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Chapter 4

Electro and Oceanoke


Crayon and his friends went to the bakery where Artby thanked every baker and then they left and ate their breakfast.


After breakfast they went outside where they ran into Oceanoke and Electro.


" Just who we were looking for " said Electro.

" Crayon, you must speak to Challenger " said Oceanoke.

" He must change " said Electro. " Protests supporting him have been banned "


" But he does not support these new laws " said Crayon.

" Challenger feels Colour King has gone too far " said Colourea.

" Why would he not ? " asked Electro.

" They will change Numerians and make them commit less crimes " said Oceanoke.


" This will make Numerians better, why would he refuse "

" This is why we want you to change him " said Electro.


Change him ? " asked Crayon. " How would he be changed ? "

" Get him to understand what Colour King is doing " said Oceanoke.


" Colour King's laws will change Numerians, Challenger cannot keep opposing these laws "

" Challenger is concerned about if it will be seen as racist " said Colouruke. " He believes that Numerians will find it racist "

" Yes, Numerians will find it racist " said Colourea.

" We banned calling Colour King racist " said Electro. " We also banned calling Colour Queen, Colourclever, Colour Administrator and Colour Dictator racist as well "

" The ban solves that, so there is no purpose to that " said Oceanoke.

" We need you to convince him otherwise " said Electro.

" If not, it is bad for Colourland " said Oceanoke.

" So there is no need to worry about anyone being called racist "

" Challenger's mind is set " said Artby.

" He does not want to discriminate "

" Yes, he will not support what Colour King is doing " said Crayon.

" That is not good " said Oceanoke.

" With that type of thinking, you will never change his opinions " said Electro.

" We don't want him to face harm but his opinions are not the opinion that is good for Colourland "

" Colourlandish people are great, they deserve the best "

" Good for Colourland ? " asked Colouruke.

" They are very bad for this country, we need an opinion that agrees with Colour King " said Oceanoke.

" If not, then it will be very bad " said Electro.

" Colour King is vital to Colourland, what he does is very important "

" So people cannot disagree with each other ? " asked Crayon.

" " said Oceanoke.

" Not when it comes to Colour King " said Electro. " He wants people to support his laws, he wants Challenger to be a good citizen "

" Challenger isn't a good citizen for the time being, but we believe that you can change him "


" He cannot continue this way, Colour King needs Colourlandish people to agree with him " said Oceanoke.

" The thing is that he doesn't want to support these laws regardless of what we say " said Artby.

" Bakers  would need to get involved "

" Bakers do not want Numerians to face discrimination "

" Bakers ? " asked Electro. " Artby, we know of your love for bread but bakers do not have the influence on Challenger that Crayon does "

" Artby may be a good customer to them, but Challenger cannot be changed by a baker " said Oceanoke.

" Bakers won't change Challenger "

" Yes, they won't " said Colourea.

" They don't need to "


Warbler showed up in the middle of this discussion.


" So that's Warbler who has been talked about before by Colour King " said Electro.

" Yes, it is me " said Warbler.

" Warbler, maybe Challenger will understand you " said Oceanoke.


Challenger does not support these laws regardless of what anyone says " said Warbler.

" I understand wanting less crimes but increasing the sentences for only Numerians is something that Challenger believes Numerians will find racist "

" Not to mention many other people "

" It isn't just Challenger "

" We banned calling Colour King racist " said Oceanoke. " We mentioned it to Crayon and his friends "

" There is nothing to worry about " said Electro.

" True " said Oceanoke.


" If a Numerian does defy the law they will go to jail so they will not call us racist " said Electro. " We know that Numerians can change "

" Now get Challenger here " said Oceanoke.

" We will contact him " said Warbler.

" You must convince him " said Electro.

" We cannot continue have Challenger this way " said Oceanoke.

" Yes, Challenger must change for the good of Colourland " said Electro.


Crayon then called Challenger.


" Hello Challenger " said Crayon.

" Hello, Crayon " said Challenger. " Anything going on in particular "

" Yes " said Crayon. " We are with Oceanoke and Electro "

" Is there something they want ? " asked Challenger.


" They want you to support Colour King " said Crayon.

" The laws are going to make Numerians think that we are a racist country " said Challenger. " Giving them longer sentences than Colourlandish people will not work "


" Oceanoke and Electro have been insisting on you supporting the laws and they say that Colour King does not want different opinions " said Crayon.

" I understand that he does not like the different opinions but I cannot support this type of thinking " said Challenger.

" Oceanoke and Electro will have to understand "

" These laws will discriminate against Numerians and make people think that we are racist "

" They won't " said Crayon. " I'm not sure what they are thinking but they will not like it "

" I cannot support this, Numerians will see us as racist and I do not want that for Colourland " said Challenger.

" I understand, we will have to face them " said Crayon. " See you later "

" Yes, see you " said Challenger.


" So, it appears that Challenger has refused to listen to you " said Electro. " So we are left with some choices "


" Me and Oceanoke talk to him, you betray him or you fight against us "


" So which is it ? " asked Oceanoke.

" We will let you two talk to him " said Colouruke. " It appears like the most reasonable option "

" Okay " said Electro. " We will be a lot harder on him, I hope you understand "


Electro called the number of Challenger.


" Challenger, we must talk " said Electro.

" Crayon was not able to get through to you " said Oceanoke.

" Numerians will find us to be a racist country " said Challenger.

" That is not what we are here in Colourland "

" I don't know who is telling you that, but they are wrong " said Oceanoke. " Colour King banned calling him a racist "

" It is now illegal "


" You should have more faith in Numerians to be honest " said Electro. " When they see the sentences for them are longer and that Colour King banned sex in the prisons, they will not commit any crimes "

" Do you simply not believe in Numerians ? " asked Oceanoke.

" I believe in Numerians but these laws are not a guarantee " said Challenger.

" They are, Numerians will know how much they will spend time in jail with no sex and they will not commit crimes " said Electro. " Challenger, we have had enough "

" Colour King will not tolerate this " said Oceanoke. " I have had enough of this "

" Challenger, goodbye " said Electro. Electro then hung up the phone.


" Since that failed, we cannot have you support him anymore " said Electro.

" Either that, or fight " said Oceanoke.

" What is your decision ? " asked Electro.


Meanwhile Colour King then was talking with Colour Dictator, Colour Queen, Colourclever and Colour Administrator.


I don't know what Electro and Oceanoke are planning with Crayon and his friends but if they cannot convince Challenger we cannot have them support him anymore " said Colour King. " I do not want these opinions, they are not opinions that are good for Colourland "

" Opinions must be in the interests of Colourland " said Colourclever.


" Challenger is not what Colourland needs or any Numerian either " said Colour Administrator.

" Exactly " said Colour Queen.

" Challenger has failed to support our changes for Numerians, so he is not someone that Crayon can support anymore " said Colour Dictator.


" It is not acceptable " said Colour Queen.

" Challenger will be seen as a dick to all people who care about the crimes " said Colour Administrator.


" He must be stopped " said Colourclever.

" Oceanoke and Electro may have to fight " said Colour Administrator.

" They will be fine " said Colour Queen.

" Yes " said Colour King. " The only opinion that Colourland needs is the right opinion not opinions that do not respect what we are trying to do "

" We must be Colourlandish "

" Yes, we must " said Colour Queen.

" I am very Colourlandish " said Colour King.


" I show that on a daily basis "