Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ House of Lushes ❯ Vol. One/ Chap. One: Enter the House ( Chapter 1 )

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Enter the House
I think girls are strange creatures. Now, don't get me wrong. I love them so. They're just… different. They're built different. They function differently. I don't know. I just still don't have a clue.
I love my girlfriend, Noda Kasumi. She's a sweetie. She's everything a boy could wish for in a girlfriend. Sweet and nice little angel. Kasumi's not bad to look at either. She's a little above the average high school girl in looks. My friends and I constantly argue about whether her hair is dark red or brown. They say it's brown. But, I think it's red. Kasumi is sure taller than most girls. We're almost the same height even. My girl's got a nice shape with the brains and personality to match. Yep, my girl's almost perfect.
Now, the key word here is almost. Why? Kasumi-chan has eighteen sisters. Yes, that's right. My girlfriend has eighteen sisters. It's no joke. The oldest is twenty-eight and youngest is five. Crazy, I know. I've only heard stories about them from Kasumi-chan herself. I find them hard to believe myself. In fact, I have a couple of questions myself. How does Kasumi-not contemplate suicide in the end? How does she managed without going crazy? And when her parents thinking having nineteen kids? That's too much! My questions would be answered pretty soon. Whether I wanted to or not.
My adventure in the land of women started with a job offer. I wanted to make some money for myself. I just wanted to independent. So I figured working would be a good place to start. I spent homeroom looking through the classified ads. So far, nothing peaked my interests. Are there any good jobs out there for high school students out in Japan?
“Hey Shoji-kun!” someone called out to me. I looked up right away. Kasumi-chan stood over me smiling.
“Hey!” she called cheerfully again. I smiled at her likewise.
“Kasumi-chan!” I called. “How good to see you again!” She looked down at my paper.
“Ah!” she called. “Looking for a job?”
“Huh?” I asked confused for a short moment. “Oh! Yeah, yeah.”
“Any luck?” my girl asked. I shook my head at her.
“No,” I said. “Nothing is jumping out at me today.”
“Hm,” Kasumi-chan said. We both thought about that for a moment. Then, an idea came to my girl.
“Hey!” she called. “You could work at the Perfumed Carp House with me!” I looked at her with wide eyes. Perfumed Carp was a high-priced Bed and Breakfast Hot Springs Resort. Only the Elite went there. Kasumi-chan and her sisters ran that place like a ship. Perfumed Carp House cost money I'll never see in my life. I didn't know what to think at the moment.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yeah!” my girlfriend called. “We need a new manager. Our last one died three weeks ago.” I looked at her still.
“Me, a manager?” I asked her. Kasumi-chan nodded at me.
“Yes,” she assured. “You'd make a great manager and besides, the pay is even greater!” That caught my interest right away. I turned to her completely.
“How much are we talking?” I asked. She leaned in close to my ear and whispered a hefty price. My eyes grew wide in surprise.
“That much?!?” I asked aloud. Kasumi-chan nodded at me.
“That's right,” she said modestly. I sat there shocked. I mean, I knew Kasumi-chan was loaded. But she pays her employees that much? Damn, I had no idea. I really had no idea! I nodded at her right away.
“I'll… I'll do it!” I called out. Kasumi-chan smiled at me overjoyed. She hugged me wildly.
“Oh thank you, Shoji-kun!!!” she cried out loud. “Thank you! Thank you!”
“Yeah, yeah,” I replied. I sighed out happily. Here began my new hectic life at the Perfumed Carp House.