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Part II: End of Innocence

Chapter One: Brave New World:

The years went by. Atticus began his first year of high school today. It had been years since he felt included. He grew into an awkward sixteen-year-old boy. Atticus kept mostly to himself. He hadn't expected high school to be any different.

“Have good day!” his grandmother said.

“I'm leaving now,” the boy said. Atticus bowed and headed out. He didn't pay attention to the cherry blossoms around him. The walk to school didn't offer much. Atticus tuned out the traffic beside him. Nothing really changes. He shoved his hands into his pockets. How long had it been? Kelly got married and went to back to America. His mom never contacted him since he went to live with his grandmother. The boy had gotten used to the latter. She never paid attention to him when he was a child. But, he didn't have that much of a lonely existence. Most of his teachers were nice. High school was usually different.

Atticus looked up at the old building. Vines covered the three-story school. The students walked up to the doors. Looking at the vines felt numbing. But then, something caught Atticus' attention out of the corner of his eye. Light blue and indigo danced in the sunlight. The dazzling colors turned his head.

A girl about his age walked among the crowd. Her eyes stayed lowered. Despite her humble demeanor, a soft light seemed to glow around her. Atticus stared at this girl. His heart raced in his chest.

“Aoi… chan?” the boy asked. The girl walked by him. To him, it felt like time had stopped. How long had it been since he last saw her? Atticus reached out to touch her shoulder.

The bell rang.

He cursed himself and ran to catch up with the other students.


The students met in the gym. Atticus looked through the crowd. Was that really her? For years, he had wished to see Aoi again. The boy about gave up hope last year. But now, maybe. Just maybe…

He thought about what he would say to her. So many questions too. Was she happy with her life? Had she made new friends? Atticus dreamt of seeing her face one more time.

Just before the speech was over, the boy caught another look. His old friend stood inches away. Atticus drew in a breath and pushed his way through the crowd leaving the gym. He reached out to the girl turning to leave. He couldn't let her go again. He couldn't lose her again.

“Aoi-chan!” Atticus shouted. The girl froze and turned around He stood in front of her, panting. Her eyes lit up.

“Atticus-kun?” the girl asked. She covered her mouth and gasped.

“It is you!” Aoi said. She ran forward and embraced her old friend.

“I will never let you go again,” Atticus whispered aloud. The girl's eyes welled up with tears.

“I missed you so much,” Aoi said. Time seemed to stop around them as they stayed in their longing embrace.