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Into the Void

Chapter 35: GENESIS

By: Melissa Norvell/Revamp


Valentino and Rubio sat together around a window. They gazed at the night sky stuttered with stars and lit by the full moon. Milk white cascaded through the glass and bathed the room in its glow. Rubio rested his head on hi boyfriend's shoulder as Valentino put an arm around him. It was odd, but both men felt strangely at peace in that moment.

“Vincent and Ionna are-“ Rubio began to speak, but he was cut off.

“Asleep,” Valentino educated him, “don't worry about them.” If the silver-haired man thought that he was going to be seen in a compromising position, it wasn't going to happen.

“Fine,” Rubio nodded, “I won't.” That made him feel a little better at least. He didn't have to keep his guard up so much. He shouldn't worry about what they thought, and yet he still did. It was mostly due to the fact that Vincent would never let him live it down at all.

“Are you nervous?” Valentino didn't think he'd care after all of that time. Was Rubio still having trouble admitting to his sexuality?

“Yes,” he hated to admit it, but he couldn't deny it.

“You've been tense lately. Ever since you found out that I was INSIDIOUS,” the assassin wondered if that information unsettled Rubio. He could understand if it had. It wasn't exactly something you would tell your lover in confidence.

“That changes everything,” Rubio wished it hadn't, but he couldn't hide the fact.

“It does,” Valentino tipped his head down and closed his eyes, “I know what you are, too.” They were both guilty of concealing terrible secrets. Valentino never wanted his to get out, but at the same time he was sure Rubio didn't, either.

“Then you know that we were designed to take each other down from the start.” Knowing his goal made him feel conflicted. Rubio wondered if he was getting revenge for Angora all of this time, or if he was merely performing his function as a creation of Ibuki's.

“Yes, it makes sense that you're Ibuki's bodyguard. If my memory serves me right, you also have a transformation.” Red eyes opened and looked towards his silver-haired lover. Rubio served as the horrible man's bodyguard specifically for the purpose of protecting him from INSIDIOUS. It all made perfect sense that they would eventually meet, and that they had been enemies at first.

“You got me pinned,” Rubio smirked a little. Out of all of the people, it didn't shock him that Valentino was the one to figure him out.

“That means that you're one of six who were designed to take me out, and one of two who were alive to even deal with me,” Valentino didn't have to guess, he knew which of the two Rubio truly was.

The other male's voice lowered into a serious tone. “Don't tell them.”

Valentino nodded, “you can trust me.”

“I'll only transform if I need to.” There was no way that Rubio was going to give up his identity that easily. Valentino maybe have slipped up, but the ex-bodyguard wanted to be buried with his horrible secrets.

“We may need just that,” Valentino reminded him that the battle might not be that easy. “Unlike me, you can control yourself, especially if you are who I think you are.”

“Why do you think that I find it so ironic that I love you?” Rubio was designed to kill him. What they had right now was practically forbidden and something that was never supposed to happen.

“I find a lot of things ironic about our situation,” Valentino knew a lot of things should not have happened - they shouldn't have made it that far, he shouldn't have killed his team mate by transforming, Udo, Loreli and Zidane were supposed to be their enemies, and many more things that didn't play out as anyone had wanted. They were each ironic in their own way.

Ice blue eyes looked to the experiment. “You know my real name isn't Rubio, right?”

Valentino nodded.

“I envy you.”

“What for?” Valentino didn't know why anyone ever wanted to envy someone like him. There was nothing in his life to be jealous of.

“Not being born in a test tube. You're more human than I am,” Rubio had always wondered from a young age what it was like having parents. Every human child, even those who were altered - had parents. At one point in time, they had a family that loved them. It was a foreign concept to the man-made experiment.

“That doesn't matter,” Valentino didn't really know his parents. It was like he was alone from birth.

Rubio held his hand up and watched as the moonlight bent around it. His palm a dark silhouette and his fingers bathed in white. “I pretend to be something I'm not, to live under an alias and become engrossed in my own imaginary world. At the end of the day, I know nothing about myself.” As long as he had been alive, he was merely an imitation. That was his sad reality.

“Even if I am human, we're in the same boat. I spent a lot of my life in a coma, so I am unsure of what exactly has been contributed to my DNA, nor am I aware of some of my transformations. I'm an unfinished experiment. You may not know what you're made of, but you know your full ability. I do have to say,” he ran his hand through Rubio's silken strands. The moonlight glimmered from them, “you definitely resemble your foreign DNA source.”

Rubio held the assassin's hand and brought it up to the side of his face, nuzzling it, “Valentino…”

In the other room, Vincent stirred awake. Sleep tugged at his eyes as he cast a sleepy gaze to the open door. He could clearly see Valentino and Rubio in front of the window and their voices became crisper as he slowly woke up. “Hngh?” He blinked a little, clearing up his clouded vision. `Eh? What in the hell are they doing? They're getting kind of friendly there.'

Deciding to play spy for a little while, Vincent stayed still and tried to eavesdrop on their conversation.

“Let's try not to lose to Ibuki,” Valentino said, “we'll look like fools.” Coming all that way to rebel as experiments was risky. If Ibuki won, they would only be put in their places as his experiments. That was something neither of them wanted.

“You make it hard to concentrate on things like that,” Rubio placed his hand on the side of his face. A gentle smile crossed his lips. In all of the chaos they had face; little moments like that made him feel peaceful.

“I'm being serious,” Valentino deadpanned.

His boyfriend leaned in, crawling over him with his hips between Valentino's legs. “If I go out tomorrow, I want to spend tonight with you.” The words were low and seductive as he his face neared the other man's. Their lips grew nearer and nearer. Valentino closed his eyes, ready for the incoming kiss.

Vincent blushed from the next room, barely able to conceal himself. `Oh my god! They are so gay! I knew it!'

“Rubio,” the assassin murmured as the silver-haired placed a hand on the back of his head. He said nothing in return; he only kissed his boyfriend's sweet lips before sliding his tongue into his mouth. The two continued to French kiss each other, lips locked as they were entangled in a passionate moment between men.

Vincent continued to watch, wide-eyed with a red face. His thoughts were running at a thousand miles an hour and he felt his heart pound in his chest. `Should I say something? Maybe I should see how far they go so I can get some good dirt on them. I don't know though…I don't want to see them get naked on each other or anything.' There were so many conflicting thoughts in his head. Did he want blackmail? Did he truly want to sustain the eye torture in order to obtain the aforementioned information? There were so many pros and cons to each.

Rubio kissed his cheek and his love closed his eyes. Valentino told him that he loved him, and Rubio returned it with words of his own. He tacked on the fact that neither of them should die. Valentino agreed, telling him of course not, and that for once he wanted to live. His long, gloved fingers traced Rubio's jaw as his boyfriend took his hand from his face and kissed it. The kisses followed up his arm, then up his neck. Red eyes closed as he tilted his head to the side. Rubio's hands ran up his shirt, toying with his nipples. The assassin blushed faintly as he felt elegant fingers toy with him.

“So…uh…How long have you guys been like that to each other?” Vincent asked awkwardly as he stood in the door.

Both men blushed furiously and whipped their heads over to him and shouted his name in outrage.

“Dude,” the bounty hunter held up his hands, “I was here first. If I didn't stop you, the two of you would start getting naked. I knew you guys were gay!” He pointed at them as they both sat cross-legged on the floor with irritated expressions. Valentino looked down with his shirt unbuttoned.

“Go ahead and call us fruitcakes or whatever you do,” Rubio grumbled. There was nothing he could say to defend himself. He was caught red-handed and the only thing he could do was to come clean.

“If you really were like that, you could have said so.” Honestly, what was so hard about just admitting they liked each other? It wasn't like he was going to hate them for it or something.

“We weren't at first,” Valentino admitted.

“So, what was it? A heat of the moment thing? I mean, you said that you loved each other.” Vincent wanted to know just what relationship exactly did these two have?

“We do,” Rubio nodded. “We're boyfriends. You were supposed to be asleep. I knew doing anything around you would bite me in the ass.” It never failed. He didn't want Vincent on his ass, and yet, there he was. Everything was going horribly wrong.

“Well, excuse me,” Vincent crossed his arms and drew out the word in a melodramatic way.

“Don't you want to make fun of us?” Rubio was still confused as to why he was taking it so well. He didn't seem like the understanding type. His relationship with women proved that. So why was he suddenly the opposite?

“I'm not that much of a jerk. I could tell you meant it,” Vincent was a little offended that Rubio would think he'd dog him about it if he was serious. The truth as, he only made fun of him because he liked grinding his gears. He wasn't going to do in a mean-spirited way. Then, his eyes shifted suggestively. “So, did you guys have sex?”

“Vincent!” Rubio shouted in irritation. That was nothing he needed to know.

Valentino's face turned as red as a stop light, and he covered it with his hands to hide his embarrassment.

“What? I just wanted to know.” It was a curious question. If they were in a relationship, they wouldn't have been so ashamed of it, right?

“We have,” Valentino said lowly. His voice was muffled behind his hands.

“Well, from your reaction it was good sex,” Vincent continued to tease them before he was hit in the face with a flying shoe.”Ow!” He held his face in pain as Ionna walked into the room.

“What's going on?” Valentino's sister rubbed her tired eyes.

The assassin lowered his hands, his cheeks were still red and his eyes were closed.

Ionna looked between the two of them, then to Vincent. “Why are you two half-dressed?”

“This is awkward,” Rubio mumbled.

“I didn't expect to tell anyone this soon,” Valentino sighed.

“Tell me what?” Ionna was confused. No one had told her anything.

“Hey!” Sari shouted as she walked in. “I bought some…Warg! What the hell is going on?” All she saw was two half-dressed men, Vincent and Ionna. To her, it looked like something kinky was fixing to go down, and if that was the fact she was going to walk right back out of that door.

“Looks like they're playing strip poker,” Udo commented from behind her.

“Yeah…with no cards,” Yaritza squinted in accusation at them.

“Fine, fine,” Rubio took a deep breath, “I'll say it.” Since everyone was heckling him about it, he might as well say it. Vincent already knew, so there was no use in hiding it.

“ay what? What do you have to say?” Sari was really confused. What in the world had she walked in on? As she asked that question, Loreli, Bosnia and Aeris walked through the door into the madness that took place.

“Do you have something important to say, Rubio?” Bosnia caught the last part of Rubio's sentence. He said he wanted to say something. She was curious as to what it was.

“Uh…kind of…” Vincent replied.

“It was never your business,” Rubio didn't really want to do this. The quicker he did it, the faster it would be over with.

“Then you should have done it in front of me,” the bounty hunter pointed out the error of his ways as Valentino face palmed in the background. That wasn't the best way to word that at all.

Sari arched an eyebrow and cocked her head. “Well, say it,” she was tired of waiting and they were doing a good job at dragging things out. If they had something to say, they needed to get to the point.

“Yeah,” Bosnia agreed, “I wanna know! What are you hiding?” The girl puffed up her cheeks and put her hands on her hips. A stern frown was planted on her face as she eyed them.

“They're lovers,” Vincent smiled and gestured to the two.

“Get real, Vincent,” Sari crossed her arms. He needed to stop fucking around. She was getting tired of his bullshit already and she'd only seen him for five minutes.

“No,” Valentino looked down, “he's right.”

“What?!” Sari could hardly believe what she was hearing. What the hell did Valentino mean by that? Surely, this was all some kind of joke! That was it! They were in on it together.

“So…You guys…uh…” Udo wasn't quite sure what to say in that situation. He just felt awkward being there.

“Are we going out? Yes. Do we love each other? Yes. Are we having sex? Yes,” Rubio figured he might as well answer all of their commonly asked questions. It was better getting them over with and not going into details. All they needed to know is that they were doing these things and nothing more.

“Uh…that was too much information,” Zidane really didn't want to know anything about their personal sex life.

“I thought you hated each other,” Sari wanted to know how all of this came to be. Why were they all of a sudden together? Were they just putting on a show all of this time? What the hell was going on?

“I'm confused, too,” Loreli wanted an explanation as well.

“Things changed,” Valentino pointed out the obvious answer.

“I'll say,” Vincent smiled in victory before he was met with a harsh smack to the back of his head by Ionna. He held his head as the pain registered, “ow.”

“Are you happy?” His girlfriend asked, frowning heavily.

“What?” Rubio didn't really know who she was asking that to.

“Are you happy with him?” Ionna asked again, looking to her brother.

Valentino nodded. “I care about him a lot. I'm not even sure what happened along the way, but neither of us has felt this way about another man.” It wasn't something they knew they wanted. Somehow, along the way, it fell into place and there was mutual acceptance.

“It's not something we can really explain. It just happened, so say what you want. Now you know,” Rubio was waiting for it. He was waiting to be made fun of again for being gay.

“It's not a question, but a statement. I love him and I've had a while to think about it,” Valentino was going to stand behind his decision. Who cares what they all had thought about them?

“You've been together for a while? How long?” Bosnia didn't notice at all. They never acted any different at all.

“It's been a while,” the assassin wasn't really going to state exactly when. For that matter, he wasn't sure of when exactly he fell for the other man. He always felt something for Rubio, as for what it actually was, he was unsure of.

“Since before Baztok,” Rubio noted. “After Valentino saved my life from the soldiers.”

“All this time I thought Valentino liked Sari,” Vincent looked contemplative, “or maybe Sari liked Valentino?” He wasn't really sure which way that relationship was going.

“Valentino and I were close-“ Sari began to speak but she was cut off.

“We could have dated,” the assassin stopped her sentence before she finished it.

“Whaaaa?” The girl's eyes grew wide as she stared at him with disbelief. What the hell did he mean they could have dated? Was he saying that he wouldn't have cared if they went out? Was holding back her feelings at the moment an error?

“I knew you liked her,” Rubio frowned. It was really obvious that the two of them had something going on.

“We liked each other,” Valentino admitted to it. “It was mutual.” Sari wasn't a bad girl, and unlike Rubio he didn't find her irritating at all. Despite her opinionated side, Sari also had a sweet, understanding side that the assassin found charming.

“Yeah!” The slender girl placed her hands on her hips. “It's not like we went around having sex behind your back.” Unlike some people, she had class. Sari didn't really want sexual favors from the assassin anyway, she liked their psychological development and how gentle and understanding the assassin could be. Around Valentino, she felt safe and protected.

“This is awkward,” as someone who still had feelings for the aqua-haired girl, Hisamichi didn't know how to feel about any of that.

laundry hanging around,” the pirate knew this all too well. No one could hide secrets forever, especially when they were spending time around each other so much. It was all a matter of time before it surfaced.

“We all like each other in some form or fashion.” If they didn't form relationships after being crammed together all of that time, Udo would have been shocked.

“Not me!” Bosnia beamed with a wide smile. “I'm as single as can be!” It didn't bother her, either. She really didn't feel anything romantic towards anyone there. She was happy that they were each finding their special someone. It was adorable.

“We just decided we wanted to be friends more than lovers,” Sari smiled and looked towards the assassin, “right, Valentino?”

The black-haired man nodded. “You're a lot closer to me than anyone else,” he then felt daggers being glared into him by his boyfriend, who had his arms crossed. He felt sweat running down his forehead. “Well, except Rubio.”

“You guys hid it well,” Udo had to give him props for that. He wasn't even aware that they felt anything at all. They fooled him. “I never would have guessed. I always thought Vincent was just being an ass and making jokes.”

“They're too feminine looking to be straight,” Vincent stated that as if it were a proven fact.

“I'm not feminine,” Rubio shot.

“Feminine?” Valentino ran a hand through his hair, watching the ends slip from his hand like silk. “It's the hair, right?” He did have long hair for a male.

“You're both beautiful men,” Sari nodded. Being around them was like basking in the presence of angels…no matter how much of a hellion Rubio was. However, judging on looks alone, they were perfect, like men modeled after Adonis.

“I've never thought of myself as such a thing.” All of his life, the assassin was told he was made for experimental purposes, and nothing about his looks. Science was form and function, aesthetics. The only people who seemed to care about that were the ones in his group.

“Neither have I,” Rubio agreed with him. He knew how that was. The first person to even call him handsome was Angora.

“Yeah right,” Sari waved in dismissal. “If any girl saw you, they would be all over you.” The two of them lived in a lab all of their lives. In all honesty, if they grew up in the real world, they would be the hot guys at some elite school somewhere with millions of fans screaming at them.

“Rubio…” Ionna turned her sights to the silver-haired man.

“Yeah?” Rubio looked back at her.

“I never thought my brother would end up with someone like you. I've always seen him with women. But…if you make him happy, then I'm glad you're together.” A small smile crossed her face. If Valentino really loved this man, then she was fine with his choices. As his sister, Ionna would stand by his choices.

“I know I screwed up in the past,” Rubio decided to explain his past errors, ”I admit that it was more out of purpose than actual anger that I set out to destroy him. Yes, my anger helped fuel it, but my initial purpose was to counteract INSIDIOUS.”

“Throughout this whole mission, no one ever knew anything about you,” Sari pointed that fact out. “So why don't you tell us who you really are.” His charade had gone on long enough. She didn't know anything more about him now than she learned when they first met, and she was tired of it. There was more to him than met the eye.

“I'm an experiment, much like Valentino. My experimentation has been completed, however. My real name isn't Rubio McDougall.” Closing his eyes, he admitted the truth. He had thought about the conversation that he had with his lover, and Valentino had good points. They would all learn it at one point in time. Now was a good time.

“What?” Zidane was shocked by this. What did he mean his real name wasn't Rubio? If it wasn't Rubio then what was it?

“Then why have we been calling you it all of this time?” Vincent didn't get it.

“It's an alias, right?” Yaritza was interested.

“Yes,” Rubio nodded.

“Does that mean you have an experimental project name?” Loreli knew that most of the scientific projects had super strange names. Perhaps Rubio was like that.

“Huh?” The red-headed ninja looked back towards her. What did Loreli mean by that? Project name?

“Valentino's project name is INSIDIOUS-“ Loreli began to explain.

“But, Valentino is his real name,” Yaritza still didn't know where she was going with this.

“That's true, but an experimental project name is what everyone from the biochemistry labs knew them as,” Loreli explained what exactly the term meant and why they had such names. They were more of a way to classify the experiments more than it was anything else.

“But you still have a real name, don't you Rubio,” she turned to ask, but felt her wording was strange. “Uh…I don't know what to call you now.” Yaritza was really confused by all of this. She wanted someone to tell her what the right way was.

“My real name…is GENESIS,” he opened his light blue eyes and stared at everyone to see what their reactions were.

Red eyes widened as Valentino looked to his boyfriend in disbelief. He knew that name. It was very familiar to him. “GENESIS…”

“Wait…You're part of the Seraphim Bodyguard Project, aren't you?” If he wasn't, Zidane would have been damned surprised.

“That means you can transform,” Udo looked to him with a stern expression. He knew a little about the bodyguard project. They were capable of similar abilities to those of INSIDIOUS.

“That's the same project branch I'm from,” Valentino noted. It was strange that he met someone else from that project. He had thought that everyone from that area had died.

“GENESIS is my name. I don't have another one,” Rubio let everyone know that he was very different from Valentino. Unlike the assassin, he was born to his name. It was a part of him, and his alias was simply just that.

“Just GENESIS,” Sari questioned, arching an eyebrow, “no last name or anything?” That was really strange, almost too strange to be true. Who didn't have a last name?

“That's it,” Rubio confirmed.

“Really?” Yaritza looked just as confused as Sari. She didn't want to not believe him. She had no reason to, but that was just a weird story, perhaps the weirdest she'd heard.

Rubio nodded in silence. He knew how it sounded, but it was the truth. He had no reason to lie.

“How can you not have a last name? Don't you have parents?” Yaritza didn't want to seem like she was calling him out, but she was. It was too strange not to ask about. What reason did he have not to have a last name? Did he forget it? Did he disown it? She had so many questions.

“I wasn't conceived,” the silver-haired man closed his eyes with a frown. His words were low and held sorrow to them. “I was created.”

“Created how?” Bosnia was curious. She wanted to know more about him. The girl actually found it interesting that he wasn't born. It was a foreign concept to her that she longed to understand. “How can you be created with no parents?”

“I was born in a test tube,” Rubio explained. “I guess you could call it a test tube, anyway.” He wasn't quite sure what terminology to give that contraption.

“It's more like a chamber. A lot of experiments are made that way,” Valentino pointed out the common method of creation.

“So…you were formed?” Sari thought that was some weird science fiction shit. She felt like she was in some sort of weird, futuristic storybook. Not being birthed into the world was an alien concept.

“I'm confused,” Vincent was trying to grasp it, but wasn't doing a very good job. “If there's no sperm…and no egg…then how did you exist?”

“There were both, but I don't know who they belonged to,” Rubio was essentially formed in the same method, but it wasn't through sexual reproduction. Essentially he had parents, but only via genetic material. He never knew what they looked like or anything.

“Couldn't you get your DNA read?” The bounty hunter thought it was an easy fix. They had the technology to tell him what he was made of. Doing it shouldn't have been hard, right?

“My DNA has been altered too much. I can no longer track it back to possible parents,” Rubio had once considered the same thing, but the chances of finding out were slim to none.

Bosnia's face morphed into a crestfallen expression. “That's sad…You mean you'll never find out who they are?” She couldn't imagine a life where she had never known her parents. Rubio must have felt so lonely as a child, growing up, and maybe even now.

“No,” Rubio shook his head, “not unless I stumble upon it by accident.”

“How do you feel like a person considering that?” Yaritza lived in a culture that prized themselves on family relations. She couldn't grasp why or how Rubio was able to function not even knowing who was the reason he existed.

“I don't,” the answer was simple. “I can act like it all I want, but I don't. I don't know anything that normal people do. I have no parents, no birth certificate, and no childhood.” He wasn't like a human at all. It was enough to look like one, but the life he had lead was anything but. Rubio never understood attachment to parents or family members of any kind. He had once wondered what it was like, but there was nothing to know beyond that. Reading it allowed him to gain some knowledge, but it didn't make up for the experience he lacked.

“You mean, you came into the world as you are?” Loreli knew that some of the experiments didn't grow in that aspect. It sounded like GENESIS was one of them. “I've always heard about the Seraphim Project but I never knew much about it.”

“I never would have thought I was working with a Seraph Soldier,” Udo knew those guys were a breed all their own. It was odd to think about because it seemed so unreal.

“I pretended to be human,” Rubio stated one of his objectives. “I know a lot about the outside world, even though I am not that old.” It was weird to say, but the age he looked and the age he actually was were two different things.

“Not that old?” Bosnia cocked her head.

“Eh?” Sari was equally mystified by his words.

“I'm only ten years old inhuman years,” Rubio closed his eyes. It was awkward to say something like that, looking like a twenty to thirty year old man.

“I would ask if you were joking but, that answer was too sincere,” Sari didn't even know what to think. She always joked about this guy being immature, but he was literally ten. That was uncomfortable to think about more than the span of a few minutes.

“That makes sense,” Valentino pointed out a supporting fact that he wasn't just making up audacious stories. “The last years of the project that you monitored were those in which they `lost control' of me and deemed me a calamity of an experiment. You were created to destroy me.” The time span was correct, and he had no reason not to believe him.

GENESIS nodded.

“This wasn't about Angora at all.” No, his feelings ran deeper than that.

“Huh?” GENESIS was genuinely confused. What did he mean by that?

“This was about you and I,” those red eyes pierced him at that moment. It was as if Valentino was staring a hole into his soul.

“What do you mean?”

“Angora was a part of it, yes, but his primary goal was killing me in the process.” It all made sense to him now. There was no denying what the mission was to Valentino now.

“Was he trying to put us against each other to enable our primary functions?” GENESIS thought he knew what his fellow experiment was getting at. At least, it made sense in his head, anyway.

“Maybe he wanted you two to duke it out to see who the better experiment is.” It didn't shock Yaritza at all if that was Ibuki's plan. He was that cold, after all.

Rubio thought of the alternative, “or he wanted us to destroy each other.”

“It could have been either one of those theories,” Valentino was a little unsure himself, but either was something that demonic terrorist was capable of. “We're not humans worth compassion to him. We're simply objects meant to be fought, killed, or bred to his standards.” As experiments, they were no more than hamsters or slaves.

“To be truthful, they shouldn't even have messed with that old body they found,” Zidane didn't think that was a good idea at all.

“Body?” Loreli turned to him in question. “You mean the body they found in the mountains?”

“Yeah,” the scar-faced man nodded, “that thing. No one even knew what that thing was, though some people called it an angel. I'm still skeptical.”

Sari was lost. “Uh…explain.”

“Yeah, no one knows what you're talking about,” Hisamichi certainly had no clue what they were saying. Was this some king of upper class mission or something? What did they mean by body in the mountain, and angel?

“Hey Rubio…or should I say, GENESIS,” Zidane turned to the experiment. “Why don't you show then what you can turn into?” He knew that the silver-haired man had a most special transformation. That would explain things in fewer words than he could put it into.

“Come to think of it, I've never seen your transformation, either,” Valentino tried to think of a moment where he might have, but nothing came to mind. His boyfriend told him that he could transform, but into what was the question.

“I haven't transformed in a long time, “ GENESIS admitted.

“Once he transforms, you'll see what the Seraphim Project was all about,” Zidane would be able to explain it better with a living example and what better example than the man who held genetic material from the supposed `angel' of the mountain.

…To Be Continued