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Chapter 7

Colour King's Opinions


Colour King met with Colourclever, Colour Queen and Colour Dictator.

" Now, we have to make some more laws " said Colour King. " We have ordered Crayon and his friends to not support Challenger anymore "

" Crayon needs my opinion, not Challenger's "


" Your opinion is a great opinion " said Colourclever.

" It is " said Colour Dictator.

" Colour King is so much better "

" His opinion is important " said Colour Queen.

"  Not once has Challenger  respected Colour King's opinion " said Colour Administrator. " I will take action "

" Good " said Colour Queen. " Crayon and his friends cannot support an opinion that is not helpful to Colourland "

" My opinion is the law of the land now " said Colour King.

" It is so important "

" What I believe is what Colourlandish people have always wanted "

" Colourlandish people love Colour King, they are happy " said Colourclever.

" Yeah, he is so Colourlandish " said Colour Queen.


" We will not arrest Challenger but we will force people to not support his opinion and we do not want Crayon and his friends being around him " said Colour King.

" True, Crayon cannot be around him " said Colourclever. " Crayon must know by now that Challenger does not respect what is good for Colourland "


" Crayon must make the right decision " said Colour Queen. " Colour King's opinion must be agreed with at all times no matter what "

" By preventing other opinions, Colour King is showing what a strong king he is " said Colour Dictator. " Colourland does not need opinions that are not opinions of Colour King "

" Yeah, Crayon must know better " said Colour Administrator.

" He must understand what Challenger has being doing "

Colour King sent the new laws out.


Crayon and his friends about them.


" We cannot be around Challenger anymore ? " asked Colouruke.

" Man that Colour King guy is something else " said Artby.

" Bakers must not like what he is doing honestly "

" Challenger doesn't respect Colourland ?" asked Colourea.


" By that, Colour King means his opinion " said Crayon. " With a guy like him, only his opinion is Colourlandish "

" It's never really about Colourland "

" Yeah, that is very true " said Colourea.

" Colour King has gotten very aggressive "

" He sure has " said Colouruke.

" This is really bad, bakers would never support this " said Artby. " Bread can help people to not be a tyrant, I have refrained thanks to bakers "

" I love bakers "


" Bakers ? " asked Colouruke.

" Yes " said Artby. " Bread allows us to not be a tyrant easier "

" How many times do you see a tyrant in a bakery ? "

" It never happens "

" Baking has done so much for the customer "

" Bakers are amazing "


" I suppose it could happen " said Crayon.

" Bakers have made people not be assholes who would be otherwise, I have loved their baking " said Artby. " Bread stops a man from being an asshole "

" Bread stops that ? " asked Colourea. " Well, that is something "


" Bread stops people from being assholes, do you ever see someone being one in a bakery ? " asked Artby. " It never happens, baking prevents it "

" Baking prevents people being assholes ? " asked Colouruke. " That is something, I am glad that you enjoy the baking "

" Thanks " said Artby. " Baking has done so much "

" I am glad to be a customer "

" I love purchasing bread in the bakery "


After all of that, they decided to go train their abilities and they met up with Warbler and Allie.


" Hello " said Warbler and Allie.

" Glad to see both of you, let's train " they said.

" Yeah, that sounds like a great idea " said Crayon.

" Bakers want us stronger, they want a customer who can fight " said Artby.


Customer who can fight ? " asked Colourea.

" Yeah, it is what bakers need " said Artby.

" I will protect any baker "

" Bakers, I love "


Challenger then came there as well and he joined them.


" I have some bad news " said Challenger. " Colour King has attempted to split us apart and he wants you six to not be around me "

" Colour King is very extreme " said Colouruke.

" He sure is " said Allie.

" We will have to be careful " said Colourea.

" Let's train " said Warbler.

" Great idea " said Challenger.

" Warbler knows of what bakers and we need " said Artby.


Challenger then used the Thunderstorm Implosion, Crayon and Warbler used their Sky Implosions, Colourea used the Sun Implosion, Colouruke used the Ocean Implosion, Artby used the Light Implosion and Allie used the Wind Implosion.


" Glad to see I can use the Ocean Implosion now " said Colouruke.

" For sure " said Crayon.

" We are getting stronger " said Challenger.

" It looks that way " said Warbler.

" Yeah " said Allie.


Challenger used the Ultimate Thunderstorm Blast, Crayon and Colourea used their Ultimate Sun Blasts, Warbler used the Ultimate Sky Blast, Colouruke used the Ultimate Ocean Blast, Artby used the Ultimate Light Blast and Allie used the Ultimate Wind Blast.


" Awesome " said Warbler.

" It is great " said Allie.

" Now let's use our bomb techniques " said Challenger.

" Bakers would like us using them " said Artby.


Challenger used the Ultimate Thunderstorm Bomb, Crayon and Warbler used their Ultimate Sky Bombs, Colourea used the Ultimate Sun Bomb, Artby used the Ultimate Light Bomb, Colouruke used the Ultimate Ocean Bomb and Allie used the Ultimate Wind Bomb.


" Brilliant " said Colouruke.

" The bakers have done so much for us, I train for bakers " said Artby. " In the same way I train for bakers, bakers train for me with their baking "

" Train for me ? " asked Allie.

" Bakers have trained the flour to help us out " said Artby.

" Flour has been trained by bakers, bakers train the ingredients to make the bread better and to make us more heroic in battle "

" Ingredients trained by a baker ? " asked Colouruke.

" It seems that way " said Crayon. " We should train our strike techniques "


Challenger used the Tenfold Thunderstorm Strike, Crayon and Colourea used their Tenfold Sun Strikes, Warbler used the Tenfold Sky Strike, Colouruke used the Tenfold Ocean Strike, Artby used the Times Seven Light Strike and Allie used the Times Seven Wind Strike.


They finished their training.


" I love bakers " said Artby.

" Bakers must stay loved, ingredients have done so much for me "

" Ingredients ? " asked Colouruke.

" Yes " said Artby. " The ingredients make us better fighters "

" Colouruke, have you noticed this ? "


" Well, I know we are getting a lot stronger, I'm not sure about ingredients though " said Colouruke.

" Glad to see Colouruke use the ocean techniques now " said Crayon.

" Same here " said Colourea.

" That was some great training " said Challenger.

" It was " said Allie. " Warbler has shown himself to get so strong "

" Thanks, Allie " said Warbler.

" We should head to the bakery " said Artby.

" Let's go " said Crayon.


They arrived at the bakery where Artby thanked the bakers.


" The ingredients have done so much for me " said Artby.

" Glad to see " said a baker a little confused.

" The way you bake, I love " said Artby. " I love it "

" Uh, thanks " said the baker.

Customers love seeing it, customers respect baking and the bakers who bake " said Artby.


They got their bread and left.


Meanwhile Colour King had some new laws to create.


" We are now going to ban the viewing of all videos that support Challenger " said Colour King.

" We have banned saying " Colourland is not a good place to live " as well. " We are going to extend the lack of sex for Numerian prisoners to two years "


" We believe that this will make Numerians better people and not commit crimes "

" They know that not having sex in the prison is a serious thing "

" We have also banned videos that support protests in Colourland as well, videos that do not agree with my opinion cannot happen "


" People cannot view these videos here "

" We have also banned these videos on all social media here in Colourland, my opinion is too Colourlandish and important for it to be disagreed with, disrespected or mocked "

" We have also banned mocking of the opinion of Colour King publicly as well "

" We are going to ban all comedy shows that mock Colour King, mock Colourland or Colourlandish people as well "

" Now, those are the new great laws for the country "

" Mocking Colour King cannot happen "

" Colourland does not need that "


Colour King sent the laws to the news which aired it.


Colour King was talking with Colour Administrator.


" You are to approach Crayon and his friends " said Colour King.

" I will " said Colour Administrator. " Challenger's opinion is not as Colourlandish as your opinion "


" His opinion is not good for here, he says that Numerians will find this racist " said Colour King.

" That is something that puzzles me " said Colour Administrator. " Why does he not believe in Colourland or the possibility of Numerians committing less crimes because of the laws ? "


" He does not believe in the best way to do things " said Colour King. " We need Crayon and his friends supporting my opinion, my opinion is always needed everywhere "

" Crayon must understand your opinion, I will make him understand it " said Colour Administrator.

" Good, my opinion is one that is always needed and an opinion that is well loved in Colourland " said Colour King.

" Colourlandish people do like it "

" Yes, I will be going now " said Colour Administrator.


Colour Administrator left and he started to search for Crayon and his friends.


Meanwhile Brett, the father of the Smithsons was talking to Maxclever and Willemease again.


" We have been training hard " said Maxclever.

" It is what we need " said Willemease.

" Great " said Brett. " It looks like Flora and Jessica have woken up "

" Where is this ? " asked Flora.

" I am not sure " said Jessica.

" We are on a distant island " said Brett.

" So what happened to Blackin ? " asked Jessica.

" It is not looking good " said Brett. " We may have to continue the organization without him or Blackina "

" Whites will be very upset " said Flora.

" Yes, he will " said Brett. " We cannot do anything about it "

" Hopefully Flora and Jessica can start their training as well "

" Yes, that would be great " said Maxclever.

" It is nice to have more Bear members " said Willemease.

" Bringing the Bear back is important " said Brett.

" I will be leading you all "

" Good to see " said Maxclever.


Crayon and his friends headed to their place while Warbler and Allie went to theirs.


" I love you " said Warbler.

" Me too " said Allie.


Warbler and Allie continued kissing and then they headed to bed.

While that was happening, Crayon and his friends then ate their supper which they enjoyed.


" This is great " said Colouruke.

" It sure is " said Crayon.


They then noticed an email from Grackle and Dove.


" Hello Crayon and friends,


We miss you a lot, I hope that you are all enjoying yourselves in Colourland.

We are doing fine in Bird's Isle right now, with the king gone the country has changed.

The warriors have taken over and it is very good now, it seems that King Bobby had brought the worst in them. Lots of people seem to be in good condition, it is great. Maybe we will see each other someday.



Grackle and Dove.


" Glad to see that things are good " said Colouruke.

" Me too " said Artby.


Crayon replied back to the email with this.


Hello Grackle and Dove,


Thank you for sending us this. It is great to see, I had a feeling that the warriors would be different without King Bobby and his advisors. We miss seeing you as well and hopefully we will meet again.


Thank you,



Time passed and they went to bed. During the morning Colour King decided to make some more laws.


" We have declared a search for Crayon and his friends " said Colour King. " We cannot have them around Challenger anymore "

" We have also banned all comments on video sites that are critical of Colour King or Colourland "

" These comments are a joke "

" I am not standing for this "

" Individuals will not to make those comments here in Colourland, we have also shut down the viewing all blogs critical of Colour King or the country here in Colourland "


" Comments on social media that are critical of Colour King cannot be viewed here and accounts that are created in the country cannot make comments critical of Colour King "

" Social media must respect me as a leader "

" Social media is important to Colourland, so I create these laws "

" We have also banned all music videos of bands that have criticized Colour King or Colourland, we are going to do that to any band who chooses to do so "

" I am censoring for Colourland, Colourland needs this Colourlandish censorship "

" Colourlandish people do not need this in their lives, I am just being Colourlandish "

" I am so Colourlandish "


Colour King sent this to the news and they aired it.


Crayon and his friends were talking about the decisions made by Colour King.


" Man, he won't let any criticism of him anywhere " said Crayon.

" Bakers will lose it if he censors any baker " said Artby. " When a baker is not free, it affects the baking "

" How so ? " asked Colouruke.

" When a baker is not free, they cannot truly bake " said Artby. " They cannot control the flour in the way that is needed "


" Control the flour ? " asked Colourea.

" Having true control of flour is what is needed to bake " said Artby. " Flour does wonders for us everywhere we go "

" Colour King is turning into a tyrant sadly "

" I hate to say it, but that is the reality " said Crayon.

" Now, they even want to stop us from even being around Challenger " said Colourea.

" We have to figure some shit out " said Colouruke.

" Yeah " said Crayon.

For sure " said Artby. " Bakers deserve true greatness, they should never have to be around any tyrant "


They made breakfast which they ate and enjoyed.


Warbler then started talking to Allie.


" Allie " said Warbler.

" Warbler, you good ? " asked Allie.

" Yeah " said Warbler.

" Good " said Allie.

" I am happy around you "

" That is amazing to see " said Warbler.

" Well, time to get ready " said Allie.



Warbler and Allie ate their breakfast and Warbler then decided to go outside to train.