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Title: Circle of Enemies

Rating: PG-13/R (not sure yet of how gory this series will be)

Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Adventure (has some horror and dark themes)

Pairings: Hetero and some Yuri undertones

Warnings: Dark themes, Blood and some gore but nothing that goes beyond anime standards, language, unconventional relationships, may be implied sex, violence and a character with shoujo-ai/yuri tendencies

Summary: Due to a series of unfortunate events, Rokuro finds himself being forced to work with age-old enemies who want nothing more than to kill him. With tensions running high, can this dysfunctional group succeed and gain happiness, or slaughter each other in a blood bath?

Circle of Enemies


By: Melissa Norvell


Sitting here, I wonder how in the hell I got into this situation. I am literally surrounded by a bunch of megalomaniacal killers who, at this point in time are trying to work with me towards a common goal.

Tensions are high, and we'll probably end up killing each other before we get this mission completed. They wouldn't even be working with me if they weren't directly involved in everything that's happened. It affects them as much as it does me.

I've heard of cases where enemies turn into reluctant heroes and help someone out…but this is definitely not the case. I'm afraid to even sleep because I don't put it past either of them to see to it that I never wake up.

Somehow, I have to pull this off. I have to pull this team together and make it work without being executed. What's worse is that I've always been on my own. I'm a wandering magician, just trying to collect a few artifacts. Yeah, I made a few enemies along the way, but God knows I didn't want my karma to bite me this bad. I slowly looked from left to right, examining the two fugitives in my presence.

The first menace of my life is this weird, mutated, amphibious and/or reptilian…not really sure what the hell he is but he calls himself Iefuza. We became enemies purely out of dumb luck. I just happened to be going through a kingdom that he was terrorizing.

He was after this girl, for whatever reason and I came into the middle of her being abducted. She screamed for help desperately and I came to her call. My first thought was that he was going to eat her or kill her in some brutal way. No one could have blamed me. This guy was just hellish looking, like some demon spawn that crawled out of a crack in the underworld.

He didn't resemble any kappa I saw in folklore. I mean, he had straight, black horns protruding from either side of his head; his physique was equivalent to that of a body builder clad in snake skin with a large, dark blue shell sporting curved, black spikes. A hellfire mane of long, sleeked back spikes crested his head, and his thick, red eyebrows made him look all the more sinister. Just looking into those crimson eyes would send anyone straight to the depths of hell.

I'd be screaming too, if I was some innocent damsel trapped in his webbed claws.

Naturally, he looked like the one to attack someone. I fought this nightmare in hopes of freeing the girl. Despite his short, broad beak with spiked teeth that could pop my head off like an offending bottle cap.

Not knowing what I was up against, I stupidly challenged him and we fought. For that moment, it was hell on earth, and I realized just how formidable he was.

Anything that could slam into a cliff and make its own cave I tried to avoid, especially, if it felt no pain while using itself as a live cannon ball. I knew that kappa were considered Suijin (water gods) so I expected him to be strong. Brute strength was his key attack tactic, and the bastard was like a bull in a china closet, ruthless and relentless. Not to mention, everything about him was a lethal weapon. I was screwed. This guy knew magic; I mean spells that could even destroy someone like me in one hit. He used his whole body as a weapon. I've never seen anyone throw themselves into a wall and not be knocked senseless.

Either he's fucking insane or tough as hell, and to add to the barrage of spikes he already naturally had, he wore spiked cuffs on his wrists, biceps and neck that he could make into weapons.

Iefuza nearly killed me and I had to run away with the girl in my arms to even escape him. I wasn't stupid, taking him on in battle was like committing suicide. I might as well throw myself onto his back or that huge-ass axe he carries…like he needed another weapon to help him out.

I'm actually really powerful, but even I know it's just damaging to contend with a water god.

But wait, it gets loads better.

Turned out that this girl was a princess, and the kappa wanted her to be his bride. You got it; I interrupted some unholy union of beast and beauty. She was happy that I rescued her and ended up appointing me to be her knight. The whole kingdom was tickled pink that I stepped in and saved her. Apparently, this guy is such a douche bag that no one stepped out of the box and thought they could bring him down.

Kappa and human relationships were considered one of disgrace. I mean, if a kappa impregnated a woman, she bore the child and buried it.

That's a pretty cruel way to come into the world.

Ever since the kingdom made such a big deal about it, Iefuza and I had a homicidal relationship.


I had a God as an enemy. In a way, I had to thank Iefuza. He was one hell of a challenge and I never legitimately won any fights with him.

Now, we sat here side by side and I just knew that he wanted to massacre me. I stand in the way of some unhallowed amalgamation of him and the princess. Maybe the only reason he hasn't killed me yet is because the princess is missing and neither of us knows where she is.

I glanced to the other side where a tall, thin girl with large, round eyes and shoulder length, fringed blond hair looked at me. She's adorned in a white corset, stockings, platform heels and a tattered and ripped mid-thigh length Lolita skirt.

Sounds safe, right?

How about no?

She was just as bad as Iefuza. She was a female Iefuza in human form. The girl's name was Kaliska and she was basically an axe murderer. She had been carrying around this long sword that looked like an overgrown machete. With it she wouldn't vacillate to hack whatever up that was in her way.

It didn't matter who you were, she'd come after you because she was bat shit insane. She even looked unstable, with her large, bizarre, red eyes. They weren't human and they always seemed wild and wide-open. They were oddly constructed with small, black pupils and a black ring inside of her iris.

This pretty little Lolita wasn't happy unless she was covered in blood.

I met her shortly after I teamed up with Iefuza, and somehow pissed her off. Now she wanted to kill me.

Which brought me to my current situation- I am stuck with two psychos who are out to get me and trust me, I feel more than intimidated when I'm around them.

How did I get in a situation where I came to be surrounded by everyone who absolutely hate me?

It's kind of complicated so I'll backtrack from here.

…To Be Continued