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“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

--Revelation 13:17–18

“The Christian Faith, while permitting us Free Will, also makes it very clear that those choosing an alternative lifestyle to the one that god recommends are due to suffer an eternity of all-round nastiness. Free Will therefore is thus: You can do what you want, and will be tortured for the rest of eternity, or do as we tell you and everything will be lovely – you can sit at god’s feet ad infinitum.

“Tough choice.

“How about an alternative? We can make up our own minds and god can fuck off?”

Edward O’Toole
Sophia Bestiae

“Devil inside. Devil inside. Every single one of us, a Devil inside.”

Devil Inside

Aside from myself, there were three other priests in the van that fateful day as we drove up the lonely road that led to Mother Magdalene’s Convent Of The Holy Virgin, and two young boys, students at the school where we all taught. It was our tradition, for the last six years, to help out every six months or so with the various charities that the convent was involved in, in addition to our own. It was good deeds done in the lord’s name after all, and it didn’t hurt in the PR department as well. I was looking forward to the excursion, eager to do god’s work of course, but also because my little sister Jessica was going to be there helping out, as she attended the all girl Catholic school that the convent ran.

The six of us fit in the van rather uncomfortably. The youngest of us at twenty six, Father Jeff Unaocular (whom we all just called Father Jeff), was behind the wheel of the van as it made its way noisily up the road. Riding in the passenger seat was the head of our parish, and a role model to all of us, Father Thomas Werthem. At sixty six he was the oldest of us and the most knowledgeable of the bible and the church. We all looked up to him and followed him for guidance and inspiration. Father Thomas was the most righteous and pious man I personally knew.

In the back with me sat my friend and colleague Father Fredrick Arboghast, who we called Father Freddy, except for when Father Thomas was around as he considered the nick name inappropriate.  In the seats behind us, two boys from our school Nick and Andrew, dressed in their school uniforms, sat quietly.

I adjusted my collar a little. The priestly collar, the mark of my office, was always a little uncomfortable, but it was particularly so in this hot weather. The van had air conditioning, but Father Thomas refused to let it be turned on, since suffering was the path to god. The more you suffered, the better a person you were, of course, so it was pointless to make use of an invention that was only there to make people able to avoid the weather that god had intended them to experience.

Father Jeff looked in the rear view mirror, “Hot enough for you, Father Hayden?”

“I’m fine.” I lied, “I must be putting on weight, the collar feels a little tight.”

Ahead of us, the convent loomed in the distance. It was surrounded by high trees as to keep the corruption of the outside world out of view, and from the road all we could see was the gothic spires at the top, but w knew the place. We turned on the small road on the side that led up to the convent and made our way up it. Just in front of the trees the property was surrounded by a large wall, and the entrance to the convent was blocked by a large iron gate. We stopped at it and let Nick and Andrew hop out and open it for us.

An incident then happened that was shameful and spoke volumes of the corrupt secular world. A pair of young men, clearly intoxicated and perhaps under the influence of drugs, came up the path from the road. They brazenly walked up and told our two students that they had heard the convent was in reality a house of ill repute, and asked them how much.

Father Thomas got out and shouted at the two of them, screaming at them and condemning their lustful ways. They two boys only shrugged, and said “So that means its not.”

Staring at them as the left, we finally got into the car again. Father Thomas berated Nick and Andrew for having heard what the two other young men said.

Passing the rows of trees, the convent came into view. It was a tall, dark two story building done up in traditional gothic build, shaped like a large letter L. Wide courtyards and walk ways flanked the sides and a large fountain sat in front of the main entrance. In the curve of the L was the main chapel which took up all two floors in the bend and boasted three steeples rising up above the building. We pulled up in front of the main entrance and started forwards.

As soon as we got out of the car, I felt a strange foreboding about the place that I hadn’t before; something vaguely sinister in the air, like something was wrong. I couldn’t put my finger on it.

As we walked, Father Thomas spoke to the boys, “Now, I want you boys to remember: Don’t get too close to those girls.”

Nick replied, “Why not? I mean, we’ll have to get close to them a little bit to help lift stuff.”

Father Thomas eyed him icily, “You will have them step aside and ask a man to help you. You are both still young and impressionable; and women are all temptresses by their nature. Don’t forget, it was Eve who first ate of the fruit of knowledge. If it were not for the temptations of women, mankind would still bask in the bliss of Eden, free of the burden of knowledge and free will.”

Chastised, Nick lowered his eyes and said nothing. We continued up the old stone steps and to the convent door itself. The door was made of solid wood and was rimmed in iron fittings. A large crucifix hung on it right in the center, under which was an elaborate gargoyle knocker. The door was flanked by two statues of our lord and savior. There was no bell. We knocked and waited. It wasn’t long before we heard the sounds of feet hurrying on the other side, and the door swung open with a pronounced groan and it moved on it ancient hinges.

The door swung open and we found ourselves looking into the face of Mother Patricia, the head of the convent. She was in her mid fifties, with a world weary face that seemed always to have her whole history etched in the lines of her skin. Her narrow brown eyes were piercing and stern. However, one look at her and I knew something was wrong . . . she seemed worried.

“Father Thomas!” She exclaimed, “Thank god you’ve come.”

The hair on the back of my neck stood up right away, my sister was inside this building. Instantly, I felt apprehensive. Whatever was going on, it was bad enough that Mother Patricia had completely forgotten that we were coming today. We entered the door shooting uneasy glances at each other as Mother Patricia led us in. The huge main entrance of the convent was done in up in elaborate marble and ivory, decorated with religious paintings on every wall.

The convent was empty almost, and our footsteps echoed in the building. Most of the nuns were already at the big charity event and wouldn’t return until later tonight. Only a few of the sisters and the girls would be here at this time. I contemplated telling the boys to wait out in the car, but suddenly, Mother Patricia was talking.

“It started this morning.” She said her voice trembling, “We found boxes in the storage room that weren’t there last night. When we opened them up, oh, it was horrid: all sorts of Satanic paraphernalia! You wouldn’t believe it, you really wouldn’t, god help us all: Baphomets, inverted crosses, some kind of Satanic rosary with both, rings, necklaces, pins and such in one box. Another box had books of the blackest, foulest black magic and Satanic rituals in it. Another one had black candles and wicked holders, incense. There were alter banners and altar clothes with evil symbols on them, it was horrible.”

“Good lord in heaven,” Father Thomas muttered, “Have you any idea how they came to be here?”

“None.” Mother Patricia said firmly, “The storage room was locked and it’s in the basement, so there are no windows. There were so many boxes of this stuff; I don’t see how anyone got it all in there without being noticed. It must be the work of The Devil, it’s like someone was preparing . . .  a . . . a black mass or something.”

Leaving the main entrance area, we followed her through the large dining area; large ornate religious frescos decorated the walls, while the furnishings were plain, long wooden tables and benches where the sisters all ate communally. We crossed through the empty area, towards the far side door, which I knew led to the main atrium and staircase and from there into the main chapel.

“Don’t you think it more probable that this is some kind of sick joke, or shipping mistake?” I suggested.

She glared at me, and spoke slowly, “Not when you see this. Those boxes were not all we found.”

She opened the two huge wooden doors which came apart with a horror movie like groan, and led us in. I had been in this room many times, and right away could see what was wrong. A chill ran through my spine as I saw it.

Like the main entrance, the room was circular and went up two stories high, the walls painted all the way around with astonishing frescos. A large spiral staircase wrapped around the room leading up to the second floor. A large door off to our left led to the rest of the convent’s first floor, and across from it were the two ornate large doors, topped with an incredible stained glass arch that led into the main chapel. In the center of the room was a large statue of our lord and savoir jesus christ.

Except that the statue had changed: It was now a huge human like figure, slightly stooped, with the head of goat on its shoulders in place of a man’s. It was like some kind of perversion of nature, the bestial figure that stood there, its very nature an affront to god. Its legs were fur covered and also that of a goat, and a long furry tail jutted out behind him. His chest was bare and hairless, and his hands were topped with long clawed fingers that it held with the index and pinky fingers extended and the rest closed in the Sign Of The Horns. His arms were bent close to his chest and his face turned towards the door, his tongue slightly extended.

The statue stood about six feet high, and seemed to be made of highly polished marble, painted a gloss black color. The detail with which it was carved was frighteningly realistic. Its eyes were the only part of it that was not black; they were made of some kind of red glass, or perhaps rubies. The size of the statue meant that everything about it was in proportions that were chillingly plausible.

I swallowed hard, I knew this effigy: Baphomet, the Goat of Mendes.

But the most disconcerting part of the statue was that the creature had a huge erect penis, grotesquely jutting out from between his legs, and a pair of large testicles to boot. It was like a mockery of the human form, a gross parody of man. But what was most frightening was that this massive, heavy statue, would have taken at least ten men to move it and put it there. It was impossible for this to have been put here, and the equally heavy christ statue removed, without the sisters noticing it. The inexplicable feat sent shivers up and down my spine . . . no human could have done this.

Echoing my thoughts, Father Thomas said, “The Devil is amongst us. How in god’s name could this have happened?”

“I don’t believe god had anything to with this.” Mother Patricia said darkly, “Thank god most of the sisters and children were at the event. There were only four sisters here and two of the girls.”

“Where are they now?” Father Freddy asked her.

“Upstairs.” She replied, “No one has come downstairs except me since we found it.”

“Is my sister up there?” I asked quickly.

Mother Patricia nodded. I glanced around at the others, and noticed Nick and Andy staring at the statue with a sort of morbid fascination. I became aware of the fragile young minds that were being exposed to this hellishness. Father Thomas had noticed them too, because he snapped at them immediately.

“Nicholas! Andrew!” He barked, jolting them out of their trance, “Avert your eyes from that filth.”

The two boys, chastised, dropped their eyes to the floor. Father Thomas continued to glare at them, as if they were more repulsive to him then the monstrosity of stone in front of us. It was one of those times where I felt that Father Thomas was too abrasive, too abrupt with the boys when he thought he saw a hint of any sort of developing perversion. As far as he was concerned, the only purpose for sex was for procreation, and even then it was filthy and rotten. In the privacy of my own thoughts, I felt a bit of disagreement with him.

“Perhaps,” Father Jeff suggested quickly, “We should all get upstairs while we figure out what to do?”

Taking a deep breath to still his anger, Father Thomas nodded, “That would be best, I think.”

Rather too quickly, we followed Mother Patricia up the stairs as the spiraled around the room, and those, the obscenity it contained, and up to the circular balcony at the top. Once there, there were three doors: Two led into either wing of the convent, and the once between them led into Mother Patricia’s private chapel and chambers. A large ornate dome decorated with painted images of angels topped the two story room, from which hung a spectacular brass chandelier.

She led us to the left side doors, which led into the sleeping chambers of the sisters.

“Who is still here?” I asked her.

“Sister Valerie, Sister Bonnie, Sister Maggie, and Sister Lindsay, along with your sister Jessica and her friend Annabeth.” Mother Patricia answered, “They’re all up here.”

“Did . . . did Jessica . . . see that . . . thing?” I asked, barely able to get the words out.

She nodded solemnly, “We all did, Father Hayden. We all did.”

I bit my lip; the thought of my sweet innocent sister being exposed to something like the atrocity downstairs was distasteful and offensive. I would have to offer her confession so that her soul may be cleansed of the sight. Anger welled up within me, that my pure and virtuous sister might have been polluted so.

As Mother Patricia opened the doors and we went in, Sister Maggie came running forward, dressed as was her mentor in full traditional nun regalia. She was a young, pretty woman with wide brown eyes, and even the loose fitting attire of a nun did little to hide her figure. Her eyes were wide and she was pale from fright as she ran up to us. God in heaven, what else could have happened?

She ran up to us, slightly lifting her robes so as not to slip, “Mother Patricia, Father Thomas . . . Oh thank god! Come quick, come quick!”

“Calm down my child,” Mother Patricia admonished her, “Get a hold of yourself and tell us what the problem.”

“It . . . it just happened.” She sputtered, “In the reflection room . . . they . . . something’s wrong with them! They . . . they wouldn’t stop!”

When it was clear that we weren’t going to get something coherent out of her, Father Thomas said, “Take us there.”

We followed her all the way down the hall. The hallway was a rather non descript stone affair, with doors on either side leading to the chambers where the nuns slept. At the very end was the reflection room; a lounge like room looking out over the courtyard in which the nuns gathered for discussions. When we got there I saw Jessica just inside the door, staring in with a hand over her mouth. We could not see what she was looking at.

“Jessica!” Sister Maggie cried, “Come away from there!”

Jessica seemed not to hear us, or even register our approach. As we approached the room, I realized I could hear the soft sounds of feminine moaning coming from beyond the door. There were smacking sounds, and wet sucking noises mingled with the groans that emanated from inside. I found myself blushing . . . they weren’t? . . . They couldn’t be . . . could they?

We entered the room, tentatively as if we were entering the gates of hell itself and finally saw what was going on. Mother Patricia gasped and clapped both hands over her mouth, and Father Thomas blanched in disgust at what we saw. The rest of us were stunned speechless.

The room was a hexagonal structure with a huge picture window on the far side that looked out over the courtyard below. Scattered around it were wooden tables and couches, a few chairs and other such stuff. Sparse simple furnishing except for more religious artwork on the walls. A nice woven rug flowed over the hardwood floor under a pair of simple couches on either side of the room facing each other.

On the couch on the right, Sister Lindsay and Sister Valerie sat, their arms around each other. I blanched when I saw that they were engaged in a deep, long lesbian kiss, their hands groping at their bodies under their long robes. Their breathes were deep and passionate, and they moaned with ecstasy as the kissed each other, their tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths. They were both young and lovely, and I felt a shameful thrill at seeing them debase themselves in this manner. They made out shamelessly, as if they cared not who saw their sin.

But when I turned my eyes to the other couch I was really in for a shock: Sister Bonnie was passionately kissing Jessica’s friend Annabeth; whose top was completely unbuttoned and wide open. Her bra was pushed up and her teenage breasts completely exposed. Sister Bonnie was kissing her lips and gently caressing her breasts. She moved her head down and began to lick and suck on Annabeth’s hard nipple, her hand now reaching down and lifting up the teenager’s skirt, revealing her simple white panties underneath. Too my shock, Sister Bonnie began running her finger along the outline of Annabeth’s vagina, making the school girl coo with lust.

I heard ruffles of fabric and turned my head to see that Sister Lindsay and Sister Valerie had slipped out of their gowns, and were now making out with each other clad only in their underwear and their habits. The played with each other’s bodies gleefully, touching each other in ways I dared not even think of.

Giggling like a school girl, Sister Bonnie stood up and pushed her gown down her body, letting if fall to the ground around her ankles, revealing a voluptuous form that I had never suspect lurked under her robes. She reached behind herself, and unhooked her bra. I blushed red as she slipped it off, revealing her large ample breasts, her nipples hard as rocks. Annabeth gleefully reached up and squeezed them, putting the tips in her mouth and sucking on her nipples, causing Sister Bonnie to moan with unrestrained lust.

My sister was staring at them, muttering “Why won’t they stop? Why won’t they stop?” over and over.

It is difficult to describe the surreal scene that came over us. Between the bunch of us, we all could have probably pulled the women from each other by force. In fact, I was sure that was what we should have been doing. But we stood transfixed and didn’t act, as if we were held in place by some diabolical force that would prevent us from interfering in this hellish behavior. I should have grabbed my sister and pulled her out of there. I should have grabbed the boys as well, but I didn’t. My indecision was to cost all three of them dearly.

We continued to stare unable to speak or move as the women kissed and fondled each other. Almost before we even knew it, they had stripped themselves completely nude, leaving their clothes in shameful piles on the floor. The only clothing they wore were their stocking and the nuns retained their habits. They began to lick and suck on each other’s vaginas, hellishly putting the mouths in those forbidden places between their legs that god had instructed them not to. And they did it with such unrestrained glee and sinful delight that you’d think they had no shame or decency what so ever. They grinned and giggled with joy as they buried their tongues deep into each other’s vaginas, sucking on the clitoris and the vulva with sickening slurping sounds.

How long this went on I do no really remember, but I was jerked out of my trance by a sudden strange sensation. It was hard to put my finger on, but it felt like something passed through the room, something primal and hot, and sinister beyond all end. An invisible shadow that passed not only trough the room, but through everyone present as well. I shuddered, not even sure what had happened.

And then, something else happened.

Annabeth was lying on the couch, her back arched as Sister Bonnie buried her face between her legs, making those obscene sucking noises. The younger woman was rolling her head, squeezing her own breasts and moaning with joy, her eyes rolled back in their sockets like someone possessed.

“Ah! Ah! Sister!” She cried, “Something’s happening to me! Something’s happening to me!”

And then, to all of our horror, something began to grow above Annabeth’s vagina, just out from the top. It sprouted fast and rapidly, much like those time lapse photographs of plants. It only took me a second to realize with disgust that she was growing a penis. It popped up from her, flopping over on its side. Annabeth looked down in surprise, and so did Sister Bonnie. But rather then regard it with horror like I expected them too, they both broke out into wide grins.

“Well, well, well, what have we here?” Sister Bonnie cooed.

“Why don’t you try it out?” Annabeth purred.

Mother Patricia clapped both hands to her mouth, “Dear lord in heaven.”

It seemed almost impossible that neither one seemed to shocked by this new development. How they could be so blasé about this was beyond me. Again, it must be the work of The Devil.

The nun began to suck her penis, moving her lips along the shaft, moving up and down with sensual motions, licking it with relish. Soon it was hard and stiff, sticking up from her crotch as Sister Bonnie took the organ into her mouth in a sinful shameful manner. How could they simply accept this, it made no sense, but they were simply enjoying the new unnatural organ that had suddenly appeared between Annabeth’s legs.

“Oh! Oh! That feels good, Sister.” Annabeth moaned.

Sister Lindsay and Sister Valerie had turned to look at them when suddenly they both began to shudder and convulse. The squirmed and writhed on the couch, moaning and wailing. I almost screamed when I saw each of them begin to grow a penis. They both laughed excitedly as the organs grew above their vaginas. In a second, they had both become hermaphrodites of some kind. I’d heard of women like this, futanari they were called by some of the younger set, or futas for short. But they had always been a myth, something from the domain of perverted Japanese comic books.

Not anymore it seemed.

The sisters went right back to kissing each other and began to perform fellatio on each other, sucking on one another’s new organs with shameful enthusiasm. They fingered and teased each other’s vaginas as well, writhing with the feelings. They seemed oblivious to the wrongs they were doing, the sins they were committing. They went about their libidinous activities with no concern from who saw them. Truly they were possessed by some malevolent perverted force.

Sister Bonnie continued to suck on Annabeth’s penis, her fingers moving in and out of the teenager’s vagina. Annabeth looked over at my sister with a look of impish; no make that demonic, glee.

“Look, Jessica!” She sang happily, “Look what I’ve got!”

Jessica stared at her with eyes wide, her face flushed red, “Oh my god. Oh my god, how is that possible?”

I was alarmed to notice a slight look of interest in her, a sparkle behind her eyes that I did not like the look of. Absurdly, I made a mental note to offer her confession later, cleanse the contamination from her soul.

Suddenly, as she sucked on Annabeth, Sister Bonnie began to wiggle and convulse, moving her hips back and forth.

“I’m getting one! Oh yeah, I’m getting one.” She cried.

The penis dropped down underneath her, so large we couldn’t miss it even under her body. Her hand went to it immediately and started to stroke it. Now all four girls were some kind of obscene male female hybrid. A futa, girl with a penis as well as a vagina; a complete crime against god and nature. Father Thomas was muttering prayers under his breath, and all of us felt petrified, held in place by some unknown force and unable to act.

All at once, Annabeth reached over and pushed Sister Bonnie over and on her back facing the other way. We could all see her dual sex organs clearly, and I was alarmed to see, or thought I saw, Jessica lick her lips a little out of the corner of my eye.

“Spread you legs wide, slut.” Annabeth chortled, “I wanna fuck you.”

Sister Bonnie did as she was told, spreading her legs like a whore, “Yeah, come on, I want your big cock inside me. Fuck me hard.”

Their language was grotesque and obscene, and Annabeth gripped the base of her penis and guided it right into the waiting wet vagina of her partner. Sister Bonnie stroked her erect penis and then arched her back as she was penetrated. Blood quickly began to seep from between her legs, and I realized that Annabeth had taken her most precious virginity. Annabeth thrust her hips, moving in and out of her, penetrating Sister Bonnie as if she’d had that penis her whole life. The nun squealed and convulsed, moaning with pleasure.

Father Thomas looked sick, like he might vomit at any moment. Mother Patricia stared in horror as if she was witnessing an execution. The rest of us stared at the spectacle with slack jawed shock.

“This is amazing.” Father Jeff muttered, “Has anything like this ever been possible.”

I could tell by the sound of his voice and the look on his face that he was tempted by the hermaphrodite sirens in front of us. The devil had gotten a hold of his mind and was trying to reel him in. I knew I couldn’t let that happen, but I couldn’t think of what to do, how to take action against this perverse dance that was being performed. I stared at Annabeth and Sister Bonnie as the two futas made love shamelessly in front of us, Sister Bonnie’s habit flopping as her body moved, her hand masturbating her new penis grotesquely. It was unbelievable the amount of lust that these formerly wholesome girls were unleashing. Could it have been that such sick perversity was in them all along? That whatever curse that foul statue had visited upon us only let it out?

It was impossible to turn my eyes away from the spectacle: Annabeth and Sister Bonnie, naked, writing and heaving together as they copulated like beasts in the wild. They kissed each other in deep tongue filled kisses that made Father Thomas cringe. And it was the fact that we were paying attention to them, that the next tragedy happened, the first of many.

I heard a scream and turned to my right. To my horror, I saw that while we all staring and Annabeth and Sister Bonnie, Sister Valerie and Sister Lindsay had quietly gotten off the couch and come up to Jessica. They had grabbed her and dragged her to the other side of the couch they had been on. Jessica was screaming and fighting them in a near panic and the two nuns began tearing off her clothes. Her shirt ripped and the buttons fell to the floor.

“No! Stop!” Jessica cried, “Hayden! Help me!”

“Jessica!” I screamed, “No! Please let her go!”

I wanted to go after her, but something was stopping me. It was like a wall built by their lust: If I crossed it, I felt like I would be lost. The nuns tore Jessica’s shirt and bra off, exposing her naked breasts. Even though she was my sister, it was the first time I had ever seen them. I blushed red as the nuns ripped off my sister’s skirt. As they began to tug at her plain white panties, she screamed for them to stop. They didn’t, and they ripped them off, stripping my little sister nude.

Callously they threw her over the arm of the couch. Too late, I realized what was about to happen, and so did Jessica as Sister Lindsay got behind her, gripping her cock with one hand.

“No!” She screamed in panic, “Please don’t!”

“Get her!” Encouraged Annabeth, her best friend, still pumping her new cock in and out of Sister Bonnie.

Sister Lindsay did, indeed, get her. She lowered herself down and thrust her hips, entering Jessica from behind. And just like that, she began to rape my sister right in front of me. Jessica screamed in anguish; tears spilling from her eyes as her long cherished virginity was obliterated. The nun began to rape her rapidly and hard, while Sister Valerie held her in place in front of her.

Moving forward, Father Freddie attempted to do what I could not and rescue my sister. He was stopped by Father Thomas.

“Do not go near them, son, lest you fall under their spell.” He told him gravely.

“What about Jessica?” He asked incredulously.

“She is in god’s hands now.” Father Thomas told him.

God didn’t seem to be doing a very good job. I watched as my little sister was ravaged over the couch, her naked body shuddering causing her breasts to jiggle. In grief and shame, I turned my eyes away, feeling them brimming with tears, but that only left me confronted with Annabeth who was now sodomizing Sister Bonnie, who seemed to be loving every instant of her obscene violation.

It was then that I heard something that made my heart stop: Jessica’s cries of pain were changing. They no longer seemed horrified and hurt, and I realized with a start that they had turned into moans of pleasure. I snapped my head back and saw that Jessica’s nude body was wiggling and shaking as her moaned and twisted her head. Sister Valerie kissed her mouth and I saw her kiss her back. The expression on her face was pure ecstasy and she grinned wickedly as Sister Lindsay ravaged her.

“Oh, oh lord, this feels so good. God forgive me, this feels wonderful.” Jessica moaned as she was raped.

“Oh, lookee who likes it now.” Sister Valerie chortled.

“Oh, I like it.” Jessica cried out joyfully, “I love it!”

Standing up, Sister Valerie pushed her hard penis into my sister’s waiting mouth. I gulped and felt my heart race as Jessica began to suck it, slurping up and down and bobbing her head on the male member. To my shock, a few seconds later she went down and began lapping at Sister Valerie’s vagina, licking the organ, seemingly uncaring any more of the lesbian act she was engaged in.

Desperate to look at something else, I looked over at Nick and Andrew. They were young, just eighteen, and shouldn’t be exposed to this. But then again neither should have my sister who was the same age. I was alarmed by what I saw. They were both watching with giddy expressions on their faces, whispering to each other and grinning, as well as licking their lips occasionally. I looked down and blushed when I realized that I could see the bulge of erections in both of their pants. They were in danger of certain temptation.

Back on the couch, Sister Lindsay had lifted Jessica up and was having sex with here while holding her legs up. My heart froze as I saw my little sister in the most pornographic way possible. I could clearly see Sister Lindsay’s unnatural penis moving in and out of Jessica’s ravaged vagina. Blood trickled down from the loss of her virginity, but Jessica exhibited no pain, simply moaned and twisted, occasionally kissing her rapist on the lips.

Suddenly, she began to shudder and moan, “Oh god! It’s happening! I can feel it! Oh, I want it to happen!”

She shuddered and convulsed, and I let out a scream as I saw the flesh above her vagina rise up and swell. The penis grew and grew until it fully formed, flopping over limply to the side. Sister Lindsay pulled out of her and lowered her to the floor. Jessica reached down and handled her new penis, an uncharacteristically wicked smile on her face. She touched it and ran her hand over it before; Sister Lindsay reached around her and began to masturbate her. Jessica moaned as she was touched, and soon Sister Valerie got down on her knees and started to perform fellatio on her.

“Oh, yeah, suck my cock.” Jessica moaned, “Oh, that’s good, I need to get fucked so bad.”

Oh, Jessica, what has happened to that sweet innocent girl you used to be. I suddenly realized she was looking right at me. She stared at me with lust filled eyes and pushed Sister Valerie aside, displaying her erect penis to me.

“Hey, Hayden, look what I’ve got.” She said brazenly, “Wanna come and play with your sister.”

I said nothing, shocked at how she had been taken over, by what she had become.

She stroked her penis, moaning seductively, “Come on, Hayden, don’t you like it? It wants to be inside you so bad.”

“Jessica!” I shouted, “Stop this now! You’re not in your right mind!”

“But I thought all priests liked cock.” Annabeth said, ginning evilly, “I thought that’s why you became priests in the first place.”

I felt my face flush with anger at the abhorrent suggestion. Why did everyone assume all priests were gay? Sure, the number of priests getting caught raping little boys grew more numerous by the day . . . Father Thomas touched my arm.

“Do not listen, son.” He told me, “She is one of them now, and possessed by a lying demon.”

When I didn’t move, Jessica turned to the boys, Nick and Andrew, who were enraptured by what was going on.

“How about you guys?” She cooed nastily at them. “Wanna come over here and fuck us? We’ll let you.”

“Yeah,” Sister Bonnie added, “We’re the horny sluts you guys have always dreamed about now.”

“Don’t you like us better this way?” Sister Lindsay asked impishly.

The two boys only hesitated for a second, and then they ran across to the girls. Mother Patricia made a move to stop them, but they shoved her aside.

“Outta the way, ya’ crone.” Andrew admonished her.

Although they were only a few feet away, it felt like they were completely out of reach; that dark barrier of lust, like a wall of fire, seemed to stop any of us from pulling them out of the clutches of these devilish harlots. As soon as they were there, the futas seemed to swarm around them.

Nick went right to my sister. He kissed her and licked at her breasts while Sister Lindsay and Sister Valerie quickly began to undress him. Annabeth and Sister Bonnie did the same for Andrew. My heart sank as soon both boys were stripped completely naked, their erections now in full view.

Jessica got down and took Nick’s penis in her mouth. I wanted to scream at her to stop, but my voice wouldn’t come. She bobbed her head up and down on his penis, sucking on him like a common street harlot, licking the head and stroking her own as she did. She sucked on him with such enthusiasm and relish; it was hard to believe it was the same girl. She grinned at him giddily as she performed her wanton act, his penis disappearing all the way into her far too willing mouth.

“Mmm, your cock tastes good.” She cooed.

How could those words have come from my sister, it was impossible to me that she would have shed her virtue and morality so quickly. Sister Bonnie bent over on the couch, and my heart sank as I saw Andrew enter her and begin to have sex with her. It got even worse as Jessica got on the edge of the couches arm and spread her legs, stroking her cock, and rage filled me as Nick violated my sister. There was much moaning and groaning as they those that weren’t having sex began to perform oral obscenities on each other.

The room seemed to darken a bit. Almost imperceptibly.

“My god, it looks like they love it.” Father Jeff breathed in rapt attention, gazing lovingly at the bodies of the futa women.

“That is a lie, concocted by the devil.” Father Thomas hissed, “No one enjoys such perversion. Even if they claim they do, deep down they desire to live a life of chastity in the lord’s service.”

But Father Jeff continued to stare at them, his face flushed and a slight smile at the tips of his mouth. He seemed to me to be thinking the most un-priestly thoughts imaginable. It was almost as if they had him under some sort of spell, mesmerizing him with their wanton sexuality.

The same thing could be said of Father Freddy, he stared wide eyed at the spectacle. I believe I caught him licking his lips but I wasn’t sure. What shocked me the most was that I was sure I saw Sister Maggie do that. What tendrils of diabolical intent were seeping into their brain, and how long could they, or I for that matter, resist it.

Again the lights seemed to dim a bit and that was when the boys began to change.

At first, they seemed to get a little dizzy, seeming to get a little uncoordinated and clumsy, their eyes starting to look around the room as if they were having trouble focusing on anything. And then, their bodies began to change, the skin moving and shifting all around them.

Pulling out of my sister, Nick looked down at his hands and body, stammering.

“I . . . I think I’m changing.” He mumbled.

And changed they both did, while the futa girls looked on squealing with glee, and the rest of us stared in shock, their bodies began to radically alter. They shrunk a little bit, growing smaller, but their hair began to grow longer, spilling down around their shoulders. The hair on the rest of their bodies, however, fell out en masse, rending their bodies smooth and hairless. Their shoulders narrowed, becoming less broad while their hips widened and curved. Their chests rose and swelled as breast clearly began to form on them. Their faces altered and changed, becoming softer and more feminine. With a start I realized they were both becoming quite pretty.

I cringed when I saw that, although their manhood actually increased in size a little bit, their testicles began to shrink, growing smaller and smaller at the base of the penis. Behind them, the skin sunk in and a vagina quickly formed.

The whole thing only took a minute or two, and suddenly the two young boys were now young futa girls.

“Ooooo!” Sister Lindsay cried, “They’re beautiful.”

“Yeah, can’t wait to fuck them.” Jessica moaned, rapidly moving her hand on her penis, “Stick my cock deep inside them.

They began to play with themselves, rubbing their breasts, examining their new bodies with desire. There was no horror in their eyes, no despair at the lost of their masculinity. They quickly dived in with the rest of the girl and began shamelessly copulating, making no attempt to hide their unnatural bodies or their sinful acts. If the girls sprouting a male penis had shocked us, the sight of Nick and Andrew turning into futa girls right in front of us shook us to our very core; even more so because of the perverse glee with which they cast off their former lives and embraced this world of animal passions.

Moans and groans of pleasure filled the room, the smell of sweat and sex wafted up to us as the futas continued their sinful excesses. Why we couldn’t seem to move to stop them I didn’t understand. As I stared transfixed by this crime against god, I found myself shamefully responding to them; my eyes trailing over their soft naked bodies. Ashamed, I shoved the thoughts aside. My sister was there with them, how could I be thinking like that.

I noticed Sister Bonnie leaning over to Sister Valerie and whispering something. The other nun grinned evilly, looking out direction with malicious intent. In a flash of movement, they jumped forward at the same time. Reaching out they seized the surprised Father Jeff with by his hands and pulled him into their midst. He gave a shocked yelp, and tried to pull away from them, but the rest of the futas jumped up and grabbed.

He struggled in vein, but the girls quickly began tearing his priest’s uniform off him. It took only a bit for him to be stripped naked. Jessica ripped off his cross and threw it to the floor, stomping on it with derision. As soon as his undershorts came off, it was obvious that he was not as adverse to them as he was pretending.

“Dear lord, stop . . . uh . . . stop this at once.” He said.

Annabeth giggled, looking at his erection, “It doesn’t look like you want us to stop.”  

He was shoved to his knees, in a submissive, prostrated position, and the futa who used to be Andrew reached between his legs and began to masturbate him. Jessica got down on her knees in front of him, gripping her erect penis in her hand.

“Suck my cock, Father.” She commanded him, “You know you want to.”

Father Jeff hesitated, and then opened his mouth obediently and took her penis into it. I heard a small sob come from Mother Patricia’s mouth as her began to suck, bobbing his head up and down. I seemed, as though he might know what he was doing. He moved his head back and forth as Jessica thrust her hips, as if she was trying to have sex with his face. He took the organ deep between his lips, and after a time it almost seemed as if he might be . . . enjoying it.

I did recall that Father Jeff had been abruptly transferred to our parish from another.

Sister Lindsay got behind Father Jeff, gripping her erect penis. I gasped as her intent was unmistakable.

“No, wait!” Father Jeff begged, “Not that!”

“Yes that.” Sister Lindsay said maliciously, with a toss of her head that made her habit flow.

And then, she pushed her penis into his rectum, and sodomized poor Father Jeff.

I felt sick, like I would vomit at any moment. Father Jeff cried out and convulsed as he was violated. Sister Lindsay began to move in and out, sodomizing him ruthlessly, her habit flopping back and forth around her head. He grunted and groaned, taking my sister’s penis back in his mouth. As he continued to be violated from both ends, his moans began to change. I shuddered as I realized that something in Father Jeff was rising to the occasion, and he was beginning the actually enjoy what was being done to him.

“Ooo, you like my dick up your ass?” Sister Lindsay asked him as she pumped him.

He pulled Jessica’ member out of his mouth, but instead of answering her question said, “I think . . . I think it’s happening . . .”

I realized what he meant in an instant as Father Jeff’s body began to change. The skin and muscle all over him began to alter and pulse, his hair growing and spilling down over his shoulders. Large heavy breasts dropped from his chest and began to swing like pendulums as he was raped. Like the boys, it only took Father Jeff a few short minutes to turn completely into a futa girl.

Her cries began to fill the air; definite sounds of pleasure now as Sister Lindsay continued to anally violate her. After a bit, Sister Bonnie got in her place and pushed her penis into “Father” Jeff’s brand new pussy. The nun made frantic love to her, moving in and out rapidly.

“Oh, oh this . . . oh this feels so good.” The futa that had been Father Jeff moaned wildly, “Oh think you, girls, I love being like this!”

I was flabbergasted by the idea that any priest would enjoy being turned into these unnatural hermaphroditic creatures, when I was suddenly surprised when Father Freddie started moving forward rapidly; an excited expression on his face.

“Oh man, look at her! She loves it!” He chirped, “I’m doing her next.”

As he started towards them, the futas, including Jeff, started beckoning him over, seductively, like the foul temptresses that they were. As Father Freddie went with the full intention of forsaking his vow of chastity, and suddenly broke out of my frozen state and reached out and grabbed him, pulling him back to us. He actually struggled against me as I did so, trying to get to the girls.

“Hey, what are you doing?” He complained, his eyes slightly glazed as if drugged.

“What am I doing? What are you doing?” I exclaimed, “Can’t you see that something strange is going on here? Something evil?”

“I just see that I wanna get some of that.” He said still trying to pull himself from me.

“Get a hold of yourself, man.” I yanked him back, “Do you really want to have intercourse with Father Jeff?”

“Well, I do now.” He said grinning goofily, as if he had no idea of the perversion of what he was saying.

Father Thomas said, “He cannot help himself, his is bewitched by the work of The Devil. His faith was not strong enough to protect him; he had not cast off enough of his carnal vices.”

Sister Bonnie lifted her head up, looking him over, “Awe, why don’t you quit bitchin and come over here and have fun with us. Come on, I promise will make it worth your while.”

“Temptress!” Father Thomas spat, “All you women are! But my shield is the lord, and I will not yield to you. Harlots! You’re lust is an evil that must be eradicated.”

“But sex is good. Sex is natural.” Jessica panted, someone’s penis inside her.

“No!” Father Thomas declared, “Sex is evil! Sex is a sin, the worst sin of all. Sex without procreation is an abomination. Sex for pleasure is a perversion of god’s will. Those who claim to follow god’s path must eradicate lust and desire at all costs. This is god’s decree! Life must be endured in misery, not in wanton lust!”

“Why would god want to deny us this pleasure?” Sister Lindsay asked him, in between laps at Annabeth’s privates.

“It is god’s will, and therefore it must be.” Father Thomas retorted, “To question the word of god is inconceivable, you must follow obediently and without question. For the word of god commands that we sacrifice all enjoyment, all pleasure in favor of the work and toil that is his will. All pleasure is sin, and lust an abhorrence, that is god’s law.”

Sister Bonnie looked up, angry, “That’s insane. What kind of monstrous bastard would want to deny us this pleasure? What sort of vile thing would want to enslave us to his will like that? If that is what god is, then I . . . I RENOUCE GOD!”

Stepping back, Mother Patricia gasped and the moaned in horror.

Father Thomas crossed himself, “Blasphemy! You give yourself to Satan by saying that.”

“If Satan has this kind of pleasure,” Sister Valerie spoke up, “Then I renounce god and give myself to Satan!”

Icy fingers of horror and panic gripped at my heart. I felt my legs almost buckle as Jessica, to my unflinching dismay, stood up, her erect penis bobbing in front of her as she did.

“I renounce god!” She cried in ecstasy, moving as if somehow freed from some kind of chains.

The cry went up, one by one they declared it, joyously and passionately renouncing out lord and savior. I stepped back further, the playful orgiastic activity had suddenly been replace with a seething mass of sexual blasphemy. And those words, from my sister, my innocent little sister. I felt as if my heart had been cut out. I remembered the Satanic paraphernalia in the basement; I just knew there was a connection. The Devil was here, in this room with us.

“Dear god!” Mother Patricia hissed.

“Hail Satan!” Annabeth cried.

They all took up the cry, “Hail Satan! Hail Satan!” over and over, even my sister. Confronted with such enthusiastic and unashamed blasphemy, all I could do was back away further. I feared for my life, nay, my very soul. The futas took up the chant with a wild, animal like abandon.

Sister Lindsay stood on the top of the couch, waving her hands in the air and screaming ecstatically, “God is dead! Satan lives!”

The futas all cheered, and leered at us with mocking sexual lustful eyes. All at once to me I though of hyenas: A pack of hyenas on the prowl, moving back and forth in anticipation of the kill. What diabolical force had created this horrific nightmare that I was witnessing? How had Satan reached his vile fingers so deep into the souls of those women?

I felt Father Thomas’ hand on my shoulder, “We must get out of here my son.”

The futas were dancing and writhing, shouting out blasphemies with such a giddy joy one would almost think it was only a sporting event. Suddenly, the one that had once been Nick leapt forward and grabbed Sister Maggie. She gripped her head on either side with both hands, and then planted a deep kiss right on her mouth. I could see the lips moving and the bulge of a tongue on the inside of her mouth. Sister Maggie struggled, but then seemed to relent, her body moving a little as if she had given in and began to enjoy the obscene act being forced on her. It was only for a second, and then she regained her senses and pushed Nick away.

The naked futa girl grinned at her evilly, “What’s the matter, enjoy it too much?”

“Flee!” Father Thomas shouted, “Run for your lives!”

We all turned to run. But as Sister Maggie did so, she suddenly stopped and looked down.

“Oh! Oh . . . oh, god.” She muttered.

We all recoiled, for there in the front of her nun’s robes, with the clear bulge of an erect penis. Sister Maggie looked down at the new member in confusion. Nick and Andrew were on her in a second. They pulled her robes open in the front and ripped them open, shredding the material, quickly tearing at her underwear and stripping it off her in what must have been a painful manner; exposing her naked body, and the stiff obscene penis she now possessed between her legs. Once she was naked but for her stockings and habit, they shoved her to the floor.

“Help me!” She cried desperately, “Save me!”

Father Thomas grabbed my arm, “She has fallen to evil. You cannot help her.”

We ran out of the room, leaving her behind. I felt, and still do feel, like a complete coward at that moment. I knew we should do something, but I followed what Father Thomas said. I grabbed Father Freddie who was still trying to run into the arms of the futas and pulled him along with me with a concerted effort.

“Please don’t leave me.” Sister Maggie cried.

“We have to go back and save her.” I said meekly.

“We have to get back in there and get some.” Father Freddie said, but I pulled him along.

I looked back and saw that Sister Maggie was now sucking on each of their members in turn, looking back at me with a an impish grin on her face. Her once desperate face was now a mask of pure madness and lust. She was gone, one of them now; a harlot of the devil.

All at once, all the futa girls came spilling out of the room after us. Like a swarm of locust they bared down on us; chanting obscene blasphemies and offering the most despicable and perverse sexual acts. We ran from them, heading for the spiral staircase that would take us to bottom floor and then out the door, hopefully to safety. We bolted down the hall, followed by the futas. I could feel their heat right behind us as they pursued, their high voices filling the air with the dirtiest of words. Witches of sin, my mind conjured images of them coming after us with horns and tails, riding on broomsticks.

The futas leapt forward, and suddenly, Father Freddie was pulled from my grasp. He fell to the floor and the futas piled onto him like football players tackling a running back. The futas began to pull off his clothes with a rabid, animalistic fervor.

“They’ve got me.” He cried, “Save yourselves, you have to leave me behind.”

That would have sounded noble, except for the big grin on his face.

“Could you at least try not to look happy about it?” I said as I ran, leaving him to his fate.

I could hear him moaning and laughing behind me. Very quickly, those sounds got higher and higher until I knew he was now another futa girl.

We raced for the stairs, Mother Patricia up front, trying to escape with our souls intact. As soon as we started to round the banister to get to the stair case, Mother Patricia stopped and almost dropped to the floor, screaming in sheer terror.

The huge statue of Baphomet was now standing at the top of the staircase, blocking our way down.

It was impossible, as impossible as its appearance downstairs in the first place. There was no way that anyone could have hauled that huge statue up that long spiral staircase, the thing was huge and made of solid marble. With a chilling shiver of fear, I realized that something else was wrong: The statue had changed; its head was now facing the other direction. This was indeed the work of The Devil; it could be no other way.

The statue blocked the stairs, and there was no other way down, except for an outside stairwell back near the reflection room, and the futa girls were between us and that.

Mother Patricia cried, “To my private chambers! There’s a lock on the door and now windows.”

I didn’t like the idea of boxing ourselves in there, but I had no better plan. We ran for the doors, but the futas came around the side, running towards us, obscenely naked, their hard members displayed grotesquely.

I could see a petite read head amongst their number, and I knew she used to be Father Freddy. Mother Patricia reached the doors and began to open them. Sister Maggie appeared, and threw herself at her mentor. She grabbed her face and tried to kiss her, rubbing her erect penis lewdly against Mother Patricia’s robed body. I couldn’t tell if she succeeded in planting a kiss, but Mother Patricia threw her back wards, the futa skidding across the ground, giggling madly.

Grabbing the doors to her chambers, Mother Patricia threw them open. I ran for the opening, risking one more look back. I was confronted by the naked form of my sister, masturbating both her organs and licking her lips vulgarly with an evil, impish expression on her face.

“Come on, Hayden.” She giggled, “Don’t you wanna fuck me? I know you used to watch me in the shower and jack off over me. Yeah, I knew it the whole time, and you know what? I liked it. I loved feeling your eyes all over my naked body, I loved knowing that I made you cum. Come on, now’s the time, put you’re big cock in all my holes, I want you to. Let’s do what we always wanted to do and commit incest with each other. Please, big brother, I want your dick so badly.

”Satan will let you do it. Satan will let you be who you are. Don’t try to serve a god who hates you for your lust. Come with me and I’ll show you how to embrace your animal passions. The Devil is where it’s at; he’s got everything that’s good; not like you’re pussy little wimpy god.”

With those blasphemous words cackling at my back, we threw ourselves into the chambers, slamming the door shut and locking the bolt. The futa banged on the door, pounding on it like some kind of old zombie movie. And worse, they were trying to coax us out, whispering their temptations, much in the way of an old vampire movie. In fact, there was a surreal horror movie like vibe to this whole predicament.

Safely in the Mother Superior’s chambers, no one spoke for a long time. The chambers were oval in construction, and decorated with religious painting like the rest of the nunnery. Next to the doors was a pedestal and basin filled with holy water. On the right side was a large but simple desk and chair flanked by a couple of large filing cabinets. Right next to that was a plain simple cot where Mother Patricia slept. A large oak wardrobe sat at the head of the cot, closed with a small latch. At the far end was large stone wash basin, and right next to that a door which led into the bathroom. The ceiling was domed and also painted with religious frescoes. On the left hand side was a small mini chapel, a huge brass cross decorating the altar, and an old illuminated bible on a podium in front of it. On the right of the altar were large drawers in which I knew were kept all possible religious artifacts such as might be needed for priests as well as nuns. On the left hand side was a huge bookshelf that curved along the wall going all the way to the doors, lined with bibles and other christian texts.

Going over to the basin, Mother Patricia began to wash herself, as if trying to scrub away the taint of the futas. I couldn’t help but think of Macbeth in the act. In the silence all I could hear was the voices of the girls outside, giggling and cheering, some of them were singing, as if great party had suddenly started on the other side of the doors. Blasphemous cries rose into the air, and the squealing sounds of copulation joined the noise.

I could no longer listen to those sounds, so I spoke, “What are we to do, Father Thomas?”

He looked gravely at me, “We must fight this, my son, we must not let Lucifer escape from this building.”

“How are we to do that?” I asked him, “The other will be returning from the charity in a few hours. They’ll be easy prey for those Demons. How do we stop them?”

“God will provide us with the means.” He replied, “We must not let those devils escape the convent.”

Again we lapsed into silence. I could hear the trickling splashes of the water as Mother Patricia continued her compulsive cleansing. Outside, the wild animalistic shrieks and howls continued. I heard a rumbling in the distance, very faintly. A storm was coming, in more ways then one.

“How did they get into the convent, Father?” I asked, “This is a place of god, how did it come to be possessed?”

“It is a place of females, and females are always the most easily corrupted targets of The Devil.” He said, getting onto his favorite topic, “Remember Eve and the apple? But for the corruptibility of the female species mankind would still reside in paradise, free of the burden of the will and desire.

“Have you ever heard of the case of the Ursuline Convent and the Loudon Possessions?”

I shook my head, he continued, “In 1634 in Loudon, France, the Ursuline Convent was beset upon with a great possession by demons. The nuns displayed violent convulsion, engaged in wild sexual orgies of the most vile kind. They confessed to intercourse with each other, men, beasts, demons, and dragons.”


“The very same. They whole convent was afflicted, filled with at least eighteen known demons. Priests were sent in, and exorcisms performed in public. The convent remained infected with Satan’s influence until the demons were finally driven out in 1637.”

“My god.” I rubbed my chin, trying to keep the images from forming in my head.

After another pause I said, “We must act swiftly, and as soon as possible.”

Father Thomas stiffened, “Do not be hasty . . .”

He suddenly stopped because we realized that the splashing sounds had gotten louder. When we looked towards the basin, the hair stood up on the back of my neck. Mother Patricia still stood at the basin, but she hand pulled down the top of her robe to her waist, and hand completely taken off her bra. I could see her bare back from here, and saw that she was now totally topless as she washed herself. I blushed and tried not to think about it.

But something was wrong, something was uncomfortably wrong with her back. To my fear, I saw that the wrinkles and spots of age seemed to be fading. Mother Patricia sighed and gave out several girlish giggles. Her voice sounded higher then it had before.

“Oh, I feel so much better.” She sighed, “This is amazing, look at me, I’m beautiful again.”

She turned around. For an instant I thought that it was someone else wearing her clothes that had somehow changed places with her. But soon I saw that it was indeed Mother Patricia, but her as she had been when she was in her twenties or so. She ran her hands all over her rejuvenated skin, cooing to herself with glee. Her breasts, now firm and perky, were completely exposed to us, her nipples hard as she squeezed them.

Under her half removed robes, I could see the unmistakable bulge of an erect penis.

“God in heaven,” Father Thomas breathed, “The Mother Superior has fallen!”

“Oh,” She cried, “I’ve never felt so good, or so alive! I was wrong, this is fantastic. You must try it, fathers. Come and partake of this pleasure with me.”

At that, she shoved her robes down to the floor and stepped out of them; revealing the head of her penis as it pushed out of her plain white panties. She shoved them down as well, stripping herself naked but for her habit. Her penis stood out obscenely in front of her. For good measure, she gripped the crucifix that hung around her neck and then tore it off, dropping it to the floor.

Her hand went to her crotch and she began to masturbate herself, moving her hand up and down on her male member and sliding her fingers over her vagina, which gushed fluids in a most perverse manner.

“I can feel the demon inside me.” She sighed breathily, “He’s stimulating me, energizing me, filling me full of lust, desire, and love. I was wrong, oh I was so wrong, this is what I was meant to be. Oh, please let me pleasure you both, Fathers.”

Father Thomas stepped forward, holding a large cross that he had picked up from the alter. He brandished it in front of himself almost as a shield.

“Get thee hence, harlot of The Devil!” He proclaimed, “Depart from here; you shall not corrupt this servant of god!”

Looking amused rather then frightened, Mother Patricia teased her lip with her finger and strolled forward with a mischievous grin on her face, and look of seductive lust and perversion that she would not have ever displayed a few moments earlier. She walked forward, moving her hips with lithe serpent like movements as she came. As she walked, and grimaced as she stepped on the cross that lay on the floor, the one she had torn from her neck. She trampled across the holy symbol as if it were nothing, coming right up to face the extended arm of Father Thomas.

“You would seek to eject me with you trinkets of deceit.” She giggled in amusement, “Forgive me father, for I am a sinner.”

And with that, she leaned down and licked the cross in his hands. She started at the base and ran her tongue all the way up the symbol to the top, grotesquely mimicking the acts of fellatio that the other futas had performed on each other. Father Thomas gasped and attempted to back up, muttering the lord’s prayer, but Mother Patricia advanced on him, her hard penis thrust aloft like a weapon.

When I realized that Father Thomas was not doing anything to protect himself, I threw myself at the futa and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her away from him.

“The door, Father Thomas!” I cried.

But Father Thomas wasn’t moving at all, he seemed rooted in place. I held Mother Patricia away from me as the naked futa girl tried to get at me and kiss me, her tongue waggling perversely and licking her lips as she assured me of her compliance in whatever sexual dalliances I might desire.

“Father! The Door!” I screamed.

That seemed to snap him out of his trance, and he ran towards the door, pulling it open. As soon is it was open, the futas began to approach. I had only a few seconds. I threw the protesting Mother Patricia through the opening and we both slammed the doors shut and locked it.

I heard her wail from the outside, “Sure! Lock yourself away behind your crosses and your lies! But we know the truth! Satan is the one true king of the Earth. The god of lust and desire, of might and power. I spit upon the cross of god the deceiver! I sodomize the weak misbegotten son! Fuck your bible, your book of lies and slavery! Hail Satan! Hail Satan!”

We both backed away from the door, in complete disbelief.

“How come you’re hiding in there?” She continued, “Why are you so afraid of a little fun, a little pleasure? Why does your god forbid you to enjoy your life? Why does he want you to wallow in so much misery and dull drum? Does he hate you that much? What kind of sadistic bastard would want to condemn his faithful followers to a life of endless tedium and toil? If he loves you so much, why must you fear him? And if he’s so powerful, why must you hide? Won’t god be your protector against us?”

“God will protect us.” Father Thomas assured me.

Like he protected Mother Patricia, I thought. Like he protected my sister? I couldn’t help but feel abandoned by god. I felt in real danger of loosing my faith. We walked away from the doors, trapped in this small room. I looked over at Father Thomas, the man who had led my way for most of my adult life. He seemed slightly hesitant and lost.

“What must we do, Father?” I asked him.

“I must pray.” He said simply, getting on his knees in front of the altar.

“We have no time for this.” I protested, “The other will be returning from the charity event soon. They’ll be walking into a trap; we have to find a way to stop that. We have to protect them. We can’t just stay here, we have no food.”

“I must pray.” He repeated.

After a bit, I joined him. We prayed for a while, but soon I stopped as the clock ticked on and the time got closer and closer. I could hear the futa girls outside. It was strange, I had expected to hear screams of anger and frustration, and bellowing cries of blasphemy, but mostly what I heard was laughing and giggling, a lot of playful singing, and the unmistakable pleasure moans of copulation.

I waited for Father Thomas to come up with his answer. I still held out hope that he would lead us both to victory against the perversion outside the door, that as god’s instrument he would show me how to banish this evil. But all he did was pray. Several times I tried to get him to get up and do something to prevent what was going to happen, but he continued praying, for hours.

He prayed as we heard the sounds of cars pulling up in front of the convent, signaling the return of everyone else from the charity event.

He prayed as we heard the opening of doors and the pattering of feet and yammer of conversation as the priests, nuns, school girls and school boys all came into the convent, not knowing in the slightest what lay within.

He prayed as we heard the enthusiastic cheering of the futa girls while they descended on the new arrivals.

He prayed as screams rose up in the air, cries of terror as the other saw what had become of their friends and companions.

He prayed as little by little the screams became cries of pleasure as one by one they all succumbed to the lust and passion of the futas, the male voices dying out as the sounds became a chorus of ecstatic female moans. Soon, singing and the sounds of dancing and laughing joined them.

He prayed as the sounds from outside our self imposed prison became one large party and orgy, the obscene sounds of laughter, singing, blasphemy, and fornication coming from every hall in the convent.

He prayed as The Devil took the convent completely, and we were the only two people left in god’s service. Though all of that, all he did was pray. Silently, ineffectually, and uselessly.

I sat on the bed, feeling helpless, when Father Thomas finally got off his knees and stood up. He turned to me, looking as pious and determined as ever.

“I have heard the word of god.” He informed me.

What took him so long? Had god been out back mowing the lawn? I looked at him, waiting for his next words.

“We must drive out these devils. We must perform an exorcism.” He declared.

How it had taken him so long to arrive at such an obvious conclusion I did not know, but I nodded in ascent. We had everything we needed to perform the rite in this room. We began preparation, offering prayers and confession before we vested in surplice and purple stole. We each took a copy of the Roman Ritual off the bookshelf and Father Thomas also took a holy water sprinkler which he filled from the basin near the door.

We knelt first before the doors, and recited the litany of the saints. Once done we rose, and prepared to face the enemy. I could hear them outside, with their haughty laughter and lust, partaking of all the pleasures that god had forbidden us. I reached over and opened the doors, and the two of us stepped out into the mouth of hell.

To our surprise, there were only two futas still around the staircase, and they were making out with each other and didn’t even notice that we were there. Father Thomas shook the holy water in the shape of a cross and began.

He bellowed, “I cast you out, unclean spirit, along with every Satanic power of the enemy, every spectre from hell, and all your fell companions; in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Begone and stay far from this creature of god. For it is he who commands you, he who flung you headlong from the heights of heaven into the depths of hell. It is he who commands you, he who once stilled the sea and the wind and the storm.”

If the two futas heard him, they gave no indication of it. One simply lowered down and began to perform fellatio on the other. Father Thomas began to lead us around the banister that ringed the spiral staircase. The statue of Baphomet was no longer blocking off the top of the stairs, but a quick look over the railing showed me that it was also no longer in the center of the room downstairs. Where could it have gone, I wondered?

All around, I noticed banners bearing Satanic symbols had been hung over the paintings. They must have been from the boxes Mother Patricia had told us about; the ones she had found in the basement. All the crucifixes on the walls, I noticed, had also been turned upside down.

Instead of heading for the staircase, Father Thomas headed back down the hallway past the bedrooms that led to the reflection room where this had all begun, making the sign of the cross with the holy water as he went.

“Hearken, therefore, and tremble in fear, Satan, you enemy of the faith, you foe of the human race, you begetter of death, you robber of life, you corrupter of justice, you root of all evil and vice; seducer of men, betrayer of the nations, instigator of envy, font of avarice, fomentor of discord, author of pain and sorrow. Why, then, do you stand and resist, knowing as you must that Christ the Lord brings your plans to nothing?”

Futa girls were now coming out of the rooms on either side as we came, giggling and exposing themselves to us. Some still wore their nun habits, and a few even still had on their robes which they opened to expose their breasts to us as we moved. I saw a few with priest’s collars on black shirts and shuddered when I thought that these were once priests that I knew and worked with.

“Fear Him, who in Isaac was offered in sacrifice, in Joseph sold into bondage, slain as the paschal lamb, crucified as man, yet triumphed over the powers of hell. Begone, then, in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit. Give place to the holy spirit by this sign of the holy cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with the father and the holy spirit, god, forever and ever.” Father Thomas recited.

I felt a shiver of fear as I noticed that all of the futa girls who were coming out, stroking their fully erect members, were wearing Satanic jewelry of all sorts. Again they must have all been from those boxes Mother Patricia had described. Some of them wore inverted crosses around their necks, others wore sigils of Baphomet, the Goat Of Mendes or other Satanic symbols. Some even wore both, as well as adornments of skulls and other dark imagery. They laughed at us and blew kisses, pornographically displaying themselves in hopes of seducing us.

God in heaven, why were they all so beautiful? I was having a hard time keeping my eyes on the book and off of their sinful yet lovely bodies.

“Father Hayden!” Father Thomas hissed.

I realized I had missed the response.

“Amen.” I said.

“Lord hear my prayer.” Father Thomas said.

“He’s not listening.” Shouted one of the futa girls.

I ignored her, as we entered the reflection room, “And let my cry be heard by you.”

“I’ll make some cries he can listen too.” Said another of the Devil’s harlots.

Father Thomas said, “The lord be with you.”

“May he also be with you.” I replied.

We circled through the reflection room and back out into the hall, which was now teaming with naked futa girls, giggling and rubbing themselves, some masturbating in few view of us. Others turned to each other and began to perform their obscene lust on one another. But I noticed, none of them attacked us. Perhaps god was protecting us after all.

Father Thomas continued, “God, Creator and defender of the human race, who made man in your own image, look down in pity on this your servants, now in the toils of the unclean spirit, now caught up in the fearsome threats of man's ancient enemy, sworn foe of our race, who befuddles and stupefies the human mind, throws it into terror, overwhelms it with fear and panic. Repel, 0 lord, The Devil's power, break asunder his snares and traps, put the unholy tempter to flight. By the sign of your name, let your servants be protected in mind and body.”

We exited the hall and walked around the circular railing again, this time moving down the other hall where more of the nun’s bedrooms were located. Even more futa girls were here, rubbing and licking each other with animalistic abandon. Many wore the remnants of school uniforms, their former innocence swallowed up by their rampant lust and perversion. They snickered and taunted us, offering up their bodies in ever increasingly obscene manners.

“Keep watch over the inmost recesses of their heart; rule over their emotions; strengthen their will. Let vanish from their soul the temptings of the mighty adversary. Graciously grant, 0 lord, as we call on your holy name, that the evil spirit, who hitherto terrorized over us, may himself retreat in terror and defeat, so that this servant of yours may sincerely and steadfastly render you the service which is your due; through Christ our lord.” Father Thomas continued.

“Amen.” I responded.

We reached the end of the hall, where a statue of the virgin Mary stood in a recess. One of the futas had attached paper mache breasts to the chest of the statue, and a large erect paper mache penis. We turned and began back through the hall, through the heaving throng of naked flesh. I found my eyes drawn to their hard members, and unconscionable thoughts assailed my brain. Surly that was The Devil trying to affect me, why else would I find a man’s penis so enticing?

“I adjure you, ancient serpent, by the judge of the living and the dead, by your Creator, by the Creator of the whole universe, by Him who has the power to consign you to hell, to depart forthwith in fear, along with your savage minions, from these servants of god, who seeks refuge in the fold of the church. Therefore, yield not to my own person but to the minister of Christ. For it is the power of Christ that compels you, who brought you low by his cross. Tremble before that mighty arm that broke asunder the dark prison walls and led souls forth to light. May the trembling that afflicts this human frame, the fear that afflicts this image of god, descend on you. Do not think of despising my command because you know me to be a great sinner. It is God himself who commands you; the majestic Christ who commands you. God the father commands you; god the son  commands you; god the holy spirit commands you. The mystery of the cross commands you. The faith of the holy apostles Peter and Paul and of all the saints commands you. The blood of the martyrs commands you. The continence of the confessors commands you. The devout prayers of all holy men and women command you. The saving mysteries of our christian faith command you.” Father Thomas intoned powerfully as he walked.

Despite the powerful delivery, the girls seemed unaffected by the words. They giggled and laughed and playfully mocked us. One of them suggested that we tie her up since we like giving commands so much. I began to fear again, the exorcism seemed to be having little effect. I reminded myself that this may take days to drive the demons out.

We reached the railing again and this time we began to descend the staircase, reciting as we went.

“Depart, then, transgressor. Depart, seducer, full of lies and cunning, foe of virtue, persecutor of the innocent. Give place, abominable creature, give way, you monster, give way to Christ, in whom you found none of your works. For he has already stripped you of your powers and laid waste your kingdom, bound you prisoner and plundered your weapons. He has cast you forth into the outer darkness, where everlasting ruin awaits you and your abettors. To what purpose do you insolently resist? To what purpose do you brazenly refuse? For you are guilty before almighty god, whose laws you have transgressed. You are guilty before His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, whom you presumed to tempt, whom you dared to nail to the cross. You are guilty before the whole human race, to whom you prof erred by your enticements the poisoned cup of death.”

A red headed futa girl, wearing a large inverted cross, but naked otherwise, came up the steps. Somehow, I knew it was Father Freddie. There was something in eyes that made be recognize my friend, even in his transgendered form.

“Oh yeah, I’m guilty all right,” Father Freddie cooed rubbing her penis and breasts with her hands, “Why don’t you come over here and punish me, because I’m a dirty little sinner.”

The rite continued as we pushed past her, “Therefore, I adjure you, profligate dragon, in the name of the spotless lamb, who has trodden down the asp and the basilisk, and overcome the lion and the dragon, to depart from there people, to depart from the church of god. Tremble and flee, as we call on the name of the lord, before whom the denizens of hell cower, to whom the heavenly virtues and powers and dominations are subject, whom the cherubim and seraphim praise with unending cries as they sing: Holy, holy, holy, lord god of Sabaoth. The Word made flesh commands you; the virgin's son commands you; Jesus  of Nazareth commands you, who once, when you despised his disciples, forced you to flee in shameful defeat from a man; and when he had cast you out you did not even dare, except by his leave, to enter into a herd of swine. And now as I adjure you in his name, begone from these people who is his creature. It is futile to resist his will. It is hard for you to kick against the goad. The longer you delay, the heavier your punishment shall be; for it is not men you are condemning, but rather him who rules the living and the dead, who is coming to judge both the living and the dead and the world by fire.”

“Amen.” I replied.

We pushed past her and down the stairs. As we reached the bottom, I heard her call, “You sure are kissing his ass a lot for someone who’s going to burn everything up when he comes back. Maybe we should be getting ready to unleash a pile of nuclear whoop ass on him instead.”

We walked around the empty pedestal when the Baphoment had stood before. Now, several futa girls lay on the slab, having a small orgy in front of every one. I tore my eyes away from them as the swallowed each other’s members and lapped at each other’s vagina with unholy lust and degradation. Shameless they were in their fornications, and I saw not how anyone could expose their shameful bodies like that.

I had thought we were going to head into the chapel, but we passed the huge closed double doors of the place or worship. I could hear banging around on the other side and the sounds of sawing; almost like construction, and I wondered what in god’s name the demons were doing in there. Instead, Father Thomas led me towards the North hall, where work rooms were located. As we walked through the halls, we again found the futas coming out of ever door, most naked, some still wearing nun or school uniforms, but all exposed none the less.

Father Thomas said, “Lord heed my prayer.”

Said I, “Let my cry be heard unto you.”

A futa girl called, “God’s not listening, he left the phone off the hook again!”

“The Lord be with you.” Recited Father Thomas.

“May he also be with you.” I read the response.

Father Thomas intoned, “God of heaven and earth, god of the angels and archangels, god of the prophets and apostles, god of the martyrs and virgins, god who have power to bestow life after death and rest after toil; for there is no other god than you, nor can there be another true god beside you, the creator of heaven and earth, who are truly a king, whose kingdom is without end; I humbly entreat your glorious majesty to deliver this servant of yours from the unclean spirits; through Christ our lord.”

“Amen.” I said.

I heard a passionate low moaning sound and looked into one of the rooms before I could stop myself. There on a table, was a nun. She was naked but for her habit and stockings, and had taken a large wooden crucifix off the wall. I saw that she had skillfully carved the lower half of the cross into the shape of a man’s penis, and was now masturbating with it, moving it in and out of her vagina, while stroking her penis.

“Ooo, Jesus likes to fuck me.” She cooed lewdly.

I turned my eyes away, feeling the hot flush on my face. We reached the end of the hall and turned back, head back down in the direction we had come. I was scared now, the futas were not attacking us (they could have easily overwhelmed us), but the exorcism seemed to be having no effect. Father Thomas tossed the holy water back and forth, shaking it in the direction of each room and at each futa girl. I could detect no reaction, the futs continued their perverse behavior, taunting and teasing us with their naked bodies.

Therefore, I adjure you every unclean spirit, every spectre from hell, every satanic power, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who was led into the desert after his baptism by John to vanquish you in your citadel, to cease your assaults against the creature whom he has, formed from the slime of the earth for his own honor and glory; to quail before wretched man, seeing in him the image of almighty god, rather than his state of human frailty. Yield then to god, who by his servant, Moses, cast you and your malice, in the person of Pharaoh and his army, into the depths of the sea. Yield to god, who, by the singing of holy canticles on the part of David, His faithful servant, banished you from the heart of King Saul. Yield to god, who condemned you in the person of Judas Iscariot, the traitor.”

“Iscariot the hero!” Cried one of the futas.

Leaning against the wall, I saw Sister Maggie. She masturbated in full view of me, licking her lips at me with her eyes full of perverted intent.

“I’ll yield to you, Hayden.” She slurred with lust, and I realized she was drunk.

We left the hall and were back in the main staircase room. On the pedestal the futas were busy sodomizing each other, their grunts cries filling the stone and marble room in a symphony of unholy Satanic lust. How anyone could find pleasure in such an act was beyond me, but I couldn’t help but notice how much they were enjoying it. We went around them and headed for the doors that led to the dining area.

I swore I could hear music behind those doors.

We opened the doors and continued in, and found that there was, indeed, music playing. Somehow, an old boom box had been found, and was sitting in one corner filling the air with song. Weirdly, it was old swing music from the 1920s. In the room the futs danced wildly on top of the tables, cavorted and wiggling their bodies as the music pushed them into wild heights of revelry. I remembered Father Thomas admonishment that all music was the work of The Devil. That only the church should be allowed to make music.

Everywhere, there were bottles of the sacramental wine. The futas must have emptied out the whole cellar. Although there were piles of empty bottles, it looked like they had barely made a dent in the supply.

Standing on one of the tables, I saw Sister Lindsay thrashing her body with her hands in the air.

“Dance for Satan!” She cried.

“Hail Satan!” Came the reply from everyone.

“Dance for Lucifer!”

“Hail, Lucifer!”

“Dance for Leviathan!”

“Hail, Leviathan!”

“Dance for Beliel!”

“Hail, Beliel!”

“All you Satanic sluts get wild and get funky!” She screamed, jumping in the air with an animalistic fury to her movements.

We strode forward, through the throngs of naked drunken futa girls. Everywhere the religious symbols had been torn down and replace with Satanic ones and the devils harlots continued their unholy party. As they saw us, the giggled and taunted us, thrusting their naked bodies in our direction.

Keeping his head high, Father Thomas moved forward, “For he now flails you with his divine scourges, he in whose sight you and your legions once cried out: "What have we to do with you, Jesus, son of the most high god? Have you come to torture us before the time?" Now He is driving you back into the everlasting fire, he who at the end of time will say to the wicked: "Depart from me, you accursed, into the everlasting fire which has been prepared for the devil and his angels." For you, 0 evil one, and for your followers there will be worms that never die. An unquenchable fire stands ready for you and for your minions, you prince of accursed murderers, father of lechery, instigator of sacrileges, model of vileness, promoter of heresies, inventor of every obscenity.”

“And he knows how to fuck’n party!” Annabeth said, a bottle in her hand as she danced like a savage from the jungle on one of the tables.

One of the dancing girls I recognized as once having been Father Jeff. She also had a bottle in her hand, and wore no clothes what so ever. She gyrated and twisted her body to the music with almost epileptic fervor.

“You go, Jennifer!” One of the others called to her.

Father Jeff was no more, there was only Jennifer the drunken futa slut.

We made our way through the loud, noisy, cavorting girls, and to the doors that led into the main entrance. As soon as we entered the doors, I felt my hart stick in my throat.

The statue of Baphomet, now sat directly in front of the door that led outside, blocking the exit completely.

I stared at the black obscene monstrosity, and it seemed to stare back at me with its red glittering eyes. At its feet, two futa girls were making out with each other, letting their tongues dart in and out of each other’s mouths. I recognized them as the ones who had once been Nick and Andrew. They ran their hands over each other with lewd abandon, but looked up and smiled when they saw us enter.

“Oh?” Nick said, licking her lips, “Are we gonna start praying now? Is that it?”

Andrew crawled forward a little on her hands and knees, “What makes you think we’re going anywhere? You can’t stop this, I’m Andrea now, and she’s Nikki.”

Nikki, once Nick, joined her on all fours. Their movements were grotesquely animal like, as if they had lost every bit of humanity in some way. But we turned our attention the statue: Baphomet, the scourge and shame of the Templers. Baphomet, Satan the Adversary in another guise. We ignored the taunting, seductive words of the two futa girls and instead focused our attention on their god. Baphomet with his hideous goat’s head, the fur coming down around his shoulders like beard. Baphomet, with his large hard penis shamelessly displayed as an animal would.

Father Thomas glared at the statue in contempt, making the sign of the cross at it with the holy water, her bellowed at the evil effigy in fury, as if he was making some kind of stand. We both stood before the statue, focusing on it, drowning out everything else and place our full concentration on the obscene man beast that stood before us. Father Thomas looked almost smug with self satisfaction as he whipped into the exorcism’s final moments.

He roared, “Depart, then, impious one, depart, accursed one, depart with all your deceits, for god has willed that man should be his temple. Why do you still linger here? Give honor to god the Father almighty, before whom every knee must bow. Give place to the lord Jesus Christ, who shed his most precious blood for man. Give place to the holy spirit, who by his blessed apostle Peter openly struck you down in the person of Simon Magus; who cursed your lies in Annas and Saphira; who smote you in King Herod because he had not given honor to god; who by his apostle Paul afflicted you with the night of blindness in the magician Elyma, and by the mouth of the same apostle bade you to go out of Pythonissa, the soothsayer. Begone, now! Begone, seducer! Your place is in solitude; your abode is in the nest of serpents; get down and crawl with them. This matter brooks no delay; for see, the lord, the ruler comes quickly, kindling fire before him, and it will run on ahead of him and encompass his enemies in flames. You might delude man, but god you cannot mock. It is he who casts you out, from whose sight nothing is hidden. It is he who repels you, to whose might all things are subject. It is he who expels you, he who has prepared everlasting hellfire for you and your angels, from whose mouth shall come a sharp sword, who is coming to judge both the living and the dead . . .”

And just like that, he suddenly stopped.

The ritual was incomplete, but he just ceased reciting. He stopped dead and looked down, a small gasp escaping his lips.

I looked down and my heart froze. While all our attention had been focused on the statue and our exorcism, we had failed to see what Nikki and Andrea were doing. They had crawled forward on their hands and knees, and had lifted up Father Thomas’ robes. How he did not notice them unbuckling his pants I can only subscribe to some kind of diabolic influence. But they now had his penis out, and they were on their knees, taking turns sucking on it. To my horror, I could see that Father Thomas, pious and righteous champion of celibacy, was completely hard. He looked down; almost not comprehending what was being done to him.

“Who is coming to judge . . . who is coming to judge both the living . . .” He stammered, unable to focus, “Who is coming . . . uh . . . who is cumming . . .”

He paused for a second, and then he dropped the bible to the floor with a resounding smack. A few seconds later, the holy water sprinkler also fell, clanging on the marble floor and echoing through the room. He held his hands over the two futa girls as they sucked and licked on his manhood, their own members hard between their legs. At first, I thought he was going to shove them away; in fact, I was sure of it. But instead, he placed his hands on their heads, and then to my shock, tilted his head back.

“Oh, oh my children.” He moaned, “That is . . . what you are doing . . . it feels quite divine.”

He fell back against the wall. Andrea stood up and began to tear off his robes while Nikki continued to take his penis deep into her mouth. His robes fluttered to the floor and she tore open his shirt, tossing his collar away. As she did so, I saw breasts begin to rise.

“Oh, oh, it’s happening. It . . . feels good.” Father Thomas moaned.

“Do you want it to happen; do you want to become a futa?” Andrea asked him.

“Yes! I desire it! Make me into a futa.” He cried as I backed up in shock.

“Give yourself to Satan.” Andrea whispered in his ear.

“I give myself to Satan.” He cried, and then he changed.

In a few seconds the old wise man I knew was no longer there, and in his place stood a lovely, curvy blonde woman with curly hair that spilled own over her shoulders, large full breasts and will rounded thighs. As well as a hard penis and dripping wet vagina.

Andrea kissed her, “We’ll call you Tammy.”

Tammy kissed her back and then got down on the floor with them. In a few seconds she was kissing them, sucking their sex organs and breasts, and abandoning herself to their lusts. I could not believe what I had just witnessed: The man I had followed my whole career, the one who had always been the strongest and resisted the temptations of the flesh and of women, had yielded to the lust of The Devil. The exorcism had failed! God’s words had failed!

I looked as my mentor now writhed in naked ecstasy with the two other futa girls. My mind raced, and some part of me noted that his fate didn’t seem too bad. Looking at her face, it seemed as though she loved it, loved these pleasure of the flesh and the touch of another’s naked body. God forbade us such pleasure, but why? It was hard to see anything wrong with the ecstasy and excitement these futas were capable of feeling, the amount of sensations open to them.

For a second, I actually contemplated joining them.

I shook my head, shocked and ashamed at myself. But if someone as strong in his faith as Father Thomas could fall, what chance did I have? I held the cross in front of myself, putting up as a shield between me and the girls. Nikki had gotten behind Tammy and had mounted her like an animal, entering her from the rear. Tammy squealed with glee as she abandoned herself to Satan’s influence.

With a chill I realized that I was the only Christian soul left.

I heard a thump next to me and realized I had dropped my bible. I bent down to pick it up, and suddenly felt something hard poke me in the behind, pressing against my foulest place. I yelped in shock and humiliation and turned around, dropping my crucifix on the floor as I did so, and found Jessica standing in front of me. My ears burned as I realized what had poked me in my posterior had been her hard penis.

She was completely and unabashedly naked, her body completely exposed to me. Her nipples were hard and stiff, and so was her obscene penis. She stepped forward, moving her hips sensually as she walked. There was no hint of the innocent girl she had once been in her. She was all lust, all sex.

The only thing she wore was a large pewter emblem of Baphomet, different from the usual one. The goat’s head in the pentagram was raised and had an inverted cross on its forehead. Instead of Hebrew letters around the outside there were simply skulls, and the number 666 around the top.

“God,” I whispered, “Jessica, what have you become?”

“Hello, Hayden.” She sang musically, “I see your exorcism didn’t fare too well. Why don’t you just give all that shit up and play with us? I can promise, you won’t regret it and the rewards will be great.”

I said nothing.

Said Jessica, “Don’t you think I’m pretty? I know you do. Instead of worrying about all these rules and laws that your fascist god has shoved down your throat, why don’t you just have some fun? Wouldn’t you like to do all sorts of things to me? I’ll let you. I’ll let you indulge your deepest desires with me.”

“You’re . . . you’re my sister.” I stammered, “I’m your brother; don’t speak of me like that!”

“Why not?” She giggled, “Its taboo, and that makes it so much better. You want to have sex with me, I know it. Hey, remember that time when we were kids . . .”

“Stop it!” I said as my face grew hot.

“I want you inside of me.” She cooed, “I’ve wanted it for so long. And I know you want to fuck me.”

Suddenly, she reached forward and to my shock put her hand on the front of my pants, directly on my genitals. My body jerked and felt a rush of tingles all over me at the contact. I yelped and jumped back, but Jessica had already gotten what she wanted.

“You’re hard.” She giggled, “See? Give up the exorcism bullshit and make love to me. Make your sister cum, it’s the least you can do. Siblings should be close after all.”

We stopped as she stared at me with lustful intent. I realized that right in between us lay the cross I had dropped. Jessica looked down at it and grinned. She then dropped to her hands and knees and crawled cat like towards it on the floor, her humanity seeming to leave her body. She lowered her head down and the licked the cross, her eyes looking impishly at me as she did. She sat up on her heels, and took the cross in her hands. She began to rub it across her vagina and penis. I gasped at the brazen blasphemousness of the act.

As she rubbed herself, she began to intone, “From the darkness, Satan’s force within and around us, we become one with the dark essence, as we call forth the Demons from the abyss. Hail Satan, hail the Darkness! We stand up for being individual, and claim our right to follow the dark path; we lift the veil of ignorance, and see with the eyes of understanding and wisdom.The Power of Satan---AVE SATANAS!”

I heard a tearing sound behind me and looked to see that Andrea had ripped apart Father Thomas’ bible, tearing the pages out. Both she and Nikki were rubbing Tammy with the pages, sliding them over her penis and inside her vagina and anus, desecrating the book and its pages.

Nikki turned to me, the same demonic look in her eyes, “The ones of the night are we.....and we haunt the earth. Calling forth the undead...feel the death energy around and within us. Death is forever-----the worlds have a gate...and now that gate has been opened...for the Darkness has channeled through me and a portal has been made from that world to this.
We gather here to call forth the powers of Darkness, we Hail and glorify Satan...within us we find our center of universal force.From the land of Shadow...we were born.”

After one brief moment of indecision, I took off running. I couldn’t get out the front door with the big freaky statue in the way; I had no choice but to head back to Mother Patricia’s room, and that meant a mad dash. I threw the doors open and ran through the drunken party in the dining area. They danced everywhere around me as I tore through the room.

Jennifer, once Father Jeff, spotted me and stood up crying, “Behold! The mighty servant of god doth run with his tail between his legs.”

They all began to laugh, giggling madly at me. My heart hammered in my chest and I pushed through them in a blind panic.

Jennifer followed me, “We are in touch with our true inner spirits...not of man made self righteous lies...creation was made from the darkness...and our legacy is of the cosmic matrix of darkness.”

I reach the opposite side doors, my breath coming out in heaves as my mind raced, gripped by fear. I expected to feel the futa’s hands grabbing me from behind at any second like something out of an old horror movie. Madly I fumbled with the knob, pulling the doors open, getting ready to run fro the stairs.

When the doors opened, I screamed.

There, on the pedestal in the center of the room, once more stood the statue of Baphomet. It was impossible, my mind rebelled at what I was witnessing; but there it was: Somehow, the massive heavy stone monument that had been at the front entrance a few seconds ago was here now. All six feet of it stared down at me intently. I felt madness creeping into my brain, penetrating the deep recesses of my mind. Somehow, I knew, I just knew, that if I were to turn and bolt for the front doors, I would find the vile god right back where he’d been, blocking the exit.

What was frightening me the most was that the head had changed positions; it now seemed to be looking down directly at me.

I ran for the stairs, all around me the futa girls were swaying and dancing, intoning chants as they moved around me.

They said in unison, “HAIL SATAN, ETERNAL, INFERNAL....we are made in your shadow. HAIL THAT WHICH WE ARE! In Diobolis, Satanas, DemonicusHAIL SATAN!---HAIL THAT WHICH WE ARE! Sons and Daughters of the abyss...we walk in the fires of hell, from before the ancient times we will be and are....timeless.In our dark place of worship....we gather to call the dark forces into our beings.”

I made it to the stairs and leapt over the railing. Madly I ran up the steps, taking two at a time. I stumbled and fell down, bruising my knees painfully on the stone stairs. Now at almost a near panic, and threw myself forward and ran up the circular steps. I risked a look down, and was instantly sorry I did so.

Fear gripped my as I saw that the statue’s head had changed once again. IT WAS NOW LOOKING DIRECTLY UP AT ME ON THE STAIRS! I screamed, feeling icy fingers of Satan on my spine, almost hearing his foul voice in my head. I turned my back on the horrific sight and flew up the steps to the top, my whole body trembling with terror.

“God help!” I mumbled, “God save me.”

But no god answered my plea.

The futas had followed me up the stairs and were chanting joyfully, “Come Dark Forces into our beings. In our morbid place we call the ones of Necro-------Come Dead from the land of Necro. In our hellish place we call all the Demons in Hell------Come Demons From Hell! We walk on the left hand side---our path is taken through an open mind. We see from different perspectives, because our eyes see deep...an understanding spirit is a wise spirit.”

As I raced around the balcony, heading for the doors to Mother Patricia’s room. The futa girls were everywhere, spilling out from both halls, dancing and leaping a swaying with ecstasy as they surrounded me on all sides.

They chanted, “We take full responsibility for our own actions...and do not blame them on other things or situations. Walk with me into the Darkness......I am forever...and I am the truth. HAIL SATAN!

I bolted through he doors, which we had left open, of the room. Once inside, however, I found Mother Patricia sitting on the bed, stroking her hard penis and grinning at me insidiously.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Hayden.” She cooed seductively.

She then looked down at the front of my pants, “Ooo, is that hard on for me?”

I flushed with anger and embarrassment, and reached out grabbing her arm. I yanked her up off the bed forcefully.

“Oh, you know I like the rough stuff.” She giggled.

Taking her, I threw her out of the doors into the balcony beyond and slammed the doors shut before any others of them could get back in.

“I’m seeing a pattern here.” She called from the other side of the door.

I threw the lock shut and then sank down to the floor, tremors rumbling all over my body. I clutched my shoulders in frustration and fear: It was over, all was lost. I was the last one left, and I was trapped in this room with no way out. My choices seemed to be thus: Stay here and die of starvation and loose my life, or leave and become one of them and loose my soul. I had no answers, and no guidance. I looked up at the alter, intending to pray for guidance, but saw to my dismay that Mother Patricia had somehow turned the cross upside down, and scrawled the number 666 on the wood of the altar.

Still, I dropped my head down and began to pray. I prayed for guidance, for courage and the strength to defeat this evil. But god did not answer my prayers, nor did he offer any guidance. The words felt empty and useless on my lips.

I pounded the floor and screamed in anguish, “God! What must I do?! What must I do?!”

From the other side of the door, Mother Patricia spoke in a low pitched imitation of a male voice, “Hayden, this is god. And I command you to go forth and fuck Patricia in every hole that she has.”

“Be silent!” I screamed, “Cease your blasphemies!”

She only giggled mockingly from the other side of the door, “Awe come on, Hayden, and get with the program. That god of yours is a fascist totalitarian son of bitch. He only wants to enslave and beat down the human race. Have you really read the bible, Hayden? It’s horrible. It’s ghastly. We’re not allowed to enjoy ourselves, to enjoy our lives at all. Ever. What kind of being would create something like that? Why would god create us, and then want us to live out our lives in misery, devoid of any pleasure? It’s all lies, Hayden, all of it. We’ve all had the wool pulled over our eyes, but now I can see it for what it is.

“Just think about it, Hayden: How many times does the bible and the prayers refer to us as sheep or oxen? Stupid herd animals with no thoughts of their own, dependant of their keepers to tell them what to do. How often does it refer to god as our “yolk”? Do you know what a yolk is, Hayden? It’s a wooden frame from choking oxen, a dumb animal, into submission. Is that what you want to be, just another part of the herd, just another dumb sheep being herded to the slaughter, just to be consumed by an uncaring god?

“The demons have opened my eyes, let me see god for what he really is. Satan is the one true lord of the Earth. Satan wants humanity to live, to indulge in pleasures, to stand up for ourselves, to be individuals. God wants blind stupid obedience. Under Satan we are allowed wealth, we are allowed power, and we are allowed lust and pleasure.”

For a time, there was silence, as I sat there despairing, pulling my legs up to my chest. Questions continued to flow through my brain. I had tried not to listen to the futa girls, but some of what they said made sense. They had brought up some things that had nagged me and made me question my faith in the past. And try as I might, I couldn’t stop myself from shamefully thinking of their naked bodies, their beautiful breasts and inviting smiles. How easy it would be to just submit to them. I jerked my mind back from the brink. It felt like they were invading my very thoughts.

“Hayden?” My sister’s voice called from the other side of the door.

My blood ran cold again, hearing her sweet musical voice from beyond the entrance. I made no response, but unconsciously I moved towards the door. There was a slight tapping as the lightly rapped her knuckles on the wood.

“Hayden?” She repeated, “Why don’t you come out of there and join us?”

“Begone! Demon!” I hissed through clenched teeth.

There was a pause and then she said, “It’s me. It’s your cute little adorable sister Jessica.”

“You’re not my sister.” I said.

“Last time I checked I was.” She replied.

“You’re not my sister!” I screamed at her, clutching my hands to the side of my head, tears welling up in my eyes.

“Why would you say that?” She said, her voice sounding hurt and strained.

“You’re some kind of demon that’s possessed her body.” I retorted, “You look like her, you sound like her, but it’s not her talking anymore.”

“That’s not true!” She protested, “I’m still here. It’s not like we thought, Hayden. When a demon possesses you, it doesn’t take you over: It opens you up; it lets all your suppressed inner being out. It speaks to you, it guides you, but it doesn’t enslave you: It frees you.”

“Lies.” I said, more to myself then her.

“I’m not the one who’s lying.” She said, “We’ve all been lied to, Hayden. We’ve all been deceived. Have you ever wondered why we’re never allowed to question our faith, why we’re never allowed to challenge it? It’s because they need us to follow them blindly, or their power over us crumbles. Have you ever wondered why religion always decries science so much? Because it doesn’t want us to see The Bible for what it is: Fiction and lies. Think about all the knowledge that the church has tried to suppress: Evolution? Galileo?”

“The Vatican has its own observatory.” I reminded her, “We’re a long way away from Galileo.”

“Do you think the Vatican would even have an observatory if some rebel thinkers hadn’t challenged their condemnation of Galileo’s theories?” she answered back, “Probably not. Had religion never been challenged, we’d still be using leeches and bleeding in hospitals. The more we learn about the world, the more we learn that the bible is full of nonsense.”

She paused a bit before continuing, “Have you ever wondered why we’re not allowed to do anything sexual with each other, other then make a baby after marriage? Have you ever wondered why we’re not allowed to enjoy it? I’ve read the bible cover to cover, Hayden, the minute anything gets hard or moist you’re already sinning. It’s because they don’t want us to be distracted by something other then them. Have you ever wondered why we are expected to suffer and be miserable to get into heaven? Same answer, they don’t want us going off and enjoying our lives on our own, they want us to give our lives over to them. The church is a dictatorship, Hayden, and fascist regime that is growing stronger and stronger and threatening to take over the world once more.”

When I said nothing, she added, “They want us as their slaves, god and his angels, and we’re blindly doing it for them. If only you could feel how good this is, how wonderful it feels to be a futa girl, to just let yourself go and abandon yourself to this pleasure. Oh, Hayden, I wish you were out here with me.”

Again I said nothing, slumped on the floor and feeling defeated and useless. And what was worse was that I was starting to see some truth in what they were saying. In fact, I had been asking myself these same questions for a while. Were they right, was my faith a lie? The thought seemed too terrible to contemplate.

“Oh, Hayden, I wish you where here right now.” Jessica moaned, “Kissing me, putting your tongue in my mouth. You could squeeze my breasts and suck on them, getting my nipples all hard. Then move down my naked body, and take my dick in your mouth and suck me. Oh, I can just see you bobbing up and down on my cock and licking my pussy, making me feel so good.

“And then, like a good little sister, I’d take your cock in my mouth, and I’d suck my big brother good and wet, and make you feel so good and so hard. And then, oh, you’d put it in me, you’d start to fuck me in my pussy and my ass and big brother would make me feel so good . . . so good . . .”

The obscene diatribe stopped as it dissolved into breathy moans. I heard some kind of rapid squishing sound as she groaned on the other side of the door, and with a retch I realized she was masturbating, pumping her cock up and down while she dreamed her horrid incestuous fantasies. I tried to shut the sounds out, but I just couldn’t, her moans mingles with the sounds of her masturbation as she pleasured herself in defiance of god’s will. Her moans filled my ears and got faster and faster.

Finally, she filled the air with the shrill cries of an orgasm and I willed myself unsuccessfully not to imagine her out there, naked and writhing and ejaculating all over the floor. As some point, I had fallen on my side and was curled up in a fetal position. To my eternal disgrace, I realized I had an erection again. An erection for my sister, the shame of it! I pitifully begged god’s forgiveness over and over, sinking deeper and deeper into a state of despair. I could slightly hear rain beginning to pour down outside of the convent, and thunder in the distance.

At some point, I fell asleep.

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”
--Aeister Crowley
The Book Of The Law

I awoke form vivid dreams of being trapped in an endless dark maze of black walls, lost and wandering while vile succubi tormented me at every turn. I woke with a start, not knowing what time it was. I was still on the floor of Mother Patricia’s chambers, helpless and impotent still to stop the corruption that raged outside. Even as I thought this, doubt crept into my mind over whether it was truly corruption, or whether human being were meant to be sexual like that, and denying it was the corruption. I shoved the unwanted thought aside; sure it had to be Satan attempting to tempt me.

I prayed at the alter, tears in my eyes as I did so, seeking guidance. But god did not bother to answer my prayers, not even here in these most spiritually dire of situations. Finally, I gave up, and decided there was only one thing to do. I began to gather the vestments, holy water, cross and bible that I would need. I would finish what Father Thomas had started: I would complete the exorcism, even if it cost me my life.

So armed, I approached the door, strangely hearing no noise on the other side. Carefully, I opened them, and boldly strode out into the rest of the abbey. It was still dark, still night time, but the stairwell seemed to be deserted and quiet. I saw none of the futa girls waiting to assail me as they had before. I stepped out, holding the cross in front of me like a shield. I saw no one anywhere, and the upper levels seemed silent. In the dim light I could see that all of the religious symbols had been removed or altered, with Satanic ones put in their place. The Christian paintings had been replaced with pictures showing perverse and violent images of humans mating with demons, probably found among there other Satanic items that had been discovered in the basement.

This late at night, the room should have been cold but I found the air hot and humid as I stepped out of the sanctuary. I could hear the storm raging outside, rain pelting the ground and the roof while thunder rumbled loudly overhead to flashes of lightening that illuminated the dark every so often through the windows.

While I could not hear anyone on the above levels, I could definitely hear voices below. I heard a bell ringing and what sounded like Mother Patricia speaking somewhere in the chapel.

In nomine Dei nostri Satanas Luciferi excelsi!

“In the name of Satan, the Ruler of the earth, the King of the world, I command the forces of Darkness to bestow their Infernal power upon me!
Open wide the gates of Hell and come forth from the abyss to greet me as your brother (sister) and friend!
Grant me the indulgences of which I speak!
I have taken thy name as a part of myself! I live as the beasts of the field, rejoicing in the fleshly life! I favor the just and curse the rotten!
By all the Gods of the Pit, I command that these things of which I speak shall come to pass!
Come forth and answer to your names by manifesting my desires!” She chanted.

What diabolical ceremonies were going on down there? I crept forward along the railing, looking out for movement in the dark. I moved cautiously, pausing to glance down the North hallway as I did. I saw no sign of any futa girls lurking down there, but they could be hiding in the rooms, so I moved with as much stealth as I could muster.

Another voice came up from below. I thought it might be Tammy, who was once the pious Father Thomas, speaking, but I was not sure.

She spoke, “AVE SATANA!Hail, Satan,Lord of Darkness,King of Hell,Ruler of the Earth,God of this World!God Who invites us to become as gods!Muse of our civilization,Dread Enemy of its tyrant god!Satan, mighty Liberator,Bearer of true Light!God of our flesh,God of our minds,God of our innermost Will!O mighty Lord Satan,teach us to become strong and wise!Teach us to vanquish the enemiesof our freedom and well-being!REGE SATANA!”

I gripped my cross tightly, almost painfully and moved towards the mouth of the stairs, casting wary glances at both darkened hallways, expecting any minute to see hordes of naked futa girls rushing at me with arms outstretched and members erect, but the two halls seemed as quiet as a tomb. Only the voices could be heard from bellow, voices and some kind of strange surreal music like something out of a horror film.

“COME forth, Oh great spawn of the abyss and make thy presence manifest. I have set my thoughts upon the blazing pinnacle which glows with the chosen lust of the
moments of increase and grows fervent in the turgid swell.

“Send forth that messenger of voluptuous delights, and let these obscene vistas of my dark desires take form in future deeds and doings.

“From the sixth tower of Satan there shall come a sign which joineth with those saltes within, and as such will move the body of the flesh of my summoning.

“I have gathered forth my symbols and prepare my garnishings of the is to be, and the image of my creation lurketh as a seething basilisk awaiting his release.

“The vision shall become as reality and through the nourishment that my sacrifice giveth, the angles of the first dimension shall become the substance of the third.

“Go out into the void of night (light of day) and pierce that mind that respondeth with thoughts which leadeth to paths of lewd abandon.

“My rod is athrust! The penetrating force of my venom shall shatter the sanctity of that mind which is barren of lust; and as the seed falleth, so shall its vapours be spread within that reeling brain benumbing it to helplessness according to my will! In the name of the great god Pan, may my secret thoughts be marshalled into the movements of the flesh of that which I desire!

“Hail Satan!

“My loins are aflame! The dripping of the nectar from my eager cleft shall act as pollen to that slumbering brain, and the mind that feels not lust shall on a sudden reel with crazed impulse. And when my mighty surge is spent, new wanderings shall begin; and that flesh which I desire shall come to me. In the names of the great harlot of Babylon, and of Lilith, and of Hecate, may my lust be fulfilled!

“Hail Satan!” Mother Patricia bellowed.

“Hail Satan!” A chorus of voices responded, all female.

Carefully, I moved down the stairs, my eyes darted back and forth looking for guards and movement. The first floor seemed to be as dark as the rest of the abbey, except for the flickering of candle light coming from inside the chapel itself, and the occasional flash of lightening. I could hear the sounds of the wind picking up, howling in a haunting symphony similar to the baying of wolves, mixing with the relentless pounding of the rain. The doors to the chapel seemed to be wide open, but I could not see inside from here. I continued downward, muttering a prayer as the vile ritual continued.

I heard Patricia intone, “In nomine Magni Dei Nostri Satanas. Introibo ad altare
Domini Inferi. Ad eum qui laefificat meum.”

And Tammy responded, “Adjutorium nostrum in nomine Domini Inferi. Qui regit terram.

In a powerful voice, Mother Patricia said, “Before the mighty and ineffable Prince of Darkness, and in the presence of all the dread demons of the Pit, and this assembled company, I acknowledge and confess my past error. Renouncing all past allegiances, I proclaim that Satan-Lucifer rules the earth, and I ratify and renew my promise to recognize and honor Him in all things, without reservation, desiring in return His manifold assistance in the successful completion of my endeavors and the fulfillment of my desires. I call upon you, my Sisters, to bear witness and to do likewise.”

“Before the mighty and ineffable Prince of Darkness, and in the presence of all the dread demons of the Pit, and this assembled company, we acknowledge and confess our past error. Renouncing all past allegiances, we proclaim that Satan-Lucifer rules the earth, and we ratify and renew our promise to recognize and honor Him in all things, without reservation, desiring in return His manifold assistance in the successful completion of our endeavors and the fulfillment of our desires. We call upon you, His liege-man and priest, to receive this pledge in His name.” Said Tammy, joined by another voice that I thought might be Father Jeff in his new futa form of Jennifer.

I had made it lower on the steps, taking them one at a time. I could see now that the statue of Baphomet was still on the pedestal where it had been before, but it now faced the open doors of the chapel. I continued down the spiral staircase, looking off into the gloom of the lower north corridor. I saw no hint of movement from where I was.

Jennifer’s voice could now be heard: “I will go down to the altars in Hell! To Satan, the giver of life!”

The futa girls responded unanimously, “Our Father which wert in heaven, hallowed be they name in heaven as it is on Earth. Give us this day our ecstasy. And deliver us to evil as well as temptation for we are your kingdom for aeons and aeons.”

Sister Bonnie spoke next, “May Satan the all powerful Prince of Darkness and Lord of Earth grant us our desires.”

The futas replied, “Prince of Darkness, hear us! I believe in one Prince, Satan, who reigns over this Earth. And in one Law which triumphs over all. I believe in one Temple, our Temple to Satan, and in one Word with triumphs over all:

“The Word of ecstasy. And I believe in the Law of the Aeon, which is sacrifice, and in the letting of blood. For which I shed no tears since I give praise to my Prince. And the pleasures that are to cum.”

I could hear them more loudly now, as the spiral stairs led around above the doors to the chapel. I was grim in my determination; I must stop this unholy right, and banish these monsters once and for all. I crept down, looking past the Baphomet into the East lower hall that led to the dining room, and to the exit, where Father Thomas had fallen to the futas. Predictably, there was no movement beyond the doors, which hung open. All I could see were the empty bottles lying strewn around as evidence of their debauchery.

I glanced at the statue. I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was watching me, but its position had not changed.

Sister Lindsay’s voice was now heard, “Therefore, O mighty and terrible Lord of Darkness, we entreat You that You receive and accept this sacrifice, which we offer to You on behalf of this assembled company, upon whom You have set Your mark, that You may make us prosper in fullness and length of life, under Thy protection, and may cause to go forth at our bidding Thy dreadful minions, for the fulfillment of our desires and the destruction of our enemies. In concert this night we ask Thy unfailing assistance in, this particular need: The eradication of the religion of Jesus the liar, and the reestablishment of Satan as the true god of the Earth. In the unity of unholy fellowship we praise and honor first Thee, Lucifer, Morning Star, and Beelzebub, Lord of Regeneration; then Belial, Prince of the Earth and Angel of Destruction; Leviathan, Beast of Revelation; Abaddon, Angel of the Bottomless Pit; and Asmodeus, Demon of Lust. We call upon the mighty names of Astaroth, Nergal and Behemoth, of Belphegor, Adramelech, and Baalberith, and of all the nameless and formless ones, the mighty and innumerable hosts of Hell, by whose assistance may we be strengthened in mind, body and will.”

Sister Maggie’s voice now joined in, “Hanc igitur oblationem servitutis nostrae sed et cunctae familiae tuae, quaesumus, Domine Satanas, ut placatus accipias; diesque nostros in felicitate disponas, et in electorum tuorum jubeas grege numerari. Shemhamforash!

“She maketh the font resound with the tears of her mortification. The waters of her shame become a shower of blessing in the tabernacle of Satan, for that which hath been withheld pourest forth, and with it, her piety. The great Baphomet, who is in the midst of the throne, shall sustain her, for she is a living fountain of water.”

I heard the trickling sounds of liquid splashing on the floor, and realized with a shudder of my stomach and twinge of queasiness that someone was urinating as part of the ritual. And I knew, just knew, it was upon a crucifix.

Sister Maggie continued, “And the Dark Lord shall wipe all tears from her eyes, for He said unto me: It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give freely unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life.”

I had nearly reached to bottom of the stairs, only a few more feet to go. The darkness at the bottom was oppressive, almost a living thing that might flow out and snare me of its own accord. The heat, which had surprised me above, was even more pronounced down here, and I could feel beads of sweat rising on my skin. My heart hammered in my chest as fear clutched at my stomach. I reminded myself that the lord would protect me, but it offered scant reassurance.

“Mother Patricia’s voice was heard again, “Praised are you, my Prince, by the defiant; thorough our arrogance and pride. We have this drink: Let it become for us an elixir of life.

“With pride in my heart I give praise to those who drove in the nails, and he who thrust the spear into the body of Christ, the imposter! May his followers rot in their rejection and filth!

“Do you renounce god, the great deceiver, and his works?”

The futas cried in unison, “We do renounce the Nazarene Jesus, the great deceiver, and all his works.”

“Do you affirm Satan?” Mother Patricia asked of them.

“We do affirm Satan!” Came the reply.

I reached the bottom of the stairs and sprinted over to the wall as to not be seen prematurely. I could not, from this vantage point, see much of what was going on inside the chapel, except for the naked rear ends of a few nude futa girls as they swayed back and forth in ecstasy.

I glanced back at the East hall: The thought of running came to me. While they were all wrapped up in their ritual, perhaps I could make it out of the door and run for it. But no, that statue would probably still be there, blocking the way. And where would I go? This evil would race over the world like a biblical pestilence, swallowing up all in its wake. No, I must make my stand here.

Tammy spoke next, “Hic est caliz voluptatis carnis. To us, Thy faithful children, O Infernal Lord, who glory in our iniquity and trust in Your boundless power and might, grant that we may be numbered among Thy chosen. It is ever through You that all gifts come to us; knowledge, power and wealth are Yours to bestow. Renouncing the spiritual paradise of the weak and lowly, we place our trust in Thee, the God of the Flesh, looking to the satisfaction of all our desires, and petitioning all fulfillments in the land of the living.

“Prompted by the precepts of the earth and the inclinations of the flesh, we make bold to say:

Our Father which art in Hell, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom is come, Thy will is done; on earth as it is in Hell! We take this night our rightful due, and trespass not on paths of pain. Lead us unto temptation, and deliver us from false piety, for Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.”

Gripping the cross, I slipped forward, moving towards the chapel. I crouched behind the statue, and peered in. I could see the naked futa girls swaying and undulating to the strange mystical music that was playing, the pews seeming to have been moved away. I glanced over at the lower North hall, again looking for some kind of ambush. Strange, I noticed, that I, a soldier of god, was now thinking more or less like a real soldier.

I glanced back at the closed doors of the East hall, again contemplating flight, and I turned my attention back to the open chapel doors.

Mother Patricia intoned, I could see her now with her arms raised and her bare back to me, “Let the church of the imposter Christ crumble into dust! Let all the scum who worship the rotting fish suffer and die in their misery and rejection! We trample on them and spit on their sin! Let there be ecstasy and darkness; let there be chaos and laughter. Let there be sacrifice and strife; but above all let us enjoy the gifts of life!”

My eyes were drawn once more towards the North hall; something seemed to be happening. The music still flowed from the chapel, some kind of ambient tunes, but dark and brooding. I hunkered down and hid behind the pedestal, casting apprehensive glances at the statue with its jutting penis, and peered over the edge. There seemed to be movement in there, the darkened lamps seemed to move a little at the very back of the hall, as if some wind were blowing, although we were inside. The phenomenon seemed to move forward, coming down the hallway, and I could now make out a distinct whispering emanating from that area. The phantom wind continued down it, coming towards the staircase area where I now hid.

I braced myself, not sure what to make of this new devilry.

Jennifer spoke from the chapel, “WITH the anger of anguish and the wrath of the stifled, I pour forth my voices, wrapped in rolling thunder, that you may hear! Oh great lurkers in the darkness, oh guardians of the way, oh minions of the might of Thoth! Move and appear! Present yourselves to us in your benign power, in behalf of they who believes and is stricken with torment.

“Isolate us in the bulwark of your protection, for we are undeserving of anguish and desires it not.

“Let that which bears against us be rendered powerless and devoid of substance.

“Succor us through fire and water, earth and air, to regain what we have lost.

“Strengthen with fire the marrow of our friend and companion, our comrade of the Left-Hand Path. “Through the power of Satan let the earth and its pleasures re-enter our being. Allow our vital saltes to flow unhampered, that we may savor the carnal nectars of our future desires. Strike dumb our adversaries, formed or formless, that we may emerge joyful and strong from that which afflicts us.

“Allow no misfortune to allay our path, for we are of Satan, and therefore to be cherished. Restore us to power, to joy, to unending dominion over the reverses that have beset us. Build around and within us the exultant radiance that will herald our emergence from the stagnant morass which engulfs us.
This we command, in the name of Satan, whose mercies flourish and whose sustenance will prevail!
As Satan reigns so shall we whose name is as this sound: The Esoteric Coven Of Akatash is the vessel whose flesh is as the earth; life everlasting, world without end!

“Hail Satan!”

“Hail Satan!” The others replied.

Akatash, I knew that name: A Persian demon, a creator of succubi and incubi. I shuddered, an appropriate daemon for this lot indeed. I kept my eyes fixed on the hall, but the ‘wind’ seemed to die down with as low rumble as soon as it reached the stairwell. Looking back at the open doors to the chapel, I began to creep forward, as silently as possible. The closer I got, however, the more I felt a curious light headedness, and a strange though not unpleasant tingling all over. Was the Devil again trying to tempt me?

Zazas, Zazas, Nastanada Zazas!” Cried Mother Patricia, “Nema live morf reviled tub. Noitatpmet otni ton su dael dna su tsniaga ssapsert that meht evigrof ew sa, sessapsert ruo su evigrof dna. Daerd ylad ruo yad siht su evig. Nevaeh ni ti sa htrae ni enod eb lliw yht. Emoc modgnik yht. Eman yht eb dewollah, neveah ni tra hcihw rehtaf ruo.”

She was reciting the lord’s prayer backwards; of all the vile blasphemies . . . I made it to the side of the chapel doors without being seen by the drunken futa girls who gyrated obscenely within. Still I felt the hair on my neck standing up as if someone was behind me. I looked but saw no one, except for the statue of Baphomet. The large open doors afforded me a degree of cover, and I slipped behind them and peered around into the chapel, wincing as I saw what they had done to the once ornate and holy shrine where chaste nuns had worshiped.

The chapel itself was huge room, bigger then any one room in the abbey (with the possible exception of the dinning hall), and hexagonal in its construction, topped with a large domed ceiling. All the pews been removed from the room, the futas all stood around the altar. The huge golden cross that had once sat on the altar was now painted black and inverted. Above it sat a large sigil of Baphomet, the goat head staring out from the inverted pentagram. The walls had all been painted black, even the huge domed ceiling, and the all the crosses had been inverted. There were black curtains over the stained glass windows and the religious art had been covered up with pictures of demons engaged in orgies or war, sometimes both copulating with men and women amid grotesque gory carnage, all explicitly and pornographically rendered in almost life like detail. The room was completely lit by hundreds of black candles.

Tammy spoke, “From the South, Satanas, Fiery Adversary and Patron of the Path, Come forth and witness this rite in the honor of darkness—from the Gates Of Hell which open in the vessel of choice shall the Coiling Dragon arise in them. Hear me, Satan!”

Some of the pews had been cut up and reassembled as tables, looking like a sacrificial tablet of some kind. One had been put up on the altar itself in front of the cross. It was draped in a black altar cloth with the famous ‘sabbotic goat’ drawn by heretic Eliphitus Levi pictured on it. The table had one long top shelf, and a smaller outcropping a little lower in the front. The smaller shelf had a silver skull decorated goblet on it, and various other items that I couldn’t make out. On the large wide table, Annabeth lay naked, her breasts exposed and her erect penis sticking up ridiculously in her lap. It seemed as though she was the altar itself.

I could see that Tammy, completely nude, held a short ceremonial sword, its hilt carved with skulls, and was gesturing it in the directions that she was calling.

“From the East, Lucifer, My Angelick Essence, Samael, Do Come Forth and witness this rite in the honor of Light, that from the Gates of Hell arises Darkness yet when we shall awake it shall be in Light. I summon thee Lucifer! Take the flesh through the Black Flame within!”

All the girls were naked, though not all completely. Those who had been nuns still wore their habits on their heads, as if in some sexual parody of their former lives. Some of the girls wore black robes, but open down the front in order to fully display their shameful nakedness.  Most, however, were stripped completely bare. All wore inverted crosses and Baphomets around their necks. As the music played, they swayed their hips back and forth in sensual motions, their erect members bouncing with them. I found it hard to take my eyes off them; every body seemed to be the essence of perfection. I felt a sense of arousal that would not leave me be.

“From the North, Belial, Lord of the Earth and the Infernal Path, I do summon thee from they place in Hades, arise form the underworld as Armiluss my shadowed essence, let the dragon come forth . . . Belial, Lord of Immortal Essence as the Beast of the Earth!” Tammy called.

Next to the altar, I could see a large gong had been set up, no doubt also from the basement, and Andrea, once the boy Andrew, stood next to it with the hammer. As soon as Tammy finished each point of the compass, Andrea struck the gong with reverberated with a low, loud tone. On the other side I could see that the music came from the same boom box I had seen in the eating area, but that a few of the girls had fashioned crude drums out of wood from with pews, and they beat them in time to the surreal, strange and haunting electronic music.

Tammy thrust her sword, “From the West, Leviathan, Crooked Serpent of the Oceans of Immortal Existence, I call thee forth to witness this rite. Open thy eye to me and arise from the depths! I walk the path of the Daemon that I walk the earth in search of wisdom, in the spirit I walk the ghost roads to become as THEE—I summon thee Leviathan!”

In the middle of the chapel, behind where Tammy now stood, there was a second table. It was long and wide, but only four feet off the ground, and covered with a black cloth on which was emblazoned sigil of Baphomet. Nothing appeared to be on the second table, and I could only guess as to its use. I tried to steel myself for what to do next, to prepare to intone the words of the exorcism, but my mind was having trouble focusing. My eyes kept being drawn to the naked bodies, and I felt a strange mild euphoria and pleasant tingling sensations all over. I couldn’t seem to get my mind in gear, and felt to my shame that my penis had started to stiffen a little.

Standing in front of the altar, Mother Patricia raised a strange dagger that had a hilt that seemed to be made of human bones, “Illuminate me, O Diabolus, by thy name, and judge me by my strength. Hear my prayer, O Legion; give flesh to the words of my mouth. For strangers are risen up against me, and oppressors seek after my soul: they have not set the Infernal Dragon before them.

“Lord Shaitan, God of Power, Come Shaitan, Infernal King. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Lucifer, and the Word was Lucifer. Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in Hell.”

I bit my lip, staring at the unholy blasphemy in front of me. I gripped the cross, and tried to shake off the strange drug like feelings that were washing over me. I was having no luck, and then suddenly, I was grabbed from behind. Two arms reached around my chest and gripped me tight, and a leg reached around my waist, locking in place. My heart froze and I dropped the bible to the floor as I felt a warm body pressing against mine from the back. I felt the tickle of long hair on my shoulder as a head moved near to my ear, and heard the sound of the bible skirting across the floor as it was shoved aside.

“Hello, Hayden.” I heard my sister’s voice next to me ear.

I cursed myself, why hadn’t I noticed that? She hadn’t been anywhere in the chapel. But I had been too shamefully distracted by the other naked bodies to notice that she was the only one who wasn’t in there. I felt her move her breasts sensually against my back. I shuddered as I felt her erect penis press against my back, and her tongue lick and slip into my ear. I couldn’t move, and my body didn’t want to. To my horror, I felt myself responding in an unnatural way to Jessica’s incestuous advances. Her hands running up and down my chest.

Mother Patricia said, “He that believeth and is baptized in The Devil’s name shall be saved; but he that believeth not but in the Christian Law shall be cursed and defiled as the charlatan that he worships.

“I summon thee, most infernal spirit, the very embodiment of our liberator, the entire specter, the whole legion, in the name of Lucifer and Belial, to come forth and enter this initiate of the Dragon.”

I felt frozen as Jessica’s hands ran up and down my body, her leg running along mine. I gripped the cross with white knuckles, but my brain no longer remembered what to do with it, all I knew was the warm, wonderfully feeling of my sister’s naked body so close to mine. My penis crawled with stimulation, and she kissed my check and let her hand slip down my stomach.

“I love you so much, Hayden.” She cooed, “Please, join us. Then you can make love to me all you want. Don’t you think I’m pretty, wouldn’t like to have me do whatever little perverted thing you heart desires? You can have me, I want you to. Wouldn’t you like to be inside me, to have me take you in my mouth or my cunt, or even my ass? I bet you’d love to be in my ass, that’s okay, I want it there too.”

Her hand reached down and touched the front of my pants, rubbing my penis through the material. It felt so good, I couldn’t stop her as she skillfully ran her hand along the bulge of my shaft, touching and exploring the shape of my manhood.

“Ooo, you’re hard for me, big brother.” She teased, “I knew you wanted me. I want you in my mouth, and I know you want me. Oh, Hayden, the demons will teach you pleasure with me you never dreamed off, why would you resist?”

I was having trouble remembering why I did.

The futa girls receipted in unison, “He Himself spits upon the name of the church, spits upon the name of God, who has ordered those cast down from the heights of heaven to the depths of the earth. He that impotent slave maker shall flee thee, Power to those daemons who commanded the sea, the winds, and the tempests. Lucifer Triumphans!”

Her hand moving nimbly, Jessica undid my pants and then pushed them down. I flushed in humiliation but couldn’t seem to stop her. My fully erect penis was exposed, and I felt her hand touch me again, this time directly. She began to masturbate me slowly, making the pleasurable feelings surge in me. She kissed my neck as she did so, licking me a little.

“See? That feels so good.” She whispered, “If you become like me, you’ll have two to play with, and you’ll be lovely and beautiful. Would god give you that? Now, only Satan cares about or pleasure.”

She took my empty hand and guided it behind her. I felt a jolt as it touched her penis. Before I knew it, I was masturbating her, imitating the motions that she was doing on me. I felt like I had no control, and the organ felt good in my hand. Desire was welling up, I no longer cared that she was my sister. No, I did care; it was BECAUSE she was my sister that I wanted her so badly. A moan escaped my lips as she pumped her hand up and down on my manhood, moaning cutely in my ear and my hand did the same for her.

I heard something clatter to the floor and realized I had dropped the cross. I was falling under her spell, and I was beginning to like it.

Mother Patricia continued the rite, “Hear therefore and enter, O Satan, enemy of the faith of the slave, friend to the human race, producer of death, bringer of life, destroyer of weakness, root of evils, kindler of vices, seducer of men, bringer of light, inciter of envy to which we shall progress, origin of avarice, cause of discord, destroyer of sorrows. Why dost thou stand and resist, when though knowest that Christ the sickness will destroy the human soul? Do not Fear his follower, Christ as the Serpent walks beside thee, O Satanas, the Serpent is Light and the Knowledge of Hell.”

Her hand moved my own hand down past her testicles, and suddenly I was touching her very wet vagina. She guided my fingers in a circular motion with one hand and continued to stroke my penis with her other. My legs felt weak, and my body trembled, my brain lost in a deep fog: This felt so good, her hand on my penis and the juices of her vagina dripping on my fingers. I could feel the tiny bump of her clitoris against me fingers as she rubbed my hand on it. She moaned in enjoyment, pressing close to me.

The futas seemed to fill my mind, so pretty, so pleasurable, and so free. I could be one of them, I realized, I could free myself from my self inflicted chains and become as uninhibited and joyful as they were. And all I had to do was do what I wanted to do more then anything right then; have intercourse with Jessica.

She took her hand off mine and reached up to my neck. With a deft pull, she ripped off my priest’s collar, throwing it away. The sensation as she did so was almost like having a noose untied from about my neck, a weight lifted that had been choking me. With both hands, she gripped my shirt, and tore it open, sending the buttons clattering to the floor. Euphoria filled me like a drug, and the world seemed to spin around me, sending me into a joyful haze.

“Come forth and enter therefore in the name of the Samael, and of the Bride of Chaos, and of the Infernal Dragon; give place to the Antichrist, by the sign of the Aver Star of Lucifer our Lord, who with the Beast and the Harlot liveth and reigneth over the Earth, for ever and ever, world without end.” Jennifer’s voice receipted.

I became aware that Jessica had pulled my pants and underwear all the way down, and had now taken off my shoes and socks. With a few moves and pulls, she had stripped me naked, my addled mind barely registering it until I was completely bare. My penis throbbed, hard in front of me. Jessica rose up and pushed close in front of me, letting her breasts touch my chest and her penis touch mine. I shivered in excitement, and felt her kiss my lips. I kissed her back, enjoying my sister’s tongue.

She broke the kiss and looked into my eyes, here alight and sparkling, “Let’s go. You’ll like it, I swear.”

She took my by the hand led me through the doors into the chapel. I followed obediently, completely under her spell, captivated by my sister’s naked body and dual sex organs.  She led me cheerfully and giddily, a skip in her step as she took me towards the large table in the center. The futa girls were all standing facing us, as if they had expected us to come in right at this moment. Mother Patricia stood in front of the altar at the top of the small steps, whiled Tammy and Jennifer flanked her at the bottom on either side. Patricia now held the sword, and Jennifer (once Father Jeff), held the dagger.

My sister took me to the table and sat me down on it. She pushed me back and lay me down on my back. She then crawled up over me and kissed my lips, other members pressed against each other. She felt so good and so soft; I wanted to be with her to be like her, her fantastic eyes mesmerizing me.

Mother Patricia began to speak, “I conjure thee, invoke thee, thou old serpent, by thy bride and the mother of the world, by Him who has power to call thee from hell, that thou come quickly into this Satanist, Hayden DelAmato, who retunes to the back of the dragon, with lust and the desire to become. I conjure thee again, by the virtue of the Great Harlot, O Mother Lilith, that thou come forth into this Satanic disciple Hayden DelAmato, whom the Almighty Satan hath made in his own image, by dreaming and waking flesh, with the cloak of the human mask, I do Invoke thee!”

It was some kind of possession ritual, I realized, an inversion of the exorcism ritual I was about to try to perform. The thought was shattered as Jessica slid down my body and took my penis in her hands, masturbating me a little before putting it in her mouth and performing fellatio on me. As she sucked me, skillfully moving her pretty head up and down and pleasuring me immensely, I had no idea why anyone would have thought this a vile act; it felt so good and my sister looked so good down there with my penis in her mouth.

“Uh, ah, oh, Jessica!” I moaned.

“You like it when you little sister sucks your cock, don’t you?” She said in between sucks.

“Oh, I love it.”

“Tell me what you like me to do.”

“I like it when you  . . . suck my cock.”

The words, foul as they were, felt liberating to say without worry of judgment from others. It felt sexier, as well, to use such dirty words while she performed her act on me. I found myself rolling my hips in time to her sucks, loving her lewd act of incestuous fellatio, reveling in the pleasure I was feeling from her lips.

Suddenly, I couldn’t wait to feel the demonic presence within me.

“Come forth therefore; yield with me, and I shall be the minister of Antichrist. For His power surges thee, who subjugated thee to hi depths of Hades. Christ shall Tremble at his arm, who led the souls to light when they have the courage and desire to fall into darkness first as did Lucifer. May the body of man be a vessel to the, let the image of Satan be terrible to Christ. Resist not, for Christ himself shall walk again with his Brother Satan and he shall again taste the flesh of whores, who bring him completion and joy, neither delay to come into this man, since it has pleased the Infernal Dragon to dwell in this body. And, although thou knowest him to be none the less a witch, do the serpent, the cup of the Whore of Babylon.” Tammy spoke, who I vaguely remember was once my mentor Father Thomas.

Jessica crawled up over and reached behind herself, gripping my cock with her hand. I realized with a start that she was going to have sex with me, put my penis inside her vagina. But she was going to be on top, a forbidden position in the eyes of god. But looking at her dripping, inviting vagina, I decided that god would just have to close his eyes. She was my sister, but I wanted to be inside her. She lowered herself down, guiding me penis to her vagina. I desperately wanted to be inside of her, and she quickly gave me my wish. I felt the moist walls of her sex tighten around my penis as I entered her. She sat down, driving it all the way in, and began to ride me, moving up and down. It was the first woman I had ever been inside, and it was my sister. Her penis flopped back and forth with the motions as I did her.

God, she felt so good, so good I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to be fucking my own sister. I reached up and gripped her large breasts with my hands, kneading them in my fingers as she rode me.

“Oh, Hayden, your cock feels so good.” My sister moaned, “Oh fuck me hard.”

I was thrusting my hips, driving my penis up into her. Her body felt exquisite to the touch, I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to.

Mother Patricia spoke, “For it is Arimanius who invokes thee.
The majesty of the Antichrist invokes thee.
Samael the Dragon-Lion invokes thee.
Lilith-Babalon the Whore invokes thee.
Lucifer the Light Bringer commands thee.
The Averse Pentagram commands thee
The faith of the Cain and Mahazael invokes thee.
The blood of the Menstruating Whore invokes thee.
The constancy of Belial invokes thee.
The devout intercession of all Succubi and Incubi invokes thee.
The virtue of the mysteries of the Satanic, Luciferian and Ahrimantic Path invokes thee.”

Gripping Jessica’s head, I rolled her over on her back with myself still inside of her, and began to have sex with her missionary position. Jessica ground her hips at me, her hand masturbating her penis as I plunged deep into her, breaking and obliterating the incestuous taboo, shamelessly taking my own flesh and blood for my own selfish pleasure. All around me, I began aware of the futa girls watching us. The thought of all of them looking at me while I committed this unspeakable act turned me on even more, and I picked up the pace, much to Jessica’s delight.

“Come forth, therefore, thou Devil,” Mother Patricia intoned, “Enter this host, thou seducer, full of all wisdom and knowledge, enemy of weakness, persecutor of sickness. O most dire one, Diabolus, enter the mind; enter the soul, liberate the self, thou most impious; give place to Legion, in whom thou hast found beauty of they works, who hat e blessed thee, who hath built thy kingdom, who hat led thee free and hath created they goods, who hat summoned thee from outer darkness, where for thee and thy ministers is prepared immortality and immorality.”

Tammy responded, “Coil Serpent, beautiful one, enter now!”

All the futas said in unison, “Thou art Blessed by Darkness, whose statues thou hast built according to thy desire on earth.”

Jessica whispered in my ear, “Put it in my ass.”

It sounded like a great idea. I pulled out and pushed my cock against her asshole. She pulled her legs back, giving me better access. Entered her, sodomizing my own sister, making her grunt and squeal with joy. Her ass felt incredible, as amazing as her pussy had. I felt angry at god for forbidding me the pleasure of my sister’s wet and willing holes. My cock felt like it was meant to be inside of her, as Jessica squirmed with unrestrained joy and pleasure.

My hands touched Jessica’s lovely breast, squeezing them and teasing the nipples. I had always known how nice my sister’s breasts were, but I had never allowed myself to truly appreciate them before today. Now I leaned down and sucked on her nipples while I fucked her hard, feeling the hard little nips between my teeth. I bit her lightly, and she gasped, not in pain, but in joy. I kissed her mouth, my penis moving in and out of her, feeling her lovely wet rectum.

Jennifer invoked, “Thou are Blessed by his Son, Jesus Christ, the confused one, whom thou didst to tempt and seek to illuminate, Christ shall join as Arimiluss Dajjal Antichrist, his shadow self, and lead the world to greatness. Let Jesus copulate with the Black Harlot, as he climaxes within her shall her Serpent eyes be revealed to him-he shall know his father the Devil in this ecstasy. My word if KAFR and it is my mark! I am the Beast and the Dragon, I am the Demon encircle beholder of a NEW path which starts with me! I spit on Christianity, I spit on ISLAM and the religions of bigotry, hatred and violence! I renounce the path of god filled dreams and welcome nightmares of Dajjal, who I shall grow strong through!”

I couldn’t hold back any longer, I felt my climax starting to build, the first orgasm I had allowed myself in years. I moaned and cried out, pulling my penis out of my sister and masturbating rapidly. Jessica leaned up and started sucking my cock again, waiting form me to spill my seed, in defiance of god’s fascist will, into her lovely waiting mouth. I climaxed greatly, my orgasm exploding from deep within me, sending pleasure all over me while I ejaculated in my sibling’s open and willing mouth. Jessica sucked up my seed like a good girl, licking my penis clean and milking every last drop from me.

Sister Maggie said, “Therefore I summon thee, most wicked dragon in the name of the wolf, the scorpion, the beast which devours the immaculate lamb, who uplifts the asp and basilisk, who blessed the lion and the dragon, to enter this man, to slowly destroy the so called Church of God, that sickness which rapes children. We, the Hosts of Hell, spit upon the Church and all selfless worship of false gods. Blessed are those who believe in themselves, their own Desire made flesh. Come forth and enter at the invocation of the name of the Infernal Dragon, at whom hell trembles, to whom the virtues of hell, the powers and dominions are subject, whom cherubim and seraphim with unwearied voices praise, saying , darkness, holy, holy, Lord daemon of Sabbat.

I fell back, finding to my amazement that my orgasm had not lessened my lust, if fact it had increased it. My penis was still fully hard, and swirling euphoric sensations of pleasure were engulfing me. I kissed Jessica, lovely Jessica, my body still yearning for sexual congress with her. She skillfully brought me forward until I was on my hands and knees on the table.

While I stood on all fours like an animal, like the beasts the ritual described, Jessica came around me and got behind me. I knew, fully well, what she intended to do: She meant to sodomize me. I should have fought that, the most vile act imaginable, for we were taught that murder was a less heinous crime; that it is better to be killed then be penetrated, but all that seemed like nonsense now.

No, instead I wanted to experience it, wanted to see what other pleasures Jessica could teach me. For the first time in my life, I craved the feeling of an erect penis inside me. The horrid crime of homosexual contact, even with a hermaphrodite, was something I hand only contemplated in my most secret thoughts. I felt the tip of her cock rub teasingly against my rear. I felt my legs spread wider almost as of their own volition.

Tammy cried, “Therefore I invoke thee, most vile of spirits, the entire specter, the very embodiment of Satan, in the name of Antichrist of Nazareth, who built his tower in Chorazin, who, after his baptism in Jordon, was led into the wilderness and joined thee in thine own habitations, that thou bless him whom he hat formed from he dust of the earth and illuminated by the Fire Of Shaitan, of his glory, and that thou tremble not at the religious weakness in miserable man and image of the God of slaves.

“Therefore, enter this temple of flesh, who by Cain and Dajja is Blessed with the Mark and who awoke the drowned in Pharaoh in his army in the abyss.”

Leaning forward, Jessica pressed her erection into me. I knew there should have been pain, lots of pain, but I felt none. Her penis slid into me as easily as if it had been there a thousand times before. I grunted and moaned, feeling her inside of me. At first, there was nothing, just the pressure of her in there. But as she started to move in and out, moving herself back and froth and thrusting her hips, I started to enjoy it. She began to screw me hard and harder, and I moaned and begged her shamelessly for more, my eyes closed and my teeth gritted.

Sister Maggie declared, “Yield not to God of slaves, but become within this man who has and shall forever taste the lips of the Great Harlot, up the spine of the wicked dragon, her Caul and Bloodstained rebirth shall give thee power within.”

All at once, I could feel a presence. All around me, I swore I could sense the heat of beings not of this earth, as if I could now perceive, with my very skin and flesh, the presence of the demons at this ritual. My penis throbbed between my legs and flopped with the motion. I could feel the demons all around me, whispering to me, these powerful beings were here, with us, and they were real. I could feel the warm caresses of their hands just barely touching the skin, manipulating it. I knew what was happening.

“I can feel it!” I cried, “Oh, Jessica, I can feel it happening!”

“Let it happen.” She panted as she fucked my ass.

“I want it too!” I moaned, “I want it to happen.”

With my sister’s penis still in me, I felt as if something warm had flooded inside me. And then, I began to change. I felt my body heat up from the inside and pleasurable tingles ran up and down my body. My brain filled with a drug like euphoria as the changes began to take place.

First my hair began to grown, getting longer and longer as it spilled down my shoulders, which I could feel getting smaller and less broad. I felt the body hair all over my skin falling off, and my hips began to curve. Changes pulsed all over my body, my whole form shrinking a little as they did so. My chest began to expand as breasts formed there, my nipples getting larger and puffier. My testicles seemed to pull into my body, tightening at the base of my penis.

All over my face, I could feel the skin pulsing and changing, my nose growing smaller and my face rounding. My breasts swelled and became bigger and bigger until they were swinging under me like pendulums. All my moans got higher and higher as my voice became lighter and feminine.

“Now therefore enter me, come forth, thou seducer.” Mother Patricia called, “Thy abode is the wilderness, thy habitation is the serpent. Be proud and beautiful. Now, there is no time to delay. For behold the Devil approaches quickly, and his fire will glow before him and enter him and burn up his enemies on every side. For if thou hast liberated man, illuminated Man, he shall be the true Lord of the Earth and the Spirit. O blessed Lilith, mother of harlots, I spill my seed to give thee children, I behold the gift of Ahriman, they blood of the Moon, to drink at the Golden Cup of the Beast!”

I felt my waist shrinking and growing smaller, while my skin softened and curved along my rounding body. My cries were the high pitched wails of a woman now, and my hair was long and wavy spilling over my dainty shoulders.

“Oh, Jessica, do it!” I cried in my new voice, “Make me The Devil’s slut. Make me a lascivious succubus.”

My stomach had tightened up and I felt the skin under my testicles sink in as a vagina began to form. I moaned and twisted both from the changes in my body and the feeling of my sister’s cock buried in my ass. Deeper and deeper into my body the gap dub as the vagina grew. I swore I could feel a womb forming within me. I felt the warm presence of the demons all around me, and soon, one was with me. The name Drunna whispered in my mind. I felt the fingers of the creature in my brain, and my eyes were opened. I saw the magnificent sprawling landscape of Hell, with its majestic black spires. I saw the great orgies of the demons, the hellish festivals of the flesh and the self. And soon I saw, I knew. I saw the world for the way it really was, not the fantasy I had concocted my whole life.

I saw the arrogant, hypocritical preachers, plotting to rob the world of pleasure and freedom, while satisfying their own lust with their charges. I saw the plots of religious organizations, and how they fought for control over not just the world, but the minds of the human race itself. I saw religion for what it was: Mind control. I saw that the fascist pleasure hating religionists were burying our world in a non stop avalanche of misery and hate, how the monotheists had twisted and corrupted the governments, bending freedom of speech and freedom of thought, demolishing Free Will and pursuit of happiness in favor of obedience and chastity.

I saw how the religionists spread fear through the world, to make people give up their freedom for the moral security of the church/mosque/synagogue. How censorship was employed to keep people from learning the truth, and to keep people from being distracted by anything other then them. How they manipulated the media so that anything people might enjoy or be interested in would be tarnished by scandal. I saw how women were encouraged to aspire to frigidity and frustrating chastity. I saw the religionists for the vile and evil Nazis that they were.

A gave out a loud cry as my pussy was completely formed. Energy coursed through me as I felt more ALIVE then I ever had. I was one of them now, a futa girl of The Devil. And felt now shame, no remorse . . . only pride and so much lust.

I looked over my shoulder at my sister who huffed as she drove her cock in and out of my asshole. Her breasts pressed against the skin of my back, her hard nipples teasing the skin. I rocked back and forth, feeling my large new breasts swinging under me as pleasure washed over me. My transformation was complete, I was a futa girl now, like all the others, my penis hard and stiff between my legs, my vagina wet and ready just behind it. I felt wicked and untamed; the demon presence inside me guiding me, helping unleash all that had lain dormant and suppressed. My old life of servitude to the god of slaves was over; I was now to begin my new life as one of The Devil’s whores. My demon, Drunna, a mighty lustful succubus, would guide me and help me along the way, my ever available companion. I cooed and squealed with glee at the feeling of my sister’s dick inside me.

Tammy bellowed, “Receive this burning flame, and keep they Baptism in The Devil’s name so as to be without blame: Keep the commandments of Cain, that when Lucifer shall come to the nuptials, you may meet Him together with all the Daemons in the infernal court, and may have eternal life and live for ever and ever!”

“Oh! Oh! Hayden, I’m gonna cum!” Jessica cried, “I’m gonna cum up your ass.”

“Do it!” I cried, “Cum inside me!”

What a lascivious little slut I had become. I liked it.

I felt the warm squirting of Jessica’s semen as she cried out and ejaculated inside my ass. I cooed with delight, my penis bouncing with my movements, the feeling was astonishing. I licked my lips, no longer horrified and ashamed by our incest. Rather, I reveled in it. I knew I wanted to make my sister cum over and over.

At the time, I couldn’t see myself, but I knew I was beautiful. I would later see my new body, and confirm that. I had long black hair that went down past my shoulders and curled at the ends. My face was round and pretty, possessed of a small cute nose and wide dark brown eyes. My skin was creamy and light, soft and smooth to the touch, and my large breasts were soft but firm, tipped with large puffy nipples. My hips were curved and voluptuous, and my cock and pussy sat nicely between my legs. As the young ones said, I was a hottie. Running my hands on my body, I knew many people were going to want to make love to me. No, check that, they would want to fuck me. To fuck me like the slut I was.

Mother Patricia stood in front of me, holding something out to me, “I Baptize you in the name of the wicked dragon, and of the Harlot, and of the Unholy Spirit.

“Hail Satan!”

She put something around my neck, and I saw that it was one of those Satanic rosaries that I had seen the other girls wearing: A black beaded chain ran around my neck and went down to a sigil of Baphomet. A silver sigil on a black background, but the goat’s head in the center was colored red. From the bottom another black chain led down to a silver inverted cross with a pentagram in the center and the number 666 on the short parts.

“Do you like it?” Jessica whispered in my ear, “I picked it out just for you.”

“I love it.” I whispered, and then looked over my shoulder at her with a wicked gleam in my eye, “Are you going to break in my pussy now, dear little sister?”

She grinned at me evilly, “I’d love to, but that honor is going to . . . someone else.”

Mother Patricia held up her hands in the sign of the horns, and spoke, “O fire of the Black One, illuminate by they dark presence, Let my strength come forth. I am stripped and deface, To reveal the true self, and its ever changing essence which truth may not be rendered without falsehood.

“From Sabbath flame to witching mire, as we fly through the Night Let Baphomet be my guide, with Thy torch of dark illumination.

Bearer of Black Wisdom of the Spirit, God of Beasts and God of Flight. Cast unto me this night an ember from the Fire of They Wisdom.

To Believe! To Will! To Obtain!!! Io Baphomet! I am the God who over the Astral Sabbath presides:

“Baphomet, illuminated God of flesh and Spirit. I am the God of Creative and Inspiring tides. I am the God of worthlessness and merit!

“As lightening flashes, so life streaks from my eyes.

“The Goat, the Snake and Human, I know their mysteries, The Fallen Watchers and Angels who attend our Sacred Fire. I am the Lord of Witches, with Sabbat chalice of desire. The Devil’s foot steps fall, under my joy filled eye, wandering the wondrous Night beneath the moonlit sky. To me!! To me!! Io BAPHOMET!!!”

I became aware that the room had grown warmer and hotter. Everyone had silenced, as if waiting for something. I heard a deep rumbling sound, coming from beyond the doors to the chapel. A moment of fear stabbed at my heart as I turned to look at them. Some one had apparently closed them after I had entered, though I couldn’t remember when. The rumbling continued, just outside of the doors.

I heard the sounds of heavy thuds, large heavy impacts on the stone floors of the convent. They came at regular intervals, and seemed to be getting louder. Like great footsteps approaching the chapel. I could now hear a growling noise and the sounds of deep breathing.

Something was right outside the door.

There was a great creaking sound, and then the doors swung open. I could feel the heat as it came through the door and a smell something like cinnamon. All of us futa girls gasped in awe as the figure strode mightily into the room.

It was Baphomet

But no longer the statue, this was a real being, here and in the flesh. His tall muscular body was well defined and powerful, magnificent to behold. His dark skin was covered in a very fine layer of hair. His head was that of a goat, long black horns jutting up to above his head, his large thick snout graced by a thick tuft of grayish white fur, coming down over his chest and shoulders like a beard. His eyes were sunk deep in his head and blazed a glowing red color. A pentagram was etched in his forehead and seemed to sparkle with its own energy.

His feet were cloven hoofs at the end of powerful, muscular legs. A long bushy tail jutted out behind him, swishing back and forth. He stood as tall as a large man, six feet at least. He was naked completely, and his large penis was hard and stiff in front of him. My fear had given way to awe and lust at the sight of the magnificent creature in the room, a being of such primal power and sexuality.

He looked around the room and then his eyes fell on me. I was still on the table on all fours, but Jessica had stepped to the side. I realized that it was HE who would be taking the virginity of my newly acquired pussy. My legs trembled and I licked my lips in desire. I wanted this; I wanted to be taken by him. Such a magnificent demon, so primal and powerful in his form; I knew I would yield to him completely.

As he strode up behind me, I spread my legs and raised my butt up to him, my hard cock and wet pussy crawling with sensation.

“Take me, My Lord.” I breathed, with my eyes closed.

He got up on the table, and got on his knees behind me. I felt his hot breath of my back as he got into position. I felt the tip of his penis touch my virgin hole. I shivered with desire.

“Please, put it in me.” I begged, “Penetrate me, My Lord. Violate me.”

And then, he shoved his cock into my pussy, and began to fuck me.

I would do no good, nor would it be possible for me to describe the experience to you. All I can say is that waves and waves of incredible pleasure washed over me from the god’s penis buried in my hole. As the ancient demon took me, I experienced joy and pleasures impossible with a normal human. My body rocked back and forth, and whatever was left of my old identity was fucked away from me, as I gave myself over body and soul to the great demon that rode me. I came over and over, repeatedly with both organs.

At some point, Jessica slid under me facing the opposite direction and took my cock back in her mouth. I dropped my head down and ran my fingers over her dick and her cunt, taking her in my mouth and slipping my fingers inside her, moving them in and out as I bobbed my head up and down on her penis. All the while the demon fucked me relentlessly.

“Ah! Ah! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt!” I cried, using words I never had permitted myself before.

All around me I began to notice shadows moving. They swayed and traveled around the others and soon they came forward, revealing themselves. Demons, and lots of them, all different shapes and appearances, and they came forward looking to fuck us. Great muscular horned gods, seductive sensual succubae and incubi, bestial creatures on all fours, the variety was astonishing. It didn’t take long for a full orgy to erupt as the rapturous futa girls threw themselves to the demons and spread their legs and asses with glee. Our cries filled the profaned chapel with our lust. We were all sex, all desire, and all power.

After that, it is all sort of a blur of orgasms and penetrations. I know at some point that a demon came in front of us and put his cock in my sister, fucking her and ever so often pulling it out and letting me suck it. I had never experienced such raw passion and fiery energy before, and I found I was practically addicted to it.

I remember Drunna manifesting herself: As a naked woman, hermaphroditic like me, with white skin black hair, black eyes, horns coming out of her head, great bat like wings and a swishing reptilian tail.

And I saw Akatash, appearing at the alter, displayed in all his magnificence. Visions of fantastic worlds beyond ours danced before my eyes, the limitless possibilities of our imagination unleashed and laid bare. Everywhere we futa girls spread our lips, our legs and our butt cheeks for the eager penetrations of our wild lustful demon visitors.

My very next clear memory is of lying on the table with Jessica, gently making out with her as we caressed each other’s naked bodies.

“You’re so beautiful, Hayden.” She cooed.

“So are you.” I kissed her.

Mother Patricia returned to the altar, raising her hands, “Can the wings of the winds hear your voices of wonder?; O you!, the great spawn of the worms of the Earth!, whom the Hell fire frames in the depth of my jaws!, whom I have prepared as cups for a wedding or as flowers regaling the chambers of lust!

“Stronger are your feet than the barren stone! Mightier are your voices than the manifold winds! For you are become as a building such as is not, save in the mind of the All-Powerful manifestation of Satan!

“Arise!, saith the First! Move therefore unto his servants! Show yourselves in power, and make me a strong seer-of-things, for I am of Him that liveth forever!

“Behold!, saith Satan, I am a circle on whose hands stand the Twelve Kingdoms. Six are the seats of living breath, the rest are as sharp as sickles, or the Horns of Death. Therein the creatures of Earth are and are not, except in mine own hands which sleep and shall rise!

“In the first I made ye stewards and placed ye in the Twelve seats of government, giving unto every one of you power successively over the Nine true ages of time, so that from the highest vessels and the corners of your governments you might work my power, pouring down the fires of life and increase continually on the Earth. Thus you are become the skirts of justice and truth. In Satan's name, rise up! Show yourselves! Behold!, his mercies flourish, and his name is become mighty among us. In whom we say: Move!, Ascend!, and apply yourselves unto us as the partakers of His secret wisdom in your creation!

“The East is a house of harlots singing praises among the flames of the first glory wherein the Dark Lord hath opened His mouth; and they are become as living dwellings in whom the strength of man rejoiceth; and they are appareled with ornaments of brightness, such as work wonders on all creatures. Whose kingdoms and continuance are as the Third and Fourth, strong towers and places of comfort, the seats of pleasure and continuance. O ye servants of pleasure, Move!, Appear!, sing praises unto the Earth and be mighty amongst us. For that to this remembrance is given power, and our strength waxeth strong in our comforter.

“So it is done.


Someone was ringing a bell. I was fueled with life and lust, passion and devotion. Reborn in this lovely new body as a thing of the flesh, a sex object in the most perfect sense, I threw my hands above my head and cried out with joy and ecstasy.

“Hail Satan!” I declared.

“There is a beast in Man that must be exercised, not exorcised.”
--Anton Szandor LaVey
The Satanic Bible

Ironically enough, the same two stoned looking young men who had turned up on the first day showed up at the convent a few weeks later. As it happened, I was walking across the front part of the building at the time when I saw them, dressed in their baggy clothes with their hats on backwards and the eyes a little red from all that pot that they smelled of. I didn’t really mind, I was still slightly stoned myself after having shared a bong with Jessica this morning.

I was obviously no longer dressed in the vestments of a priest. That would have looked ridiculous. I was wearing a nun’s habit over my head, the long veil training down my back, though I had altered it so my long black hair came out and down my shoulders. My ‘robes’ were a tight form fitting long black dress that was slit up both sides to my thighs showing much leg and low cut down the front displaying my ample cleavage and my Satanic rosary.  I wore thigh high black stockings and high heeled stiletto shoes that I had only recently mastered the art of walking in. I looked pretty hot, if I do say so myself.

I also wore inverted cross earrings in both ears, and silver rings going up the sides above them. My eyebrows and nose were also pierced, as were both my nipples and my belly button. I had not mustered the courage to get my clit pierced the way my sister had as yet.

The boys approached me chuckling to themselves. I looked them over with a bit of approval: They were pretty good looking in their slacker sort of way.

One came up to me, “Hey, sister. We’ve . . . uh . . . been hearing that this really a place to get some pussy.”

Pretty brazen of him to just walk up to a nun and say that. I liked him immediately. I smiled at them with a seductive twinkle in my eye.

“Oh, why you’ve heard correctly, boys.” I smiled at them, “Come with me and we’ll see to all your desires.”

“Alright!” The other one said, and the two guys high fived each other. I smiled at the eager joyfulness of youth.

I took them around to the front entrance. The large cross that had once been on the door was now inverted, and the gargoyle knocker was now backed by an iron pentagram. The statues of Christ on either side had been removed and destroyed, replaced by statues of the half man, half woman demon Laone on the right and Succubus Ardat Lili on the left. I am quite sure both of them attended my ‘initiation’.

Above the doors, the stone relief that once read “Mother Magdalene’s Convent of the Holy Virgin” had been removed and replaced by a similar one that announced the current name of our order: “The Esoteric Coven of Akatash”. I opened the doors and with a wink over my shoulder, led the two boys into our sanctum of lust.

Inside, half naked or wholly naked futa girls strutted everywhere. Some were entertaining guests, others each other or they were just hanging around. Most of us had tattoos now, decorating our flesh, and I was no exception, having elaborate ink dragons running down my whole back. Much giggling and moaning could be heard as girls partied and had fun with our customers. This was, of course, no longer a convent but a brothel, and one meant to be as enjoyable as was possible, for we have no need of chastity. We did, of course, have need of finances, and this was the most lucrative, to say nothing of enjoyable way of getting them.

I looked back them, “You may have your pick of any girl.”

One of the boys looked me over approvingly, “What about you?”

I blushed a little, getting excited. To tell the truth, I had been hoping they would say that. I stepped up to them and put my arms around them.

“Absolutely you can have me.” I cooed.

I led them, arm in arm out through the dining area and to the spiral stairs, up into the second floor where the room I lived in was. The long tables of the dining room had been removed and replaced with round tables and plush chairs so that the room now looked like a fancy Satanic night club. Everywhere it was a festival of flesh, sexy playful futa girls having fun everywhere you looked. The mood was festive and lustful as it always was in here now. The religious frescos were all gone, painted over with all sorts of gleefully violent and pornographic demonic art. We had flown in artists from around the world, finding veterans of heavy metal albums to be particularly adept at this sort of thing.

As we went past the dorm rooms I could hear the sounds of black metal coming from some of the rooms. Black metal, or death metal, whatever the hell one it was: A lot of the younger school girls had taken up listening to that stuff claiming it was truly Satanic music. Eh, to each his own, but to me it always sounded like the space shuttle taking off behind a pissed off Cookie Monster. I found myself more attracted to jazz and blues music, and a form of electronic music called dark ambient.

We entered my room, and the boys asked the next most obvious question: How much did I cost. I ran down my prices, but then added that if they joined up with us, it was free whenever they wanted.

And so, after an hour or such, I emerged from my room not with two stoners in baggy clothes, but two lovely young futa girls in school girl outfits. We headed downstairs towards the chapel; it was time for black mass.

Of course it wasn’t all fun and games. I knew the truth now, about god the deceiver and his fascist representatives and their plot to stamp out passion and joy in the world and replace it with blind obedience. They infiltrated politics and tried introduce their totalitarian doctrine into secular law. They infiltrated schools and tried to pump their venom into our children. The infiltrated Child Protective Services and strove to take children away from their parents and put them into their own families, where they could be trained to live in the new totalitarian world they were building. Well, we now had our moles in place too, and we would fight them to the end. We were not the only coven; there were hundreds and hundreds of groups of futa girls like us all over the world. We were at the front lines of this war, working to spread the Devil’s word over the globe, and to keep it free from tyrants who would tell us how to think.

One day, we knew, god and his Nazi angels would return to Earth, to enslave mankind by force once more. It was out duty to be ready, to help fight against that onslaught and keep the world and mankind free to peruse our lusts and our dreams. Freedom is the natural state of the human animal, and not the servitude and misery that religion has forced down the throats of humanity to the detriment of the species. This world does not belong to them, it is under the protection of Satan, the true Lord Of The Earth, and it belongs to us: The human race. And to us it will always belong for us to live and love and dies as we were meant to be: Free.

Ave Satanas!

Rege Satanas!


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