Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ He Loves Me Not ❯ Sakura Meets Yusuke ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Sakura sighed as he ran his fingers through his shabby black hair and stared up at the clock. He was waiting impatiently for the bell to ring so he could go to lunch. He'd turned in his test almost half an hour ago and there were few others who had finished yet. One boy was even sleeping, a puddle of drool forming on his unmarked paper. Of course Yusuke never finished any of his work. Sakura wasn't sure why he never tried to do anything but his first guess would be laziness.
Yusuke Takahashi was known by most people in the school, especially the boys. He was the guy you didn't want to hang out with. The gay guy. He was quite open about his sexual preference much to the grief of the boys attending Shin Memorial High. His only friends were girls but he didn't seem to care. About anything in fact. Especially not his school work. He was actually a year older than most of the kids in their year, having been held back once. Sakura was surprised it had only been once. Being older he was quite tall. Taller than him anyways. He had to be about six feet or so, making Sakura look puny at 5' 6". He kept his spiky black hair slicked back and it was tinged with blonde which most girls found cool.
Sakura jerked slightly as Yusuke opened his eyes and sat up, taking notice of his stare. He blushed and looked away quickly when he smiled at him. He hadn't realized he'd been staring and he was sure that Yusuke would take it the wrong way. He risked a glance back in his direction after a few minutes to see if he was still staring back at him but he had already gone back to sleep. He sighed in relief when the bell rang and grabbed his bag, leaving before Yusuke even had the chance to sit up.
He took his lunch outside for the day, wanting to enjoy the good weather but couldn't seem to find any picnic tables that weren't completely occupied. He didn't want to sit on the ground either because there were lots of ants this time of year. He surveyed a few tables and finally found one with an opening as he turned to check behind him. There were already three people sitting there. One girl had her back to him and the other was taking things from a boy's box. Yusuke smiled at her as she made a comment on his microwavable food and Sakura looked down at the ground, considering joining the ants.
He decided it wouldn't kill him to sit with Yusuke as long as there were girls sitting there too. He didn't want people to start thinking he was going out with him after all. He already had very few acquantences as it was. If he was seen alone with Yusuke for more than a few moments he'd never have any friends. He approached the bench hesitantly and stopped beside it, fidgeting. Yusuke looked up and grinned at him, looking him up and down once.
"...Can I sit here." he muttered, blushing.
"Oh, I see you have company Yusuke." the second girl said slyly. "We'll go."
They giggled as they left, taking most of Yusuke's food with them and Sakura sighed as he sat down across from him. Yusuke smiled at him again and his eyes grew seductive as he put his chin on his hands. Sakura's blush intensified and he avoided looking at him as he started in on his bento.
"So which of them did you have a crush on. I could hook you up."
"Crush?!" Sakura exclaimed, spitting rice everywhere. "I don't-! I just...needed somewhere to sit."
He stared at his food as he finished quietly. He probably should have pretended to like one of them but he'd already said it now. Yusuke gave him a small laugh and put a hand out at him. Sakura looked up instantly and wasn't sure how to avoid the coming contact without drawing any attention to them. Before he could decide on an action of evasion Yusuke's hand was under his chin, pulling him foreward, almost off his seat. He blushed immensely as he stared into his eyes. He turned his head from side to side as he admired his face with a rather frightening grin. Finally he let him go and he sank back, hoping no one had been watching.
"What was that about?" he muttered, addressing his rice.
"You're completely adorable."
"Shut up."
"I've never had a guy sit with me before."
"It feels nice."
"Well....there's nowhere else to sit."
"You could have squeezed in with someone."
"So? It's not like it's the worst thing in the world. To sit with you." he whispered, seriously.
"So, I take it you're not quite as homophobic as the rest of the male student body then."
Sakura poked at his meat with his chopsticks and didn't answer for a minute. He wasn't sure where Yusuke was going with this but he didn't see any harm in telling the truth. He doubted he'd go for him anyways considering he wasn't really attractive or desirable company in any way.
"I don't...really care. It's your life. Do whatever you want. I just don't want people thinking I'm gay too. Cause I'm not."
He looked up at Yusuke to see how he'd react to this. He wasn't sure if he should have uttered that last comment. It might have offended him or something. But Yusuke only grinned wider and leaned foreward so that his face was close to his once again.
"That's the nicest thing any straight guy's ever said to me."
"...Mm." Sakura muttered, looking down. "It's just the truth."
He blushed even more and dropped his chopsticks as Yusuke's hand went over the one he had been resting on the table. He looked a little shocked but he didn't seem prepared to pull him out of his seat and into a kiss or anything. He just ran his thumb over the top of his fingers a few times.
"Your name's Sakura, right?" he asked softly.
"Ah! Yeah. Sakura Ito." he mumbled, shivering at the hot breath on his cheek.
Yusuke grinned and sat back a little to make him more comfortable but he never took his hand back, wrapping his fingers around Sakura's gently instead. He raised it to his face and Sakura grimaced as he rubbed his cheek against it. His skin was pretty smooth but Sakura felt like he would catch on fire he was blushing so deeply.
"Sakura." he whispered, staring into his eyes.
"Will you be my friend?"
"I guess." he muttered, looking away. "But....could you not do that."
"Hm?" he asked, pulling his hand away and looking down at it like he hadn't even realized he'd been holding it. "Oh! Ha! Sorry. Force of habit. Really."
Sakura pulled his hand back as soon as he released it and let the color leave his cheeks. He found himself wondering if Yusuke just put himself in automatic seduction mode when he was around guys. He wasn't sure what to do next. He'd just befriended Yusuke Takahashi and that definently wasn't going to make him seem too straight anymore. Just associating with him would probably send all other guys running away from him in gym. He sighed. Not that he really liked the few "friends" he had anyways.
"What was that sigh for?"
"Hm? Oh." he said, poking at his food some more. "Just thinking."
"You don't have to be my friend if you don't want to. I know it'll make everyone else stop hanging out with you."
"No. It's fine. I just realized I don't really have any friends at all."
"Is that what the sigh was about then?" he asked smiling.
"Sorry. But atleast you know you're not losing anything by hanging out with me."
"Cept maybe girlfriends."
"You kidding?" Yusuke replied. "I know just about all the girls in school. All the unshallow, non-preppy ones anyways. And some of those too I guess. If you want to go out with someone I could try to hook you up with them."
"Well, I guess I'm gaining something by being your friend then." he laughed.
"Yep. You'll have to beat em off with a stick with a face like that." he said pointing.
"And...I get a real friend now." he added, almost hopefully. "Right?"
"Sure do." he whispered, grinning. "And more if you want."
"Geh!" he exclaimed, looking away. "No, thank you."
Yusuke just laughed at his expression and poked a fork into the meat he'd been abusing the whole time. Sakura jerked his lunch back as he helped himself and hovered over it defensively.
"Don't just take people's food from their plate. That's rude."
"Gomen." he said with a bit of laughter in his voice.
"Shouldn't've let those girls take all your's."
"But my lunch sucks." he explained, trying to put his fork back in Sakura's food but failing.
"Too bad." he muttered, scarfing on his to keep Yusuke from getting it.
Yusuke laughed loudly as rice flew from his face and he stopped, blushing lightly. He looked resentful as he wiped bits from his mouth and muttered that it was his fault for trying to steal his lunch.
"Alright. I'll leave it alone. Don't choke yourself."
"...I'm full now." he admited begrudgingly. "Take it."
Yusuke wasn't the least bit hesitant about doing so and he ate pretty fast himself though with a little less food flying everywhere. Sakura shook his head slightly as he finished and handed it back with a grin.
"That was good. Your Kaasan's a great cook."
"I...made that." he muttered.
"Oh. Does your Kaasan not live with you or something?"
"She's just really busy all the time." Sakura lied. "She doesn't have time to make me lunch. What about you?"
"What do you mean?"
"Your lunch was all microwavable. Doesn't your Okaasan cook?"
"She's in America. She and Tousan work over there. I had an older brother that could have looked after me but he moved to China just before they left so I live by myself."
"When did they leave?" Sakura asked curiously.
"Four years ago."
"Four years?! Don't you miss them or something?"
"Sure, sometimes. But I like living on my own." he said with an evil looking grin. "I get to bring home as many guys as I like without any questions."
"....You didn't need to tell me that." Sakura grumbled.
"Oh well. I've already said it now." he laughed. "Can't take it back."
Sakura just grunted and stared down at the ground, watching a line of ants just beside his foot. He kinda wished he could trade places with Yusuke now. He'd have replaced the men with women of course but that was how he wanted to live. Free to do what he wanted without the bother of his parents. He was surprised to find the warmth of Yusuke's hand again. This time he had put it to his forehead and brushed his shaggy bangs out of the way so he could try to see his face.
"What's up?"
"Betsuni." he whispered avoiding eye contact. "Just thinking."
"You sure do think alot." he sighed.
"Nothing wrong with that." he said, poking his lip out. "If you thought more you might not be failing."
"How do you know I'm failing?" he asked, hand sliding down to his cheek. "You been paying that much attention to me Sakura-kun?"
"No." he muttered, brushing his hand away. "You just don't ever turn in your work. You can't pass if you don't do the work."
"Then you should come over and tutor me since you're so smart."
"Huh?" he asked, dumbly.
Yusuke laughed at the look on his face. He looked like he hadn't understood a word he'd said and it made his already adorable face all the cuter. Sakura blushed at the admiring look he was giving him and looked away as he spoke again.
"Tutor me. We can do our homework together and you can show me what I've missed so far."
"You mean....over at your house?"
"Or your's. Either's fine."
"Not mine." he whispered, looking away. "I'm not allowed to bring people over."
"Oh. Well even better then. Can you come over today?"
"I dunno."
"I promise I won't rape you." he assured him with an amused smirk. "I'm more than covered in that department."
Sakura blushed deeply but agreed anyways. This seemed to make Yusuke pretty happy and he kept accidently brushing his fingers over his hand through the rest of lunch. He even noticed him staring during their last class but decided it was nothing. From the way he talked about it Sakura could safely deduce that Yusuke slept around alot though where he found all the guys he wasn't sure. He would probably move on when he realized he wasn't going to get into his pants which he hoped he didn't try at all.
When the end of class came Sakura shoved all his books back into his bag and started dreading his usual long, exhausting walk. Maybe if he was lucky Yusuke didn't live too far from the school or too far from his own house. He slung his bag over his shoulder and stood once all the other students were out of the room. Yusuke grabbed his shoulder and smiled at him.
"...Sure." he said, following him down the hall. "How far away do you live anyways?"
"Not far I guess. I think I live near you. I've seen you walking by my house before anyways."
"Really?" he asked, heading for the road.
"This way." Yusuke said, grabbing his hand suddenly and pointing towards the parking lot. "I got a car."
"Oh." he whispered blushing.
Yusuke noticed and pulled his hand away quickly with an apologetic grin. Sakura just followed him silently and started wondering which one was Sakura's. There were teacher's getting into dinky, run down vehicles and kids getting into their used cars but Yusuke stopped next to the car he had been sure was the principal's. He gaped at Yusuke as he unlocked the passenger side door and opened it for him.
"This is .... a Mercedes."
"Yep." he stated, heading around to the other side. "Get in."
Sakura got in carefully, as though he thought he would break it and closed the door as gently as he could. He stared at the interior in awe and Yusuke grinned at his amazement. He didn't say anything however and turned the radio on instead. Sakura snapped out of his trance when they started to pull out of the parking lot.
"Are you sure this is your's?" he asked. "I mean...is it your Otousan's or ..... ?"
"Nope. Mine. Mama got it for me last year for my brithday. Technically she told me to get it for myself." he corrected with a laugh. "Tousan wanted to get me a boat but the nearest body of water I ever go to is my pool so that would've been a waste of money."
"You have a pool?"
"Yeah. Wanna go swimming?"
"Ah! No. That's fine." Sakura exclaimed, blushing. "We're supposed to study right?"
"Not the whole time. My brain might explode." he replied with a laugh. "Besides it's not like I'm gonna try to look at you or anything."
"I didn't mean..."
"Well, why else would you blush so deeply?" he asked with a smile.
"I dunno how to swim." he whispered, blush still adorning his cheeks.
"That's no problem. I can teach ya."
"No. That's okay." he repeated as they pulled into a garage. "I came to help you get caught up."
He got out and Sakura followed. He'd hardly even noticed they'd stopped. There were several other cars parked to the right of him and he could make out the front wheel of a motorcycle peeking around one of them. However he didn't have time to see what kind they were because Yusuke was already out in the driveway. He ran after him and looked up at the house as he closed the garage door. It had to be a two story with an attic, possibly a basement. It was so huge that Sakura had to step back to try to take it all in. Yusuke's laugh made him look down and he blushed lightly.
"That's alright. Come on. The inside's even more amazing." he said with a wink.
Sakura blushed deeper and followed him with a look of resentment. This guy was obviously loaded and he could see why he wasn't worried about his school work. He must've been expecting to live off his parents until they died and he got all their money anyways. Either way he must have been confident that he'd never have to work a day in his life otherwise he wouldn't be so careless about everything. He followed him into the house and looked around him in another state of awe. It was a little messy but everything still looked so nice. The couch was leather and the TV was as big as the wall. The kitchen seemed to connect to the living room, seperated only by a counter and he could see the dining room through a door on the opposite side of the wall. Near the TV and beside the kitchen was a set of stairs that must've lead up to the second story.
He looked over as Yusuke flopped down on the sofa and sat down beside him, feeling a little uncomfortable in these unfamiliar surroundings. This place was like a castle compared to his two room apartment. He felt kind of small and insignificant sitting there in the middle of all that expensive stuff. Until Yusuke put an arm around him and he nearly jumped out of his skin. Yusuke laughed as he blushed deeeply.
"Just checking to see if you were still with me."
"Couldn't you just poke me or something?" he muttered, feeling too agitated to feel insignificant now.
"That wouldn't have been any fun for me."
"Let's just study. What do you need help with?" he muttered, taking out a few of his books and setting them on the expensive-looking, glass coffee table gently.
"Everything." he responded simply, putting his feet up on the table roughly. "I haven't been paying attention since the beginning of last year so I'm lost."
"Kay." he sighed. "How far are you in history?"
"That's the boring one with all the dates and stuff that happened so long ago nobody cares anymore anyways, right?"
"How did you even make it this far?" he asked, dropping his history book. "By bribing the teachers?"
"Actually....yep. Since about eighth grade."
"Well, you obviously don't care about learning anything." he sighed, putting his books away. "Why don't you just bribe them this year too?"
"But then how would I get you over here every day?" he asked with a grin.
Sakura blushed and looked up at him angrily. He was sitting with his arms behind his head, slouched into the couch in a sinkhole that seemed to have been made for him years ago, grinning cheekily. He looked....kinda cool actually. He was a pretty cool looking guy really. He blushed and looked away. He was a stupid rich kid that didn't work for anything and he certainly looked like it now that he thought about it.
"Who said I'm coming over here everyday?"
"Well, you said you'd be my friend, right? And friend's hang out, don't they?" he asked, sitting up.
He actually looked like he didn't know and he started to ask if he had any friends himself but that was a stupid question. Yusuke had lots of friends at school even if they were girls and he'd even seen him talking to some guys before so he must've had guy friends too. Plus there were the guys he brought home that he'd spoken of so easily. Who knew how many of those there were?
"Not everyday." he muttered, looking away again. "Some friends only hang out in school."
"I don't wanna be that kinda friend." he whispered.
"I'd hate to know what kind you'd wanna be." he mumbled, trying to ignore the way his calm, cool voice was faltering.
"I just wanna hang out with someone." he whispered. "I'm not trying to jump your bones. I thought I told you before. I get enough of that. That's not what I want."
Sakura felt kind of guilty now and a little sympathetic. Maybe Yusuke really did just want some company though he could have a house full of girls or boys at anytime he wanted, really. He was fairly certain of that. Why did he need him? He sighed and ran a hand through his hair.
"Sorry." he muttered, pulling a random book from his bag and flipping through it. "Didn't mean to...hurt your feelings or anything."
"It's okay." he whispered sadly. "I understand. You don't gotta come over or anything, I was just kinda hoping."
"I don't mind." he said, smiling at him softly. "I don't....dislike you or anything."
"Really?" he asked, smiling back.
"Sure. I don't really have a reason to not like you." he said, blushing as he put the book down. "It's not gonna kill me to get to know you or anything."
"You'll come over everyday then?"
"If you promise to keep your hands to yourself and actually study." he said with a stern look.
"Of course. I'll be the best student and non-toucher you've ever met." he grinned.
That made Sakura laugh and Yusuke smiled at the sound, eyes full of happiness as he was handed the history book. Since he hadn't brought his own books home he got to sit close to Sakura the whole time but Sakura didn't seem to mind so much anymore. Not even when he leaned against him. He just kept lecturing him about some king, somewhere in Europe that killed a bunch of people for some reason or another.