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Chapter 6


Electro and Oceanoke Fight, Part Two


" So now you are down to only two, you will regret this " said Electro.

" Dying for a man with an opinion that is not good for here " said Oceanoke. " You really think that is worth it ? "

" We aren't dead " said Crayon. " None of us are "


" Well, there is a lot of time for that, a dick like Challenger and his lack of respect for Colourland is not a person that you should risk this for " said Electro.

" He is not worth it "

" You can call Challenger a dick as much as you want, but we believe that Colour King has gone too far " said Colourea.


" Well we have no choice but to eliminate you then, Challenger's opinion is not an opinion that Colourlandish people can tolerate " said Oceanoke.

" Colourland loves Colour King more "

" Colourlandish people are happy he is in charge "

" Now, prepare for the end " said Electro.


Electro then started to use the Ultimate Thunderstorm technique while Oceanoke used the Ultimate Ocean Bomb. Oceanoke fired the bomb towards the clouds which then created a very dangerous storm full of explosions, lightning and water. The storm directly hit down Colourea and Crayon.


Colourea was starting to slightly struggle but she got up.


Colourea then charged for the Sun Implosion while Crayon used the Ultimate Sun Bomb. Oceanoke used his Ocean Implosion while Electro used the Lightning Edge. Two insanely powerful attacks collided and everyone took damage.


Electro got up first and he then grabbed Colourea.


" Colourea " yelled Crayon.

" Hahahahaha " said Electro. " This is for the Colourlandish people, Numerian people and the king "

" Numerian people ? " asked Crayon. " Numerians don't particularly like Colour King "

" They know about the new laws and they will commit less crimes " said Electro. " Had you stayed home or cut Challenger off, you would have been able to stay with Colourea "

" Colourea would love being able to see you "

" She will be able to do so " said Crayon.


Electro then kicked her down to the ground where Oceanoke was.


Oceanoke and Colourea were seriously struggling. Oceanoke then started to use the Ultimate Ocean Blast while Crayon used the Ultimate Sky Blast to counter. They both hit their targets.


Oceanoke was looking pretty weak.


" How could this happen " said Oceanoke. " Electro is stronger than me "

" I will still fight "


Colourea got up and she used the Ultimate Sun Bomb and hit down Electro, while Oceanoke then punched Colourea.


She got up and she used the Sun Implosion while Crayon used the Sky Implosion, Oceanoke used his Ocean Implosion and Electro used the Ultimate Thunderstorm. The attacks had tons of power and everyone took a bunch of damage.


" Colourea " said Crayon. " Noooo "

" Oceanoke has reached his end, same with Colourea " said Electro. " Defeating Oceanoke without Challenger is impressive but Colour King's people are stronger by a lot "


" Even with Challenger, you won't win "

" Colour King will rule Colourland forever and make Numerians better people "

" I don't think so " said Crayon.

" Well let us continue " said Electro. " I will enjoy finishing you off for the king "

" Bring it on " said Crayon.


Electro then used his Thunderstorm Implosion while Crayon used his Sky Implosion to counter the attack.


Both of them took damage, they both got up and they punched each other.


" Colour King would have loved you protecting this place " said Electro.

" He has some of the best opinions ever "

" Supporting Colour King would have been great "

" No, he does not " said Crayon. " I'm not protecting anything for him "

" Well, that is your loss " said Electro.


Electro then used the Thunderstorm Edge, an extremely powerful attack while Crayon used his Sun Implosion, they both took damage.


Electro was slightly struggling but he got up first and he picked up Crayon and threw him into Colouruke's body.


" Colouruke " said Crayon.

" Well, Colouruke will no longer live " said Electro.


Electro used the Ultimate Thunderstorm technique while Crayon used the Ultimate Sky Blast. The attacks hit and they both took damage.


Crayon was struggling and so was Electro. Meanwhile Colour King was having a discussion with Colour Queen.


" Electro and Oceanoke have taken awfully long " said Colour King.

" This is not acceptable " said Colour Queen.

" My great opinion must be protected against people like Challenger, I expect to see those two very soon " said Colour King.


" I don't know what happened " said Colour Queen.

" Colourlandish people and Numerian people need my opinion at all times " said Colour King. " Without it, we are completely lost "

" My opinion is loved in Colourland "


Electro then started charging up for the Thunderstorm Implosion while Crayon used the Sun Implosion. The attacks collided and both of them took damage.


Crayon got up first but Electro kicked him in the leg and he went to the ground.


" Crayon, enjoy these last moments while you still can " said Electro. " You will not make it "


Electro then went to punch him, but Crayon blocked the punch and shoved him down to the ground where they were attempting to grab each other.


After that, Crayon got Electro and he knocked him down and then he started charging for his Ultimate Sun Blast, Electro then kicked him which made the blast not a direct hit but part of it hit him but the kick stopped Electro from being defeated.


" For an opinion like Colour King's, I'll keep going forever " said Electro. " I won't let a dick like Challenger have his way "

" Always remember Challenger's a dick "

" Well, let's continue " said Crayon.


Crayon and Electro then both punched each other and they went down to the ground. For a while, neither of them got up but Crayon got up. Crayon then called the hospital who were on their way.


Crayon called Challenger.


" Challenger, we fought Oceanoke and Electro " said Crayon. " We won the fight "

" Glad to see " said Challenger.

" They kept mentioning something about the opinion of Colour King " said Crayon.


" Well, he is going to have to accept that not everyone agrees with him or it will get ugly " said Challenger.

"  It really seems that way " said Crayon.

" Well, see you later " said Challenger. " Hopefully you will all be okay soon "


They all then headed to the hospital and they stayed there for the night.



Colour King was talking with Colour Queen, Colourclever, Colour Administrator and Colourclever.


" So Oceanoke and Electro failed " said Colour King.

" This is disappointing " said Colour Queen.

" Challenger must change his opinion " said Colour Dictator.

" It is my opinion or no opinions at all " said Colour King.

" This cannot continue, Colourland loves my opinion "

" It is an opinion we need " said Colour Queen.

" Challenger must learn that he is no longer in charge and he must agree with Colour King or be quiet " said Colour Administrator.

" Challenger is terrible for Colourland, he has been horrible "


" He has been a jackass " said Colourclever. " Colour King has no patience for jackasses like him "

" Colour King must be agreed with at all times " said Colour Queen.

" There is a reason that I married him and not Challenger "

" Challenger is not someone that the true people of Colourland trust in " said Colour Dictator. " People are ashamed when they look at him "

" They deserve the best "

" I will pass some more laws " said Colour King.

" Good " said Colourclever.


" Colour King made it illegal to support an opinion that Challenger has publicly that is not one that I support and said that Colourlandish will get three years while Numerians will get five years "

" We have also banned posting the words " Fuck Colourland ", we will give non Numerians five years and Numerians six years "


" Fuck Colourland has been banned on all Colourlandish sites, all video sharing sites and we have also blocked all anti Colourlandish videos here in Colourland "

" Videos that call Colourland a racist country have been blocked here in Colourland, websites that call Colourland a racist country have been blocked as well "


" News stations have been ordered to not call Colourland racist, if they fail to do so then they must fire the people responsible or be either fined, shut down or arrested "

" Radio stations cannot play music that calls Colourland racist or is critical of Colour King "

" People cannot play music outside that calls Colourland racist or is critical of Colour King either "

" Music DJ's cannot do this either "


Colour King then sent it to the news stations who aired the several changes in the law of Colourland.


Time continued to pass, Crayon and his friends were ready and they met Allie and Challenger outside.


" Hello " said Allie.

" Allie " said Warbler.

" I am glad that all of us are okay " said Colouruke.

" Yeah, those two guys were pretty strong " said Crayon.

" I wonder who is next " said Colourea.


" They will probably use either Colour Administrator or Colourclever " said Challenger.

" They are very strong "

" We will go back to training " said Artby. " The bakers want us to think of them when we fight "

" Uh, yeah " said Colouruke.

" We should go to the bakery " said Artby. " The bakers must be wondering about us "

" They might " said Allie.

Bakers are amazing, wonderful people " said Artby. " I dream about bakers so much "

" Well, let's get going " said Colourea.


The seven of them went into a bakery and Artby thanked every baker like he usually did.


" Man, I love bakers " said Artby. " It is great to see baking again, baking saves us "

" Saves us ? " asked a baker.

" Baking saves us in many ways " said Artby. " I love baking because of what it does "

" Glad to see " said the baker.


They got their bread and left.


" Me and Allie are going to head to our place " said Warbler.

" Bye " they all said.


They ate their breakfast which they enjoyed a lot, while Warbler and Allie enjoyed theirs.


Meanwhile on a island far away, Brett the father of the Smithsons saw Maxclever and Willemease wake up.


" Where are we " said Maxclever.

" What the fuck happened " said Willemease.

" You look like an older Easeion "

" I am his father " said Brett.

" The regular members are still here "

" I knew we were out cold but this long " said Maxclever.

" Yeah " said Willemease.

" It is good to be back "

" I am his father " said Brett. " The regular members are still here "

" That's good " said Maxclever. " I wonder if they will wake up soon "

" They hopefully will " said Brett.

" Yeah, we need them in the organization with us " said Maxclever.

" For sure " said Willemease.

" We must have all Bear members "

" The Bear will be complete " said Brett.

" We just need more time "

" For the meantime, focus on training "

" Yes " said Willemease and Maxclever.

" Good " said Brett.

Maxclever and Willemease then started training their abilities. They were soon able to use the Quintuple Shadow Strike and the Super Shadow Bomb plus the blast.


" I wonder about Blackin " said a woman in the organization.

" I will never forget him and what he did for Blackina " said a second woman. " It was something that you almost never see "

" Yeah, Blackin loved Blackina in a way, that Blackina could not be loved " said the first woman.

" Blackin always let you know how much he loved Blackina " said a man in the organization.

" He showed the romance for her at all times, he never forgot "



Maxclever and Willemease finished their training.