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Chapter 14

The Bear Rampages On


Crayon and his friends got up and made their breakfast which they enjoyed.


" That was great " said Colouruke.

" We should meet Warbler and Allie " said Colourea.

" Sounds like a great idea " said Crayon.

" Yeah, it does " said Artby.


Warbler and Allie were there outside the door.


" Hello " said Warbler.

" Let's go " said Allie.


The six of them then started walking through Colourland, a Bear member saw them and he contacted the others.


" I thought they were gone " said a Bear member.

" Easeion will not be happy about this " said a second Bear member.

" He will be infuriated " said the third Bear member.

" Easeion will want his revenge like he usually does " said the fourth Bear member.


" Easeion will succeed, he has had enough " said the fifth Bear member.

" We must tell the organization, the longer Crayon's not gone the worse " said the sixth member.

" Yeah " said the first Bear member.

" This is a disaster "

" Easeion must know "


Bear members then caught up to Crayon and his friends.


" You are alive, what " said the first Bear member.

" Bakers want us not to die, we'll never die when we fight" said Artby.

" Baking has prevented death "

" Baking ? " asked the second Bear member.

" Hahahaha "

" Baking has nothing to do with you being alive "

" We are back " said Crayon.

" It is what bakers like " said Artby.

" You will not take over Colourland " said Colouruke.

" Colouruke's right, bakers want the Bear to not take over " said Artby.

" We are taking over Colourland, Brett is a different man than Blackin " said the third Bear member.

" He is stronger than Blackin was " said the fourth Bear member.

" You six will fall before Easeion " said the fifth Bear member.

" Bakers will prevent that " said Artby.

" Easeion will blast any baker who dares " said the sixth Bear member.

" Hahahahaha "


" Now, prepare to fall " said the first Bear member.

" Bring it on " said Allie.

" Easeion will enjoy your deaths " said the second Bear member.

" He will not enjoy them, they will not happen " said Artby.

" I know this thanks to bakers "

" Now let's fight " said the third Bear member.

" Bring it on " said Crayon.


Two Bear members charged their Darkness Blasts while Artby used the Ultimate Sun Blast and Allie used the Ultimate Sky Bomb. The attacks collided with each other and took damage. They all got up, Crayon punched one of the Bear members.


Two Bear members grabbed Colouruke and slammed him to the ground, Colourea launched the Heatwave Implosion which did massive damage and one of them was defeated.


" We will still persist " said a Bear member.

" Baking has done so much here, I love bakers so much now " said Artby.

The Bear will just hurt bakers " said a Bear member.

" Trust me "

" They will not be afraid to do so "

" I will protect bakers " said Artby.


Two Bear members used their Darkness Blasts, Colouruke used his Ultimate Ocean Bomb to counter the attack. One Bear member was defeated after Colouruke's attack hit.


Three of the Bear members went to punch Warbler but Allie then used her Tenfold Sky Strike to knock them down which defeated another Bear member.


Two of the Bear members then grabbed Crayon by each arm, there was a struggle but Artby knocked one of them off.


" Yeah, that's what I'm talking about " said Artby.

" The bakers do so much for me, I always fight like this "

" Let's continue " said a Bear member.

" We have more fighting "


A Bear member and Warbler punched each other, Warbler then kicked him. Those attacks were enough to defeat him.


The last two members then charged their Triple Darkness Strikes while Warbler used his Ultimate Bird Blast to counter which won the fight.


" Glad to see " said Allie.

" Warbler has gotten so strong "

" Thanks " said Warbler.

" Bear members are no match when we eat bread " said Artby. " Bread has made my asskickings better "

" Bakers have strengthened the heroism within me with their baking "

" I like having this heroism within "

" Heroism within you ? " asked Colourea.


" Flour has done that " said Artby.

" The bakers understand me as a customer "

" They understand you ? " asked Allie.

" Yes, they use flour to do that " said Artby. " They know of how heroic I can get "

" Artby, I really have never heard of anything like that to be honest " said Colouruke.

" Same here " said Warbler.

" Colouruke your fists are something special " said Artby.

" Bakers love his fists "


" Bakers love his fists ? " asked Colourea.

" Apparently so " said Crayon.

" Crayon, they love yours as well " said Artby.

" They are so kind that way "

" Yes, there is a special Colouruke love within the bakers "

" Within bakers ? " asked Warbler.

" I have never heard of anything like that ever "

" Same here " said Colourea.

" We should go get bread " said Artby.

" Yeah, let's go " said Crayon.


Word then reached the Bear hideout about Crayon and his friends being alive.


" What " said Easeion.

" I cannot believe this, this infuriates me "

" That motherfucker Crayon should have died "

" Crayon must die "

" I would have loved him dying "

" It would be a brilliant death "

" The Bear cannot have him around "

" Now it is up to me to do that, the organization needs his death so much "

" Yes, we need him out of the way " said Whites.

" He is too dangerous "

" The Bear cannot have that "

" My son Easeion will succeed, they got very lucky " said Brett.

" I will send Melissa to fight with him "

" Sounds like a great idea " said Whites.

" Melissa has gotten so much stronger "


" Her training has gone great "

" The Bear is still taking over Colourland " said Brett.

" Our organization is too top notch for this to not succeed "

" Hahahahaha "

" Colourland will belong to us " said Easeion.

" I am too great a brother to not succeed here "

" The Smithsons are a great family, I am always proud to be a Smithson "

" I will get my revenge for Bill and Tara, there is no stopping me "

" I never forget that I am a Smithson "

" Glad to see " said Brett.

" Being a Smithson is great "

" Me and you are truly amazing Smithsons "

" Yeah, we are great as Smithsons " said Easeion.

" Hahahahaha " they all said.


Artby then thanked the bakers and began to speak.


" I know of the Colouruke love bakers have " said Artby.

" I am glad to see it "

" Colouruke love ? " asked a baker confused.

" Yes, it is a good thing to do " said Artby.

" Bakers understand Colouruke, bread is their way of showing that "

' Bakers love to do that for Colouruke "

" Bakers understand me ? " asked Colouruke.


" I am a bit confused here " said Allie.

" Allie, bakers care for Colouruke a lot " said Artby.

" I am proud of bakers for that, they understand his mouth "

" It is great for his mouth to be understood "


They got their bread and left.


" This looks great " said Colourea.

" Bakers really care about my mouth so much, I'm glad they care about Colouruke's mouth like this " said Artby.

" Um okay " said Crayon.

" Yes " said Artby. " Bakers love his mouth with their baking, they truly bake for his mouth "

" Well, I am eating the bread " said Colouruke.

" Bakers understand Colouruke, baking helps to understand him " said Artby.


" Understand him how ? " asked Allie.

" His mouth, they understand him through his mouth" said Artby.

" I have never heard of anything like that " said Warbler.

" We should get going " said Allie.

" Yeah, that sounds like a good idea to me " said Warbler.


They said their goodbyes, Warbler and Allie headed to their place.


In the Bear hideout, Easeion and Xax were training their attacks.


Xax's Bird Implosion and Easeion's Disaster Implosion hit super hard.


" This is great " said Easeion.

" It sure is " said Xax.

" Crayon will be very sad when he is hit with this attack " said Easeion. " There is a satisfaction that I get as a Smithson when that happens "

" I know I am getting revenge for them, Crayon being eliminated is what I need for the family "

" Bill and Tara want this "


" Yes, your father Brett wants that " said Xax.

" The Smithsons must be able to do so "

" I respect the Smithson family a lot "

" He will take over Colourland " said Easeion.

" I am glad you do respect us "

" It will be glorious " said Xax.

" Hahahaha " said Easeion. " This revenge will be so good "

" The whole organization wants this revenge " said Xax.

" Not a single Bear member does not "

" We are stealing tonight " said Easeion. " If we could find the place that Crayon is living at "

" Yeah, that would be awesome " said Xax.


Xax and Easeion were joined by Brett.


" You two will be going out for stealing as you probably know " said Brett.

" We need to find Crayon's place " said Easeion.

" Yes " said Brett.

" We are going to have to find where he lives " said Xax.

" We may need all of us to go " said Brett.

" We will need a huge search through Colourland "

" Yes, we definitely need that " said Xax.

" Robbing Crayon would be great " said Easeion.

" If we can take it all it would be great "

" I will leave Crayon with nothing "

" Crayon will be hurt "

" Melissa and Whites will join us " said Xax. " It will go great for the Bear "

" Crayon will beg for mercy but I won't listen " said Easeion.

" Hahahahaha "

" Same here " said Xax.

" I won't either "

" Good, a lack of mercy for Crayon is great " said Easeion.


Time continued passing, Crayon and his friends were eating their supper which they enjoyed.


" That was great " said Colouruke.

" Bakers are happy to see it " said Artby.

" Well, we do go there pretty often " said Crayon.

" After the way they understand my mouth, how could I not purchase from them " said Artby.

" It is good for bakers to have this special understanding of my mouth "

" Well, they make great bread " said Colourea.

" Yeah " said Artby. " My love for the baker is so strong "

" We must focus on Easeion " said Crayon.


Warbler and Allie were kissing each other.


" I love you so much " said Allie.

" Same here " said Warbler.

" I am glad to be with you " said Allie.


Allie and Warbler then headed to into the bed together where they were kissing each other again and they went to bed.


Crayon and his friends went to bed, the Bear members were meeting.


" You are all here for a reason " said Brett.

" The reason is simple "

" We need to find where Crayon and his friends live "

" Robbing them would be great " said Whites.

" I'm not sure if all six live together " said Melissa.

" We will find that out " said Whites.

" Yeah, we will " said Xax. " The four of us are so powerful "


" This will be brilliant " said Easeion. " Crayon is my number one enemy and we must all work together in this "

" His downfall will be simple " said Whites.

" We will rob any friends of his "

" If we see people, knock them out and take their wallets " said Brett.

" Anyone who dares to defend them must be stopped "

" Exactly, I'll never tolerate any of that " said Easeion.


" I will make Crayon have nothing "

" I'll take it all, that will be what Bill and Tara would have wanted "

" Bill and Tara would want Crayon with nothing "

" They sure would " said Melissa.

" We are too much for those fools "

" The Bear is great "

" Now you four will be assisted by a lot of our members " said Brett.

" You will be each taking a van there "

" You will need it, I have instructed them to make sure that this will go the way it needs to be "

" Now, it is time to go "

" Yes it is " said Xax.


They got in their seperate vans, the vans then headed towards Colourland, they then arrived.


" Now, we strike " said Whites.

" Crayon's life will be completely ruined "

" Let's mess with him " said Easeion.

" I am going to start writing around the place "


Easeion wrote the Bear logo on a building and wrote " Crayon, you will fall to us "


They then broke into a house and demanded the whereabouts of Crayon. Bear members absolutely surrounded a man.


" Where does Crayon live ? " asked Easeion.

" I think he lives on Colour Street " said the man.

" You had better be right " said Xax.

" His possessions will be ours " said Whites.

" Stay out of our way "


Bear members then continued on Colour Street and they kept searching for Crayon and his friends but could not find him but they found a house which they ringed the doorbell.


" I wonder who that is ? " asked Warbler.

" I'm not sure " said Allie.

" I hope it isn't the Bear " said Warbler.

" They probably have the wrong address " said Allie.

" We have to be careful " said Warbler.

" That is true " said Allie.

Bear members then started kicking and punching the door while others were kicking the window.


" What the fuck " said Allie.

" I think it is them " said Warbler.

" I'm not sure how many Bear members are there, but it must be a lot "

" Open up in there " said Easeion.

" We have a feeling about this place "

" The Bear will not be stopped "

" Nothing will get in our way " said Melissa.

" We need to know about Crayon " said Xax.

" We can do this the easy way or the hard way " said Melissa.


" So which is it ? " asked Whites.

" If I were you I would be opening up in there, Warbler "

" Warbler, you better open this door " said Easeion.

" Crayon is the man we want dead mostly to be honest "

" We do not want you dead to the same degree "

" We need his address " said Melissa.

" We saw your mail, it says Warbler on it " said Xax.

" We know what is going on here "

" We are giving you a minute " said Easeion.

" Do not make us use force "

" I am not afraid "

" Yes, us Bear members are not afraid at all " said Xax.

" The Bear will get what they want "

" For sure " said Whites.