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Kasumi lowered her shoulders.
"There was somebody," she said. "A boy."
Haruko looked at her with interest in her eyes. "A boy? What was he like?"
Kasumi felt herself blush. "Oh. It's a long story."
"Tell me, please?"
Kasumi gave her a little smile. "Well, okay," she said. The older woman pulled herself together.
"Years ago, my parents died when I was seven," she began. "So, I was sent to live with my uncle. Those days were rather easy for me. I did most of the 'women's work' as my uncle called it. I didn't mind it. At least I had food and a roof over my head. Then days after my fourteenth birthday, everything changed.
"My uncle taught a dojo next to the house. When I was fourteen, a new student joined his class. The student was a charming young boy. Ryuji-kun kind of reminds of him at times."
"Oh really?" Haruko asked in suspicion. Kasumi nodded.
"But don't worry," she said. "I won't do anything to him. I promise."
"You better not!" Haruko barked.
"I won't," Kasumi insisted. Ryuji's older sister calmed down some.
"Anyway," she said. "What about this guy you loved?" Kasumi's emotions stirred up again in her heart.
"Oh yes," she said. "I fell for that beautiful boy before I knew it. He taught me how to fight."
"But, you had your uncle for that," Haruko cut in. Kasumi shook her head.
"It didn't work that way," she said.
"What do you mean?" Haruko asked.
"My uncle believed that women should stay in the house and raise the kids."
"That's some bullshit!"
"That's how he grew up and he tried to pass it onto me."
"So what happened to this boy that you were in love with?"
Kasumi's heart ached at that question. "He turned bad and left the dojo. I walked away afterwards because I couldn't stay there anymore."
"Why not?"
Kasumi swallowed a little bit. "That beautiful boy killed my uncle."
Haruko lowered her eyes. "Oh. I'm so sorry." Unbeknownst to them, Ryuji laid awake listening to the whole thing. Kasumi's words made his heart ache in sympathy and love for her. From there, he wanted to get to know this mysterious older beauty even more.
By morning, they all headed out on their mission to find the Cove.
Chapter Thirteen: Kasumi's First Love