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Into the Void

By: Melissa Norvell

Chapter 19: Beach Follies!


Ionna sat on the short beneath a tall tree. Her knees were pulled up to her chin and her long arms wrapped around them tightly. A melancholy look was plastered on her features as she sat in perfect silence. There was nothing to accompany her but the rush of ocean waves and calming noises of the shore-side birds as they flew overhead. Sari walked over to her. Ionna was all alone and it hadn't been right that Vincent completely blew her off when she had been hurting so much,

"Hey girl," her voice was low and calm as she stopped a few feet in front of her.

"Hey," the lone girl's voice was monotone. It didn't matter much to her whether or not anyone was there but on the inside, she thanked the girl for caring.

"Man, what a grade A asshole," Yaritza's strong voice was heard from the other side of her as the sand shifted near her. Rubio sat on her other side and put an arm around the girl's slender shoulders.

"He's…you know…I wouldn't worry about it," he muttered. Rubio hadn't been very good at comforting her but that broken up sentence was the best he could must at the moment. The darkly clad man had been at a loss of words as eyes looked at him. Ionna thanked him and told him that she had been glad that he was finally friends with her brother.

"Yes…Something like that," Rubio wasn't sure if they could really be called friends now.

"Something like that?" Sari arched an eyebrow as she stared Rubio down with a skeptical look. What was that supposed to mean? Something wasn't right about what he'd just said and she was determined to find it out.

"I don't know what we are," he spoke simply and softly of the subject.

"Does this mean you're not enemies anymore?" Yaritza was a little confused as well, but Rubio and Valentino constantly eluded her. One minute, they fought and the next they were comforting each other. It was all too strange.

"Well, we can stand each other for more than five minutes," Rubio smiled a little. It was sort of a joke for him to say something like that.

"That's a great accomplishment," Sari told him sarcastically. It seemed to her like it was Rubio's shitty excuse for saying that they'd fight again.

"It's better than before."

"Hey! Let's so something fun!" The spunky girl wanted to lighten the mood. There was no sense in being at the beach with beautiful weather and being sad. If she brought up something for them to do, then maybe it would have gotten their minds off of the whole Vincent subject. The more they thought about it, the more Ionna was depressed.

"How about play beach ball?" The red-haired ninja loved sports and it had been a long time since she'd played any good old-fashioned beach ball.

"Sounds awesome!" Sari beamed. "Let's go!"

"You guys go ahead," Ionna wasn't motivated enough to want to play beach ball. Besides, Vincent may show up and she felt as if she shouldn't see her at a moment like this. Nothing good would come of it and she'd be vulnerable to his verbal attacks. "I'll stay here for a while."

"I'll stay with you," Ryouzonia offered. "I can't swim and if my feathers are wet, I'll sink to the bottom of the sea."

"Hey!" Sari shouted towards the other members of her team, who were strewn across the beach. They all turned their heads to her in unison. "Any of you losers want to play beach ball!?"

Udo agreed. Agata did as well and stated that she had been done smoking anyway. Zidane wanted no part of that game and told her that he'd rather sleep. Vincent agreed happily. He loved to play sports, so beach ball was right up his alley. Valentino remained silent in thought.

"I'll get the beach ball. Whoever isn't in the water when I'm back won't play. So get your asses in the water!" She shouted harshly and then walked off in search of a beach ball. By the time she got back, everyone but Zidane was in the water, waiting for her to return. As she walked past the lounging scar-faced man, he spoke to her.

"Get me wet and die," he threatened. Just to go against him, she splashed water at him, but he had been so far from the shore that it didn't affect him. "Nice try, short shit." He smirked at her feeble attempt to irritate him.

"Nyah!" Sari stuck out her tongue at the lounging man as a beach ball lightly bopped her in the back of the head. She turned around with a scowl on her face to see Hisamichi. He looked a little paranoid and uttered the phrase 'oops…sorry…' The spunky girl growled lowly at him.

"I said sorry," he pleaded. Hisamichi didn't want to feel her wrath; he really didn't, especially because he knew of her violent temper.

"Um…Could you serve the beach ball?" Vincent held out his hand.

Sari reached down beneath the water and grabbed for the nearest thing, which happened to be a sea snail and chunked it at the bounty hunter. She was still irritated at what he'd done to Ionna and his voice irritated her right now. "Serve this!" The girl scowled as the snail landed square on his cheek. Screams could be heard as he attempted to pull the sticky snail from his face.

"At least it isn't a poison sea urchin or something," Bosnia had tried to make him feel better that it had been just a snail but the comment only made him yell more and make a more frenzied attempt to pull the offending object from his face.

"You know you deserved that," Rubio commented in dead pan as Sari served the beach ball to Yaritza, who served it to Hisamichi. Unfortunately, Hisamichi had been too busy staring at the spunky girl to realize he'd been served to. He had been standing in close proximity to Vincent so when it bounced off of the back of his head, it hit Vincent in the face and knocked him into the water. After it ricocheted off his Vincent's face, it landed in Valentino's hands, who had been standing a few feet over.

Hisamichi rubbed the back of his head.

"Score!" Sari jumped up with a fist rose in the air triumphantly. "That's like three for me and zero for you!"

Vincent had finally been able to pry the snail off of his face as Valentino served the ball to Udo, who smashed the beach ball as hard as he could in the red haired man's direction. The ball had been going too fast and try as he may to catch it, Hisamichi had just been too slow. The ball hit him in the face with a bounce and knocked him out.

"You think it was too hard?" Udo and everyone around him stared at Hisamichi. He didn't mean to knock him out.

"No, he wanted to sleep," Yaritza shot sarcastically as she crossed her arms over her white-clad chest.

"You jerk!" Sari shoved him back. Udo stumbled back in the water and lost his footing. He bumped into Valentino, who fell forward into Rubio. On the way, his arms had grabbed the air for anything to save him on the way down. Unfortunately, they found the elastic waist of Rubio's swimming trunks and pulled them down on his descent. Rubio screamed and caught them at his knees and pulled them up. He screamed for Valentino to let go of them.

Sari burst out laughing. Nothing had been funnier then Rubio's humiliation. Plus everyone saw his penis and that was even more hilarious although a bit disturbing to her. It was worth it in her opinion.

"Um…I really didn't want to see that," Yaritza really didn't care to see Rubio in the buff and now the mental image had been burned into her mind. It would take a while to get over that scar.

"Oh my…" Bosnia blushed. She had never seen anything like that before and felt really embarrassed as she held her flushed cheeks.

"Sorry about that," Udo apologized to the assassin and the terrorist in a guilty voice.

The embarrassed man held his shorts high around his waist, much like Steve Erkle used to wear them, and said Sari's name in a loud and clearly embarrassed tone. His face was bright red from the humiliation he felt.

"What?" Sari asked. "Don't tell me that your blaming me for this?" She didn't do anything wrong! It was Udo's fault! Rubio walked forward and took uneven steps as he neared the girl. He tripped over some sunken wood in the water and fell forward, grabbing the spunky girl's bikini top. He ripped it off as perky, B-cup breasts popped out and jiggled slightly. Sari froze in place as she was exposed to everyone. Sari definitely looked freaked out and panicked about the situation as her mind ceased to function for that split second.

"My…bikini…it's…" She looked down at her bare chest in shock.

Rubio sat in the shallow water and emitted a pained noise. He felt something slick and cloth in his hand and haunting eyes looked down to see the frilly aqua bikini top in his hand. He blushed and slowly looked up at the girl. He didn't know what he would find when his eyes met her face but it petrified him.

Sari covered her chest with one arm and raised a shaken fist in anger. "You rat ass pervert…" She seethed.

"Oh shit…" Rubio whimpered. He was going to definitely get his ass kicked for this little mistake.

"I'll kill you…" The girl continued to boil as her whole form shook in anger. Her face was red but no one could make out if it had been embarrassment or anger. Perhaps it was a combination of both. She slugged Rubio in the face and caused him to fly backwards. "Take that bastard!" She yelled as Rubio screamed and fell towards the shore.

Two small children had dug a hole and were giggling. Their laughter stopped as an ominous shadow befell them. They scrambled away as Rubio's form came crashing down and his head landed smack in the hole. "Get me out of here!" His voice echoed from under the ground.

"I guess I'm glad that she didn't do that to me," Vincent could feel the sweat running down his forehead as he gazed at Rubio, who had being struggling to get his head free from the hole.

Sari put her bikini top on and turned around. "There," she looked happy as if all of the anger blown over so simply. "Now, let's get back to the game, shall we?"

"That depends…are you going to do that to me?" Hisamichi requested nervously. Sari scared him when she was angry.

"Are you going to pull off my top?" Sari asked skeptically.

"Oh good heavens no!" The red-haired man would never think of such a thing! He had his manners, after all!

"You know it was an accident," Loreli spoke up. She was sure that Rubio didn't do it on purpose. It was hard for everyone to move in the water and things went slower then they did when simply walking or running. If they tried to run too fast in the water or make sudden movements they were slowed down considerably.

"You'd think getting knocked out by a beach ball would be enough?" Udo replied.

"You're the one who did it to me!" Hisamichi pointed at him accusingly.

"I said I was sorry," Udo felt the sweat roll down the back of his head.

"I think I'll go and feed the birds," Rubio mumbled as he went and purchased a bag of bread crumbs. He walked over to the shore where a decent number of seagulls had been and threw them the crumbs. They flocked over and fought over who got to eat what piece. It was comforting to watch them. A few minutes passed of bird watching and his crumbs were nearly out. He turned to head towards a small shack to get more but something cold and went landed on his shoulder from above.

"Please tell me its ice cream…please," he whined. Today wasn't his day.

Zidane was sleeping soundly with a still-lit cigarette in his mouth as a Frisbee went sailing be his head. A few feet off shore, Vincent was kicked back in a large, white swam floatation device. He sighed to himself as he took in the salty air.

"This is the life," the bounty hunter commented before a beach ball bounced off of his head. He glanced over to see Yaritza, who had been bouncing the ball off of his head for ten minutes now.

"You make a good, hard surface for my ball," she bounced it off of his head again.

"Thanks…Huh?" The brown-haired man wondered as he saw a small patch of bubbles beside of him. It was as if something was rising up from the sea. The mystery of the unknown made him uneasy.

"What the-?" Yaritza questioned but was cut off by Loreli, who popped up with a snorkel and said hello to them in a chipper voice. Vincent screamed and leaned back. When he noticed that he had fallen, he lurched forward to grab the neck of his swan float but it was far too late, the weight had shifted to the back of it and it flipped over. He fell into the water and it splashed around the girls.

"I didn't mean to scare you," Loreli apologized.

"I'm going to go over there," the bounty hunter pointed to a desolate part of the water that was a considerable distance from the others. He wanted some peace and quiet. The girls said that they'd see him later. After he was moved out in the desolate waters, he soon fell asleep on his float and was drifting towards the shore.

What seemed like an hour passed before he could feel the water rise around himself. The float was sinking! Vincent awoke with a fright and yelled out that he was dying and screamed for help in a high-pitched voice. He had floated out of sea and more than likely he was far away and couldn't swim back to shore….

Or so he thought…

"Do you mind?" Zidane's voice was irritated with the man's immature act as he watched him flail around as if he were a fish out of water.

"Hm?" The bounty hunter shook his head and looked around as he noticed that his feet could touch the sand. He glanced at Zidane, who looked unamused. It was then that Vincent had realized that he was only on two inches of water. He sweat dropped and felt embarrassed but was happy that he hadn't floated the opposite way. Who knows where he'd be by now! "Oh…I must have floated ashore," he sweat dropped.


A small group of men walked along the beach and caught sight of Ionna, who had still been sitting beneath the shade tree. She sighed as she watched them as they stared at her. She could hear the conversation that had carried on between all of them as they checked her out from a few feet away, occasionally turning their heads as they flashed brilliant smiles at her and shifted their eyebrows.

"Hey, check her out."

"Wow, a black-haired maiden in a red bikini. I thought the sexy lady in red only existed in my dreams."

The group of men walked up to her. When their legs were close to her feet, she looked up slowly to see the men who stared down at her with devilish smiles and false words. "Hm?" Ionna asked as she wondered what they wanted. In the back of her mind, she simply wanted them to leave her alone but she knew that it wasn't as simple as that.

"How about you and I get together and watch the sunset together?" One of the men asked.

"Get away from her you pigs!" Agata seethed and beat up the group of men. They ran away holding the spots where she punched them as they disappeared down the shore. "Some people," she huffed. "Are you okay?" The white-haired woman bent down to Ionna's level.

"I'm thanks Agata."

"Why don't you come and do something with me? It might cheer you up," Agata suggested.

"Alright, I guess I can't stay out here all day," Ionna stood. The one-eyed woman stood a few moments after she did and the two of them walked over to their group. Vincent slept on his swan float and Zidane was asleep with a still-burning cigarette in his mouth. After a few moments of shifting back and forth it fell over and hit his crotch, burning his shorts. He yelled at the tingling sensation in his crotch and jolted up off of the beach chair and slapped it out of his lap as he danced a little to relieve himself of the tingling sensation. "There's a scar I don't need," Zidane muttered as he stepped on his cigarette and put it out.

Valentino and Rubio sat on the beach by each other. They were close to each other and their shoulders touched as they looked out over the small waves that came to the both of them. The golden rays of the sunset washed over the two of them and seemed to give their forms a golden lining.

"The ocean is pretty, huh?" Rubio asked as the sun's rays gave his eyes an amber effect.


"You know…I hope we both come out of this whole mess alive," the silver-haired man commented with a sigh.


A kindness reflected within his eyes and he was silent.

"Rubio-sama?" Valentino looked at him in question and when their eyes met, they locked in a moment of silence as their heads drew closer and closer together. Vincent ad rolled off of his float and had been lying on the beach near Rubio. All of a sudden, Rubio yelled 'gack' in a loud tone as the assassin blinked and withdrew his head as they both looked over to see the bounty hunter, who had pulled down Rubio's shorts and commented through a haze of sleep that he was a fruit cake.

"Not there!" Vincent rolled over and laid his arm across his lap, touching his crotch. Vincent kicked him as Rubio's face flew forward and clashed with the black-haired man's in an accidental kiss.

"AAAHHH! No! No, no no! It's not what you think!" The freaked out man stammered as Valentino blushed. "No! It's not what you think! I'm telling you." Valentino continued to flush slightly and even appeared a little shy. "Hey! You with the stupid look on your face! It was an accident! Understand!?"

"I can't get any sleep around here with all of your yelling, damn!" Zidane seethed from his beach chair.

"Sorry…I'm getting molested here," Rubio apologized.

"I'm glad that we traded places," Valentino told him.

"…I hate you," the silver-haired man's face turned into one of unamusement.

"…At least I have my dignity."

"Ouch…That's painful."

"Hell, you may as well streak across the beach," the scar-faced man commented. Everyone had already sent he bottom half of Rubio anyway, so why not? Not that anyone wanted to see it but everyone had so there was really nothing to hide.

"At least this isn't a nude beach," Udo replied.

"No shit! I'd be gone if it was," Zidane remarked.

"Enjoying yourselves?" Ryouzonia approached them, the sand shifted under her talons as she slowly lumbered across the beach.

"It feels weird to be off-duty here," Udo said. Since he'd been used to doing everything in a business manner, it was strange to be relaxing when in a different situation, he would have to work with no play.

"I know," Loreli acknowledged. "I still feel like I'm going to get in trouble or something." The woman walked up in a pair of goggles, a navy bikini with white trim and an open short, sleeved shirt over it. Udo commented that she looked like a sexy diver and she blushed at her boyfriend's comment and thanked him for his flattery.

"Man, what a work out," Sari came up through the waters and headed to the beach. "Hm?" The girl questioned to herself as she stopped mid-way. The water was up to her knees as her aqua eyes spotted something that looked like a large shadow under the water.

Suddenly, the shadow became smaller and the water flew up around her as a kelp-covered Yaritza shot from the water and held her hands out in a creepy manner. "Rah! I'm the kelp monster! Rah!" She yelled in a raspy voice. Sari screamed and punched her in the face, sending flying back into the water.

"It was me!" The girl recoiled as leaved of kelp had been knocked off of her form, revealing her disguise.

"Take that kelp monster," Sari smacked her hands together in triumph.

"It was me," Yaritza pulled the kelp off of herself to show Sari that it was actually her.

"Oh…Well you look like a kappa anyway," the spunky girl said acerbically.

"No way! I'm not that ugly!" The red-haired ninja was clearly offended at being compared to a kappa. She looked nothing like one!

"Sari looks more like a kappa if you ask me," Udo told the two of them.

"At least my head doesn't look like an albino sea urchin!" The aqua haired girl shot.

"Sea urchins look better then kappas."

Sari growled loudly, then held up her fist in a threatening manner as it shook with anger. "Want to taste the wrath of my fist?"

"Haven't enough people tasted it?" Udo asked nonchalantly. Honestly, she had been on a punching spree today. She needed to give it a rest.

"Why would he want to?" Rubio asked in a nearly taunting way. He received a growl and harsh punch as the result, or at least he would have if it weren't for Valentino, who caught her fist.

"You certainly have wild arms," the assassin commented.

"Huh?" Sari looked to the man who caught her fist.

"Calm down. Let's all relax on the beach like Ryouzonia said."

Sari then sighed in dejection. "Okay," she sat in the sand.

Everyone else decided to simply sit on the shore and talk. Zidane was glad that no one had been running around and felt as if he could finally get his well-deserved rest. He ended up falling asleep once more as the sun set on the horizon of countless waves. Soon the conversation grew to be less and less as everyone began to drift off to sleep as their forms were bathed in red-orange light and the only thing that could be heard was the gentle shifting of the waves, singing them a tranquil lullaby.

"Does anyone feel water rising?" Sari didn't know how long she'd been asleep but the cold, wet, salty feeling had been caressing her body for a while and it only seemed to be rising.

"The tide's coming in!" Loreli called out before the water reached her. She shrieked at the cold that her once warm skin felt and jumped off of her white beach chair as she began to run farther on to the shore.

"Hmmm?" Zidane stirred from his sleep as he looked around himself to see that the water was level with the bottom of his body. "What the-" Shit!" He cursed at getting wet. He didn't plan to play in the water and the fact that the water came to him was even more troublesome. He jumped off of his beach chair and headed more inland.

"I was dry too," Sari pouted as they watched the tides consume the spot they had once resided in.

"No joke," Yaritza sighed.

"At least you didn't get a face full of water and then wake up under the water," Udo complained. It had been a very rude awakening for him to wake up submerged.

"That's funny," Zidane cracked an impish smirk.

"You got wet, that's all that counts," Udo teased.

"Don't push it," the scar-faced man warned.

"Man, that was cold," Sari hugged herself as her chilled form trembled with the coming night air. She was handed a beige towel. She thanked the person who handed it to her and began to dry her face from the offending ocean water that had riddled it. She turned to see a dorky, overweight man who came off as very unattractive to her. "Uh…" She stared at him with a slightly disgusted face.

"You're cute," the man complimented her.

"Uh…" Sari became nervous and produced a happy face. 'Check out the freak show. I mean, what a major Class A nerd.'

"You and I should go out sometime," the nerd told her and gave her a playful jab of the elbow.

The disgusted girl laughed nervously and told him no. He then winked and blew a kiss to her. As if it were a bomb she dodged the direction of the kiss and whined about it being gross. He blew several more after that- all in which she managed to dodge successfully. She then hid behind Rubio, uttering five different synonyms for the word 'gross' and as she looked over the one's shoulder she hid behind she saw silver strands and milk white skin. That hair…This frame…It could only be one person.

"It's you…" Sari dead panned then pointed to the dorky man and asked, "Do you see that creepy guy over there? The one with the goofy grin on his face?"

"What about him?" Rubio asked.

"He's blowing kisses at you," the spunky girl figured that if she hid behind Rubio, it would look as if he were blowing kisses at him and hopefully, if she was lucky, then Rubio would go over and beat him up for her. It was a perfect plan! It's not like Rubio would have defended her if it was simply her he was hitting on. In fact, the silver-haired man would have enjoyed it even more.

"What?" The horrified look on his face was priceless. Rubio glanced over towards the other male as he blew a kiss in his direction. "Gack!" Rubio dodged. He didn't want to be hit on by him either.

"I told you. What a fruit cake, huh?" Sari convinced.

"Okay, that creeps me out. I don't even know him," the ex-terrorist replied.

"And he's not cute either," the aqua-haired teen repulsed as she peered from behind his shoulder to see the man winking at her. "Oh God no…" She shuttered in horror.

"I can't believe he walks around on the beach like that," Rubio commented on the fact that he'd been wearing a man-thong around the beach.

"I can't believe he thinks you'd like him," Sari lied.

"Blow him a kiss back," Vincent teased.

"Why don't you, Vincent?" Rubio glared.

"No way! I'm not gay!" The offended bounty hunter yelled.

"What are you trying to say?" The silver-haired man asked in an insulted tone.

"That you're gay, so I thought you should," the bounty hunter tested. "You did kiss Valentino that one time on Mt. Kayukus," he grinned.

"It was an accident!! That's it!" The now angry Rubio then walked over to the dorky man and cracked his knuckles. "You're gonna get it now."

"Hm? What did I do?" The man looked confused to see the angry man approaching him in a violent way. He back up a few steps before Rubio was on him and delivered a punch to his face as he fell on the ground. The man apologized as he fell into the water.

"There," the ex-terrorist smiled, smug with himself.

"Thanks, he was really creeping me out," Sari thanked him.

"Well, I'm going to take a walk on the beach. The tide seems to have receded," Rubio suggested.

"Okay if you don't come back, we'll know that the ocean got you," Sari said sardonically.

"She's so morbid," Hisamichi replied.

"Kind of comforting when you think about it," Udo said.

"You're weird," the red-haired boy remarked.

"See you guys," Rubio said his goodbye to the group to go his own separate way.

"Bye Rubio," Loreli said.

"See you kid," Zidane bid him farewell as Rubio walked off along the beach as the sunset caused his form to glow in red light. Hopefully a nice evening walk would do him some good and relieve him of stressful subjects like his preference and the bounty hunters jargon about him being homosexual.

At times like this, he just needed to think.

To Be Continued…