Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Good-bye U.S.A, Hello England ❯ New Pub Girl ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter six: New Pub Girl:
While 2-D was finding happiness in Reese, Murdoc was getting pretty suspicious. He'd listen in on 2-D and Reese's phone calls and look through 2-D's e-mails. But Noizchild would always catch him ease dropping.
One day, getting tired of always catching him, Noizchild came over to Murdoc in his Winnebago and asked: "Why do you keep spying on 2-D?" He looked up at her and said: "Because cupid, I don't trust him!" "Since when?" Noiz thought. Then a notion hit her! "Are you jealous of 2-D?" Noizchild asked. "Me?!? Jealous of that dullard?!?" a red-faced Murdoc yelled. "I only spoke in English. It's obvious you're jealous of him." Noizchild said serenely. "Grrr…. Damn you cupid! You're as worthless as your crappy advice!" Murdoc yelled. Then he picked up an empty vodka bottle, chucked it at Noiz, and stormed out of the Winnebago. She was lucky to duck!
Murds went to one of his favorite pubs. Le Rouge was what it called. Attractive women ran the pub. "So what can I get ya today?" a female voice asked him. Murdy looked up and saw Krissy, the pub's owner.
Krissy took over her husband's pub when he died five years ago. She made a few changes to the place. Loyal fans who doubted her in the beginning were amazed that she came through.
"Just the usual, Kris." Murdoc answered. "All righty. I'll send one of my girls!" she replied. Then she turned and walked to get a lady tender.
Wondering whom the lovely was going to serve him next, Murdoc looked at the lady tenders. They were beautiful girls. Then Murdoc noticed something different.
She was tall, lovely, and had curves in the right places. She was new. And she turned Murds in. He couldn't help staring at her schoolgirl type pub uniform. (Kris' personal design.) Murdoc saw her coming over towards him. So he decided to put on a flirt show for her.
When the girl came by with his drink, Murdoc quickly grabbed her by the hand. The girl was caught by surprise. Murdoc grinned. Then he began rubbing her hand. The girl was blushing. "Soon, this lovely will be mine!" Murds thought. Embarrassed, the girl quickly slapped him! Everyone in the pub looked up. Murds let go of the girl's hand. Krissy came over to them and pulled the girl aside.
A few minutes later, Krissy came back to Murdoc. He looked up at her. "I'm sorry about that! She's new here. But don't worry. It won't happen again." she explained. "Aw, blimey." Murdoc replied in pain as he touched his cheek. "Playing hard to get, eh? This should be interesting!" he thought.
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