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Part I: Summer Mockingbird

Chapter one: Unfortunate:

Some kids are born fortunate. Nice homes, loving parents, and wonderful childhoods. A few kids are not as fortunate and seem poor. But they still have loving parents and decent childhoods. Obuchi Atticus is one those unfortunate yet better off.

You see, Atticus had a nice house. But his childhood was anything but decent. The boy's mother never really paid any attention to him. Why? Because he was half Japanese. Atticus' mother was prejudice but ironically, married a rich Japanese man for his money.

Atticus barely remembered his father. Maybe it's because the boy's mother never mentioned her husband. Either way, it never helped Atticus one bit.

Atticus' mother worked for nine hours a day and left her boy home alone. Atticus would stay in the house occasionally. But most of the time, he roamed the streets. When the boy did so, his mother made him the lock the door when he left the house so nothing would get stolen. Atticus did so but there was one small problem: he had no key to get back in the house. He would have to look for an open window to climb through. If Atticus were out of luck, then he would just wander the streets.

That was the way it was and that was the way it will stay. Unless something changed…