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Into the Void

By: Revamp

Chapter 37: Confrontation


Everyone ran as quickly as their feet could carry them. Each of them fought to the best of their ability, filled with a blazing determination as they took out any soldiers in their path. Hisamichi shot out in front of the group, firing his gun at everyone who dared to come at him. Bullets flew as they pierced flesh and clothing, spraying blood in the air as men and women fell at his feet. As he cleared the way for the group, Zidane stopped in the midst of running and allowed the group to go around him. He listened as their footsteps faded from his range of hearing.

“Eat firepower, you bastards!” He shouted the phrase as he fired one of the rockets from his launcher. With a hissing scream the weapon spiraled into a closed door with two guards. The guards yelled and tried to run, but they were caught in the blast and their bodies were propelled out of the way. The door caved in easily.

“Nice shot!” Vincent complimented his handiwork.

“It works well enough,” Zidane didn't waste a second bolting forward as he ran through the now destroyed door. He made his way through the debris and blood that he'd created, followed by the others.

“Where are we going, exactly?” Yaritza inquired as she ran close behind.

“To floor six,” Rubio educated her on their destination.

Valentino's sword sliced through a soldier's body as if it was nothing. The sound of flesh separating sounded in his ears as blood and organ fell onto the ground in a sloppy mess. Cold, red eyes gazed down at the corpse at his feet. “It will be better to use the stairs. No doubt the elevators have been stopped.”

The assassin glanced above him to see a soldier jump down, pointing a gun at him. He raised his sword again but before he could make contact, a pin wheel stuck out of his chest and pierced his heart, then another one stabbed him in the head for good measure. Valentino stepped to the side as the body hit the ground with a thud.

“Great timing,” Udo gave her a thumbs up and winked.

“That's what I trained for,” Yartiza winked back at him.

“Now, it's my turn!” The spiky-haired ninja pulled out his large shuriken on a chain and hurled it at the door. The huge weapon spiraled and dug its points into the metal, mauling it under its force as it ripped it off of its hinges and propelled it into the nearest wall. He yanked it back as everyone ran for the opening. “There are the stairs.”

Everyone advanced up the stairs as quickly as they could, and Udo followed suit. After going up several flights of stairs, they rushed out of the nearest door and turned, only to go up even more stairs that took them higher up the levels of the building.

“Damn, my legs are getting a work out,” Sari cursed to herself. If she knew she had to climb so many stairs, then she would have worked out her legs more. At this rate, she wasn't going to have any power to fight Ibuki.

“I hope we're almost there,” Loreli didn't like going up the stairs any more than any of the rest of them. She remembered why she normally took the elevator.

“I didn't anticipate this,” Vincent wasn't sure, but he figured that they would have an easier time just getting to this guy. He should have known that with his luck that wasn't going to happen.

“Keep moving! Slow ass!” Sari was about to run over him if he didn't pick up his pace.

“I hate stairs!” The bounty hunter whined as he slowed down, falling behind.

A loud bang sounded as Rubio kicked another door down. It swung forward, nearly popping off of the hinges as a whole army of Dark Renegade Assassins were present on the other side, just waiting for them. The silver-haired man uttered the word, `shit' under his breath before he was pushed away by Zidane.

“I don't have time for this!” The bald man held up his rocket launcher as he saw the faces of his once fellow assassins light up in shock. He fired another rocket as he heard them calling out his name before being blasted away. “It's been fun, men but I gotta get some blood on my hands.”

“Traitor!” He turned to hear the voice of one of his former men, who came running at him. “I'll show you what happens to those who defy Ibuki's-“ He didn't get any more words out before he was punched across the face and upper cut in the stomach. The man's body slammed against the wall.

“I'd rather defy him in front of his face,” Vincent turned from the man to leave, but he felt a hand grab his ankle. A look of irritation crossed his features as he turned around and stomped on the man's face a couple of times until he finally released him.

Loreli pointed her staff at another assassin and blasted him with a beam of light, knocking him off of his feet and sent him propelling backwards across the floor. In another part of the building, Udo swung his weapon through an entire crowd of killers, laughing manically as his blade tore through their bodies, dismembering them as they screamed in agony. Sticky, thick blood splattered against him as he smiled with an unstable expression on his face.

“What a pity that you were killed by the boy you used to bully around. Insignificant vermin,” Udo finally had his revenge, but his moment of happiness and fulfillment only lasted a few minutes before one of the hidden assassins jumped from high above and prepared to take him by surprise and end his life.

Udo turned to strike him, but he was too late. The assassin was stabbed in the neck with a pin wheel and fell to the ground. Yaritza stood a few feet away from him donning a bright smile. “Just thought I'd pick up the loose ends.”

The ninja smiled and thanked her before the two of them took off running down the hallway. They soon came to the end of it and Rubio grabbed a piece of railing, guiding himself around the corner by swinging on it. He didn't have time to slow down his pace. Everyone followed him closely.

“I thought he was on this floor. Why are we going down stairs again?” Bosnia looked confused as they began to descend down another flight of stairs close by.

“He's in this room,” Rubio jumped down part of the stairs and landed swiftly at a door. Zidane told everyone to stand back as he sent a missile into it, blasting it open.

Inside of the room stood Ibuki. His back was turned to them as he gazed upon a mummified angel that floated in some kind of green liquid. She was incased in a large tube that extended from the floor to the ceiling and was hooked up to multiple machines.

“This is the day of reckoning,” his spoke before he felt the earthquake of his door being blasted in. The terrorist turned quickly with anger marring his face. “What?” Then his eyes widened as he saw the silver-haired man who used to be his wife's body guard standing before him. “Rubio…”

“My name is GENESIS,” Rubio corrected him as Valentino and the others made their way into view.

“What is the meaning of this? You were supposed to kill him!” Ibuki pointed at Rubio in accusation. Did he really forget his mission so easily? What an ineffective assassin. He would make sure to end him soon enough. He could expect no better from a defective experiment.

“Killing Rubio was not discussed in our initial plan,” Valentino reminded him of his one oversight. He technically didn't do anything ineffectively because he was not instructed to do anything about Rubio.

“I made a deal with you to kill him after you slayed Angora. Instead, you both team up and come after me? Did you forget who created you? Who made you all what you are now?” Ibuki found them to be nothing but ungrateful idiots who needed to be dealt with. By the time he was done with them, he was going to make sure that both of them paid for their act of terrorism against him.

“What? A cruel experiment? Should I be grateful that you didn't make my life any more twisted than it is now?” Rubio owed him nothing, nor was he thankful for anything this man had done to him or any of his friends.

“We're nothing but your pawns, so why should we have a valid reason to recognize you as any significant being in our lives?” The only significance he had to Valentino was that he would soon be dead and away from him forever. He would slay him in the name of everyone he murdered with his human experimentation, for everyone he made suffer…for Tomoe…and Kajuji.

“We're not here to throw you a party,” Aeris spoke up with a hand on her hip.

Ionna walked over to him and stared him down with cold, red eyes and a stern expression on her face. This was the man that caused her so much grief, the man that she would help take down with the aid of the people around her. Everything came down to this moment. “I've been searching for you. Now that I found you, we can finally end this.”

“Ionna?” Vincent was a little confused. He didn't know that his girlfriend was after this guy.

“This is also a personal goal of mine,” Ionna revealed her true intentions to everyone. “It's true that I came along to find Valentino but I was after Ibuki before I met all of you. When I attacked you, I thought that you were working for him.” The fact that they met was merely a case of mistaken identity.

“What?” The bounty hunter was a little surprised by that.

“Since I wasn't good enough to be an experiment, he turned me into a female sniper. When I was eleven I was sent out to do missions that no one else wanted to do. My body had rejected the Celestia DNA when I was put under experimentation at the age of fifteen. Ever since then, I went from a first class sniper to nothing but worthless. I know about the other Seraphim Projects. I even used to date one. The Project named Axis was my boyfriend.” Her words were soft as a rush of nostalgia hit her in a wave as she recalled the man she had once loved. “A real go-getter and opportunist. He was full of fire and very spunky. He had slicked back, spiky hair wore goggles and had a black lightning bolt tattooed onto his cheek. I watched the other experiments take on Axis and both a former leader of AKUMA and my brother, who was given many injections of the DNA. I saw their twisted transformations and how much they suffered.” Her words darkened as she finished her story.

“I saw the insanity of INSIDIOUS, and Axis.”

“Axis…his real name was Zackynthos Aldair,” Valentino remembered him well. “He tried to attack Ibuki after Celestia's DNA warped him. He did it out of the pain that drove him mad, to the point of trying to kill everyone around him.”

Ionna's eyes narrowed. “You murdered him.”

“He was imperfect,” Ibuki argued their points. “I couldn't allow him to exist.” Everyone knew that he was doing what was best for the sake of everyone when he got rid of Project AXIS. He was highly unstable and would only grow more uncontrollable with time. He wasn't about to keep someone like that around knowing he was a public danger.

“So, you turned him into a test subject for bio weaponry,” Valentino didn't think that was a proper way to get rid of someone.

“You're just as vile as you've always been,” Ionna was disgusted just looking at him. It took everything in her not to lunge at him at this very moment. Then again, she knew better than to let her anger overcome her. Now wasn't the time to mindlessly throw them into a battle.

“That's so cruel,” Bosnia felt bad for the other projects. How they must have suffered under his hands.

“I guess that thing behind him is Celestia,” Vincent made the deduction as he looked at the test tube angel. So, that was the thing that he coveted so much? That was the being that had DNA inserted in nearly everyone he seemed to know. Compared to her experiments, she didn't look like anything special, but he knew it was far from true.

“Celestia…” Rubio walked past the terrorist, entranced with the angel before him. She was beautiful with long, pale hair and wings that curved around her body. Celestia was in the fetal position, encased in fluids. This was the being that he had come to know as a mother. Every part of her resonated inside of him.

A small, kind smile crossed his face as blue eyes gazed at her form, taking her in like a long lost relative. “I can finally see you now…After all of this time…”

Valentino walked up and looked at the terrorist that had hired him. “Before I end your pathetic life, tell me the truth. What is GENESIS, and why is he the only successful experiment from the Seraphim Project?”

It was a question that had plagued him since he had known about GENESIS. There were so many failures, and surely there was a reason that Rubio was able to transcend them all and shine where they flickered out. There was something special about him, no doubt. He just didn't know what it was.

“That's what I'd like to know. What in the hell is he?” Ionna wondered as well. There was no way that he could be a human like all of them. If he was, then he would have just become a twisted piled of bones, or something of a monstrosity.

Zidane stood on the left of Ibuki, making sure that he didn't go anywhere, and Udo stood on the other side. Behind them all, Rubio was still staring lovingly at the angel encased in glass. They had him right where they wanted and they didn't intend on letting him get away.

“You should tell us,” Yaritza prodded him. “Let's end this madness.” He was clearly outnumbered, and if he wanted to fight them then so be it. There was no way that he could get through all of them.

A twisted smirk crossed Ibuki's face and a small laugh escaped his lips. “GENESIS is the perfect experiment. He is foreign, completely void of human DNA.”

Upon hearing those words, Rubio's eyes widened and the realization hit him hard. “What?” The question slipped through his lips in a whisper.

“You need a human sperm to be compatible to inseminate Celestia's egg in order to form a child,” Valentino didn't see how he could have done such a thing. If he was telling them the truth, then Rubio was created by some other means, but how was that so? How could he possibly be void of human DNA?

“You fool!” Ibuki laughed at the group's ignorance. “You don't know what Celestia is, do you?”

Rubio turned from the angel and looked at him, shock still riddled into his expression. “What…Celestia is?” He wasn't really sure what this man was getting at. He wasn't sure that he wanted to, either.

“She's some freaky angel thing that you found on a mountain, right?” That was the way that Sari heard it anyway. Unless that wasn't true, and she had a feeling it might not be completely.

“Celestia is a being with capabilities outside of any human's. You see, Celestia is a fertile being who can be either male or female. If a planet was to have no inhabitants on it, then Celestia has the ability to impregnate themself,” Ibuki announced the finding with great pride. Through these means he was able to make the perfect being, an exact replica with pure angel blood. Rubio was an angel, a holy being from the heavens above just as his mother.

“What?” Vincent had never heard of anything like that in his life. The fact that it was something that was very real astounded him.

“Are you saying that GENESIS' parents are the same person?” Valentino also had a look of shock on his face. It was like something right out of a science fiction novel.

“That is so freaky and weird. What would you call them? Mom or dad…or both? I'm confused,” Sari's head was hurting just thinking about the possibilities of that screwed up parenting program.

“Celestia is my mother…and my father?” Rubio was overwhelmed with this new information. He fell to his knees and shook with emotion. Light blue eyes stared up at the angel. He could hardly believe that he was looking at both of his parents at this moment in time. Above all else, he was an angel, something inhuman. Right now, he felt like it. Rubio was the only one of his kind on earth and the alienation hit him hard.

“Since it was nearly impossible to inject a human with Celestia's DNA, you used DNA from them to create an instance of self impregnation,” Valentino deduced the method in which Rubio was more than likely conceived.

“So…Rubio is whatever the hell Celestia is?” Zidane finally spoke up, trying to grasp the situation.

Loreli cast the man a pitiful look. “Poor Rubio…I mean GENESIS…”

“Valentino is the only surviving human whose body accepted the DNA and suffered the mutations enough to live. The INSIDIOUS Project was formed to try and keep him around to study both the effects of the Celestia gene on his body and monitor and stabilize the mutations. Since humans and Celestia looked so similar, I thought that I could get the human body to accept the Celestia cells, but so far only two experiments worked with the DNA transfer,” Ibuki explained the method behind is experiments. A lot of time, research, trial and error went into the Celestia Project and the Seraphim Project as well. His dream to create a class of super soldiers was a rocky path to a perfect project like Rubio. It was too bad that he hadn't gone farther in the time he had and made an army, rather than wasting his time on insignificant humans who couldn't hold up to the majesty of the angelic DNA.

“Two?” Yaritza wondered who the other one was.

“I still don't know why Valentino's body was able to accept Celestia's DNA without it warping his body and mind that much. There are many theories, all point to a miscalculation in the amount of DNA given to him. Either that or he suffered from a disease that gave him a hormone imbalance or had some type of deformed cells. Whatever the case, his seraph and human genes are nearly equal. It's amazing.” Even when he was held at bay by the enemy, he remarked on his handiwork and how brilliant his experiments had turned out. Ibuki had to hand it to himself, despite his amount of failed experiments the two that were successful and semi-successful were works of art. It was worth all of the destruction and carnage for him to come to this point. It was a true milestone in the advances of science and biochemistry.

“Who is the other project that made any progress?” Valentino wanted to know.

“You look too serious,” Ibuki waved in dismissal. “Why is it that you wish to know?” It was almost as if he was trying to tease them with the information that he withheld.

“So…my mother and father were…the same person…” Rubio looked at his own two hands, still trying to process everything that he had heard. It was all too much to take in.

“And you're an alien,” Sari added to his situation.

“No matter what I do…I can never find out what I am.” It hit him again in an onslaught of emotions as he stood up. No one knew what Celestia was; therefore no one knew what he was. Rubio would never know his true identity and the purpose he was originally meant to serve. He would forever wonder about himself and his powers.

This wasn't the outcome he wanted at all.

“Rubio…” Valentino looked to his boyfriend. He could only imagine what he might be feeling at this point in time.

The silver-haired angel clenched his fists, summoning golden streams of energy around him as a rush of wind and a blast of golden sparkles shot up. Silver hair flowed in the magical torrents that surrounded him as his wings sprouted from his back, shimmering with majesty. Rubio's head dress formed around his cranium as he extended his arm, grabbing one of the brilliant streams that flowed around him. It transformed into a giant scythe craved with intricate symbols that shone with precious metals.

Ibuki turned and stared with wide eyes at the true power of the pure DNA of Celestia. Rubio was an angel in its purest form.

“He transformed,” Udo could hardly believe the sight before him.

Rubio walked towards Ibuki. His face held nothing but cold hatred for his creator, and his words dripped with venom. “You…You created me, not knowing what I was or what you were even contending with.”

“His face is so cold,” Sari visibly trembled at the sight of the angel. “I've never seen him look like that before. His expression is one of a killer.”

“He looks demonic,” Yaritza agreed with her friend.

The angel drew back his weapon, unable to hold back his wrath. “I'll put an end to this myself!” Rubio shouted as he brought the scythe down with great force. His friends all darted quickly out of the way as it headed towards its intended subject.

Ibuki merely brought up a hand and a beam of blue light clashed against his weapon, holding it at bay. The angel merely looked on with widened eyes. He hadn't expected that kind of power from someone so simple-looking.

“Everyone okay?” Zidane glanced around at the others, checking on their status. Some of them nodded and others just looked dazed by everything that had just happened. A few of them merely stared at Ibuki and Rubio, caught up in the action that ensued.

“Is he trying to kill us? We were standing right there!” Yaritza could hardly believe what just happened. Why would Rubio act so rashly and put their lives in danger like that?

“Man…that's pretty hard to take,” Zidane was shocked he didn't snap sooner.

“Huh?” The red-haired ninja glanced to him in confusion. Why the hell wasn't he mad about all of this? He was closer to Rubio than she was.

“I doubt Rubio even knew who he was, and now that he found out his parent figure is dead, there's no way in hell that he'll ever figure it out. He'll be forced into living the same life he was before,” Zidane found that to be an awful conclusion to their endeavors. For someone like Rubio, there was no happy ending.

Rubio swung his scythe again and again in an attempt to hit his foe, but Ibuki was on top of all of his movements. The man moved at teleportation-like speed as he dodged every strike.

“I knew you'd find out one day, so I prepared myself for this instance,” Ibuki wasn't stupid. All of his experiments eventually found out what they were and the results were varied. While this was a little different, he still prepared for a fight. He might not know the extent of GENESIS' potential, but he intended on standing a chance if not being stronger than the experiment.

“Let me guess, you made yourself an experiment,” Rubio figured that he would do something so predictable. It wasn't as if Ibuki hadn't done experiments on himself. It was no big secret among even the lowest of positions at his establishment.

He brought down his blade again, but missed Ibuki and only managed to strike the ground. The blade marred the metal floor and sent a brilliant flash of golden energy off in Ibuki's direction. It consumed the man as he ran through it and attempted to punch Rubio in the face. However, he dodged and flew into the air.

“As a matter a fact, I did,” Ibuki brought truth to the Seraphim's words. “I'm the only other experiment who succeeded in accepting Celestia's DNA.”

“What?” Yartiza hoped that she didn't hear that right, but she was pretty sure that she had.

“I knew it,” Loreli had a feeling that was it.

“It makes sense now,” Ionna did as well. Now it had just been confirmed.

“Huh?” Vincent looked at her in question.

“It's all a part of his balance,” Ionna added.

“Balance?” Her boyfriend was still confused at what she was talking about.

“He made all of his experiments to counteract each other. So, in order to counteract both my brother and GENESIS, he made himself into an experiment so that he could one day defeat them if he had to,” the red-eyed girl always had a feeling that Ibuki had been doing that. Why would he make such powerful experiments and have no way to control them? That wasn't like him at all. He didn't rely on brainwashing alone. He had to have a backup plan in case someone decided to go rouge.

Rubio swung his scythe again, trying to chop off Ibuki's head and go straight for the kill, but the other male ducked down and brought his fist up, delivering a sharp blow to the angel's stomach. The contact caused his body to jolt and a sharp pain resonated within him.

“You may be pure in blood, but you're still just a toy soldier,” Ibuki remarked and punched him again, sending the angel barreling into a nearby wall.

“Take this!” Ionna called out and delivered the first offensive from the side lines. The woman threw her weapon and as it spiraled towards its intended target, Ibuki grabbed it but his grip wasn't strong enough as the weapon made contact with his shoulder. His feet skidded across the ground before he came to a stop and threw the weapon down.

Before he could register what was going on, Vincent delivered a kick to his ribs that was so powerful it made his body roll across the ground towards Valentino.

The silent man made no moves as he looked down at his creator with void eyes. “Not so tough now that your little army isn't behind you, are you?”

Ibuki's eyes widened as he rolled out of the way of Udo's weapon, which made contact in the spot where he had been staring up at the assassin. It turned out that the ninja jumped over Valentino and tried to strike him. He called out his name in shock as he pulled the weapon out of the ground and looked at him with a wild-eyed expression.

“I've been waiting to take a crack at you all of my life,” Udo wasn't going to let the opportunity go to waste.

Ibuki pulled himself off of the ground and glared down the traitor. “It's about time I cut this crowd down. I need to get rid of a few of the vermin around here.” He was going to start with all those who dared to defy him.

“Vermin? I find that ironic,” Valentino spoke up. Such a lowly man had no right to refer to them as such.

“Nah, he's worse than vermin. Should have killed him ages ago,” Zidane knew there was only one place for people like him, and he wanted to send him there in the express lane.

Valentino unsheathed his sword and walked towards Ibuki, wordless. There was nothing to say to a man like him. He had no words for him, nor would he speak any if he could get away with it.

“INSIDIOUS,” Ibuki smirked.

“Save it,” the assassin didn't care for whatever pointless banter he had to say.

“We're both rare people to hold this gene of ours,” his enemy pointed out their similarities, and still Valentino said nothing in response.

Rubio held his side, watching as his boyfriend and his creator stared each other down.

Quickly, Ibuki drew his gun but before he could put his finger on the trigger, the tip of the assassin's sword poked him in the nose, daring him to try and shoot. He expected no less from someone like Valentino. His smile grew wider. “You truly live up to your name.”

“Too bad I was never your perfect experiment,” Valentino knew his words were faux. There was no sense in complimenting someone he'd always looked down upon. No amount of words was going to make any of this better. They both knew that.

“Even if you were, you would still be inferior,” Ibuki taunted him as his hand was hit and the gun flew from it. The weapon landed on the ground with a clatter several feet behind him.

“Even so, my true form could kill you easily.” That was something that he knew for certain. “The only reason you want to eliminate me is because you can't defeat me. That's why you created GENESIS. You thought that an experiment who was close to Celestia could defeat me since he possessed no human blood. You have a generic way of thinking.” Not everything was as black and white as he made it. There wasn't always some scientific answer hidden within the code of someone's DNA. Not all pure formed subjects were stronger than hybrids.

“What do you mean?” Ibuki didn't know what he was getting at, but he was sure that Valentino was just blowing off steam and trying to make himself out to be something more than what he was.

“Hybrids are created as more perfected, stronger forms of the original specimen. Even if I am unstable because of my incompletion, I possess something that even you do not,” Valentino could say those things for certain. Hybrids were often those who possessed the best traits of both genes. The vices and imperfections of both races they were created from were often purged for better and stronger traits. That's why they were created in the first place. It's why the human experiments happened, and it's why the Seraphim Project happened in the first place.

“You don't even know the secret behind your own power,” Ibuki seethed as he was cut across the chest. The power of the strike sent his body flying back into a wall. He made contact and bounced off with such force that he dented the metal. Pain resonated from his form as he attempted to pick himself up off of the floor.

“You don't think I do, but I've kept it hidden from you…from everyone,” Valentino had a few tricks up his sleeve.

“What?” Udo was confused. What else could he be hiding besides that transformation of his?

“You sneaky bastard,” a sly smile crept across Zidane's face. He knew he could always count on Valentino to bring the unpredictability and wild antics to the battlefield. He was interested in seeing what he had been hiding from them.

“The secret of INSIDIOUS?” Loreli couldn't help but question it herself.

“The whole reason INSIDIOUS was deemed an experiment unworthy of further experimentation. I've heard rumors but I didn't know they were true. INSIDIOUS has a special power with each person INSIDIOUS kills in his ultimate form, his power increased tenfold.” That was what Udo heard, but he was never able to confirm it as truth. Did this mean that Valentino was far stronger than any of them even knew of? What kind of dangerous power was this man hiding?

“That's why he's such a dangerous type of experiment,” Loreli remembered those rumors as well. If it was true, then they had a strong ally…as long as he could control that type of power.

“Wow! Mr. Valerio is something else!” Bosnia was impressed at finding this out. If he just kept killing and killing without stopping, she could only imagine what kind of strength he could end up having. Valentino could be god caliber after a while.

`That makes sense…That's why they killed the other cross breeds. They turned into unstoppable killers.' Rubio now knew the true extent of what happened. The cross breeds went mad with power and undoubtedly figured out their abilities. Out of fear that they would become unstoppable and horrendously strong, Ibuki probably had them murdered. He was no doubt afraid that he and Valentino would become the same way and sought to brainwash them and harness their abilities for his own liking.

“Why would you want an experiment like that?” Sari even thought it was foolish and made no sense. Why would you want something that you couldn't end up controlling and that would one day kill you if it wanted to?

“I plan on eliminating all forms of life but a select few. I'll cast you all into the depths of the void!” Ibuki yelled out in a crazed manner as he held his hand out.

A few feet from him, a portal ripped into the fabric of reality, revealing a swirl of kaleidoscopic colors that moved at a high speed. Valentino was so close that he was nearly sucked into it if he hadn't jumped away to a safe distance. Even though he was far enough away to not be pulled in, he could feel the force on his body that beckoned him to get pulled into nothingness.

“This world has no need for imperfect life forms and faulty experiments, so I'll wipe it clean and start over again!” Did they not see that this was the true reason that the Seraphim Project existed? Not only was Ibuki raising his own advanced civilization of people, he was going to use them to repopulate the earth with and rule over all of them with an iron fist.

“What? You can't play god like that!” Yaritza couldn't believe this guy! He was absolutely crazy!

“It has begun. This is the beginning of the end,” Valentino's words were dark as Rubio stared at the vortex with wide eyes.

If this was what he thought it was, then they could all kiss their lives goodbye. Not even the power of the angels could help them now and there was no mercy to be had on their souls.

…To Be Continued