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Capricious Infection

Act 28: Cruel Words

By: Revamp


“Another one?” David was unamused as Oz walked up with Karkatta in tow.

The Dius scowled at him. How dare he approach them with such disrespect. Who did he think he was? “Fuck off, and when you get there, fuck off again. Keep fucking off until you get back here, and then fuck off again.”

David threw his hands up in the air. “Touchy, I mean, damn call the authorities this one's got kahoonas. Are you male or female anyway? You could be male, but you could be a flat chested girl, too.”

This only fueled the fire, causing it to intensify in the short-haired Dius. Honestly, this guy was getting on their last nerve. “How dare you insult me, you pustulant necrotic zit on the ass crack of your kind's humanity.”

Tony looked back and forth between the two as they argued. Blinking as he pondered for a moment, he pointed at the Dius. “Wait a minute…did you play Twisted Land, too?” Those insults sure sounded familiar.

The Dius closed their eyes and gestured to the teen. “Oh look, the fermented sweat ball finally got it right. It only took him two hours. To think you were the lucky embryo that was allowed to develop.”

Karkatta's insults were dismissed as Tony's face lit up with glee. “I'm right! You're BerefHex!”

David adjusted his glasses. “You are BerefHex?”

Karkatta's arms crossed. “What did you want? Some computer nerd more repugnant than a puss-filled boil on the ass hole of a human rotting corpse?”

David frowned. “You're just as much of a pain as you were in the forums.” The Dius' mouth was just as foul as well. They rambled off insults like they were second nature.

“It took you idiots an hour to acknowledge who I was. I underestimated your number of brain cells. This is why Dius are clearly the superior race,” Karkatta knew the humans were lower life forms, but not this low. No wonder their race needed so much help.

David threw up his hands in a sarcastic manner as he mocked a fear-stricken face. “Oh no! Alert the presses, yo!”

Karkatta's eyes narrowed, “I hate you all.”

“I think you're mistaking me for someone who gives a damn,” David wasn't about to let this…whatever gender it was win in the verbal bitch slap war. He meant business and he wasn't going to back down.

It was on now.

“Have you ever considered becoming a missing person?” If not, Karkatta would make sure he did rather quickly.

“Nature played a cruel trick on you. You lived.”

“Well, look what it did to you. I'm shocked you want to be out in it,” Karkatta grumbled and took a step towards the human. What in ignorant piece of shit! No one won against their trash talk. Karkatta would make sure of that.

“You know you might not really be stupid, just possessed by a retarded ghost,” David was game for this.

“If you keep talking, maybe something intelligent will come out.” Considering that was a stupid as hell comment. Paint flakes had better come backs. A retarded ghost? Really?

“So, a thought crossed your mind? Must have been a long journey.”

“If thinking organs were taxed, you'd get a rebate.”

“You're both stupid,” Oz commented on the events unfurling before him. He didn't have time for such idiocy. That's not what everyone had been gathered there for.

From behind Karkatta, Tarvos grabbed the Dius' wrist and placed a finger to their lips. He nuzzled Karkatta's neck. “Calm down,” the reaper purred against the shorter alien's skin.

“Tarvos?” Karkatta froze in place as blue eyes widened. The Dius turned around to see him, smiling. Karkatta then lunged forward and hugged him, a smile gracing the alien's face, transforming them into an entirely different person. The two nuzzled faces for a moment before Karkatta pulled back. “I forgot how much I missed your stupid ass.”

“I missed you too, Karkatta,” Tarvos smiled back at the smaller Dius.

“So, your name is Karkatta?” Lannad asked, knowing she'd probably get something smart ass as a retort.

“So what?” The Dius shot.

“I guess you know Tarvos well.” It would seem so, anyway for their embrace. That is, unless all of their people greeted each other in such an intimate manner. It was hard to tell because they had such drastically different customs and relationships.

“We do-“ Karkatta was cut off by the reaper, crossing his arms over their slender stomach and burying his face into the tufts of black hair. Tarvos closed his eyes and she flushed slightly.

He had a good way of embarrassing her. “He's my cling on, or some shit.”

Tarvos slid his face down the side of Karkatta's head, until they were cheek to cheek. Karkatta placed a hand on his other cheek as the reaper's hand came to rest on the alien's shoulder. Karkatta's eyes closed in irritation. “He's embarrassing and-“

The Dius flushed a blue tint as he moved his head to their neck. “Huh?”

“You want to kiss me,” Tarvos teased before getting a forceful kick to his mid section.

“Butt out! I'd only follow you anywhere out of morbid curiosity. You festering, asinine, infantile, purile shit stain. I do not want to hear that content echoing from your plague infested mind. You leech that clings to my open sores, you filthy, pathetic excuse for mind rotting flesh,” Karkatta wasn't in the mood for Tarvos' little mind games. It didn't matter how good of friends they happened to be. The smaller Dius had ways of putting him in line.

“I love you, too,” Tarvos smiled in a demented fashion as he lay flat out on the ground. There was nothing like a good dose of pain to excite his senses.

The alien clicked its tongue in disgust. “Tch, you undiscovered germ.”

“Damn, she's hardcore…What gender is Karkatta, anyway?” Tony didn't want to be rude, but he had been trying to figure it out for a while. Karkatta sounded like a girl's name…then again, he didn't know if certain grammatical rules applied to aliens that did to humans. For all he knew, the Dius had their own language, both written and spoken.

“Figure it out,” Karkatta shot with a glare. “That's half of the fun. You'll be stuck with me for a while.”

“Well, we're all together now,” Pregmacia wanted to remain optimistic, at least.

“That's a cool deal, right?” Tony agreed. There were some ups to their meeting.

“Karkatta never laid claim to being out ally,” Oz was quick to remind both them and Karkatta of their situation.

Karkatta's arms crossed once more and the dark eyebrows furrowed. “I'm just here observing your miserable lives. Consider it an honor.” If they knew who exactly Karkatta was, then they would grovel at the alien's feet.

“How many get to fucking know you rounds are we going to suffer through in this fuck party? I've already had to deal with two assfucks when I was destroying everything,” Dante spat, tired of listening to Karkatta's round of cursing. If anything, he'd pin the alien off as being a nagging woman.

Pregmacia blinked. “You did? Were they members of the Cut Throat Crew?”

“They were like you.”

“Like us?” This was brought to Ozes' attention. Karkatta looked at Dante as well, wondering what he meant. Was it possible that he ran into the other Dius who were on Calypso's side?

“One of them looked like a human with horns and the other one was dressed like an Egyptian god or something. He called himself Ares.” For personal reasons, that guy's name left a bitter taste in his mouth.

“You met him?” That was something Oz hadn't counted on.

Dante growled. “You should ask Tarvos about that. They were all cuddling and doing vomit enforcing things.” It was definitely much to his disgust. A brief moment of thought crossed his mind that he should be the one that Tarvos held such an infatuation for. Shortly afterward, he convinced himself that he wasn't gay and to stop thinking like that.

Oz looked at the reaper.

“Ares is my stratos. It's my job to be attentive and devoted to his needs,” Tarvos announced his development of feelings towards the drifter with a calm smile. But to Dante, they felt like daggers slicing viciously through his heart.

Worry crossed Karkatta's face at such a development. As far as the alien knew, Tarvos didn't have anyone. This was bad.

“I haven't seen him in ages,” Tarvos continued, with friendliness in his voice that he had never expressed before.

“So, when you're supposed to be laying waste to the town, you're working on your relationships?” Tony didn't find that fair at all. That just meant he left the destruction to Dante.

“Ares helped me carry out my task.” There was more than one reason to go to the War god.

“Isn't Dante the reason Ares exiled himself?” Pregmacia wondered why Ares would want to help the two of them, knowing that Dante was there at all. As far as she knew, they couldn't stand each other.

“Wait…what?” Everyone kept bringing up this past incident, and quite frankly, Dante didn't understand any of it. At this point, it was reaching a whole new factor of irritating.

“You probably don't remember since you've been royally fucked up.” Even Karkatta knew that Dante was like a puzzle that had been smashed up and reassembled.

“It's for the best that you don't remember,” Pregmacia didn't want to get into the subject and turned away. She also had her reasons for not dignifying Dante with answers.

“What have I done in the past that pissed everyone off so bad?” Dante wanted answers. He was sick of this run around game with the Dius. There was no way that he could fix anything if he didn't know what he did.

“You always were the straight forward type. More so than I was, `I'm a killer, cold and spiteful. I cause chaos wherever I go, and nothing will stay constant or peaceful.' That was your motto,” Tarvos informed him of the one thing he had been sure to constantly remind him of during their partnership.

“You lived for your element, like the raging douche nozzle you are,” Karkatta was sure to back Tarvos up on that. Diablo made sure to remind everyone of his ways.

“Are we doing anything today?” Dante looked to Oz.

“We're just regrouping and relaying information. We'll be sedimentary for a while,” the Dius informed. It would be a good opportunity for him to figure a few things out about his past while he and Karkatta got caught up on their private business.

Dante then looked to the most sensible of the people he seemed to be on the bad side of. “Pregmacia, can we talk?”

“This is about who you used to be, isn't it?” This wasn't her favorite subject. She wished he could have asked Tarvos or someone else who was a little more involved.

“I just want to make sense of it all,” he leveled her with a serious look she couldn't waiver from.

“I can tell you what I know. If you want to go in private-“ She was cut off before finishing her sentence.

“I'd rather discuss it out here, that way if anyone else has something to add, I can hear them out,” Pregmacia wasn't all for making her life a public spectacle, but in this case she didn't have much of a choice.

David sat on a nearby couch, stretching his arms across the back of it. “I'm going to kick back and be a sponge. I'm tired anyway.”

Oz sat beside of him as blue eyes looked at him through dark shades. “You don't mind, do you?”

“Do as you wish. I'm not dictating what you learn,” the spectacled Dius replied. He didn't care what the humans learned, especially if it was an open discussion.

David sighed, “I need to chill anyway. This Dove thing is off the record.”

“I'm going to take a nap,” as much as Rezzi wanted to take in the information, she didn't feel like being a bother and her and Unwine's conversation did nothing but make her cry. It wore on her, and she needed rest.

“Resting sounds nice,” Lannad noted.

“I'm going to train. This conversation is personal and I feel like I'm butting in,” Tony noticed Pregmacia's expression when Dante wanted an open discussion about her past. He felt bad that it seemed like she was being forced to say things that obviously upset her.

Dante sat on the kotatsu table and leveled the pink-haired Dius with a stern look. “Tell me what you know.”

“When I first met you, we were in battle together,” Pregmacia recalled the vents fondly. Before all of the drama happened, they had all been pretty good friends.

Fire bloomed violently and burst into powerful surges around the two of them as they stood in a heated face-off. The world burned down around them, and their forms were bathed in an orange glow as crackling and faint explosions were heard from the flames burning gas lines.

You were sent to rain chaos down on the village and Tarvos was with you, slaughtering the survivors. I was simply scouting when I was attacked by the villagers who mistook me for you.

Several villagers came rushing at the Amazon. She tried to fight them off, sending several of them back with the force of her magic axe, but their numbers were enough to overpower her. After she knocked a few back, more filled their place, flooding her presence.

As one of the angry men raised a sword to stab her, out of nowhere a giant sickle blade attached to a long chain spiraled towards them, taking out several Dius in its wake. A cloaked figure darted in front of her and with a mighty swing of his arm, managed to create a circle that took out all of her attackers, littering the burning land with corpses.

“So, you must be Diablo. I've heard a lot about you,” Pregmacia looked over her shoulder at her protector. His tattered cape rustled with the movement of the wind as he turned and looked at her from within his hood.

“I'm sure it's true.” Saw blade-like teeth peeked out from his devilish smirk.

“Undoubtedly, thank you for saving me.”

“No skin off my back. If I'm not covered in blood, then I'm not happy at all. I love making people's lives a living hell. Nothing is better than fucking shit up,” Diablo nearly laughed at the words that slithered from his lips.

“I'm Pregmacia Atreska,” She turned to face him with a hand on her chest.

“Interesting name, you seem like a nice girl and attractive, too.”

“That's hardly something you say to someone you first meet,” Pregmacia frowned and put a hand on her hip in disapproval. This guy had a forward way with words.

Diablo sighed. “Give me a break. I'm trying to be close to you. Open up a little more and stop acting so stuffed up. It's disgusting.”

“I've hardly lived on the wild side enough to embrace such things,” Pregmacia made sure he knew of her upbringing. She wasn't one of those types of women.

However, Diablo had other ideas. He slipped a hand beneath her chin and stared into her pink eyes. “Live on the edge and cause a little chaos. Life is more exciting when you live unrestricted.”

“I assume you're going to help me with that?” It sounded like a pick-up line if she ever heard one.

“Is that an offer?” Diablo arched an eyebrow.

“Do you want it to be?” She wasn't going to lie, his forward actions made him hard to resist. It wasn't only that. Diablo had a rugged appeal to him. His body was strong, with the type of muscles built for endurance and a chiseled face with bushy hair that peeked out form the top of his hood. It was a sense of mystery that charmed her.

His hand slipped away. “You're so boring that you can't even make your own decisions. Tarvos is much more interesting to be with,” Diablo prodded at her emotions, urging her to prove her strength and free will to him as he walked over to the reaper, who cracked a smile.

“Diablo and I were together for a while. He understood us to be a team…Although we were a…special team with special rules,” Tarvos wanted to make sure Pregmacia was clear on what exactly their strange partnership entailed.

Dante squinted at him in accusation. “What were my rules with you?”

Diablo was so close to him that their bodies were touching. He caressed the reaper's face and stared at him seductively.

“Since I really like you,” Diablo's large hand ran down Tarvos' chest, sending a wave of warmth through him, “and I think you're exciting, we can play a little game.”

Tarvos smiled impishly. “I might be up for that. Depends on what it is and how I reap the benefits.” After all, why engage in something risky if he had nothing to gain.

Diablo smirked. “We'll both reap the benefits. We dance on the same line.”


“We'll both throw away our sickeningly soft feelings and life off of lust and murder. You never had any semblance of love anyway, so why not get the need without the commitment?” It was the perfect way to form a partnership with someone like Tarvos. Diablo wasn't one for fluffy, romantic relationships or bearing connections to those he would eventually slaughter. It was the perfect unholy union.

“That's a dangerous game, I've heard. What if our white hot passion turns red?” After all, that went completely against their sectored mating rituals. Doing the acts of pyrex might cause them to fall into that sector one day.

Diablo scowled at him for thinking such a ludicrous thing. He would never allow himself to fall under anyone's control; it was a direct violation to what chaos was.”Keep your distance. I'm not about to have that black blood pumper turn red and sickeningly squishy. The fact that you have no conscience is one of your redeeming qualities. Don't go fucking it up for me, or I'll make your memories of having such sickening feelings erased.”

Tarvos arched an eye brow. “Is being in love such a bad thing?” From what he gathered, everyone who was in love seemed to think it was the greatest emotion in the world.

“Don't question your role. You'll just get killed and I don't feel like pulling out your digestive tract and hanging you with it. There's a reason you're the manifestation of someone's hatred and apathy,” Diablo choked back the blood as a scythe blade was forced through his stomach.

Tarvos smiled wickedly at him. Diablo talked about being so uncontrollable, but the truth was in his action. Death was the one who held a soul in its cruel hand, and he was here to remind him of that. “Fine then, I'll be an apathetic son of a bitch.” The grim reaper ripped the blade out of Diablo's body, his navy blue blood splashed on the ground as it cascaded from his wound. He curved the blade around Diablo's neck and licked his blood from the soaked tip.

For the first time in his life, Diablo looked horrified by his actions. He had never thought Tarvos would do such a thing.

“You fucking stabbed me you anal licking jit bag piece of shit!”

“Don't forget to live within your element, my special little ally,” The reaper's voice cooed out the words, as if he were merely saying it to flirt with the blue blood.

Dante shook his head. “Why am I not surprised?”

“You deserved it. You threatened to kill me. It's not very fun coming back with no memories. Even if you thought unicellular protozoa had more brain mass than I did, I wasn't going to let you off me. I am not that stupid,” Tarvos stared him down, and that look alone was enough to remind him not to promise death the element itself. Nothing was worse than your element being your ultimate undoing.

“They always tried to kill each other,” Pregmacia noted. It was pretty typical of them. Two chaotic elements constantly challenging each other offered Diablo with the stimulation that he needed and provided a power struggle and sense of mind games between them.

“It was pretty sexy. The struggle for dominance was-“Tarvos was interrupted.

“Anyway,” Oz didn't feel like hearing about love-fest theatre between the two. It was bad enough he and Tarvos shared a psychic link and kept track of each other. He cared not to relive those moments.

Dante felt that same strange mix of emotions. “Even thinking about what I could have done with you makes me uneasy.”

“You did things with a lot of us,” Pregmacia noted.

“You liked the thrill. It was like a prize to be seized. If it seemed untouchable, you wanted to touch it. If it seemed unbreakable, you wanted to break it. You loved to crush and claim things.” It was a commonality that the reaper and chaos shared. It was what gave them their close relationship.

“That's why Ares is hurt by you,” Pregmacia brought him up in all of this. Dante had a feeling he didn't want to know, but at the same time, he wanted answers.

“Did I have sex with him, too?” God, why was past him such a slut?

“You were supposed to be his pyrex. Ares was in love with you, until he found out about everything and everyone. Then he became angry and rages war against unsuspecting planets. He became a conqueror and developed his death factory.” There was more behind it, of course, but Tarvos would leave that to those who would rightfully explain it better than he would.

“He became estranged and dark,” Pregmacia's voice lowered an octave. She felt bad for Ares, more so than she did herself or Tarvos.

“Because of Ares, I did learn my lesson. I knew that falling in love was something that could be just as bad as it was good,” Tarvos knew it was a harder lesson for his stratos, however.

“I don't know your status with Ares when I got involved with you. It made him hate everyone,” Pregmacia felt guilty that to this day, the Warrior King refused to even look at her, much less be around her.

“He was faithful to you and when he figured out what you did, he pretty much turned into an evil bastard. He wants to kill everyone more than I do, especially you, Dante.”

Oh great, that was wonderful. Dante had a feeling that Tarvos would tell him something like that. Apparently, Ares had a bad case of scorned lover syndrome. No wonder he hated him so badly. In the back of his mind, he couldn't help but think making Tarvos his pyrex had deeper meaning than the two just being friendly over the years and bonding over their similar situations with him.

“He was probably dancing a jig when he found out that my body went to the Null Zone.”

“You'd be shocked.”

“He was serious about feeding my ass to his death factory,” Dante remarked.

“He would have really done it,” Tarvos reassured.

“I found out you had several stratos and pyrex, at least, you acted like they held that relationship with you.” When she thought about it, Pregmacia didn't know what to classify them as. It was atypical for a Dius to have those types of relationships.

“He treated them as he should and threw them away. The only one he really kept coming back to was me. It made for good chaos among the Dius,” Tarvos knew that it wasn't so much about playing everyone as it was keeping his element alive. Chaos had several forms and if there was always mental chaos as well as physical chaos, then his element ran strong. He used people for his own power gain.

“You did think things like that were amusing,” Pregmacia's voice lowered. Just talking about this depressed her.

“Man, I was an asshole,” more so than he thought.

“I'll say, you deserved to die,” the comments from David didn't help him, either.

“Even so, Ares needs to move on. Hopefully, he can now that he has a stratus,” Oz saw things from all directions, and more than anyone but Tarvos, he knew how Ares was.

“How can he not be jealous of you?” If his past self kept going back to Tarvos when he was with Ares, wouldn't that make things hostile between them?

“He was at first, but I made him trust me. He's a good friend, and I love him.” Yes, Tarvos could call it love. He was certain of that.

“So, you're just stratos, right?” Karkatta decided to ask and make sure. The alien wanted to know they heard it right.

“Yes, we made it official now, so we are in a stratoship. It's my first relationship that I remember,” Tarvos couldn't really call what he had with Diablo a relationship, and they weren't really in a sector so it didn't count.

“Well, I hope you make his ass see reason.”

“I might have to get conciliatory on him and show him the reasoning behind joining my side,” Tarvos cracked a smile at Karkatta, and in response he got a scowl and forced answer.

“The more the fucking merrier.”

`I really was the chaos in everyone's lives. I'm starting to regret this horrible mutation. I can't go back on it now, though. All I can do is try to help myself not be such a raging ass fuck…but is there truly a way to control chaos? That sounds like an oxymoron. I should explain things to Ares now, but I'm not even sure that I want to get into that drama right now. I have a lot of baggage from my past life. Now I have to reconcile with everyone. Why was I such a fuck face?' No wonder the Dius had unstable feelings about him. No wonder Tarvos was such a dead and uncaring person…well, to him anyway. He got it now. They were paying him back for all of the horrible things he had done to them, and the sad part was that he deserved it. There was nothing he could do to pay it back to Pregmacia, Tarvos and Ares. Nothing would work short-term. He had to gain their trust more than ever if he wanted to make things right. “Can I ask you all something?”

“No!” Tarvos proclaimed as he was smacked in the back of the head by Pregmacia, who stuck out her bottom lip. The reaper rubbed the back of his head. “Just kidding.”

“Would you all be willing to put aside your past judgments and start from nothing? I'm not the old Diablo. I just want to be seen as a different person. I'll try to make up for being such an asshat-“

Karkatta leveled him with a stern frown of disapproval as the alien cut him off. “You think you can just come in here and make some tear-jerking, bone grindingly sweet monologue and I'll forgive you? Fuck you, Dante or whatever the shit your new name is. You pretty much fucked up my life.”

“Karkatta!” Oz reprimanded, but was stopped by the Dius' argument.

“No! You can be a pushover but I won't. I've had enough of this vomit inducing conversation,” Karkatta walked out of the room. “See you, ass fucks!”

Pregmacia watched the slender form leave the room and looked thoughtful for a few moments. “I can look past it. If I don't there will be issues. If you're ever serious, or you prove yourself, then maybe we can talk things out. However, each life you have lived was different.”

“A different life is a clean slate. I see you as Dante, not Diablo,” Oz was excepting of Dante's demand. He didn't have time for grudges and he had more things on his mind than staying stuck in the past.

“I'll work on it. I'd like to bury the hatchet…well, in a place that isn't your head. If you know what I mean.” It was the best he was going to get out of Tarvos.

“That means a lot coming from you,” Dante's voice softened. Tarvos was one of the people he had hurt the most, and all of this time the Dius had done a lot for him, more than he could repay.

“We still have a lot to work out, so bear with me and I'll bear with you. I'll just go and get conciliatory with Karkatta,” Tarvos winked playfully.

Hopefully, he would be able to get through the Dius' barrier of being stuck in their ways. He knew this one was exceptionally hard headed.

…To Be Continued