Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Common ❯ Part III: Call to Innocence: Chapter Seven: Cut the Thread ( Chapter 33 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter Seven: Cut the Thread:

Aoi paced around outside of the house. She bit on her thumb. Ever since she was taken from that house when she was a child, Aoi struggled to bury the past. She had almost succeeded too. But then, her father had to die and open old wounds. The tears changed into a quiet rage. He terrorized her and her sisters for years. She thought that misery was all there was. But when Atticus came along, he showed her there was hope after all. He and Allison gave her hope. Without then, she could've been broken beyond repair or worse. Her grandma gave her some stability.

But, her sisters weren't as lucky. Maya had it the worst. She ended up stuck with him until he became too much for her to take care of. Their father's death ripped opened the old wound they tried to recover from.

“Mama?” she heard behind her. Aoi turned her head. Norio stood in the doorway. His little face calmed her down.

“Yes, dear?” Aoi asked.

“What's wrong?” the little boy asked. His mother tried to smile as she shook her head.

“Nothing, honey,” she said. “Nothing. Mama's just upset.”

“Why are you upset?” Norio asked. She walked over and hugged her son.

“It's just so much,” Aoi said. “Your grandfather was a bad man. He hurt me. He hurt all of us.”

“Why did he do that?” the little boy asked.

“He was a very, very bad man,” Aoi said. “So mean and hurtful.” She felt herself ready to cry again. The woman let go of her son.

“I'm just tired,” she said. “Mama's going to take a little nap.” Aoi walked into the house. Norio watched as she so. Not much happened for the rest of that evening. Aoi kept herself locked in the guest room. Atticus tended to the children.

“Will Mama be okay?” Sanjiro asked.

“I hope so,” Atticus said. “I hope so.”

“Just leave her alone,” Maya said. “Your mama is just upset right now.”

“Yes,” Atticus said. Sanjiro looked so disappointed. His father patted him on the head.

“She'll be better tomorrow,” he whispered. “Just let her be.” Sanjiro lowered his head.

“Okay,” the boy whispered.

“Thank you,” Atticus said. Atticus and the children slept in Maya's room. Maya slept in the living room.


The next morning, the funeral was held at the local funeral home in the next town. Only Aoi, Maya, Atticus, and the children were present. A priest performed the rituals. Neither sister had anything nice to say about their father. The funeral didn't last long. The family watched the brown casket lowered into the crematory oven.

“Bye, bastard,” Maya muttered under her breath. Aoi stood motionless. Something inside of her turned light and lifted away. Atticus put his hand on her shoulder. She looked over at him but said nothing. Not a single word was spoke as the flames consumed the casket.

None of the family said a word outside of the funeral home. No one spoke until they got into the car.

“Are you staying with me again tonight?” Maya asked. Atticus was about to speak.

“No,” Aoi spoke up. All eyes fell on her. She lifted her head.

“I want to go home,” she said. Atticus held her hand.

“Okay,” he said.

“I understand,” Maya said. She drove back to her house.


Atticus and his family headed back to Tokyo on a Tuesday.

“Take care,” Maya said.

“We will,” Atticus said.

“Goodbye,” Aoi said.

“Goodbye,” her sister said. The adults bowed. One the train ride home, Aoi and Atticus held hands.

“Better?” Atticus asked.

“Yes,” Aoi said. “Much better.” She could finally breathe again.