretty done with relationships. It didn't matter if it was alien, humor or something else, he was just done.

Lannad flinched. “What about Ayumi?” She knew that it was a hard subject, for him more than anyone.

Dante's features saddened and his black spikes shaded his eyes. “I never even got the chance to tell her that I'd go out with her. I felt bad about doing it behind David's back. Guess I can't feel that way anymore.” It wasn't the way that he wanted to get rid of his problems.

“Maybe it was for the best,” her voice lowered, as if she forced the words out of her mouth.

Dante shot her a glare, “you didn't seem to like it, either.”

Lannad felt a sense of panic rush through her, “I just thought that it would make your friendship awkward.” The girl turned her head away, hiding the expression of being pin pointed like that.

“Did you think that, or did you think it would make our friendship awkward?” He had a feeling that he knew how exactly the girl felt about him. Lannad was a close friend of his; there was no way that she was going to admit to feeling strange about his situation unless he prodded her a little for answers.


“I'm sorry for not believing you and calling your religion bullshit,” Dante changed the subject. He was sick about talking about his love life, or anyone else's for that matter. Besides, he owed her this apology and he figured that he might as well give it to her while they had the opportunity.

Blue eyes glanced back at him slowly, a little shocked that he apologized about that after ragging on her about it ever since he knew about the Grand High Messiah inside of Twisted Land. “Well, I never planned on proving it this way,” she looked in front of her, “it's hard to believe that all of this time, I was living with, breathing next to and talking to Chaos.”

“It's not a walk in the fucking park. I'm guessing I'm part of your religion, too?” Apparently, he had a long history with the Eclaire bloodline.

“Yes, Chaos was an uncontrollable being, wild and feral in nature. He was so powerful that his very mood warped time. From what I know, when the first ending came, Chaos destroyed many regions of Japan single-handedly. Everything was burning bright. When Londa stepped up to try and stop him, the two had a showdown. Chaos told her that even though she could temporarily stop him that she would never negate him, for he was the sense of reality that this world was founded upon. He and Londa fought for days, until the flames simmered but were still prominent. Londa was able to hold him off with her magical abilities but Chaos clearly had the upper hand. After she was worn down, she fired the Arrow that Would Change the World. Chaos jumped from a cliff high above her, ready to slam into her with a force destructive enough to put a crater where she stood. Concentrating all of her spiritual energy into one shot, she fired an arrow glowing bright enough to light up the night sky into his chest. It didn't kill him, but it did paralyze him. Taking his body, she placed his bleeding form over her shoulder and drug him into her quarters in the shrine. That's where she created a time rip and banished him to the Null Zone,” Lannad finished the story, or what she knew of it. She hoped that it would help Dante understand the powers behind Chaos and teach him a little more about himself, as well as his past relationship with his ancestors. The girl was unsure of how helpful this information would be, but hopefully it was worth something to him.

“Do you know magic like Londa?” Dante inquired. She must have acquired the scepter for a reason. Oz stated that their weapons were given to them based on their own powers as well as those of their characters within the video game, but Lannad never played.

“Yes, that's why the Scepter of Diorus was chosen for me. I think Oz knew I already knew some spells. Getting them to transfer over to this weapon was easy,” Lannad explained. She admitted that she had her secrets as well, but it wasn't as if anyone was going to believe her back then.

“Maybe you can teach me how to do it better. I'm fucking lost.” All he could do was wave his curved blade around and launch it at people. That wasn't anything that took a lot of effort or prowess.

“I'd love to,” she smiled and closed her eyes, cocking her head to the side. Lannad was happy that Dante asked her for help, now they could have more moments like this and get to know each other better as they discovered their new selves and powers.

“Is there a point to your story?” Dante asked as they turned a corner to walk around the block. He wasn't going to stray too far from the group, just in case anything happened.

“Yes, Londa was approached by the Dimension Reaper or more commonly known as The Grand High Messiah. He told her that her powers were only temporary and that Chaos' powers would manifest over time. When they did, Chaos would tamper with the world from inside of the Null Zone,” she looked thoughtful for a moment, putting her finger to her chin. “Going on that theory, he could have caused Pandora to become fascinated with the time rip. Chaos could make himself appear inside of dreams as well.”

“If that's true, then Pandora wasn't really in the Null Zone. Tarvos slipped when he told everyone only he could go there.” No doubt it was part of his lies. Granted, they served a purpose but his secret was out now.

Lannad was confused, “why would he hide that?”

“He probably didn't want to tell me anything else. Whenever I flip my shit, I make time rips. If Tarvos really does know me from my past life as Diablo, then he knows what not to tell me and when enough is enough.” When he thought about it, Tarvos knew him frighteningly well. It was pretty staggering and it only put more legitimacy on his prior claim of the two of them having a potential romantic interest in the past.

“That's true. I think he knows a lot about you,” Lannad stated the obvious, albeit she was forlorn upon mentioning it.

“I want to talk to him, but I need to reattach my head first,” Dante knew when to stay away, as curious as he was this was not the time.

“If Chaos manipulated Pandora through dreams, then she'd be compelled to seek the Messiah. If Chaos wanted a host then maybe Tarvos brought your human body into the field,” the more she thought about it, the more the situation seemed contrived.

“He can't kill what isn't supposed to die.” That was what bothered Dante about the whole situation. His human body was a mystery.

“He didn't kill you. He probably just switched the souls or he had Pandora do it for him. Tarvos has the ability of soul manipulation. So maybe he brought the child to the field, went to the Null Zone, took Chaos' soul and switched them out then the child would still be alive in Chaos' body.” It was another theory that Lannad had come up with. It might not have been true, but it was definitely something to think about.

“This is fucking demented. Wait…if a baby's soul is in Chaos' body then the Chaos in the Null Zone…” The thought was just horrifying to take in.

“Can't use his powers…The rip would also be gone.”

“Was the rip in the room when you want to the shrine with Mae and Ringo?” Dante needed to know this, more than anything. If the rip was still there, they could easily access Chaos' body and do something about his current situation.

“I didn't go in that room. Ringo said he went into one of the rooms where a decimated body was. I didn't see it but he was in the wing of the shrine that the rip would have been in.” When she thought about it, Lannad cursed herself for not going there instead.

“If the rip was gone when Tarvos went to the shrine, then how could I have killed them?” Unless they were different priestesses then the ones who were around when he was growing up.

“Is it possible that Tarvos didn't close the rip?” Now Lannad wondered about it. She was damning herself for not going into that room now. She should have known better.

“Wouldn't my body get out?” That was all he needed, to have Diablo's body with the mind of a child who's been alone for a number of years running around wreaking havoc.

“No, remember you're in suspended animation. Even if there was an opening to get out, it would be like putting a caged bird beside of a window. They could see the sky but never fly into it,” Lannad made a cruel comparison to what it would be like for a prisoner of that plane.

“I just don't know how I killed them,” Dante's mind was still on the priestesses.

“If you're not in control, it could have been in any number of ways. You are the Grand High Messiah's equal. When it comes to ability, do you think Tarvos was lying?”

“I don't know.”

“Do you have any weird markings on your body?” Usually a curse was signified by any number of marking associated with the type of curse it was. She didn't know if it was the same for Dius, but that was how it applied to humans.

“You mean like curse marks?” Dante questioned.

Lannad nodded.

“No, I don't,” that was what was so weird about it. This entire time, there were really no indicators besides the ones that Tarvos had pointed out to him, like his tears being a tint of blue or his teeth being sharper than normal. Other than those factors, Dante resembled a human in every way.

“That is strange. I thought there would be.” Apparently Dius curses didn't resemble human ones.

“There was never anything weird about me. I just had weird memory loss problems.” Parts of his memory were gone, and that was something that he had always been insecure about and something that he never discussed. The only one who even knew about it was Tarvos.

“I'm so confused. Tarvos talks like your body will come back to you. I wonder what exactly that means.” It disturbed her to a good extent, knowing who he was made it a possible event that could take place. That worried her even more. What would happen if Dante obtained Diablo's body and became a complete person? It was something she dreaded, especially because he didn't have a good grasp on his powers.

“I don't know…but I have this feeling that this isn't over yet. My personal hell has just begun.” With Tarvos at the reigns, it only promised more mental anguish for him. Dante knew that the grim reaper wouldn't be happy until he got what he wanted.


After a while it had become increasingly obvious that Ringo was nowhere to be found. Rezzi couldn't find his presence anywhere, not a scent of cologne or a sound of his voice. All of the blurs around made it hard to make his out, but none of them seemed like his.

“Where did Ringo go?” She inquired, making sure that she wasn't just over looking his presence somewhere.

“I didn't notice he was gone,” Tony admitted a little ashamed that he wasn't keeping dibs on his friends.

“Eh, let him leave. I killed his precious girlfriend so maybe he'll plot revenge on me and make things interesting!” Tarvos cracked an unstable smile, jerking his head in a violent twitch. Nothing interested him more than humans trying to play little mind games with him.

David frowned, “you're a douche, man.”

“This is not what I planned. I hoped that our meeting wouldn't be one where our ties would be holding together by a strand,” Oz was more than disappointed in the recent course of events.

In contrast, Tarvos could hardly contain himself. “I find it hilarious,” the Dius cackled like a maniac, which earned him a death glare from his fellow Dius.

“Tarvos, shut up,” his words were simple but they managed to do the job, silencing the Messiah, who only snickered every now and then as he tried to contain his laughter.

“I'm not sure Ringo or Dante will want to help you,” Rezzi was discouraged. In a way, this wasn't going according to her plans either. Their group was falling apart and she felt helpless to do anything about it.

Oz turned to the blind girl, “I believe Dante will. As Chaos, he has no choice.” Even if he tried to leave, they would eventually cross paths again. He wasn't too worried about the boy's choices at the moment.

“If Tarvos is Death, Dante is Chaos…” David was adding things up in his head and the answer was more than apparent to him. “Dude. No.”

Oz quirked an eyebrow.

“You're Time, aren't you?” He pretty much knew it was true but he wanted a spoken confirmation.

“Yes, I was waiting for you to figure that out. I am Time itself. I control the flow of time here and I spawned the birth of the universe. That's why I told you that our planet governs yours. This was all my doing,” Oz admitted his position. The Twisted Land game, Tarvos' arrival, and the reason for all of this carnage was all him. It was his duty as an elemental to make sure that things acted within their field of reasoning.

“We had you going there, thinking we were just characters inside of a game.” No matter how anyone looked at it, Tarvos found amusement in the whole scheme.

David scratched the side of his head. “So…That's why I had to train under you in order to be a Time Guardian. You're the only one I could do it with.”

“Correct. It's also why I can't dispel information. I have to let you find it out for yourselves. I get punished if I try to help you any more than I am. Time is on no one's side, and it cannot act in favor of one person or a set group.” No matter if it was good or bad, Oz couldn't lend them a hand unless Time itself called for such an act to take place. This was also why the alien couldn't lend them a hand any other time or help them advance. It was simply not within his limitations to alter the flow of time.

“Even if you are Time, it seems off that you'd want a dying paradox,” Rezzi pondered out loud.

“The death of a paradox is actually the perfect time to nab it. You can do whatever you and shape it to your image,” Tarvos argued. If someone could keep it from meeting its untimely demise, then they truly had a world going for them.

“That is precisely why we chose to show up now,” Oz confirmed the Messiah's claim.

“Are you trying to start time over?” David asked. He was a little curious on how exactly that worked.

“Nope, just extend it a little,” Tarvos replied. You could not start time over on a dying world.

“Death, Time, Chaos…” David counted on his fingers, and then glanced at the two Dius. “There are more of you, aren't there?”

“Yes,” Oz confirmed that claim as well.

“BerefHex and HauntingGallows, were they you?” If Oz was the Messiah, who knew who else he could be in the game.

“No, they are actual players in Twisted Land.”

“Are they human or Dius?”

“They are both Dius.”

“I bet they're important Dius, like you guys,” Tony interjected into David's round of inquisition.

“Not as much, but they are important,” Tarvos assured.

`I hope so,' Rezzi thought as she pulled out her cell phone and sent a text to capriciouscarnage.

Met the Grand High Messiah today. <3 <3 <3

Soon, she got a text back.


No. He told me who he was when I met him. You were right about meeting death on a rainy day.

As long as he doesn't stick his scythe up your ass then you should be fine. Just play his dipshit game and you'll be fine.


Hey, Rezzi?


The next text message was an image of someone's middle finger, no doubt taken from the internet. She sighed as soon as she squinted hard enough to decipher what it was. Dante and Lannad walked through the door, which perked the Dius up.

“You're back,” Oz welcomed them.

“Tarvos,” Dante glared down the Messiah.

“What is it?” He smiled, amused at what Dante could possibly want with him.

“Can we talk?”

...To Be Continued