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A/N: Finally, after many years this story is going to be complete. This is the last chapter of Into the Void, the story that got me quite a bit of popularity here. It's been a fun ride with this one, and I plan on working on the prequel as well. It'll be uploaded a week after the prologue to this story is posted so look out for it if you're interested.

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Into the Void

By: Revamp

Episode 38: Revenge


“He's freaking crazy!” Vincent shouted in dismay.

“I won't…” Rubio gritted his teeth. His face was marred with malice as he watched the events unfold before them. His hand formed a fist, tightening until his knuckled turned white. “I won't let you destroy everything.”

The angelic man held out his scythe and the end of it charged with a brilliant white, forming a ball of light. After a few moments of charging the attack, Rubio fired a beam into the warp that Ibuki had created. The single beam separated into many fractions of light that pelted everyone upon contact with the warp. The multiple beams showered down on everyone light a light storm as they each did their best to dodge them. One of the beams headed towards Sari, who turned and stared it down with a shocked expression. However, Hisamichi immediately dropped his gun upon seeing her impending doom and ran towards her.

Udo turned upon noticing the light consume his body from the back. He called out Sari's name and shouted for Hisamichi to stop. The red-head dashed in front of Sari and pushed her out of the way as a beam of light pierced his body. Pain registered on his face as the stray beam pierced his body, striking him in the chest. Sari's eyes widened as she watched helplessly as the soldier and dearest person to her fell to the ground. Tears flooded her eyes as she screamed his name and ran to his side.

“You aren't hurt…are you?” Hisamichi's choked voice was low as the girl held his torso in her arms, elevating his body as blood seeped onto his uniform and ran down the corner of his mouth.

“Why? Why did you do that? You jerk!” She demeaned him and sobbed, screwing her eyes shut. She thought they were going to make it out of this alive. In her perfect world, no one else died but now that world's infrastructure was falling down around her.

His shaky hand slowly lifted and he sat in on the side of her face. “I was hoping to be able to spend the rest of my life with you, but that won't be happening. I'm glad that I could spend all of my time with such an amazing woman,” he choked a little and gave her a weak smile and eyes that shined with the love he felt.

“Don't talk like that! You'll be okay! You will!” Sari protested before her lips locked with his in a passionate kiss. She could taste the blood in her mouth as he pulled back and the life faded from him.

“Sari…I love you…” His words were only a whisper as he closed his eyes and went limp in her arms, dying with those words on his last breath.

“No…Hisamichi…” Sari's voice trembled in sorrow as she stared at his corpse with wide eyes of horror and sorrow.

“Hisamichi…” Valentino's tone was somber as Rubio just stared at what he had done.

“You son of a bitch!” Udo lashed out and propelled his weapon forward with all of his might. The giant star spun through the air, ready to dig its malicious points into Ibuki with tenacity, but that momentum was short-lived as the man caught it in his hand. “No!”

“Let go! You'll be sucked in!” Loreli tried to warn him as Ibuki pulled on the chain of the weapon, slowly drawing him into the void he created. The winds picked up, creating an even stronger vortex. Bodies and small bushes were being pulled into the epicenter of the attack. Udo dug his shoes into the floor, trying desperately to keep from getting sucked in.

Just then, a gunshot rang through the air as the chain snapped and the white-haired warrior fell backwards, propelled by the force he was using to keep himself from being pulled into the vortex. He hit the ground with a thud holding the severed chain in his hand. Ice blue eyes glanced to the man who shot his weapon, glaring at him in irritation as he called out his name.

“Quit being impulsive, you stupid bastard,” Zidane held up his massive gun and aimed his rocket launcher at the vortex. `I've been waiting all of this time to use this baby.' Closing one eye, he pulled the trigger and fired a large missile into the vortex.

“What is this?” Ibuki asked in horror. He watched the object spiral towards him.

“A nice subrift missile,” a twisted smile crossed Zidane's face. He watched like a predator as the missile closed in on its prey. Soon, it will make contact, and the damage couldn't be sweeter.

An explosion erupted as the missile made contact, sending out a wave of destruction and flames throughout the room. The group shielded themselves and hid behind various objects to keep themselves from being affected by the wayward flames. After the impact, the vortex began to warp and twist, as if it was malfunctioning under its owner's grip.

Shock crossed Ibuki's visage as he watched his attack undulate and warp. “What's going on? What the hell was that?”

“It can destroy dead spaces in time. It was a secret Dark Renegade Project back in the day. See? Outdated technology can work wonders,” Zidane held up his hand and winked, giving the tyrant a thumbs up as pieces of the floor were up heaved and sucked into the defunct vortex, which was now continuing to warp and twist grotesquely.

“You fool!” Ibuki shouted. Did he not know what he just did?

While the two of them were engaged in conversation, Rubio had been charging up another attack that formed as a snow white ball at the end of his scythe. The spherical energy grew in size to the point of where it was equivocal to a beach ball before Rubio called out the words `heavenly strike' and fired it into the vortex. It collided with the attack and illuminated the room with white light.

`This is doing no good. At this rate, we'll end up causing a dimension rip and we'll all be sucked into the void.' Valentino had to do something, and he knew what it was. He couldn't allow the void to become more unstable. “There's only one thing left to do.”

“Huh?” Sari questioned, looking up at Valentino from her position, kneeling on the ground.

“Sand Storm!” Loreli summoned her attack and pointed her staff towards the void. Sand rose up, materializing into the air as it pelted against the unstable walls of the void. Combined with the harsh winds, it felt cutting against the skin, abrasive and harsh.

“Nothing they do is working,” Aeris commented from the sidelines of battle.

“The building is caving in on itself, cap'n!” Bosnia called out as chunks of debris fell around the two women. Violent rumbling erupted from the ground as large pieces of the infrastructure of the building came tumbling down.

Thinking quickly, Vincent wrapped his arm around Ionna's slender stomach and jumped out of the way of a piece of falling debris. It clashed with the ground and broke up in several small pieces. She thanked him as she looked over her shoulder at what could have been her if she wasn't careful.

“That was close,” Vincent sighed as the two landed on their feet a short distance away.

“Ugh…This isn't good,” Udo gritted his teeth. He glanced at the destruction around him. They had to do something and quick if they were going to get out of this building alive.

“What do we do, huh?” Yartiza cat a bewildered glance at the ninja. If he had any ideas, then she was free to bounce them off of. She didn't know any more about stopping this than anyone else did.

Valentino placed his hands to his forehead and threw it back, black hair cascading around him as he took two uneven steps backwards. Black energy spiraled around his form, concealing him in a dark ball before it disappeared. Two black wings shot from his back as he transformed and sent a burst of sound back that was so strong that it belted everyone backwards, nearly knocking them off of their feet.

Rubio tumbled backwards and tumbled head over heels before catching himself. Sari clung tightly to Hisamichi's dead body as the two went sailing back. She was determined to keep a hold on him, not wanting him to be sucked into the void. The two only suffered minor injuries at the hand of the blast.

“Holy hell!” Vincent exclaimed. He quickly pulled himself up from the ground.

“What was that?” Loreli lay on the ground, gazing at the sight before her.

“It can't be…” Zidane's words trailed as his eyes widened.

“It's INSIDIOUS,” Rubio knew all too well what had been going on. Things were about to get serious if he truly was intending on using that form.

“What are you thinking, Valentino?” Sari knew he had a reason to take things to this level, but she wondered if he had a plan. Was INSIDIOUS his last effort? As this just an act of desperation, or was he calculating something in that head of his?

A loud, deep laugh sounded through the air. “So, you have finally come out, INSIDIOUS!”

Dead, red eyes stared him down silently, reflecting the malice and hatred he felt.

“No!” Rubio flew over to his boyfriend's side. “This is what he wants!”

Ibuki waved his hand and summoned a blast of powerful energy. It hit Rubio square in the stomach with such force that it propelled him off of his feet and slammed him up against the nearest wall. A loud bang sounded as his form made contact, bouncing off.

“Shut up, GENESIS. You're no longer useful to me,” Ibuki shouted at his experiment.

“Valentino…” Rubio trembled and his voice strained with the pain that he felt.

“Holy shit! How can we fight that?” Vincent was at a loss. At this point, they were all going to be sucked into the void and cast from existence.

“All we can do is stand here until he needs us,” Ionna knew that they didn't have enough power to combat Ibuki at the moment. If the full-fledged experiments couldn't even put a dent in this terrorist, they didn't have much of a chance to do so.

“We're fucked! We can't do a damned thing,” Zidane even realized the state of their futility.

“Glad we didn't go this alone.” If they had, Udo knew that they would all be dead at this rate. Who knew? Ibuki probably would have succeeded in sucking them into the void.

Sari's eyes widened and the girl merely stared ahead in horror.

“Are you guys afraid that INSIDIOUS will go against us?” Yaritza had seen how unstable that transformation was and vivid memories of the Ryouzonia battle flooded her mind. This was far too important of a time for him to turn around and betray them now.

“I'm not too sure,” Zidane couldn't fully trust the newly transformed experiment. “I'm just waiting to see what happens now.” After all, there was nothing he could do at the moment even if he wanted to. As much as they might not have wanted to trust him, they had to lean on him in that moment.

Valentino ran up and thrusted his clawed hand towards Ibuki, who caught him by the wrist and kneed him in the stomach. The contact of his knee was forceful enough that it caused his form to lurch forward as spit ejected from his mouth. Just then, Ibuki grabbed him by the shoulders and used all of his upper body strength to throw him back. Valentino slid on his knees backwards and held his claws out to steady himself. A burst of energy emitted from him that nearly knocked everyone back.

“Shit!” Zidane braced himself as the wave of energy pelted against his body.

“In order to stop the void, we must kill the very birth of it,” Rubio educated everyone on what the objective of their mission was.

Thrusting his hand forward, he called out the word `repent' and fire a snow-white beam that hit Ibuki and catapulted him back. Lifting himself off of the ground and flapped his wings. His form gained velocity as it neared the terrorist, diving down as he sped towards Ibuki. He held his scythe back and thrusted it forward, making an energy whip off of it that made contact with the vortex and warped it. Valentino rushed up to Rubio afterwards.

“Uh oh,” Zidane turned his head to see the two experiments meet.

Valentino created several energy whips with his claws. The attack nearly hit Rubio and came within such a close contact that he had to dodge out of the way to avoid it. A piece of the vortex exploded with the contact. The force of the explosion blasted the two experiments with such force that they landed on their backs a few feet away. Valentino got up as quickly as he could and rushed towards Ibuki and used his hand like a sword to bring his fingers together, forming a blade. He attempted to stab Ibuki but his wrist was grabbed harshly. Rubio's scythe is swung around to try and catch him off guard, but he caught it in his free hand and forced the blade away from himself.

“My whole body is a weapon. You can use weapons all you want. I can fight you with my bare hands.” No matter how much the two of them wanted to stab him, it would do them no good. Ibuki wanted to make sure to drill that fact into their heads if they thought that they could afflict pain on him with their weapons.

The three of them became locked in a battle, each member trying desperately to get hits in on the other, only to have their moves blocked by the other. The evil man hit Valentino, trying to pierce a hole in his stomach, but it only earned him a punch in the face as a result. Ibuki then turned and backhanded Rubio.

“Not even the famous INSIDIOUS can defeat me,” the terrorist laughed. He was certain he was going to win this.

Valentino slowly got up, hunched over as he pushed out labor-filled breaths. Through tresses of black hair, wild, red eyes stared down his enemy as he felt malice surging through his body. Slowly, the experiment raised his arm and a black light ripped through the vortex, shattering it effortlessly like glass. The wild, howling winds slowed down until they were merely a soft breeze that slightly rustled the clothes of the warriors.

A pinwheel sailed through the air, headed straight for the terrorist but he noticed the wayward weapon and dodged out of the way at the last minute.

“What?” Ibuki was shocked that his mighty vortex was taken out in one move. How could this be? How did Valentino have such a power?

“Now that you don't have your little hole sucking everything in, I'm going to kick your ass,” Yartiza told the man as spikes shot through the ground, threatening to skewer him, but he jumped out of the way.

“Just because you sucked my blade in doesn't mean I'm out of tricks,” Udo smiled to himself as the terrorist was assaulted by sword strikes.

Sari pointed her blade at her enemy before assaulting him again. She tried to cut the man, but only managed to strike the air around him for a while before finally slashing him across the chest. Her blade tore through his clothes, causing blood to seep to the top.

“I'll make you suffer, just like you did to Hisamichi and all of the people who worked for you,” Sari was going to make him pay in any way that she possibly could.

Vincent came in with a leg sweep, but Ibuki jumped and performed a back flip. When he was in the middle of the action, he was hit with a sudden force that knocked the breath out of him. It came from the large weapon that Ionna had been fighting with. It was thrown with such force that it knocked him into the wall.

Rubio moved with incredible speed, appearing on the other side of the man as he dug his scythe down to try and ram it through his head. Ibuki slammed himself against the wall and escaped the blow as the wall fell down all around him. Pieces of debris hit the ground in rumble as Loreli got into position.

“I've got you,” she called out and thrust her staff before her. It produced a powerful blast of sand that hit the man in the back with great force. It propelled his body forward into Valentino, who grabbed him by the neck.

“Killing you painlessly won't satisfy me. I want to rip your body apart, piece by piece, just as you have done me. I want to scramble your organ, perform twisted surgeries on you with no pain killers and subject you to torture…I want to make you writhe in pain,” Valentino's voice was laced with malice as he stared into the contorted face of the one he held in his hands. His once red eyes were filled with the cold calculation of a serial killer.

“Valentino…” Yartiza couldn't help but feel sorrow from knowing about his situation. The things that this man had done to him were incomprehensible.

“I've never heard him say anything that sadistic, not that I blame him,” Sari was a little shocked. The entire time that she'd been with him, he'd only been mysterious and quiet. Who knew someone could hold that much repressed anger?

Ibuki swung his foot in order to get himself out of the choke hold. His hit landed on Valentino's chest, beating the breath from the experiment as Valentino released him. Ibuki landed on the ground and fired a blast of white energy from his hand that ripped off a side of his cape and shirt. The shredded and burnt pieces of clothing hung from his body and his mangled wing that was also affected by the attack dripped with blood and looked like a tattered version of its former self.

“Sky Rocket Terror!” Rubio called out his attack as Ibuki's form shot up into the air. The angelic man appeared before him and sent out a blast of snow white energy. It blazed through the air like a falling meteorite before making contact with his form and plummeting him downward. The terrorist hit the ground in a fiery explosion. Two large scythes created from energy drug themselves across the ground, creating an ex as they moved, leaving burning fire behind them.

“That was cool!” Bosnia held her fists to her chin. Eyes widened in awe at the events that unraveled before her. “Way to go Rubio…I mean GENESIS!”

Valentino unsheathed his sword and pointed the blade at him and made a slashing motion. A black whip of energy blasted Ibuki into the wall with such force that it caused an explosion that rocked the room that they were in, sending small earthquakes in its wake. Appearing swiftly on the other side of the wall as his form crashed through it, Valentino stuck his sword through it, impaling his body. Blood splattered across his body as he lifted his arm into the air, holding the man above him into the air like a coveted prize in a display of barbaric brutality.

“I…created…you…” Ibuki's gargled words spilled from his mouth. He stared as the blood-covered blade stuck through his chest.

“You mean tortured me. I hate you, Ibuki. You never cared for me,” Valentino wasn't going to listen to his lies anymore.

“No! Please!” Ibuki tried to beg, but instead he began to scream as claws dug into his skin, painfully tearing away at the muscle in his back. They dug deeper and deeper, ripping tissue and flesh as the sickening ripping of meat sent waves of further anguish through his body.

Valentino grabbed his spine and tugged back in it viciously. Blood poured down on the experiment, bathing him in viscera and red essence as the man above him spasmed and jolted violently. The last of his gargled noises faded into the air as his form went limp and he died at the hands of the man he created.

The experiment brought him down and slid his form from the blade of his sword. The body hit the ground in a sickening slop as a few gurgling noises still tried to desperately escape him.

“Still alive?” Valentino questioned as his red eyes looked down on the sickly puddle of a man at his feet. “How you must suffer.”

Reaching down, he dug into the man's chest through his open wound. His hands were coated with blood as he extracted his heart with no effort. “This I an organ you do not deserve to possess,” his words were stock and emotionless as he squeezed the organ in his hands; blood squired out as he crushed it and dropped the shriveled remains on his corpse.

“He's dead,” Rubio spoke the words as if he could hardly believe them.

“In the end,” a sad expression crossed Sari's face as she looked down on what was left of the terrorist, “all of the people that he has killed can now rest in peace.”

“Without their leader, the organization might dissolve.” It was something that Udo could only hope would happen.

“There will always be someone who wants to bring it back. Even if there's peace for us, they'll still be around.” As much as he didn't want to think about it, Zidane knew that their problems weren't going to be solved this easily. This organization would be around as long as there were people who believed in the cause.

“They'll still make more experiments like INSIDIOUS and GENESIS,” Aeris pointed out.

“We put a pretty big dent in their organization and even knocked out a couple of branches….However,” Loreli's expression saddened, “it won't stop them.” Even she knew that this was only a small victory.

“I just wanted peace…for myself and for Valentino,” Rubio knew it was selfish but it was the core of why he began to pursue those of this organization with everyone in this group. He hoped that, in some sad way that Angora could be proud of him for his accomplishments as well. Wherever she was, he wanted to believe that she was smiling down on him.

“Valentino,” Sari turned to the battered man, “are you alright?”

“Shit! He's still INSIDIOUS!” Zidane pointed out the fact that he never transformed back into his reserve power form. Did that mean that he was still planning on stirring up more chaos?

Rubio took a step forward and called out his boyfriend's name. Valentino shot forward and extended his arm and Rubio grabbed his wrist in return. Valentino knocked him off of his feet and kissed him passionately as everything glowed in a brilliant gold. Feathers dispersed into the air and rained down on everyone.

“What's going on?” Sari asked. She was showered in a rain of silver and white.

Rubio's arms were linked around his lover's neck as Valentino reverted back to his original form. Rubio's wings stretched outward and wrapped around him.

“He changed back,” Yartiza noted and peered through the brilliant light.

“I managed to find a way to reverse his transformations after I found out that he was INSIDIOUS. If there is anything I know about myself, it's that I have a lot of special abilities. Since we share some of the same cells, I can reverse his transformation by casting the same magic on him as I do on myself,” Rubio had been certain that there were other things that he could utilize on the other male as well as far as that subject was concerned.

“It's hard to believe it's all over,” Bosnia was left feeling a sense of peace but also a sense of unease for the future. The main threat had been defeated; however this was not the end of them. The fact that there would always be people liked them around made her feel a sense of overwhelming sorrow.

Sari sat on her knees beside of the corpse of the red-haired man who had once loved her so much. She gazed down at him and ran a hand through his hair. “Rest in peace, fallen soldier. I'm sorry that I never got to tell you how I felt.”

“I think maybe he knew,” Yartiza placed a hand on the girl's shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. Sari nodded. While most everyone seemed to have a happy ending, the ninja could see that some people did not.

“We'll give him a proper burial. We should get out of this hell hole. I'm sick of looking at it,” Udo had been held prisoner by the cold, metal facility since childhood. All it did was given him memories that he didn't want to possess. Now that Ibuki was dead, he finally felt free of the chains that wrapped themselves around his body and tied him to his terrorist life.

Zidane and Aeris stood together, gazing upon the remnants of the great battle that they had. The two were silent as they looked across the debris and carnage, contemplating to themselves. The base was hauntingly silent. The only sounds that could be heard were the distant voices of their comrades and the gentle winds as they blew through the holes in the structure of the building.

“What are you going to do now that our mission is over?” Aeris asked and looked to the bald man, who lit up a cigarette.

“I'm not really sure,” Zidane took a puff from the stick, exhaling as plumes of smog were released into the air. “Probably wander around with my head cut off. What about you?”

“Come with me,” words poured from her red lips.

“What?” Surely she was kidding.

“Live life on the high seas. I want you to be at my side.” This was something she had been thinking about, something that she wanted. Even if there was no chance that the two of them could be back together, Aeris wanted the man to come with her and her crew. He would have fun going on adventures with her. It would give his life meaning.

A strong arm was wrapped around her as scarred lips twisted into a smile. “Well, there's nothing holding me back now.”

Aeris blushed a little, “you mean it?” Her voice was hopeful.

“Sure as hell do. I can't stay in one place all of the time.” In fact, doing something like that really irritated him. Zidane was the kind of guy who never liked sitting still for long periods of time, much less doing nothing entirely with no goal in mind.

“Well, welcome aboard. I'll be nice to have a new addition!” Aeris proclaimed proudly and smiled brilliantly. Now the two of them would head out on the high seas and put a new life ahead of them. She couldn't wait to start living on the high seas, accompanied by a dear friend.

Udo turned to Loreli, who walked up beside of him. The two of them were in a different part of the room. They had walked around and spoke to the others before talking amongst themselves.

“Hey, Loreli?” He was the first to speak and break the silence between the two.

“Yes?” She answered.

“Let's settle down and get married. Now that we're finally broken free from that bastard,” he shot her a smirk and for once, the spiky-haired man actually looked as if he was at peace with himself. It was refreshing to see after so many years of captivity.

“Um,” the girl placed a finger to her lips as her cheeks flushed a light pink, “I'd love to.”

“I think I'm going to go back home,” Yaritza placed her hands on her hips and gazed at one of the openings in the roof of the building. “I'll show my parents I'm alive and catch up on what's been going on since I was there last.” She wanted nothing more than to be surrounded with those who loved her. Yaritza had lived a simple life before Ibuki' reign and she wanted to return to that. Peace sounded nice compared to what she had gone through.

Valentino put his hand on Rubio's and gazed at him. “What do I do now? My only goal was to defeat Ibuki and now…it feels as if I have no other purpose…It feels empty.”

“Does it feel empty, or is it peaceful?” To Rubio, the feelings weren't the same. Emptiness wasn't what he felt.

“I'm…not sure,” Valentino looked down. Admittedly, he didn't really know what peace felt like. It wasn't anything that he had ever had in his life.

“Stay with me,” Rubio looked to the other man.

“I was never going to leave,” Valentino held his hand even tighter.

“We'll find out who we are together,” Rubio wanted to make that their new goal. Even if they would never know the intricacies of their identities they could still help each other cope in their moments of weakness. Besides, right now the only other person in existence who could even remotely understand his struggles was the red-eyed man before him.

“What if we can't? What if it isn't possible?” Valentino didn't want his boyfriend to go through life never getting any answers to his questions. With Celestia destroyed it seemed like they destroyed the link to his identity as well.

Rubio said nothing in return. He knew he might not ever know who he truly is, but that wasn't going to deter him from trying.

“Sari is right. It doesn't matter who you are. We can abandon that life. We both know we'll never be completely human,” Valentino knew it more than anyone else. Maybe it was better that the two of them take an alternate route, where they didn't have to worry about finding out the mysteries of the past.

“None of that even matters to me now. You're with me and that's all that is important,” Rubio could care less if he was an alien. Right now, his entire world rested in the body of this other man.

“I wished I could say that,” Sari sighed as the two looked to her. The girl stood before them with tears streaming down her face. In this moment of victory, she couldn't find it in herself to be happy. “I have no home, no one to go back to, and no one to stay with, nothing is left for me.”

“Sure there is,” Vincent replied.

“What?” The girl jerked her head towards him. What did he mean?

“You have to just reinvent yourself. It's how we adapt. Ionna and I will help you get back to your feet. You can stay with us if you want,” Vincent wasn't going to just let the girl go out of this with no happy ending. They all fought too hard for that. Besides, she was a dear friend. He wouldn't do that regardless.

“You can also stay with Rubio and I,” Valentino offered her an alternative if she would rather.

“Thanks guys,” Sari smiled a little. It was nice to know that despite everything, she still had her friends left.

“We would love to have you around,” Ionna smiled at the girl warmly. After all, she didn't want to just leave her alone.

“You guys promise to stay in touch, right?” Sari turned to the others, awaiting their responses. They'd better not fade out of her life just like that.

“We wouldn't dream of not staying in touch,” Loreli was for certain on that. She enjoyed their company along the road to their victory. It would be a shame if they just disappeared and acted like perfect strangers after all of the memories that they had made together.

“Heh, as silly and mushy as it sounds, you guys are my best friends,” and that was a lot for someone like Udo to admit.

“I agree,” Rubio nodded. “Thank you all, for everything.” His voice was sincere and kind towards the group of people. It would be strange living different lives now, but he never wanted to lose touch with them. They meant everything to him.

“Now, let's go celebrate after we take care of Hisamichi. He would want us to be happy,” Sari wiped her remaining tears from her face. She would continue to live life for his sake and now, she would be happy as she celebrated the fall of Ibuki. This is what he gave his life for, and she wasn't going to let his sacrifice go to waste.


Standing among the fallen debris, there was a figure chained to a wall. On his back there was a tattoo of a dragon wing on one side of his shirtless back, and an angel wing on the other. The chains on his shackles clanked and his eyes opened, blue as crystal. On his face was a deep-set frown.

Two men walked up to the torn up corpse of Ibuki and gazed down on the mess before them. One of the men was tall and skinny. He wore a black suit and spectacles, and the other man had shaggy, shoulder-length red hair. He was of a muscular build and had eye tattoos like that of an Egyptian wall painting. His skin was a dark caramel in color and his eyes were piercing and a fiery sunset red.

“He's definitely dead. Who's going to lead us now?” The red-haired man spoke.

“Help me take this body away,” the man with spectacle's voice was business-like and corporate cold.

“Right,” the red-headed man nodded, “we can't let a man with that many secrets just lay there in the open. Let's dispose of the corpse.”

“I never imagined that he would fall to his own experiments.” Such a thought was sheer idiocy to the bespectacled man. Either Ibuki had done something very stupid of a man of his position, he let his special powers get to his head, or his experiments were stronger than he had previously thought. Either way, such actions would never do.

“Kind of ironic, considering everything,” the red-haired man smirked and glanced at Celestia's form laying on the ground. “Let's destroy her, too so we don't have any repetitions of the past.”

“This will mark the end of an era…both for them and us,” the spectacled man was going to make sure that the errors of the past would not lead them into a bleak future. Their organization would always strive, and mishaps like this would only be forgotten in the tattered pages of time.


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