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Final Chapter

The Bear Comes Back


While Crayon and his friends were resting at the hospital, Whites woke up finally.


" Yes " said Xax.

" I am back " said Whites.

" What happened to Blackin ? "

" We are not sure if he will live again, same with Blackina " said Melissa. " I am so happy to see you "

" Same here " said Whites.

" It is nice to see you again "

" Yes " said Melissa.

" This is wonderful "

" Now we can head back to the hideout with all our members and stuff " said Brett.

" The Bear will be better than ever " said Easeion.

" I will get my revenge "

" As a Smithson I must do so "

" Yes " said Jessica. " Crayon must pay for what he did "

" We are going to cockblock him " said Bill.

" I want him cockblocked "

" What is the plan for that ? " asked Whites.

" We will send in Bear members and they will find out if they are on a date " said Easeion.

" I remember we tried to ruin their night last time and it did not go well " said Whites. " We must be more ready "

" Yeah " said Maxclever.

" Plus now Colour King has lost so we do not have to worry about him " said Xax.

" This is going to be great "

" There is no stopping the Bear "

" Yes, we are a great organization " said Melissa.

" We will start stealing again like usual " said Brett. " We need to expand the hideout so we need materials stolen "

" Stealing again will be great " said Flora.

" Our members will have no problems with that " said Maxclever.

" We will take everything "

" For sure " said Willemease.

" Hahaha " said Alice.


" The Bear is the best organization ever " said Tara.

" It is, sister " said Easeion.

" I will rob so many people "

" Hahahahaha "

" Yes, there is no stopping us " said Bill.

" Nothing gets in the way of a Smithson "

" We will make sure of that " said Whites.

" There will be no interference "

" We should get inside the plane " said Brett. " Whites, I will give you some time but you should get some training in "

" I will become insanely powerful in no time " said Whites.

" I will destroy Crayon and his friends  "

"  I know that you can " said Xax.

" We will be back better than ever "

" Yeah, it will be so awesome " said Easeion.


The plane arrived, they brought everything that they could use, a second one came that had all the materials from the island.


The planes took off and headed towards the old hideout.


" Man, this is awesome " said Tara.

" It really is " said Easeion.

" We plan on adding new members " said Brett.

" Flora and Jessica you two will be in charge of that "

" We will make sure that the Bear expands " said Flora.

" The Bear cannot be stopped " said Jessica.

" We will be too dangerous " said Flora.

" Maxclever and Willemease you two will be stealing materials for the hideout "

" We do have some extra beds now since we are moving them to the hideout but we also need to add more places for people to eat so we need a lot stolen "

" I also encourage our regulars to be stealing as well, it is good for us "

" That is true, I will steal " said Maxclever.

" I will join Maxclever " said Willemease.



" We do have the gifts for the wedding between my cousin and Blackina " said Whites.

" What is in there ? " asked Easeion.

" Jewellery, lots of hair products, lots of lipstick, lots of money, phones, bras, dresses, credit cards and gift cards " said Brett.

" Wow " said Easeion. " Blackin did have a desire for Blackina "

" He loved her so much "

" He really did " said Whites.

" My cousin was truly great "

" I was planning to be the best man at the wedding but things did not go as planned "

" His love for Blackina was so strong "

" He always loved Blackina, not once did he not "

" He was never afraid to show that he loved her " said Easeion.

" I miss Blackin "


" There are gifts for Blackin as well " said Brett.

" Similar gifts but men's products instead here "

" How much is all this worth, I wonder " said Bill.

" Over 100,000 " said Brett. " Our members did great, we will find a use for it "

" Sounds good to me " said Tara.


Time passed on the flight to their hideout, they continued talking with each other and eventually they arrived. The other jet with their stuff arrived and they all brought the boxes inside.


" This takes me back " said Easeion.

" I love this place "

" I love being a Bear member "

" It is so awesome "

" Yeah, it is great " said Brett.

" Having my sons and my daughter here is special to me as a father "


" We will make sure that we will do anything for each other as Smithsons "

" Absolutely, I know what it means to be a Smithson " said Tara.

" Same here " said Bill.

" I will make sure that the Smithsons will get what they want " said Xax.

" This must happen "

" Good " said Whites.

" The Bear will be so powerful "


The regular Bear members were there from before and they were all here.


" The Bear is going to take over " said Flora.

" Crayon will be cockblocked and miserable " said Easeion.

" I want him cockblocked "

" I want the night ruined for Crayon "

" Hahahaha " said Bill and Tara.

" I will get my revenge " said Easeion.

" It will be so glorious "

" Nothing will stop us "

" That is true " said Tara.



They continued their training for the days coming and Whites learned the Frostbite Implosion.


Meanwhile Crayon and his friends had been resting and eventually they woke up.


" We stopped Colour King " said Crayon.

" Challenger gave it his all "

" He really did " said Colourea.

" It is awesome " said Colouruke.

" We have came so far " said Warbler.

" Challenger's ability is extraordinary " said Artby.

" Baking has made him so strong, I thank bakers for him "

" Thank bakers for him ? " asked Allie.

" I sure do " said Artby. " Baking has done so much for all of us "

" I love bakers "


" I glad that Colour King is finished and that things will go back to normal " said Challenger.

" With Colourland you never know so we should still train " said Colouruke.


" True " said Colourea.

" I don't know who our enemies in the future will be " said Artby.

" We must celebrate " said Warbler.

" I love the idea of that " said Allie.

" Bakers are amazing " said Artby.

" They want us celebrating "

" They truly care for the baker "


" Sounds like an idea " said Challenger. " We will have a celebration when we are all ready "

" For sure " they said.

" Good " said Challenger.

" Yeah, it will be great " said Crayon.


Jessica and Flora had got some new people who wanted to join the Bear, while Maxclever and Willemease then stole some materials needed to expand the hideout.


Other Bear members went to an area outside of Colourland and they were able to steal some stuff, they got some phones and wallets which Brett was happy to see.


The construction of the expansion began.


The new members arrived and they introduced themselves, they were shown their place to sleep.


Brett then took Blackin and Blackina's room for himself, Whites and Melissa then shared a room which Melissa was very happy to see.


" I love that we are here together " said Melissa.

" It is great " said Whites.

" I love it " said Melissa. " The Bear will be so amazing, I will love the takeover "

" We will enjoy it "

" Yeah " said Whites.

" The two of us will destroy the Colourlandish people " said Melissa.

" Yeah, they cannot do anything " said Whites.

" Hahahaha " said Melissa.

" It is truly amazing "


Xax joined Easeion in his room, Bill and Tara were together. Flora, Jessica and Alice shared a double room. Maxclever and Willemease were together in theirs.


They were all happy to be together in the organization and were looking forward to the changes.


Easeion and Xax were talking.


" Man, this is awesome " said Easeion.

" We have got some great villainesses "

" For sure, I am hearing that Alice has thoughts about you " said Xax.

" She is really showing a special side of herself "

" It is side I know you will like "

" Thoughts ? " asked Easeion.

" Sounds great "

" On the plane some things were said " said Xax.

" Alice is happy around you "

" We shall see what happens in the future for sure "

" We will, I am looking forward to the expansion of the organization " said Easeion.

" It will truly be wonderful "


" Yeah " said Xax.

" Our power will get stronger as well "

" Yeah, it will " said Easeion.

" We will become so dangerous to any enemy "

" I like the idea of that "



Alice, Flora and Jessica were talking.


" This will be great " said Alice.

" Easeion is a man I am happy about "

" It is great that he is in the organization "

" Happy about ? " asked Flora.

" I am happy to see him here, I think about him " said Alice.

" It is something that is good "

" In which way ? " asked Jessica.


" Well, he is someone I keep thinking about " said Alice. " I think about him so much now, I do not know why "

" I just think about Easeion "

" Well, I hope that things go well in the organization " said Flora.


" Same here, I don't know what will happen with you and Easeion but hopefully things will be good " said Jessica.

" Yeah, I think that Easeion is someone that you should think about " said Flora.

" Thanks " said Alice.

" The Bear will be back better than ever before "

" We sure will " said Flora.

" Yeah, we will take so much " said Jessica.

" Easeion would like that " said Alice.

" He would " said Flora.

" I am looking forward to the future " said Alice.


Days passed and the construction for the new area was almost complete.



Crayon and his friends then left the hospital, they then headed to the store and got champagne. They all headed to Challenger's place.


" We did it " they all said.

" Yeah, we sure did " said Crayon.

" It is amazing " said Allie.

" Bakers are happy we did " said Artby.


They spent time there eating and having champagne, they contacted Grackle and Dove who were happy to see what happened.


" This is great " said Grackle.

" Yeah, Colour King has been taken down " said Dove.

" Challenger will change things " said Grackle.

" That is true " said Allie.

" Yeah, he will " said Crayon.

" We will be training like usual in the future " said Colourea.

" That is true " said Warbler.

" Good " said Colouruke.

" You never know what could happen " said Dove.

" Baking will be useful " said Artby.

" Well, hopefully we will meet in the future " said Grackle.

" Yeah, that would be awesome " said Crayon.

" It would " said Challenger.

" Anyways, see you all later " said Dove.

" Bye " said Warbler.


Eventually it got late in the day and they headed home. Crayon and Colourea were kissing and then they headed into the bedroom together.


" Baking has made them happy  " said Artby. " Bakers have done it "

" I love bakers, bread is so amazing "

" Bakers ? " asked Colouruke.

" Yes " said Artby.

Baking does a lot, the flour helps "

" I think they would be happy despite baking or not " said Colouruke.


" I think we should head to bed " said Artby.

" Crayon and Colourea are happy, which is great "

" Yeah, it is " said Colouruke.

" Bedtime is a good idea " said Artby.

" Bakers would want that "

" I love bakers so much "


They all headed to bed, the time passed more training by the Bear, Crayon and his friends happened.


The construction was finished a week later and the new members were able to use it. More recruits joined the organization.


Easeion and Xax were talking again.


" Whites learned the Bear Implosion " said Xax.

" Good " said Easeion.

" I should be able to use it at some point "

" Our members are way stronger than last time, a lot will be stolen " said Xax.

" There is no stopping us "

" Good " said Easeion.

" Alice has felt happier around here a lot in the last week "

" I am proud of that "

" Awesome " said Xax.

" I am glad you are happy about htat "

" It is " said Easeion. " I want her to see me use the Bear Implosion and get my revenge on Crayon "

" It will be great "

" Yeah " said Xax.

" I know you will be able to do it "

" Crayon will be hurt " said Easeion.

" The Bear wants him hurt "

" It is important "

" I cannot fail "

" Yeah, it is " said Xax.


There was a knock on the door, they opened the door.


" Bill " said Easeion.

" Bro, the construction is done " said Bill. " It is great having these new members and expanding this place "

" It is, Bill " said Easeion. " Crayon will have a face full of tears after we are done with him "

" He will be helpless "

" I want that helpless look "

" Yeah, he will be feeling that way " said Xax.

" The Bear wants that that happen "

" Crayon will suffer " said Easeion.


" The stolen phones are being used for the new members " said Bill.

" Good " said Easeion.

" We must continue to steal "

" Maxclever and Willemease will continue the stealing first " said Bill.

" They will take a lot "

" Makes perfect sense " said Xax.

" Anyways, Alice has been happier " said Bill.

" She has " said Easeion.

" The Bear does want that from their members "

" Glad to see " said Xax.

" Yeah, it really is great " said Easeion.


Bill then left and headed to the room where Tara was.


Maxclever and Willemease were called into the room that Brett was in.


" I need you two to start the stealing again " said Brett.

" Where ? " asked Maxclever.

" We need you to steal from the villages " said Brett.

" It is important to the Bear "

" Sounds great " said Willemease.

" We need you to steal from there, we need fear through the country " said Brett.


" Hahaha " said Willemease.

" We will take everything "

" It will be simple " said Maxclever.

" We will send members to help you two " said Brett.

" There will be lots of stealing "

" Awesome " said Willemease.

" The two of us and these Bear members cannot be stopped " said Maxclever.

" We will crush these villagers "

" Hahahahaha "

Willemease, Maxclever and the members then met outside the hideout and they were on the way to the village.


Easeion and Xax were talking.


" So Maxclever and Willemease are stealing again " said Easeion.

" These villages are screwed "

" This is what the Bear needs "

" Good, it sure is " said Xax.

" Maxclever and Willemease will overwhelm them "

" Villagers will be screwed "

" There is no stopping this "


" The Bear will make a stunning comeback " said Easeion.

" We will not be stopped "

" Hahahahahaha " said Xax.

" Hahahahaha " said  Easeion.

" This is such a nice feeling to be back like this "

" It really is " said Xax.


Crayon and his friends were talking.


" I feel stronger " said Crayon.

" Same here " said Colouruke.

" I wonder who we will deal with next ? " asked Warbler.

" Who knows " said Colourea.

" Anyone that harms a baker is going to be next " said Artby.

" I fight anyone that hurts a baker, no matter what "

" Bakers cannot be hurt "

" Well, we will keep training " said Allie.

" I train for the baker " said Artby.

" Baking means a lot "

" Yeah, we can continue our training for sure " said Crayon.

" It will be good to get stronger " said Colouruke.



This is the end of this series, the next one is Bear Resurgance.