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Chapter 1

New Leadership for the Country


Colour King was with Colour Queen, Colourclever, Colour Dictator and Colour Administrator.


" Now, we will start another law for Colourland " said Colour King.

" We will now crack down on any anti Colourlandish protests, they are now illegal "

" The country can no longer be criticized, individuals who do this will get a year "


" Great law " said Colour Queen.

" Colourland must be praised, not criticized "

" We will not allow family visits if prisoners have sex in jail for that extra year " said Colour King. " If anyone attempts to do that, they will get a year in jail "

" Good " said Colourclever.

" That is a good decision "


" Anything involving Challenger? " asked Colour Administrator.

" Protests supporting Challenger are now illegal " said Colour King. " Individuals who do this will get three years "

" Good, he has not been good for Colourland " said Colour Administrator.

" Challenger has let down Colourland tremendously "

" He has embarrassed us " said Colourclever.

" It is disappointing "


" Colourlandish people must love Colourland, not hate it " said Colour Dictator. " We cannot have that happening here "

" Yes " said Colour King. " Anyone who says Fuck Colourland will be arrested, it is illegal now "


" Saying Colourland is shit is also illegal "

" Good " said Colourclever.

" I cannot stand seeing that "

" Anyone that says Fuck Colourland, is not Colourlandish "

" In Colourland, you must be Colourlandish "

" Yeah, for sure " said Colour Queen.

" All protests that criticize Colourland or Colour King or support Challenger are now banned, any protests that are critical of any justice system are also illegal " said Colour King.

" Protesting is not Colourlandish " said Colourclever. " Challenger never understood that "

" Colourlandish people do not need to protest, they have Colour King and a great country "

" Agreed, Colourlandish people get to be in Colourland so it is not necessary " said Colour Queen.


" Anyone who commits three crimes that are all over ten years, or two of them are 15 years will result in execution " said Colour King.

" We will not allow Colourland to be a place full of criminals " said Colour Administrator.

" Well said, that is not who we are " said Colourclever.

" Yeah, we are a great nation " said Colour King.

" I will never be ashamed of that "

" We must always show how Colourlandish we are "

" Yes, we must " said Colour Administrator.


Crayon and his friends got up and they headed to the bakery.


" So glad to see the bakers here " said Artby. " Bakers are amazing, awesome, kind, brave and heroic people "


Artby thanked the bakers and they got their bread and left, they headed home.


" Well, things are different with a leader like Colour King " said Crayon.

" Some of his laws can be extreme but unless we defeat him we have to accept it " said Colouruke.

" Colour King is extremely strong " said Colourea.

" If Challenger doesn't fight, our chances are not great " said Artby.

" I wouldn't want to lose "

" Bakers wouldn't like that "


They then decided to go to the store and get what they needed and then they ate breakfast.


Meanwhile, Warbler had got up and he contacted Crayon.


" Warbler has a message for us " said Crayon. " He wants to meet up for training "

" Sounds good " said Colouruke.

" Let's go " said Colourea.

" Yes " said Artby.

" Bakers want us doing so "


They went to meet up at this place in Colourland.


" Warbler " they said.

" Hello " said Warbler. " I have heard about the new laws "

" Numerians living here have to be very careful " said Colourea.

" They sure do " said Warbler. " It seems that Colour King does not care for them "

" Well, we should train for a bit and then get to Challenger " said Colouruke.

" Yeah, that sounds like a good idea " said Crayon.


Colouruke then started using his Sea Implosion while Crayon used his Sun Implosion. Artby used his Light Implosion while Colourea used hers. Warbler used the Sky Implosion.


" Glad to see our power grow " said Warbler.

" We will mess some people up " said Artby. " Bakers have wanted that "

" Why ? " asked Colouruke.

" Bakers are very wise they know that customers will risk their lives for bread " said Artby. " They know that their bravery baking will not go unnoticed "


" Risk their lives ? " asked Crayon. " Well we did fight in a bakery once "

" The bread was delicious when we did " said Artby. " We should look for bakeries like that "

" I mean we have gotten really strong but there are bakeries closer to us " said Colourea.

" The Bear are gone, so maybe it was just them " said  Colouruke.

" We can go to that bakery tomorrow " said Crayon.

" Sounds good to me " said Artby.

" I love bakers so much "


Crayon then used his Ultimate Sun Blast while Warbler used the Ultimate Sky Blast. Colouruke used the Ultimate Sea Blast, Artby and Colourea used their Ultimate Light Blasts.


Crayon and Warbler used their Ultimate Sky Bombs while Colouruke used the Ultimate Sea Bomb.


Colourea and Artby used their Ultimate Light Bombs.


" Great to see " said Warbler.

" I wonder what the strongest implosion out there ? " asked Colourea.

" I have heard about the Colourland Implosion " said Crayon. " It is a Darkness technique "

" Blackin used a lot of those " said Colouruke.

" No implosion is said to be as strong without combining attacks " said Crayon.


Crayon used his Times Ten Sun Strike while Colourea and Artby used the Times Seven Light Strikes. Colouruke used the Times Seven Sea Strike and Warbler used the Times Seven Sky Strike. After all of that, they headed to meet Challenger.


" Hello " said Challenger. " Well this is my office building "

" It is odd to not be the leader but we will stand strong "

" Challenger, we have a question " said Crayon.

" It is about the Colourland Implosion "

" That technique is insanely dangerous, Colour King might know it " said Challenger.


" He is stronger than King Bobby and I needed to fight with all of you to stop him and the queen "

" We will continue training hard, we trained today " said Colouruke.

" Good " said Challenger.

" Warbler, how are you ? "

" I am good, Allie is happy now " said Warbler. " I think King Bobby probably did something "


" Knowing him, he would " said Colourea.

" I wonder if the advisors are alive " said Colouruke.

" It is hard to say " said Challenger. " We will keep training "

" I have done some myself early in the morning "

" Glad to see " said Colourea.

" Bakers would love this training " said Artby.


They then headed back to their place while Warbler then went to be with Allie but just before they were home then ran into Electro and this other man named Oceanoke.


" Colour King has said that he wants to meet with Challenger " said Oceanoke.

" I don't believe that he would " said Colouruke.

" Why wouldn't you believe him ? " asked Electro.

" Colour King is a man you can trust "

" The fact that Colourclever who is part of his group talks about how bad he is " said Crayon.

" I don't get the sense that Colour King wants to meet him "

" Well he has a change of heart " said Oceanoke.


I'm not so sure about that " said Colourea.

" We could meet him "


" He wants to meet Challenger privately " said Oceanoke.

" We will talk to Challenger about that " said Artby.

" He needs to know as soon as possible " said Electro.

" Challenger must meet Colour King, it is so important "

" Colour King is an extremely important man "

" We will head off now " said Oceanoke. " When Colour King and Challenger meet it will be glorious "


They headed off.


" Well, that was odd " said Artby.

" I wonder how it will go " said Crayon.

" Not sure " said Artby.

" We should head to the house " said Colourea.

" Yeah, sounds good to me " said Colouruke.

" Let"s go " said Crayon.


Meanwhile Electro and Oceanoke headed towards Colour King.


" So, the two of you have found Crayon and his friends ? " asked Colour King.

" Yes " said Oceanoke.

" Good " said Colour King. " I must meet with Challenger alone "

" He must see my laws first hand "


Colour Dictator entered the room.


" Challenger will learn where he messed up this way " said Colour Dictator.

" I will let him know about the executions " said Colour King. " There are people who must die out there "

" They must pay " said Colour Dictator.

" Colourland is so great "

" Yes, it is " said Colour King.


Crayon then contacted Challenger by phone.


" Challenger, these two men named Electro and Oceanoke contacted me " said Crayon.

" What did they say ? " asked Challenger.

" They wanted you to speak to Colour King " said Crayon.

" I don't think that is a good idea " said Challenger.

" Same here, I think they are planning something " said Crayon.

" Oceanoke said that he had a change of heart "

" I don't trust him " said Challenger.

" We will have to see what he is up to " said Crayon.

" I am not sure what is going on with him right now "

" Indeed, see you later " said Challenger.


The four of them were talking.


" Bakers will help " said Artby.

" How so ? " asked Colouruke.

" Flour " said Artby.

" Flour ? " asked Colourea.

" Flour will help Challenger " said Artby. " The flour will allow him with Colour King "

" By doing what ? " asked Crayon.

" You know how bakers get so wise, the flour helps them " said Artby.


The flour connects with the hands and a special wisdom is created "

" A special wisdom ? " asked Colouruke. " Never seen anything like that "

" It is connected to the soul of the baker and the flour makes the baker wiser when they bake bread " said Artby.

" Challenger isn't a baker though " said Crayon. " I don't see how this would work "

" The bakers just have to show him around the bakery and they will know " said Artby.

" I don't know if Challenger is going to the bakery you mentioned, it isn't that close to him " said Colourea.


" I will touch the flour, gain the wisdom from the bakers " said Artby. " Then I will transfer the wisdom to his body "

" I'm not so sure that he will even touch you in that way or want that type of thing " said Crayon.

" Well the bakers are incredibly wise so if that doesn't work they will think of something else " said Artby.


Time passed, and they went to bed.


They then got up and headed to the bakery that they went to in the past.


" If I need to fight, that is fine " said Artby. " Bread is worth risking death, worth the danger and it is always worth getting in a fight for "

" When a baker sees a customer willing to fight like that, the baker knows that customer will return for more bread "

" Let's go " said Crayon.

" The Bear aren't here, so it should be better " said Colouruke.

" True, we don't have to worry about them " said Colourea.

They went there, Artby then thanked the bakers for their baking.


" Welcome back, been a while " said a baker.

" So glad to see bakers, I have started dreaming about bakers baking bread " said Artby.

" Uh, okay " said the baker.

" You are very wise, like lots of bakers all over " said Artby.

" Thanks " said the baker who was a little confused.


They got their bread and left.


" We didn't have to fight " said Colouruke.

" Yeah " said Colourea.

" I was ready to give an asskicking but I am okay with this " said Artby.


They headed home to eat their breakfast which they enjoyed.


Colour King was speaking.


" Challenger, this special meeting is mandatory " said Colour King.

" Crayon and his friends cannot attend, they will have to wait outside "

" There is a lot involving Colourland that I must tell you face to face "

" You must come today, Challenger "


Colour King's message was broadcast through Colourland.


Challenger then contacted Crayon.


" Crayon, I will go alone to meet Colour King " said Challenger.

" Okay " said Crayon.

" I would recommend training while we are meeting since we cannot all be there " said Challenger.

" Sounds good to me, good luck with that guy " said Crayon.

" Thanks, see you later " said Challenger.



Challenger then headed to meet Colour King.