Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Just another Day at the Office ❯ Chapter 1

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“Ebony, get in here!”
“In a minute, sir.”
“No, now.”
“Gah! What? What is so freaking important that it can't wait five minutes.”
“You will redo the Erikson proposal.”
“What!? No way! I worked on it all night. What the hell is wrong with it?”
“I do not like it.”
“Urg! You are such an ass! Rewrite it yourself if you don't like it. I'm going home!”
“You are not going anywhere. You will not leave until I say so. And I say you go back to your office and rewrite the proposal. I expect the new copy when I pick you up later tonight for the Governor's Ball.”
“Excuse me?”
“I will not repeat myself.”
“You arrogant son of a bitch! What makes you think I would ever go somewhere with you?”
“Did I not give you something to do? Get back to work.”
“No, I quit.” “Ow! Let go of me!”
“You will obey me, Ebony. Now, retrieve your belongings. We are leaving.”
“Yes sir.”