Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ House of Lushes ❯ Vol. Two/ Chap. Nine: Water Babies ( Chapter 9 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Water Babies
Three pairs of eyes stared at me in the water. I blinked at them.
“Uh… hi…” I said. They all giggled at me. I scooted back against the bamboo wall.
“Do you have names?” I asked. The little ones began to smile. The tallest of the three turned to the other two.
“Should we tell him?” she asked. The other two giggled. I watched them closely. Well… The girls turned back to me. The tallest one grinned.
“I'm Aikina,” she said. “Age ten.”
“Chikako,” the round-faced one said. “Age eight.” The littlest girl bounced forward.
“I'm Fumi!” she cheered. “I'm five years old!” I gave them a nervous laugh.
“Nice to meet you…” I mumbled. I don't know what happened next. It happened all in a blink. All I heard was “Get him!” and they were all over me! Giggles flooded my ears.
“Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!” I yelled over and over again. “Have mercy! Come on!” They wouldn't let up. They were hugging on me. Messing with my hair. Pinching my cheeks. The girls kept laughing aloud.
“Come on now!” I said. They still wouldn't let up. The laugher soared higher.
“And what is all of this?!?” someone snapped. Everything stopped as we looked up. Kasumi stood in the doorway, frowning. Uh-oh, she pissed!
“Baby!” I cried. “It's not what it looks like!” I started to see horns sprout out of her head.
“Oh really?” she asked. “Then, what is it?”
“Uh…” I mumbled. The little ones giggled. I breathed out uneasily.
So there I was, surrounded by girls in the hot springs. Kasumi didn't look like she wanted to bite my head off anymore. She's still bitter at me. Aikina, Chikako, and Fumi watched us both, silently. Fumi choked back a little giggle. Kasumi shot her a death glare. The little girl quickly went quiet. No one spoke. Fumi looked around, frowning. She looked over at the other two younger sisters. I noticed their stern looks as they nodded. Kasumi noticed too.
“What are you all plotting?” she asked. The little girls quickly turned to her.
“Nothing!” they quickly lied. Fumi giggled, but Chikako nudged her in the ribcage.
“Ow,” she whispered with a pout. She looked around again. Kasumi didn't let up on watching them. They do seem to be plotting something…
Aikina turned to Chikako and Fumi and nodded. Suddenly, they whipped around to me. I froze as those three pairs of eyes locked onto me. This won't end well.
SPLASH! They got me. They got me in the face.
“Whoa!” I cried. SPLASH! They got me again.
“Hey now!” I cried. SPLASH! They got me a third time.
“Fight back!” Aikina yelled. SPLASH! I smirked at her. Okay, if that's what she wants… I chuckled at her.
“Alrighty then,” I replied. SPLASH! I got all them of them in one blow. The little pixies laughed and splashed me back. From there, a splash war sprang to life.
“Stop it!” Kasumi yelled. Chikako turned and splashed her in the face. My girlfriend saw red.
“You!” she cried. Chikako and Fumi double-teamed this time. SPLASH! Kasumi began to get the concept.
“Fine then!” she said. “If that's how you want to play it, then I'll play along!” SPLASH! My girlfriend got all four of us in one go.
“Hey!” I shouted. “I'm on your side, remember?” SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLASH! I think I got some water in my mouth.
“Oh! That's how it is!” I said. SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLASH! Back-to-back baby! Kasumi grinned at me.
“You'll pay for that,” she remarked. SPLASH! The little ones cut in due to boredom.
In the end, we all were wet and tired from the fight. I leaned back against the rock, panting.
“Wow!” I breathed out. I glanced up at the girls. They looked like wilted flowers in these hot springs. I couldn't help but to smile. Best bath in my life.