Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ He Loves Me Not ❯ Sakura Gets Confused ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
The week had passed quickly and it was already Friday before Sakura knew it. Surprisingly the offer of a maid had worked once again and Yusuke and his mother struck up a deal so that this applied everytime Sakura spent the night. It frightened Sakura somewhat because it was very unlike his mother. He suspected she had some sort of alterior motive but didn't allow himself to dwell on it too much. For now he concentrated on the pair of swimming trunks he'd been handed as he stood in the changing room just to the side of the in-ground pool in Yusuke's backyard. They weren't too short, an average size for a bathing suit, however Sakura had never been one for shorts in general.
He sighed as he stepped out just as Yusuke was pulling his shirt off. He grinned at him and he blushed slightly, looking away. His eyes rested on the water of the deep end and he looked back at Yusuke, suddenly realizing he wasn't all too comfortable with such deep water. He followed Yusuke over to the steps and eased himself in while Yusuke decided to make a quick entrance. He put an arm up as he was splashed with the aftermath of his cannon ball. He sat down on the top step and watched as he swam over to him.
"You ain't takin' your shirt off?" he asked with a sly grin.
"No." he replied with a blush and a miffed look. "Why?"
"I was kinda lookin' foreward to it." he whispered, putting his hands on either side of him and moving up close. "Atleast I get to see your legs though, ne?"
He just continued to blush and turned his head to the side, ignoring the pervert. The worst thing he could do was give him attention although ignoring him didn't always work either. It just seemed to make the teasing more fun for him sometimes. This time however he took the hint and pushed away. As Yusuke swam Sakura moved down a few steps, trying to get used to the water though everytime he glanced out over to the deep end his stomached turned. Yusuke was getting kind of bored so it wasn't too long before he came back and began to complain about swimming alone. He sat beside Sakura on the other side of the handrail and muttered about that being the reason he never swam anymore. He looked over at him a few times and when he looked back quickly gave him a very fake, sad look. It wasn't exactly his smoothest move but Sakura decided to let it work on him and replied,
"I'd swim with you but I don't know how, remember?"
"That's why I want to teach you."
"I don't have any need to know how to swim."
"It'll help if you ever fall overboard out in the middle of the ocean."
"Why would I be on a boat in the middle of the ocean?"
"Cause I'd take you there to have you all to myself." he grinned, putting a hand on his knee.
"I don't want to learn how to swim, thank you." he replied cooly, rolling his eyes and pushing his hand away.
He blushed lightly as he did so, noticing the way it slid across his skin so smoothly in the water. Yusuke grinned and stood from the steps, the water pulling his trunks down ever so slightly as he hurried across the pavement. Sakura stared after him and his curious expression became one of exasperation when he returned with a lounging float. It was the kind with the arm rests and the hole at the bottom. He got back in and plopped it down in front of Sakura. Sakura sighed and tried to figure out a way onto the foreign object. It was a rather percarious undertaking and he was certain he was going to fall several times. He made Yusuke promise he wouldn't let him tip over as he made it into the floating seat. It was much stabler now that he wasn't moving but it still rocked on the waves of Yusuke's movement so he didn't feel too much at ease.
Yusuke surprised him when he ducked under the water suddenly and popped back up through the hole at the bottom of the float. He glared at him as he laughed and kicked off from the steps. He had his shoulders pushed through the hole as well and his arms were wrapped around his feet which made Sakura quite uncomfortable. He didn't say anything as Yusuke chauffered him around the pool trying to make sly attempts at rubbing his legs. Of course these were all "accidents" so he ignored him for the most part and closed his eyes. Whether Yusuke realized it or not this was a sign of his trust in the other boy.
He stared at Sakura's face while he had the chance and sighed softly. His face was so peaceful and smooth when he wasn't giving him exasperated looks as he often did. Droplets of water resting on his pale cheeks glistened in the sunlight and his thin lips were slightly parted as he breathed in and out calmly. He almost wanted to reach up and brush his fingers over his face but it was too far away so he started rubbing his leg again. It was almost a move made purely by instinct because he hadn't even thought about it this time. He just continued to stare at his face which he noticed twitch a little at his touch. However, since he didn't open his eyes or say anything Yusuke didn't stop.
Sakura was getting quite comfortable floating around the pool with a little water splashing onto his arms and the hazy summer heat almost literally sinking into his skin. He was getting so comfortable that he only barely took notice of Yusuke's touch. He thought it was going to be a brief one like the others but Yusuke continued to run his hand up and down his leg softly, his fingers wrapping around the back of his leg for a moment everytime he reached his knee. It didn't exactly feel bad and Sakura struggled not to blush as he pretended not to notice. It was probably the first time he'd let himself realize he found pleasure in any kind of touch that came from Yusuke's hand.
"Sakura." he whispered softly.
"You gonna go to the Kitten with me tomorrow?"
"Mm hmm." he nodded.
"Yeah." he said with a sigh. "Now get your hand off my leg."
"Aaaww. C'mon."
"Certainly, you didn't think I hadn't noticed." he said with a mischieveous grin as he opened his eyes and sat up slightly.
"No." he replied, drawing circles on the float with his finger. "I was sorta hoping you were liking it."
"Dumber than I thought." he stated, laying back down and closing his eyes with a sigh.
Yusuke sighed as well and dropped his head to the float, nearly between Sakura's knees, which might have gotten a negative reaction if he had been looking. That thought made Yusuke grin and he laughed, unable to contain himself. That made Sakura sit up again and question as to what was so very hillarious though he was more tempted to ask why he had his face snuggled up to his right leg. Yusuke just shook his head and he gave him one of his patented "You're so perverted." expressions which let him know he'd figured it out somewhat. The float was starting to stick to his back so he decided to make that his excuse to exit and he disappeared under the water again. Sakura looked around when he did so only to realize he was in the very middle of the deep end. His eyes widened at the sight of the clear blue water. He could see all the way to the bottom of the six and a half foot pool which didn't help matters any.
"Yusuke, pull me back in before I fall off and drown." he demanded as he sat down on the steps.
"Well, if you knew how to swim that wouldn't be a problem would it?"
"I don't wanna know how to swim! Pull me back to the shallow end!"
"I dunno. I'm kinda hungry. Maybe I'll go get something to eat first." he said with a fake look of indecision.
"Fine. I don't need your help." he grumbled, sitting all the way up,and cringing at all the shaking of the float.
Yusuke got to his feet and moved a little closer as he started to paddle back towards him, thinking about how stubborn he was. He didn't know why he wouldn't just let him teach him how to swim. It wasn't like he was asking Sakura to let him teach him sex or anything. He smiled slightly as he paddled in a complete circle and cried out in frustration at the float. That would definently be alot more fun than teaching him to swim though. He was far too adorable for his own good, especially when he was mad. Yusuke was still baffled as to how he didn't have any friends. No one had ever come around at school looking for him even before anyone had noticed he was hanging out with him all the time so it couldn't be entirely his fault, right? He sighed at that thought and decided he'd caused the poor guy enough grief without this. He started towards the float to help him back when a bird dived over Sakura's head suddenly. He gasped and ducked, throwing his arms over his head to protect himself from the viscious hawk - which turned out to be a regular finch later, according to Yusuke. As he did so the float tipped to the right and he screamed as it slipped from under him.
"Oh, shit!" Yusuke exclaimed as he went under.
He dove after him immediately and pushed foreward, opening his eyes to search for Sakura. He was sinking to the bottom pretty fast and he wasn't even kicking or anything. Didn't he even have the sense to kick or claw at the water. Most people did that by instinct alone but Sakura just stared straight up at the surface, arms out-stretched as though reaching for it desperately. He grabbed him under the arms the minute he was within reach and kicked up to the surface where Sakura immediately clung to him. It was difficult making it back to the shallow end with his arms and legs wrapped around him but he decided later that having his body pressed so closely made the whole thing worthwhile. He set him back down at the steps and wiped his wet bangs back so he could see his face, asking if he would be okay. He nodded but didn't seem able to speak, his eyes a little wide as he wiped at his face. Yusuke took his hand and lead him back to the dressing room, apologizing profusely as he changed. He couldn't help but grimace at the sound of his retching, hoping he had hit the toilet instead of the floor. He'd have to order in the maid sooner than usual if that was the case.
"You alright?" he whispered again as he stepped out of the small room.
He was somewhat paler and still wide-eyed as he nodded his head a little. He had never been so frightened in his life but he had never been under water that deep either. The thought of being under that horrible, chlorine filled water made his stomach turn again and he had to resist the urge to throw up once more. He looked up at Yusuke as he moved a little closer and put a hand on his shoulder softly, asking if he was sure. He nodded again but then he slid into Yusuke's arms and clung to him once more. He wrapped his arms around him in return and hugged him close as he buried his face in his chest.
"Thank you, Yusuke."
Yusuke shook his head and pushed him back a little to look down into his eyes with a smile, insisting he didn't have to thank him for something like that. Sakura just sighed shakily and lunged back into his embrace. That short time under the water must have frightened him pretty badly if he wanted to hug him so much. He hadn't been under for more than half a minute at the most though for someone who couldn't swim and had never even been in a pool before it must have felt like forever.
"Sorry." Yusuke apologized again. "I'm really, really sorry. I didn't know you were gonna flip like that."
Sakura just clenched his shirt and closed his eyes without even thinking about how it felt to be in Yusuke's arms which might have been a good thing for them both. He couldn't keep his mind off the water that had entered his nose as he tried to breathe or the feeling of paralysis as he watched the sky grow further and further away. He tightened his hold on Yusuke's shirt and felt like he wanted to pull himself all the way inside the boy to hide from that feeling. He barely even heard Yusuke suggest they go in now that the sun was starting to go down. He wasn't sure how long he had stood there, clinging to him but it must have been for quite awhile because when Yusuke took his hand and lead him away his legs were aching.
Once they were inside Yusuke ordered some pizza and they sat on the couch to watch TV though Sakura certainly didn't look interested. In fact, he still had the exact same expression as before and it worried him a lot. He put his arm around him but he didn't react so Yusuke leaned in and kissed his cheek gently, the first time his lips had ever touched the beautiful boy. It almost made him feel like he was taking advantage of his shocked friend but that wasn't true. He was just so worried that he couldn't say anything. He'd already apologized and asked if he was okay so there really wasn't much else he could say. Since his mind couldn't find another way to express his concerns his body did it for him.
It was quite the overwhelming feeling actually. The concern rose up from his chest like hot magma and he could feel it as it almost physically drew him closer to Sakura. He buried his face in his neck and apologized once more in a soft, low tone he had never used before in all his life. It wasn't the seductive voice he used to lure in virgins and bicurious bishounen though it was the same volume and somewhat of the same tone. It had more of a frightened, gentle sound to it. This was a feeling he'd sincerly never felt until now and until the day he died it would be a feeling he would associate soley with Sakura. It was the feeling of needing to protect something precious and irreplacable. He kept wondering what reason he could have for being so afraid. Even the fact of never having been in a pool before couldn't cause this much shock in a person. He hadn't been under long enough for that. It made Yusuke wonder if he'd almost drowned when he was younger. That would explain his reaction at the first mention of the pool.
"Thank you. For helping me."
Yusuke sat up to see the expression on his face had finally softened and he smiled a shaky smile as he leaned in to kiss his cheek again. Atleast he was alright for now but that was certainly the last time he was going to ask him to swim. He wrapped his arms around his shoulders and even went so far as to kiss his neck a few times before he released him. Sakura blushed a little which showed up brightly against his paled skin and looked away with a slight smile. That smile set off a bottle rocket in Yusuke's heart and he was so overcome by relief that he nearly tackled him, kissing his face and neck as he held him close.
"Alright, pervert." Sakura muttered, pushing at his shoulders. "I'm glad you saved me but don't overdo it."
"I'm really sorry for that Sakura." he whispered, pulling back and running his fingers through his hair softly. "I really, really am."
"It's alright." he murmured, blushing again. "You didn't do it. It was an accident."
"It really scared me when you fell off."
"Scared me too." he joked.
"Mmm. It was really, really scary." he agreed, closing in for another hug.
"Yusuke." he groaned as he squeezed him.
"I don't want anything to happen to you, Sakura." he whispered in that low tone again. "I don't think I could ever be without you."
"Yusuke...." he muttered, blushing profusely. "You don't have to....say stuff like that to me."
"I'm sorry. I know you don't want to hear it but I really feel that way. I've never been so close to anyone outside my family before."
"Me either." Sakura agreed quietly as he let his arms come up around his back to grab his shoulders. "I'm not going to go anywhere or anything, alright? You're my best friend so I can't...be without you either."
Sakura whispered these words with such sincerity that Yusuke didn't even think about blaming them on sympathy or shock. He smiled into his shoulder softly and enjoyed his overly affectionate embrace for the second time though this one wasn't as frantic and needy as the last. Yusuke felt like he could die and go to heaven right now if he could only do so in such a man's arms. He was so filled with emotions at that moment that he almost confessed his feelings to Sakura right then and there. That is, if his last comment hadn't been enough to let him know. However the doorbell rang and he pulled away with a blush, clearing his throat.
"Door." he stated, looking away.
"Mmm..." he replied, cupping his face gently. "Pizza man. He can wait a minute."
"God, you're so beautiful." he whispered, eyes shining with tears. "I don't think I ever want you to go home."
"Alright, stop." he frowned, pushing his hands away as the moment shattered. "Get the door."
He sighed sadly as he stood to get their supper, greeting the pizza girl glumly. She looked around him at Sakura and refused to take his tip with an encouraging pat on the shoulder. He sighed even more as he returned. Now he was getting sympathy from pizza delivery girls who were only guessing at the situation. The atmosphere was a little distant while they ate and neither spoke though it was obvious they weren't really paying attention to the show. Once they were done and Yusuke had returned from putting the remaining pizza in the fridge things began to return to normal. Sakura let Yusuke lay his head on his shoulder while they continued to watch TV and didn't object to any of his light touches to the leg and arm nearest him.
Since they were both planning to take their showers before they left for the Kitten they went to bed as soon as Sakura started yawning and nodding off though he insisted he wasn't sleepy. He followed him all the way back to his brother's old room and stood at the darkened doorway as he approached the bed. He stopped and stared at it uncertainly for awhile so Yusuke walked in and hugged him from behind gently.
"Wanna sleep with me again? I won't mind."
"Course you won't." he muttered. "I was just unfamiliar with the room so...I gotta stay in it for awhile or I'll be sleeping with you forever."
"I wouldn't mind that." he whispered in what he had begun to think of as his 'Sakura Voice'.
Sakura nearly jumped out of his arms as he niibbled on his ear and pulled him even closer to his chest. He turned around in his arms and pushed at his shoulders again, looking somewhat angry at the advance. Clearly, Yusuke was taking his words and embraces far more seriously than he should have. Just because, in a state of shock over a lifelong fear, he had hugged him and let him kiss his cheek didn't mean he could take all liberties. He sighed as Sakura pushed him away and looked down at the ground, somewhat dissapointed that things were back to normal now.
"....I'm alright in here." he replied stiffly as he climbed into bed.
"Kay. Night."
"Night." he grumbled, turning his back to him and shifting under the covers.
He waited until he had closed the door behind him to turn back over though he didn't stay that way for long and ended up going from his stomach to his back and then to his side again. He closed his eyes and tried to go to sleep but he suddenly felt like he was underwater again. The darkness closed in on him and he couldn't stop the feeling that he was being suffocated by it. He sat up and hugged his knees up to his chest, completely annoyed with his own fears. He wanted to get up and go to Yusuke's room but he wouldn't let himself. He didn't need to rely on him like that or he'd start getting the wrong idea. He may have already gotten the wrong idea. He shook his head and flopped back into the sheets with a deep sigh. He put the pillow over his head and let an old song run through his mind. This would keep him distracted so he wouldn't think about all the things that could be looming in the darkness, ready to strike. It was a pretty successful technique and he was asleep before he knew it.

"Sakura..." a sweet voice whispered. "It's bed time, come on."
He looked up into a darkned face as the woman leaned over him. He couldn't make out any details by the dim light of the setting sun but she was in blue. A dress or maybe a skirt, he couldn't tell. But those bright green eyes shone in the light of the dusk and a soft smile was covering her face as she kneeled beside him.
"Aunt Amelia, my leg hurts."
"I know. It'll be better soon. I'll carry you."
Sakura felt himself lifted from the ground and cradled in a pair of warm arms as he was carried across the largest field he'd ever seen in his life. They were heading towards a small rather rickety looking house and as they walked she began to sing that sad tune she always sang. Her favortie song. His favorite song. The words that seemed to spew happiness and sadness at the same time just like life itself.
"It goes like this, the fourth, the fifth, the minor fall, the major lift, the baffled king composing Hallelujah. Halleluuujaaah!"
"Haliluya." he whispered after her, smiling as he rested his tired head against her shoulder.

When he woke it was in a sad, bitter mood that he couldn't identify. He was feeling sick to his stomach again and thought he might throw up. It must have been a reaction to the memory of the event yesterday. Perhaps he'd had a dream about it last night. He ignored it the best he could though his attitude towards Yusuke was a little less tolerate. The day was mostly spent pushing him away. It was obvious that he didn't want to give up the affection he'd recieved the day before so easily. Sakura took it quite well in Yusuke's eyes but he did seem to be getting annoyed so in an attempt to ensure a peaceful double date for the night he left Sakura alone for awhile. In order to give him enough space he made an excuse to clean some of the extra rooms though Sakura attempted to help. Yusuke insisted that he stay downstairs and watch TV though so he did for awhile.
Unfortunately he started feeling guilty for pushing him away so much for something that really wasn't his fault. After all Sakura should have known not to give him any kind of false hope even if he had been a little out of it yesterday. He didn't like the thought of him all alone upstairs, cleaning empty rooms and cursing his name. He sighed and turned the TV off as he headed for the stairs. It wasn't his first time upstairs in Yusuke's house but he had never actually gone into any of the rooms. He had only seen the inside of one and it had been so full of old junk he could barely see the room itself at all. As he climbed the steps he heard the sound of piano music and the tune seemed familiar to him somehow. He had no idea Yusuke liked that kind of music. His thoughts were stopped quite short when he realized the voice he heard singing was Yusuke's and the music was not coming from a radio.
He approached the door it was coming from and hesitantly pushed it to. Yusuke was sitting on a piano bench with his back to him, playing a rather sad tune and singing a rather sad song in english. He could recognize several words and "Hallelujah" was crooned out many times. He didn't know that Yusuke knew any hymns or anything about his religion at all. He'd never asked about it but he was pretty certain he wasn't Christian. He took a few steps foreward unaware that he was moving from carpet to a hardwood floor. The sound of his footsteps made Yusuke stop and turn. He blushed as he smiled at him and turned back around to continue. He walked over slowly and sat down on the bench beside him, watching his fingers play over the pristine keys of the grand piano.
If he had looked around he would have noticed that the room was full of musical instruments. It was a place where Yusuke and his brother had spent alot of their childhood hours, learning to use each one expertly. His father's passion had been music and he wanted to pass it down to his children, hoping that perhaps one of them might make something more of his talents. Yusuke had always been best at the piano and hadn't played the others in so many years he doubted he still could. He would be somewhat afraid to try the violin again and he hadn't even played the piano in probably over a year.
"I didn't know you played the piano." Sakura said suddenly.
"Papa taught me."
"I learned at church."
"Wanna play?"
"No. I like listening to you sing."
Yusuke blushed and his fingers almost faltered when Sakura looped his arms around his own and leaned his head against his shoulder softly. He smiled as the shock faded away and continued to sing the song Sakura presumed was a hymn. His voice was somewhat more joyful than before and Sakura smiled happily. He slipped under his arm and cuddled up to his side like a child with a sigh of centent. He knew this song. This was the song his aunt used to sing to him at night when she lived with them. He hadn't heard this song with his ears in so many years and it made him remember her as if she had just been holding him yesterday. It brought tears to his eyes which he hid from Yusuke by burying his face in his chest.
His erractic behavior was starting to worry Yusuke even though it was getting him more affection than normal. He was clinging to him one minute then pushing him away the next. He could still be in shock but he doubted that since he wasn't wide-eyed and pale anymore, at least no paler than he normally was. Maybe his mind was still filled with memories of something awful that had happened before. He wanted to ask him but he didn't want to make him feel awkward and, though it made him feel guilty, he didn't want to make him pull away again. He wanted him to stay close to him just like this for as long as possible regardless of the reasons. He just wanted his arms around him this way forever. So he continued to play and sing. He was coming to the end of the song but when it ended he felt Sakura stir and started it over again. He couldn't think of anything else to play at the moment and Sakura seemed to be enjoying this one.
Sakura stayed by his side as he played through the song several times. He didn't know why he kept singing that one but he almost felt like he never wanted him to stop. He wanted to ask him the name of the song, who sung it or if he had it somewhere but he couldn't seem to bring himself to speak. It was almost like the familiar but foreign words had him under a spell so that all he could do was cling to his friend with teary eyes blurring his fingers and the keys together into one. Before he knew it he was crying and it didn't take Yusuke long to realize it.
"Sakura, you alright?" he whispered, pushing him back so he could wipe a few tears from his cheek. "What's wrong?"
He shook his head and attempted to return to his arms but Yusuke put a hand on his shoulder with a sad look. He couldn't let himself be tempted by selfishness again. Something was definently wrong with him and he had to find out what it was so he could help. If he could help. He wasn't sure what he'd do if he couldn't but he had to know what it was at least. He didn't want Sakura feeling alone in the world like he had at times.
"It's nothing." he sighed shakily. "That song just makes me sad."
"I'm sorry. I didn't know. I thought you liked it."
"My aunt..." he began, shaking his head. "She used to sing it to me every night before I went to bed."
"Do you miss her or something? She's not dead is she?"
He nodded his head and looked away as a fresh trail of tears made it's way down his face. Yusuke didn't stop him when he leaned back into his arms and he held him close again. He wondered if she had died recently or if the song had only made him remember the pain of such a loss. Either way he felt like it was his fault so he apologized again for singing something like that. Sakura insisted it was alright, told him he hadn't heard it in so long that he was glad for it even if it had made him cry. Yusuke, in attempt to apologize once more, offered to burn him a CD with the song on it which got him another heart-felt embrace. He smiled as he held him close but it was about time they got ready to go to the Kitten so he released him and excused himself to the shower.
"One more time." Sakura whispered, grabbing his hand as he stood to leave. "Please?"
"How can I say no when you look at me like that?" he whispered in his soft voice.
Sakura blushed and smiled as he sat back down and this time they played it together. Sakura hadn't noticed the sheet music before but it was a pretty easy song to keep up with so he didn't make more than a few mistakes. Yusuke was the only one singing of course since he didn't even understand the words. His voice was very beautiful to Sakura and he couldn't keep himself from blushing and smiling as they played the piano. He was actually enjoying himself more than he had in a long time. He wanted it to go on forever again but all things come to an end and Yusuke left for the downstairs bathroom. Beforehand however he rummaged around in an old box in the storage room for what he called more appropriate clothes.
Sakura didn't look at them until after he'd stepped out of the shower and his eyebrow twitch slightly at the small leather shorts and black sleeveless shirt. Surely this was a joke. He was not going to wear something this revealing. The shirt didn't even go down over his stomach though it was probably made that way. He might as well go in his underwear if he went in this. The shorts were bad enough but he could've given him a regular sized shirt at the least. Now he had a perdicament. How was he going to get downstairs to his normal clothes without Yusuke seeing him? He sighed as he opened the door, trying to pull the stupid shirt down over his belly. There were blue and yellow bruises covering his right side side and he turned around immediately when he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. He slammed the door as Yusuke approached and locked it.
"Hey, Sakura." he said, cheerfully as he knocked. "You done in there?"
"Yes! But I'm not wearing this stupid outfit!" he snapped back, still attempting to pull the shirt down over his bruises in a nervous manner.
"Sorry." he laughed, trying to open the door. "I'll get you something else. Just let me see once."
"No! It's stupid!"
"Fine." he sighed. "I couldn't help myself though. I thought it'd make you look sexy."
"I dun wanna look sexy." he muttered. "I wanna look normal."
He heard his laughter fade into the distance as he walked away and blushed at the humiliating get up. He couldn't believe he'd tried to get him to go like that. Certainly he had expected him to reject the idea immediately. There was no way he could have even began to hope that he'd get him outside the bathroom dressed like that much less in public. He complained to himself about the stupid clothes a few times as he waited for Yusuke to return and slid to the ground, leaning against the door. He glanced at the full-length mirror on the closet door beside him and saw his bruises. He stared at them for a moment but couldn't stand the sight of them standing out so clearly and covered them as much as possible with his hand. He couldn't let Yusuke see them. He couldn't let anyone see them or he'd be in real trouble and Yusuke might suffer for it as well. He jumped slightly as he knocked on the door and stood to crack it. He put his hand out for the new clothes but got Yusuke's instead.
"What? I can't hold your hand now?"
"Give me the clothes."
"You're not naked already are you? Say yes and I'm definently pulling you out."
"Yusuke, stop!"
"Alright. It was just a joke." he assured, releasing his hand.
Sakura pulled the clothes in as soon as they touched his hand and slammed the door, locking it again. He didn't much care for these clothes either but since they covered him he wasn't going to complain. He stepped out timidly and Yusuke grinned at him. He was wearing a pair of black, leather pants and a black tanktop though they were both a little too tight for Sakura's tastes. He had a jacket that went with it downstairs and a nice pair of boots but Sakura didn't look too happy about the new outfit. Atleast he came out of the bathroom in this one though he really was just hoping with the other one.
"I think they're too little." Sakura muttered.
"They're supposed to fit like that. It looks good on you."
"Shut up. It's stupid." he blushed, turning and heading downstairs.
Yusuke just smiled and followed behind him, admiring the form-fitting pants or more the butt they were fitting than anything. Once they'd pulled their shoes on and Sakura had been presented with his jacket they left. The Kitten was pretty close to Yusuke's though not within walking distance however they had to go the opposite direction in order to pick up Hoshiko and his friend. They were in a completely different school district so it was a pretty long drive. He leaned against the door and stared out the window as they drove, listening to the music. After awhile he felt Yusuke's fingers wrap around his own softly. He didn't look but he returned the gesture and smiled a little at the touch. He was starting to like this attention and he was getting more comfortable with it since what had happened the past two days. He especially felt closer to him after the song earlier.
When Hoshiko and Seiryo climbed into the car he let go of his hand out of respect and he frowned momentarily. He put his hand in his lap as Yusuke talked to Seiryo about the car. He was obviously more impressed by it than Sakura had been when he'd first seen it. Of course Sakura wasn't very interested in cars in general. He just knew that the kind of car Yusuke drove usually belonged to rich people. Hoshiko tried to changed the direction of the conversation to include the two of them but Seiryo didn't participate in any discussions after the car was out of them. He just sat back and crossed his arms, staring out the window like Sakura.
"You got pretty dressed up, huh Sakura?" Hoshiko asked suddenly after a bit of silence.
"Uh...Yusuke....made me." he blushed, as he leaned over the seat to get a better look.
"It looks really good on you."
"See Sakura." Yusuke grinned. "I told you so."
Sakura just made some incomprehesible sounds and continued to blush which made the two laugh a little. When Hoshiko asked if he'd bought them for Sakura he explained that they'd been his brother's when he was younger and Sakura sighed. At this rate he'd be moving into his brother's old room for good and taking all his old stuff. When they arrived he was surprised that the club wasn't overly exaggerated like he'd expected. There wasn't a giant, pink neon cat head flashing above the door with the name or anything. There was just a simple sign on the plain door that opened up on a rather large room. The room itself was a little more decorated than the door and the lights were dimmed at the moment. There was a slow song playing so they must've tried to set the lights to the mood of the music. Yusuke took his hand again and lead them all to the back of the room where they slid into a booth. Yusuke didn't let go of his hand this time and he smiled a little as he intertwined their fingers.
"So, who wants drinks?" a woman said suddenly.
Sakura almost jumped out of his skin at the sound and released Yusuke's hand, blushing deeply. The waitress had seemed to appear out of nowhere and she stood with her hand on her hip as she looked at them. She had bright red, frizzy hair and deep green eyes that were so narrow Sakura couldn't understand how she could see out of them. She was actually kind of pretty for an older woman and she had a nice figure. Yusuke laughed a little as he noticed his stare and he looked over at him with a slightly lighter blush.
"Are you checking Yoshiro out Sakura?"
"Yoshiro?!" he asked with an even deeper blush. "He's a guy?!"
Yoshiro laughed as Seiryo jumped at the news and hit his knee on the table. Sakura made a note to himself to not check out any "girls" in this place. He should have foreseen this but it wasn't exactly something one prepares for. Yoshiro took their orders and after s/he had gone Yusuke was approached by several other guys. He smiled at each of them as they draped themselves on his shoulders and whispered how much they'd missed him into his ear with seductive grins. Sakura sighed and put his head in his arms, staring across the table and into the crowd of guys. He wondered how many more of them would be coming over before the night was through. One boy begged Yusuke to come up to the bar with him and get him a drink.
"Well, I'm kind of here with someone."
"You mean, a real date?" he asked, unbelievingly.
"Well, no. I don''t guess....I should stay over here though."
"That's not the straight guy that took you from me is it?" he asked with a frown in Sakura's direction.
He sat up and blushed, looking away. Hoshiko smiled for some reason and it didn't take long for the boy to wonder away. He wasn't the last though and Hoshiko could see the jealousy in Sakura's eyes as each came and went. Yusuke finally gave into the one named Ryu who had visited before and took him up to the bar to get a drink, leaving Sakura alone with Hoshiko and Seiryo. Hoshiko seemed to feel it was important to let him know that Ryu had been the closest thing Yusuke'd ever come to a commitment with anyone before he met him. He wasn't sure what he meant by that but it must have meant that Ryu was his boyfriend. He obviously didn't have any feelings for the other guys he slept with but he had gone with Ryu right away without even mentioning Sakura. He sighed and put his head back in his arms again as he waited for him to come back.
Hoshiko pushed Seiryo into dancing with him and they left him alone for awhile. He could still see Yusuke from where he was and he had been ambushed by guys again. He wasn't even thinking about him anymore. He was probably already trying to figure out which one he wanted to sleep with tonight so he could buy that one the most alchohol. He buried his face in his arms with a bitter expression so he didn't have to look at him anymore. He laid that way for awhile, listening to the music when he suddenly felt a prescence beside him. He sat up slowly, expecting to find Yusuke sitting beside him but when he looked there was another red-headed girl. This one was younger, less busty and had straighter hair.
"W-who are you?" he asked, scooting back from her...or him.
"I'm Ryosei." she grinned. "Are you gay or just bisexual?"
"I'm straight." he stated. "Are you really a girl or just a transvestite?"
"Of course I'm a girl." she laughed, covering her mouth with her hand. "You've met my Mama huh?"
"Yoshiro. She's coming with your drinks but they can't all be for you, right?"
"Where're your friends?"
He turned his head to the side with another bitter look and pointed at the bar. He still didn't want to look at all those guys, some already acting drunk, hanging all over Yusuke. He could feel the jealousy boiling in the pit of his stomach but was trying to ignore it by replacing the feeling with that of rejection in general. He still wasn't letting himself see his feelings for what they were. Ryosei looked in the direction he was pointing and laughed again.
"You're here with Yusuke?"
"Are you Sakura?"
"Uh...how did you know my name?"
"Before he stopped coming that's all he talked about. You really are as adorable as he kept saying."
"Am not." he muttered, still blushing.
"I think you are." she whispered after her giggling subsided. "Since you're straight, why don't you try getting to know me? I can be fun, ya know."
"I'm really....just here this one time. Yusuke made me come."
"Aw, but you're really cute and Yusuke told me how sweet you are." she smiled, putting a hand on his knee. "Can't you give me one chance?"
"Ah, I really....don't..." he muttered, blushing deeply. "I mean, I don't know you that well."
"Hm. That's why I said we should get to know one another, Sakura-kun."
He felt his face grow hot as he tried to scoot away from her touch. She seemed rather innocent and giggly when she'd appeared at his side but it was obvious her appearence was decieving. If he'd asked Yusuke about it he could have told him that she went around the club looking for bisexual guys to seduce all the time. She had tried to take Yusuke off into the bathroom one night but had failed. She couldn't help that since he wasn't interested in girls but here was his completely adorable straight friend. She wasn't going to give up on him as easily and she stood suddenly as the music picked up to a dance song. He was surprised by her strength as she grabbed his arm and pulled him out onto the dance floor without warning, the sudden colorful lights confusing him even further. Hoshiko and Seiryo stared as they passed them on the way back to the table. Seiryo assumed it was another transvestite and laughed at his misfortune but Hoshiko saw it as a serious threat to his friend's chances with the timid Sakura. He left Seiryo at the table to bring the news to Yusuke.
Yusuke turned around and searched the crowd with concerned eyes until he found the two of them. Ryosei was trying to dance as seductively as possible but it wasn't working as well on Sakura who just stood still for the mot part and tried not to turn completely red from head to toe. Yusuke considered running over there to put a stop to the promiscuous girls actions but decided against it. He didn't want it to end up like last weekend when he'd gotten possessive in the store. It would be best if he just gave him his space for the night and let him do what he wanted. Hoshiko was surprised to find that he wasn't going to do anything about it and shurgged, returning to Seiryo.
In reality he was quite concerned. Ryosei wasn't exactly ugly and there was the possibility that Sakura could become attracted to her body if nothing else. He might end up having to leave the club without him and he didn't much like the thought of that. He had been hoping he was starting to develope feelings for him because of the incidents this weekend but obviously these actions really were due to shock. Ryu noticed the situation and decided he should talk to him about it so he pulled him off to the side for a minute.
"Yusuke, you aren't worried?"
"About what?" he asked, speech slightly slurred from the amount of alchohol he'd already consumed. "He ain't my boyfriend or nothin'. I can't tell him what to do."
"Yusuke....I know you're in love with him. You shouldn't sit by and stand for this just because he doesn't feel the same way for you."
"Ryu...." he tried to explain, slowly and clearly. "He's straight. Understand? I'm not gonna ruin his love life or he won't be my friend anymore. Do you understand that?"
"Of course I do Yusuke but he looked jealous when I asked you over to the bar and he's been staring at you the whole time."
"That don't mean nothin'." he sighed, putting his head on the table and shaking it. "He does lotsa things I think means he likes me but he doesn't. He's just really nice."
"Yeah, well, whether or not he likes you, it's quite obvious he doesn't feel comfortable with Ryosei all over him."
"Get your stupid ass over there and atleast save him from her, geez!"
"Kay. I'll go over there and save my straight friend, who more or less probably already knows I love him, from a beautiful woman rubbing all over him and we'll see how that goes. I'm sure he'll be so pleased he'll kiss me."
"Alright, Yusuke." he sighed. "But I'm telling you he's going to think you don't care about him if you keep ignoring him. He did come with you didn't he? So he must've wanted to spend time with you whether it was as a friend or not."
"Look, don't tell me what Sakura feels." he stated, sitting up with a frown. "I known 'im longer'an' you."
"Okay." he sighed. "I'm going to go back to the bar but you can just sit here and watch the love of your life suffer if that's what you want."
"Stupid Ryu." he muttered as he walked away. "He's not suffering. Just shy. Probably likes it."
He watched them for awhile and noticed that Sakura was trying his best to escape the girl without hurting her feelings. If he had been sober he might have decided that was his cue to help but being in the drunken state he was in his mind was working more on a jealous track than a pitying one. He got somewhat angry after sucking down a few more beers but he just continued to watch them dance and talk despising how polite he was being to her. He wasn't accustomed to getting jealous so he just sat there in angry silence as he watched them, letting it build up. After an hour or more had passed he stood from the table, knocking over a few of his glasses in the process and made his way back over to their original table where he flopped down beside Hoshiko.
Seiryo let out a cry of protest as he wrapped his arms around him and buried his face in the crook of his neck. Hoshiko blushed at Yusuke's affections but smiled at Seiryo's objection to it which sent Seiryo the wrong message. He could see him struggle not to say anything about it but he was giving Yusuke the evil eye as Hoshiko asked him what the problem was. He just slurred into his neck about being horny and he laughed at him, pushing him back.
"Hey!" Seiryo cried, knocking over his mixed drink. "What'd you say?!"
"It's alright Seiryo." he laughed, pushing Yusuke off his shoulder. "You're not getting it from me, you know that."
"I want it from Sakura." he whispered, looking serious. "I want Sakura."
"I know, Yusuke. You should go over there and ask him to dance or something."
"He's with Ryosei."
"He came with you though."
"That's what stupid Ryu said."
"Go on baka." he laughed, pushing him out of the booth and back onto his feet. "Just remember that your asking him to dance not have sex."
He grumbled as he stumbled off and Hoshiko hoped Sakura would say no for both their safety. He had to go to the back of the room to find them because Ryosei was trying to lure him into a secluded spot so she could seduce him some more. Sakura was sighing as he waited for her to return with the alchohol she had insisted on getting though he'd informed her that he didn't drink when Yusuke stumbled over. He just sat down beside him and put his head in his arms as he tried to regain his composure after the long journey. He sat up after a few minutes and put his arms around his waist, leaning in to kiss his neck.
"I love you Sakura Ito." he whispered softly. "Please don't leave with her."
"Uh, Yusuke!" he exclaimed, pushing him off. "I'm over here with her because you left me alone and I didn't want to hurt her feelings. And you don't love me you're just saying that cause you're drunk."
"Mmm." he groaned, falling back into his arms and burying his face in his shirt. "I love you so much."
"Yusuke....." he whispered, blushing. "How much have you had? You're being stupid."
"I wanna be the one to take you home Sakura." he responded. "I wanna hold you tonight like that last time. I like holding you."
"You don't even know what you're saying, do you?"
"Yeah I do." he persisted. "I'm telling you I love you. And I wanna marry you and buy you everything you ever wanted and take care of you and-"
"Yusuke." he interrupted, pushing him back gently. "Maybe we should go home now."
"You're calling my house home?" he asked with a grin. "You wanna move in?"
"No, Yusuke. I want to leave here before you end up doing something embarrassing or dangerous."
Sakura had never seen Yusuke drunk before and it made him look and act quite pathetic. He just kept trying to cling to him and kiss his neck the whole time. He tried to push him off but he just came right back. He even threw a leg over his and tried to straddle him at one point. He was trying to push him off when Ryosei came back and demanded to know what was going on. Sakura was about to answer when Yusuke hopped off him and approached the red-head, poking a finger in her chest. This surprised her and she only stared in shock as he spoke.
"Listen you two dollar whore." he slurred. "That's my Sakura and you better go find some other poor bastard to trap in your little web."
"Yusuke! How dare you!" she cried, knocking his hand away. "He's not your boyfriend! He can hang out with whoever he wants!"
"Yeah, but not you." he replied, taking Sakura's arm and pulling him away.
Sakura waited atleast until they were far enough away from Ryosei that he didn't get stuck hanging out with her again to pull his arm back roughly. Yusuke turned around to look at him in surprise, wondering why he had stopped. Sakura rubbed his arm and blushed. He couldn't look Yusuke in the eye as he spoke because it didn't feel like he was looking at him when he had those glazed over eyes.
"You can't do that Yusuke!"
"I didn't want to hang out with her but you can't do that. I know you're drunk right now but that's no excuse."
"Gomen." he whispered, putting his arms around him and laying his head against his shoulder. "Gomen, gomen, gomen,"
"It's alright."
"Sakura, dance with me, please?"
"You're not coordinated enough for that now." he sighed, pushing him away again. "Let's go sit down for awhile."
"I really wanted to dance with you." he replied, pulling him back into his arms. "I really wanted to come here and dance with Sakura."
Sakura blushed at the pitiful look he gave him and agreed to dance with him if he would sit down and try to sober up some beforehand. He took him back over to their table and helped him slide into the booth so he didn't fall and embarress himself. He put his arms around Sakura as soon as he sat beside him and buried his face in his neck, grinning happily as he sighed. Hoshiko tried to hide his giggles behind his hand but Sakura glanced at him angrily anyways. He just smiled and took Seiryo's arm, asking for another slow dance. Seiryo made a big fuss about it even going so far as to make Hoshiko literally drag him out to the dance floor but he could see him smiling as he grabbed onto things. So Seiryo really was just being stubborn, he decided, shaking his head. Some people would never learn to listen to their feelings. He blushed suddenly as Yusuke mumbled into his neck, the vibrations sending a tingle across his skin.
"W-what, Yusuke?"
"I feel sick." he repeated, hugging him closer. "I wanna go home."
"Can you hang on until Hoshiko and Seiryo get done dancing?"
"Think so."
Once they had finished Sakura helped Yusuke across the room, dreading each farewell he had to give to his lovers whom he quite generously showered with sloppy kisses. Sakura had to fight him for the keys when they got there but finally made him give them up to "prove his love" which had made him blush and Hoshiko and Seiryo laugh. He helped him into the back and had to give the key to Seiryo considering he had no idea how to drive. Yusuke complained that he had been trusting Sakura and not this stupid - but somewhat cute - stranger he'd only heard of from Hoshiko. The cute comment made Seiryo blush and grumble as he started the car while Sakura tried to get him buckled up. Seiryo dropped Hoshiko off first and he was surprised that he wanted to walk him to the door of the apartment building. Hoshiko insisted that he didn't have to walk him all the way up so he blushed lightly and grabbed his shoulders.
"Kay. Night." he whispered, leaning in to kiss him on the lips gently. "I'll see you tomorrow."
"Seiryo..." he whispered, putting a hand to his lips. "Yeah. Tomorrow."
He was grinning like mad when he got back in the car until he remembered he wasn't alone. He cleared his throat and frowned as he drove them back to Yusuke's house. Sakura made Yusuke pay for his cab since it was his fault he had to get one though he did so begrudgingly. He stood in the corner of the room, watching out the window as he waited but Yusuke stood after awhile and walked over to face him. He poked him in the chest a few times as he spoke to him.
"You better treat Hoshiko right, man."
"I will." Seiryo agreed with a knowing smile. "Don't worry about it Takahashi-san."
"He's really sweet. You're really, really, really lucky, man. Really. Everybody in that bar's tried to get with that beautiful angel but he won't go with nobody but you, man. It's really bad you won't treat him as special as he is."
"Don't worry, Takahashi, I know he's special."
"Really? I don't gotta beat you up or nothin' for hurtin' 'im all the time?"
"I don't think you'll have to go that far."
"Good. Cause I'd hate for you to hurt Hoshiko by rejecting him later. Ne, Sakura-chan?"
Seiryo laughed as Yusuke dropped practically in his lap and snuggled up to his blushing friend. He sighed in relief when he was gone and decided it was best to take Yusuke directly to bed. He hauled him down the hall and into the bedroom where he sat him on the bed gently. He bent down to pull off his shoes but saw him unbuttoning his shirt as he looked up. He blushed as he stretched and fell back onto the bed. He stayed on his knees, looking over him as he opened his eyes and stared at him from under the lids seductively. He gulped and quickly removed his remaining shoe before standing to make his exit. Yusuke didn't give him the oppurtunity to escape. He grabbed him around the waist as he turned to leave and pulled him down onto the bed beside him, quickly crawling over him. He blushed once more as he loomed over him. giving him the seductive look that had turned many straight guys into bisexuals with one glance. He sighed in frustration and looked away as he pushed the drunken pervert off. He pulled him over on top of himself in response and grinned.
"You can have me Sakura." he whispered. "I don't mind giving myself to you."
"Yusuke! Stop being stupid. I'm going back to - "
He stopped abruptly as he was pulled all the way down, his face being held against Yusuke's bare chest. He could hear his heart thumping rather rapidly and he felt unable to move as he took a nip at his ear once again. He shuddered as he ran his hand up the back of his shirt but when he realized he was trying to slip one down the back of his pants he sat up suddenly, already halfway across the room before he realized he was gone. Yusuke scrambled after him and grabbed him up in another hug with a number of apologies.
"I didn't mean to go that far." he whispered. "Really. Please? I just want you to sleep with me. I won't touch you like that again. I promise. Please, Sakura? Please? I love you so much. I just wanna hold you."
"That was a little more than holding, Yusuke!" he cried, pushing his arms away. "You know I don't want to be with you that way but you touched me anyways! That's called molestation!"
He turned at this outburst to see Yusuke's eyes filled with tears, a strange, pained look on his face. His shoulders drooped and he shook his head, walking back over to flop on his bed again. He buried his face in his pillow and mumbled something but Sakura couldn't make it out through the fabric. He rolled his eyes and sighed as he moved closer. He sat down beside him and pulled the pillow off, staring down at the back of his head.
"That's not why I did that." he pouted, keeping his face hidden in his arms.
"Then why did you?"
"Cause....I really love Sakura." he sighed. "More than anyone in the world. I just wanted you to love me back."
"Oh, Yusuke." he whispered, putting a hand on his back gently. "My rejection's probably just made you want to sleep with me despite how I look. You don't love me."
"Yes I do. I love everything about my beautiful Sakura. You're pretty and sweet. I want to be with you all the time and I never ever want anything bad to happen to you, ever. You're my beautiful Sakura and I love everything about you."
Even though his speech had been affected by his state of mind it still touched Sakura. He'd been afraid he might feel this way for him but he was surprised that it was actually true. Why would he feel this way for someone like him? He wasn't beautiful at all and he knew he wouldn't return his affections. Why had he let himself feel this way knowing that? He rubbed his back softly and smiled, trying not to let him see his sadness as he sat up to look at him.
"Alright Yusuke. I believe you."
"Yeah. I'll sleep in here with you but only for tonight."
"Thank you, Sakura." he whispered, snuggling up to his side as he settled in beside him. "I love you so much."
"I know." he whispered back, hugging him gently.
He didn't know how to feel right now. He wasn't really able to believe that it was real love that Yusuke felt for him for a few hours but it was very likely it was. He had done nothing but sleep with guys for what seemed to be the past four years with only a few that came close to being real friends. However, Sakura was the only one without his own friends and spending all of their time together may have caused these feelings to develope in Yusuke. It was pretty obvious he thrived on his attention and he doubted he was ever trying to hide that fact. If anything it had seemed he'd wanted him to know more than anything else. Maybe he should never have come over to his house to begin with.
Yusuke sighed and tangled his fingers in his tanktop, grinning as he slept halfway on his chest. He put a hand over the one on his shirt and held it gently as he watched him sleep. He didnt think he'd have liked that to happen. He was his only friend and he really had no one else in life to depend on. He was too weak to keep going on without some kind of help and Yusuke provided that. He gave him a reason to get up in the morning and keep going. He felt like he shouldn't think of him that way but he didn't want to look at the feelings themselves long enough to find the truth. He fell asleep, holding his hand and his thoughts never straying from him.