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Kameko remembered what it was like to be normal. Or maybe that was a lie. She happened to be the one to carry the burden this time. Hisako didn't get to argue. She wasn't able to do so anyway. The girl was chosen when she was born. Her grandfather was the one who chose her. Why didn't her parents stop this? Well... It's a bit more complicated than that.
"You're not making any sense," Haruko said.
"Do you know what a house of souls is?" Hisako asked. The older girl shook her head. Kameko lifted her chin as she trembled.
"In every generation of my clan, a baby is picked to carry the souls of the dead in their bodies," she said. Haruko pursed her lips and wrinkled her nose.
"Why do you do that?" she asked. Kameko shivered as she grabbed her left arm.
"I don't know," the younger girl said. "I don't think they know either. There's no way to stop it either." Haruko folded her arms across her chest.
"And you are looking for the Cove to find the answer?" she asked. Kameko lowered her head.
"Yes," she mumbled. Her fingers drummed along her skin.
"Are you okay right now?" Haruko asked. Kameko shook her head. The girl could hear the voices again.
"Please... Just stop," she whimpered.
"Excuse me?" Haruko asked.
"Please... just go," Kameko pleaded, lifting her head. The older girl didn't know what she should do. She reached out towards her.
"Don't!" the girl yelled. "Please!" Haruko lowered her hand.
"Everything okay over there?" Ryuji asked.
"Uh... yeah, yeah, yeah," she said. "We'll be there in a moment. Don't worry about us."
"Okay," her brother said. Haruko turned back to Kameko. By now, the girl was grabbing onto her arms, trembling. She looked like she was about to throw up.
"I'm here for you," Haruko said. "I will help you through the pain." The younger girl looked up at her. Haruko held out her hand. Kameko shrank back.
"Don't!" she screamed. The older girl touched her on the shoulder. Hisako jerked her head upwards. The older girl took her by the face.
"I am here for you!" she shouted. "You aren't alone anymore. Let us help you!" Kameko stared at her with wide eyes. She wasn't afraid of her? Who was this girl? The pain and the shock wouldn't let her speak. Suddenly, everything stopped. Hisako slumped in Haruko's grasp. She started breathing heavily.
"Are you okay now?" Haruko asked. The younger girl nodded. Haruko pulled her into her arms for a hug.
"We're going to stay like this for a while, okay?" she asked. Kameko looked up at her but said nothing. By now, she was too tired to feel anything. Kameko slowly drew her eyes closed against Haruko's chest as they sat on her stone-covered moss.
Chapter Sixty-Seven: House of Souls Origin: