Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Common ❯ Part I: Summer Mockingbird: Chapter Two: Charity ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter two: Charity:
Atticus watched his mother pull out of the driveway to drive off to work. This one of the rare times he saw her leave. Usually, his mother left without telling her son. She did the same thing with returning. So all Atticus could do was guess when his mother was here and when she was gone.
Once the car was gone, Atticus began looking around the house. He was searching for an open window to get back into later. No luck on the first floor so far. So, the boy checked the second floor. No luck there either! Atticus then did a double check. No luck as before. Atticus stood still. Well, he would just have to wait until his mom came home, whenever she would tonight. So he left his house and locked the door behind him.
Ah, the day was nice. Summer here. The suburbs were a great place to be at this time. One little downside today though: the temperature. Yes folks! The temperature was in the upper nineties. Nice day but bad day to be outside. But Atticus didn't mind. But that would soon change.
The boy wandered the neighborhood. The house looked like play houses in a toy store. All neat and perfect looking. The lawns were so green and tidy. Up ahead, Atticus heard a lawn mower running. Must be Watanabe-san cutting his grass. Sometimes when no one was watching, Atticus would lie down on a random neighbors' lawn and take a nap there. The grass was just as soft as any bed in the world.
Soon, the boy heard a growling noise. He looked around nervously. Then it hit him, Atticus hadn't had breakfast yet. His mother never left any food for her son when she left. She was always too lazy to cook. Every night, Atticus' mother when brine home a huge bag of fast food for dinner. She would eat in front of the TV in the den and Atticus would eat by himself in the kitchen. He couldn't complain, though, he did hope to try some home cooking at least once in his life.
Atticus began knocking on the nearest door he could find. This is what he did day after day in order to have breakfast and lunch. Lucky for the boy, the neighbors always fed him.
The problem with getting breakfast was most of the neighbors either at work or still in bed asleep. And today was no exception. The first three houses were unsuccessful. No one answered the door. So Atticus tried the next few houses. No luck there either. Atticus kept trying. Sadly, no luck there as well.
The boy sat on the sidewalk. It would be noon soon. He also noticed something else. The heat had grown. Atticus began sweating. He didn't notice the heat until now. The boy was also thirsty too. He needed shade as well. Atticus rose to his feet and began searching around for all three needs.
Noon grew into afternoon. The heat grew worse. Atticus still had no luck. By now, he was hot, sick with hunger, and tired. Food was hard to get from the neighbors today. Same with anything to drink. Shade was scarce as well. But Atticus still kept walking. He was fighting to survive. But this was an unfair fight today.
As he walked, Atticus grew hotter and hotter. He was exhausted. But the boy kept walking. Atticus soon grew dizzy. But he kept walking. The boy's vision grew blurred. And the last thing he remembered was the soft cool grass as he collapsed out face down onto of the neighbors' lawns.
Hours later, Atticus awoke to cool air. He had a cool wet cloth on his forehead. The boy silently looked around the room. Japanese and European elegance surrounded him. Atticus was lying in a bed of white light cotton. He had on a thin white nightshirt. The dirt on his skin had been washed off completely. The scent of perfume tickled Atticus' nose. The boy was in awe. Was he dreaming? He blinked hard. The image remained. This was real! But where was he?
Suddenly, Atticus heard footsteps. He lied still in order not to rouse suspicion. Who was coming? The door quietly opened. Atticus peeked from under the streets. A woman stepped into the room. She looked pretty young as if in her early twenties. She had radiant blonde hair to her shoulders and fair skin. Her simple light blue dress completed her well. The woman looked like a simple angel. The woman silently looked around. When she saw Atticus, she smiled.
“Oh good,” she said, relieved. “You're alive.” Atticus was confused. Alive? Did he almost die?
“What do you mean?” he asked. The woman stepped closer.
“I found you passed out on my lawn when I came out from garden in the back,” she explained. “I was so scared for you. I rushed over to you and took you inside. I had to drag you, but here are. I bathed you, washed your clothes, and placed you in this bed.” Atticus began to sit up, but the woman pushed him down.
“Don't move,” she said. “You're still recovering.” Atticus complied, blinking.
“Thanks,” he mumbled.
“You're welcome,” she said.
“I don't know how to repay you, miss…” Atticus said. The woman put her fingers to his lips.
“Kelly,” she said. “You just rest now.” Then Atticus' stomach growled again. He eyed Kelly.
“I'll get you something to eat as well,” she said. She went to the kitchen. Atticus stared at the ceiling. Kelly seemed like a nice lady. She also seemed new. This was the first time he saw her. Well, whoever she was, Atticus liked her all ready.