Othello Fan Fiction ❯ Othello, Rei's Adventure ❯ The start of the band ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Hello again. Disclaimer!!! I don't own Othello or any of the characters from the series. Nor do I pretend to. I just enjoy reading the series.
Chapter one.
It had been seventeen years since Yaya, who was now free from Nana, had given birth to her daughter, Rei. Rei, a seventeen-year-old singer, was told by both her mother and her father that she was Nana reincarnated, for the night Yaya had rid herself of Nana was the night Rei was conceived.
The warm summer air carried a fragrance of cherry blossoms all over Tokyo. Rei stood out in the open as the afternoon sunlight bounced off of her curly, blond hair. Her blue eyes searched mischievously for something entertaining to do.
“Rei! Yo Rei!” a voice called out to her. She turned to the familiar voice to see her best friend, Mika, running after her, carrying a small, golden bag.
“What do you want now, Mika?” Rei demanded at the pathetic sight of her friend, who was now tired and gasping for air, still clutching the tiny golden bag.
“T-this is last gigs pay, 60,000 yin!” Mika exclaimed, thrusting the bag in Rei's hand.
Rei nodded, counting the yin before putting it in her purse. “We need to get better paying gigs!”
Mika looked thoughtful for a moment before saying “Why don't you ask your father, he was in the band `Black Dog' when he was our age, right?”
Rei looked defensive. She slapped her best friend hard on the face “Are you insane? I don't want to remind my parents of Nana any more than I do now”
Mika rubbed her bruised cheek gently; she gave Rei a cold look before asking, “Who's Nana?”
Rei gave her best friend a dead look, her brow narrowed with annoyance “how am I supposed to know, every time I ask I'm always told she was my rebellious aunt”
Mika shuddered “creepy” Rei nodded in agreement, “She was my moms twin sister.” Rei walked, expecting Mika to follow, But Mika stood completely still. “Nana and your mother were twins, eh?” She asked, Rei stopped “Did I stutter, yeh they're twins”
Mika walked strait to Rei and came to close for comfort, studying Rei's face. “Come to think of it, you look just like your mother, I don't see a trace of your father in you at all”
Rei pushed Mika out of her face, making her tumble a little. “You're wrong there, Mika, My parents always told me I'm a reincarnate version of Nana, I'm nothing like my mom”
Mika smiled softly, it was almost as if she understood how Rei felt. But it was impossible. Deep inside herself was a battle over her soul, as if two parts of her will control her, and she feared the reckless side was winning.
“Ok” She said suddenly, Making Mika turn. “Ok what?” she asked curiously. Rei smiled mischievously. “I'll ask the old man to hook our band up so we can get a jump start to Fame!”
“Old man…..Rei, are you alright?” Mika looked a bit startled at Rei's sudden change of heart.
“Fantabulous, Mika!” Rei shouted at the top of her lungs, now Mika wore an expression of utter alarm, which Rei must have mistaken as a look of great fear for the band because Rei shouted her add on “Don't worry Mika, JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED!” Rei climbed up a streetlight and began to swing.
“Rei get down from there!” Mika cried, waving her arms around “there are cars coming. At that moment, the light turned green. A hundred cars, most with the drivers looking annoyed, began to pull forward, honking their horns at Rei as she swung about. One rather nasty tempered driver rolled down the window of his ford Ranger and shouted, “Hey, get off the Street light, you retarded low-life”
“Oh crap” Mika sighed, looking up at Rei, who glared at that specific driver. Other drivers decided that it would be best not to mess with or anger Rei, but the ignorant driver honked his horn loudly, swearing away. Rei's eye twitched as she began to swing rapidly. She let go of the pole, taking a flying leap at the truck while shouting at the top of her lungs “You've done injustice and justice will be served”
With an aggressive karate kick, she busted the hood of his truck, making the man scream in fear. She did a backwards jump off the hood, landing gracefully near the passengers side. She gave the man a cold, hard stare.
“Are you sorry?” she asked in a harsh tone.
“I-I-I'm so s-sorry, miss…..P-P-Please forgive me…..” he whimpered.
Rei shot both hands in the air “Justice is served!”
Running quickly to Mika, she grabbed her best friends arm and sprinted to her parents' house, practically dragging Mika. “Slow down, Queen adrenalin!” Exclaimed Mika as Rei sprinted down her neighboring street. But Rei refused to stop until they were right at the house. She stopped at her door, letting Mika faint with exhaustion. She opened the door to her house, walked inside, and slammed the door, leaving her sleeping friend outside.
“MOM…..OLD MAN………….I'M HOME!” She shouted, hearing her voice echo in the living room.
“What is it, hon.” her mother's soft voice carried from the kitchen. Rei shudder, she hated the kindness uttered from her mother's throat. She spotted her father on the couch, reading the newspaper.
She walked up to him ever so gently, smiling her sweatiest smile. Her father looked up at her, “Yes Rei?”
“I have a question. Do you remember the Band `Black Dog'?”
“You know very well I was the lead singer in `Black Dog', why?”
“I want to become a singer, I have my own band and everything, I just need a leg up in the field……I need a better paying gig”
Her father folded the newspaper, eyes shut. “I thought I told you to get a job” He said in a rough tone.
“Uh, Hello! Singing is my job, its what I do__”
“NO!” He growled, “I will not let singing be your choice in a career. Go to Collage, Rei, make a life for yourself”
“I want to sing! You sang, Mom sang, Why can't I do the same?”
“I will not have Nana in this house hold!” he roared, throwing the newspaper a crossed the room.
“What does she have to do with this?”
“Get out, go do something with Mika….I don't want you in this house until you get this feeling out if your system” He stood up and made his way to the kitchen.
“But dad__”
Rei stomped out of the house immediately, fighting back angry tears. She had only one thing on her mind, Justice. And that means getting an awesome gig.
End chapter one