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Prologue opens out in the distant void of space.

Narrator: The Infinitely vast reaches of Space, a place of infinite wonder,

We see lots of planets, stars, galaxies and nebulae.

Narrator: Infinite beauty, and only one Planet Earth.

We zoom in on Earth and we see the cities bustling and moving.

Narrator: An oasis in the very galaxy we call home. But it's also plagued by infinite evil.

Bank Robberies, bad guys and alien invaders were destroying everything! Bad Guys were blowing stuff up and causing mayhem and chaos! Banks were being robbed! And Aliens from distant planets and galaxies were destroying everything.

Narrator: Who will protect us from all of the evil forces that threaten our world and universe? Who will confront the destructive forces from other worlds and different dimensions? Who will be the defenders of the universe?

But then one alien monster explodes and it shows us as Team Loud Phoenix Storm making an entrance.

Narrator: Team Loud Phoenix Storm! That's who!

A newspaper shows us defeating all the evil.

Narrator: Team Loud Phoenix Storm...

We are flying out of our estate headquarters to save the day once again.

Narrator: Nothing can stop them. James Dean Knudson and his family, Lincoln Loud and his sisters, Riley Anderson, Hercules and Zoe Weatherly and their many friends, many superheroes from comics and different worlds and reformed villains. Together with the help of advanced futuristic cutting edge technology...

We were using highly advanced cutting edge technology from thousands and hundreds of years into the future.

Narrator: Advanced scientific tools...

Lisa, Nicole and our scientists were working in the lab with all kinds of chemicals and machines.

Narrator: Their super vast wealth and fortune...

Our safe was filled with gold and jewels.

Narrator: And their incredible omnipotent superhuman powers, Team Loud Phoenix Storm is on a mission to obliterate the evils that threaten the entire universe.

We are battling all kinds of monsters that were destroying the cities, terrorizing the areas around us, and ruining lives everywhere. We were tearing bad guys apart and throwing them in jail or killing them.

Narrator: There is no rest for evil. It's time for action!

J.D. punched a bunch of villains and they went flying.

Narrator: It's time for Justice!

Lincoln blasted a bunch of bad guys with lightning and electrocuted them into ash.

Narrator: It's time for adventure!

We went to all kinds of distant planets in galaxies in our ships.

Narrator: Team Loud Phoenix Storm! They may be kids, but they are smart! Powerful! And Ready to kick some evil butt!

We fired a powerful blast of energy at a monster and blew it to pieces.

Narrator: Team Loud Phoenix Storm! They fear nothing and are your defenders!

J.D.: Watch out forces of evil! Justice has a new name!

We are standing on a building as a phoenix forms behind us in a fiery explosion.

Narrator: The Loud House Revamped! Rise of Team Loud Phoenix Storm!