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Chapter 10

Colourclever's Plan


Meanwhile Colourclever was talking with Colour Dictator and Colour Queen.


" We need to think of something to get Crayon and his friends to stop supporting that jackass Challenger " said Colourclever.

" Challenger is not great "

" Challenger has been a disgrace " said Colour King.

" Colourland is embarrassed "

" Colourlandish people deserve better "

" We could make something up involving him " said Colour Dictator.

" Or we could take one of his friends and force Crayon to make a decision " said Colour Queen.


" We should take Colourea " said Colourclever.

" He is with her after all "

" He does have strong feelings for her "

" He will be hurt by it " said Colour Dictator.

" He will have to make a decision "

" He will stop supporting him in a minute if that happens " said Colour Queen.

" Challenger has been an ass to Colourland so we must do something like this " said Colourclever.

" Colourlandish people are so sick of Challenger "


" True " said Colour Dictator. " Colourlandish people know that we are for them and not Challenger, Challenger brought no leadership to Colourland "

" We need Crayon to understand that " said Colour Queen. " Doing this will do so "

" We must head out and find Colourea " said Colourclever.

" Yeah, Colourea must be found " said Colour Dictator.

" Yes " said Colourclever.

" This will work "


They then talked to Colour King who supported the idea and they then left.


Time passed, Crayon and his friends were ready to leave the hospital.


" Glad we are better " said Crayon.

" The bakers have wanted us this way " said Artby. " The bakers may want us to fight for our baking but they do not want us dying either "

" Bakers hate seeing a customer die "

" Customers do so much for them, so bakers do the same in return "

" Wanted us like this ? " asked Colouruke.

Yes " said Artby. " Bakers are amazing people, they keep amazing me always and will continue to do so "

" We should go to the bakery and get some bread, I miss bakers so much and I bet they have missed me as well "

" Yeah, that would be good " said Warbler.

" My love for bakers is so strong now, cannot get enough of them " said Artby.


They then headed to the bakery, where Artby then thanked the bakers like usual. He then started to talk.


" Baking is what we have always needed " said Artby.

" Thanks " said a baker.

" When a baker bakes, all is well in Colourland " said Artby. " Baking has made me braver "

" Braver ? " asked Crayon.

" Yes " said Artby.


They got their bread and left and headed home to eat their breakfast, Warbler headed to his place to meet Allie.


" Allie " said Warbler.

" Warbler " said Allie.

" I am happy to see you "

" Same here " said Warbler.

" I love you, Warbler " said Allie.


The two of them embraced and they went inside. While that was happening, Crayon and his friends were making their breakfast which they enjoyed eating. They then decided to take it easy for the day while Allie trained her wind techniques. Meanwhile Colour Dictator, Colourclever and Colour Queen were in the streets of Colourland.


" We must find Colourea " said Colour Dictator.

" For sure, we need Crayon to support Colour King " said Colour Queen.

" He must do it for the sake of Colourland " said Colourclever.

" Colourlandish people do not want him supporting Challenger " said Colour Dictator.

" There is no need for that here " said Colour Queen.


" We must do this, Colour King must be respected at all times " said Colourclever. " I cannot stand Challenger for the lack of respect for this country he has "

" This is for Colourland " said Colour Dictator.

" Not to mention changing Numerians which is something Challenger never did " said Colour Queen.

" Colourland does not need Challenger and the country never did " said Colourclever. " I will make sure that Crayon never speaks to him again no matter what "

" Yes " said Colour Queen.

" That is for the best "


The three of them then kept looking for Crayon or any of his friends but they were inside their place for the time being.


Meanwhile on the island, Brett was with Willemease, Maxclever, Flora, Jessica and Alice.


" Well it seems to be taking a while for the others " said Brett.

" It is a shame " said Maxclever.

" Yeah, it is " said Jessica.

" I miss these Bear members "

" Same here " said Flora.

" The Smithsons will get their revenge at some point " said Willemease.

" Well what Crayon did is not something they will tolerate " said Jessica.

" Especially not Easeion "


" I wonder what they will do " said Flora.

" I know them very well " said Alice.

" Easeion's the man "

" Easeion is not one to forgive " said Brett. " I raised him like that "

" I am proud of that "


" I can understand that " said Maxclever.

" Same here " said Willemease. " Before me and Maxclever first went to Colourland we knew him for a bit "

" I remember there was another man he knew " said Flora.

" You mean Xax ? " asked Jessica.

" Yes " said Alice.


" Xax was a friend of his growing up but he disappeared " said Jessica.

" There was someone close to Whites as well " said Alice.

" Melissa ? " asked Flora.

" Yes " said Alice.

" I wonder where they are right now " said Brett.


" I am not sure maybe they are in Colourland " said Jessica.

" Right now, we should keep training " said Brett. " I do not care for Crayon but I am pretty sure he has gotten stronger so we must do the same.

" Well said " said Flora.

" Crayon must be taken down " said Jessica.

" He sure must " said Flora.

" Crayon will be defeated " said Alice.

" Easeion is going to get what he wants, nothing will stop him "

" He has that determination "

" Nothing will stand in his way "

" For sure, he will get his revenge " said Brett.


Bear members then looked on the island for a while for a bit but they did not see them.


Eventually lots of time passed through the day, Crayon kissed Colourea and they went to bed.


Morning came and then they made their breakfast, Warbler and Allie made their breakfast as well which all of them enjoyed.


After that, they all met up to train their techniques.


" Hello " said Warbler and Allie.

" Hey " said Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke and Artby.


They then started to train their techniques.



Crayon and Warbler used the Sky Implosion, Colourea and Artby used the Sun Implosion, Colouruke used the Ocean Implosion and Allie used the Wind Implosion. Artby was able to use the Sun Implosion for the first time.


" I am proud of myself, baking and bakers " said Artby.

" My abilities have gotten great and it's wonderful "

" Congrats Artby " said Allie.

" Glad to see this " said Colouruke.

" Thanks " said Artby.


Crayon, Colourea and Artby used the Ultimate Sun Blast, Warbler used the Ultimate Sky Blast, Colouruke used the Ultimate Ocean Blast and Allie used the Ultimate Wind Blast.


Nice to see " said Crayon.

" True " said Colouruke.

" We are getting better " said Warbler.

" Yeah, for sure " said Colourea.

" I am happy to see this " said Artby.


Crayon and Warbler used the Ultimate Sky Bomb, Colourea and Artby used the Ultimate Sun Bomb, Colouruke used the Ultimate Ocean Bomb and Allie used the Ultimate Wind Bomb.


" Amazing " said Colourea.

" It is great to see " said Allie.

" It really is " said Colouruke.


Crayon, Artby and Colourea used the Tenfold Sun Strike, Warbler used the Tenfold Sky Strike, Colouruke used the Tenfold Ocean Strike and Allie used the Times Seven Wind Strike.


" Great to see this power " said Artby. " Bakers want us powerful "

" Bakers want that ? " asked Allie.

" They want their customers stronger so that they will fight for baking " said Artby. " Baking is something that bakers want us fighting for always "


" Stronger customers ? " asked Colouruke. " I have never heard of a baker wanting a stronger customer before "

" Bakers are a very special group of people " said Artby. " I understand bakers, I understand baking "

" Bakers can amaze you when you least expect to be amazed "

" We should go to the bakery "

" Let's go " said Allie.


They headed to the bakery.


" Glad to be here " said Artby. " My love for the baker is huge "

" Thanks " said a baker.

" The love between a baker and bread is what I am about " said Artby. " Bakers know it means to bake, I know what it means to eat bread "

" What it means to eat bread ? " asked Warbler.

" It means more than some would think " said Artby.

" It means a lot to the baker and all the bakeries "


Artby thanked all the bakers, they got their bread and left.


" Glad to be a great customer " said Artby. " I am glad to see myself use the Sun Implosion "

" I am proud of that "

" It is great " said Crayon. " Hopefully I can use the Bird Implosion "

" That would be something else " said Colouruke.

" It would " said Allie.

" I haven't heard from Challenger for a bit " said Colourea.


" Well, the laws pretty much forbid us from being around him " said Warbler.

" It is unfortunate " said Artby.

" I agree " said Colouruke. " Colour King really is not one to be lenient "

" Yeah, he is not " said Crayon.


They went home to bring the bread while Warbler and Allie said their goodbyes.


Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke and Artby then headed back out.


They noticed a man who appeared.


" Crayon " said Colour Dictator.

" Yes " said Crayon. " Colour Dictator ? "

" We know something " said Colour Dictator.

" What is that ? " asked Crayon.

" We know about how you care for Colourea " said Colour Dictator. " We really don't want to do anything but if you don't stay away from Challenger then something will have to happen "


" Crayon, Challenger is not worth that "

" He is not as Colourlandish as Colour King "

" Colour King is so much better "

" We haven't seen him face to face for a while " said Colouruke.

" We would recommend not calling him either " said Colour Dictator. " He does not support the most Colourlandish opinion, the opinion of Colour King "

" Most Colourlandish ? " asked Warbler.

" Yes " said Colour Dictator. " Colour King is so Colourlandish, he wants to stop Numerians from committing crimes by making the sentences longer "


" That is making Numerians better and it keeps Colourland safer "

" I do not understand why supporting Challenger is something that any Colourlandish person would do "

" I understand wanting to keep Colourland safe " said Colouruke.

" Numerians will likely find it racist for the longer sentences "

" We have said that they will not, why don't you believe us ? " asked Colour Dictator.


" We can believe what we want but if Numerians find it racist that will not be good " said Colourea.

" Colour King has said that Numerians will not find it racist and they will stop committing crimes which is what we want " said Colour Dictator. " These crimes are not what we need "

" I will leave here with Colourea "

" What " said Artby.

" With Colourea " said Crayon. " She isn't going to do that "


" You think I'm giving you a choice " said Colour Dictator.

" We made this decision because we need you to stop supporting Challenger "

" Challenger has done nothing good for Colourland, I need you to admit that "

" You cannot support him "

" It's Challenger or her "

" Now which is it, Crayon ? "


" We will be with Colourea " said Crayon.

" Well, that was a good decision " said Colour Dictator. " We need you to either support Colour King or be quiet about not supporting him "

" Not supporting Colour King is better than supporting Challenger but is not what we prefer "


Colour King is a great man, he loves Colourland while Challenger hates it "

" We don't believe that you hate Colourland but Challenger has gotten to you "

" Gotten to us ? " asked Colouruke.

" Challenger has not done so " said Colourea.


" He has attempted to convince you to find the new laws racist, he is not willing to take a stand against the drug dealers and the way they have treated Numerians " said Colour Dictator. " That is not what I believe Colourlandish people think "

" Colourlandish people think Colour King is great "


" I understand that there is racism out there but Challenger is trying to force Numerians and Colourlandish to think that these laws are discriminatory which they are not "

" Numerians are being given longer sentences than Colourlandish people " said Colourea.

" It is to prevent them from committing crimes " said Colour Dictator.


" What about the crimes from Colourlandish people ? " asked Artby.

" There are not as many, so we feel that this decision is very necessary " said Colour Dictator. " We increased some sentences on Colourlandish people also as well "

" Now, I must return to Colour King "

" If I get any word of any of you talking to Challenger in any way, there will be serious problems "

" I don't want things to get bad between us but Challenger has been terrible "

" Challenger is not good "

" Colour King is "

Colourclever and Colour Queen then showed up at where Colour Dictator headed towards.


" So Colour Dictator, what happened with them ? " asked Colourclever.

" We convinced them to stop contacting Challenger but they are not supporting Colour King " said Colour Dictator.

" Well, it seems that is the furthest we will get with them " said Colour Queen. " It is a shame "

" Well, we must eliminate all support for Challenger in the country, he is an ass " said Colourclever.


The three of them headed back towards Colour King.


Colour King was glad to see them back and started to talk to them.


" Colour King, they do not support you but they claim to stop talking to Challenger for the future " said Colourclever.

" Well, I would want to be supported since that is very Colourlandish " said Colour King. " Challenger will be on his own so isolated, hahahahahaha "

" Colourland is laughing with you Colour King " said Colour Queen.

" When Challenger goes down, Colourland is better " said Colour Dictator. " We do not need his ideas here at all "

" They are not Colourlandish "


" His ideas are not as Colourlandish as mine and they never will be " said Colour King.


Now it is time for all of Colourland to end their support for him "

" I will end all praise, all support for somebody like him "

" When you support a leader like me it shows that you care about Colourland "

" Loving Colour King also means that you love Colourland " said Colourclever.

" Colourlandish people love Colour King a lot "


" Colourclever, keep an eye out for Crayon and his friends in case they contact Challenger and we were fooled " said Colour King.

" Colourlandish people cannot have Crayon or his friends doing that "

" That is extremely true " said Colourclever.



Colourclever left and he headed out.