Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Writers and Gods ❯ One-Shot

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Writers and Gods
An exchange between a writer and a producer
It's so nice to see you again, Ms. Johnson
Have you read my script yet?
Why yes I have
So, what do you think?
It's good, but I have a few questions
She looks at him through her dark sunglasses
Oh? What do you mean?
Well, for starters, what is the whole plot of the story? I don't get it.
It's simple really; it's all about internal suffering of the human spirit
But why a rich, popular, and beautiful model
Because, beautiful people have problems to, why not show it?
But why?
The public has been blinded by this illusion that you have to be beautiful to live the so-called “perfect life.” I'm here to break that stereotype
I see
A waitress comes by their table. She orders a Pina Colada and he orders a Diet Coke
I noticed that everything is pretty dark in your script
But why not something light and happy?
Life isn't light and happy all of the time. We all have are dark times
But your protagonist has one train wreck after another
I'm showing how the hard life and the negatives factors can break someone
Don't tell me this is an after-school special!
*Laughs* Oh don't worry! I avoided that at all costs
Whew! Thank God!
The waitress returns with their drinks. Both thank her and the waitress gives them menus and leaves
There is a lot of drug use and sex in your script
Yes. Is that a problem?
No, but…
She takes a sip of her Pina Colada
Aren't you worried about being attacked?
A little controversy never hurts anyone. But be careful not to overkill it
Then, you look like you're desperate for attention
Okay. But the transitions between past and present are confusing
Not if you don't try to analyze the movie to death
What is the point of the nightmares?
She lightly played with her hair
To add to the point of losing one's mind
I did like the flowers dream
Thank you
It does seem a little raw
In what places?
Just with your protagonist's friends talking. You just went on the blunt end there
Let me see
He hands her the script and she reads where he marked
I was telling the truth through their eyes
Can you clean it up some?
She raises an eyebrow at him
How so?
Just try to piece it together so that they don't sound like they are just rambling on
Hm, I'll see what I can do
The waitress returns. She orders the shrimp pasta in Alfredo sauce and he orders the chicken club sandwich
Anything else?
What is it?
The ending
What about it?
He pauses for a moment before speaking
It's not finished. Do you intend to finish it?
He is puzzled
Why not?
She stretches her neck from side to side
Because, I wanted the audience to interpret for themselves what happens to the protagonist
Your spirit seems to be like other movies in this genre. Aren't worried about being accused of being clichéd?
No idea is really original. It's depends on how you present it. If you present it in a way that everyone's seen before, they aren't going to buy it. But if you present your idea in a new and barely used way, people will say, “Hey, I want to check that out!”
Aren't you worried about what the critics well think? Some fans rely on them to know what to watch and what not to watch
I don't care what the critics think! I care are what the fans are going to think. If they rely on the critics, then they need to learn how to think for themselves
He smiles at her broadly
Well then, consider yourself a film deal!
Thank you, sir!
Both shake hands. The waitress returns with their lunches and they eat
All while the waves crash against the beach shore