Other Fan Fiction / Role Playing Fan Fiction ❯ Journey of the Moon and the Sun ❯ Dreaming of a Time... ( Chapter 2 )

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Nualk and Luai continued on their arduous journey to an unknown destination. Nualk raised his muzzle in an attempt to pick up the scent of their pursuer and that of any nearby settlement.

Luai turned her head a couple of times, and began to walk away from Nualk.

"Luai? Where are you going!?" Nualk cried.
"I can smell food this way, Nualk!" Luai yelled as she began to dash through the trees.

Nualk grumbled, obviously annoyed at Luai running off like this for food when there could be danger afoot. But... It wasn't only food that Luai scented...

"W-what... is this strange scent?... It is... so...familiar..." she softly whispered to herself.

Luai continued running and eventually stumbled across a small cottage. From its chimney, smoke could be seen billowing, and when Luai rose on her hind legs and rested her front paws on a windowsill, she could see by peering carefully... A man, with red and black hair combed back, and unusual clothing which Luai did not recognize, was placing some wood into the fireplace.

Nualk saw where Luai had taken them and stood there trembling in fear. His mind was flown back to the small village where he was born, his mother in the shadow of the wolf who killed her, him as a small pup, trying to nudge her awake while the village around him was in flames.

"Luai!! We have to go!!" he barked, as he ran towards her and pushed her away from the window.

Luai nipped and growled at him, "What was that for!?"

"W-we have to get away... w-we... we have to...," he whined pitifully as he cowered and put his tail in between his legs.

Luai looked down at him in pity. Poor wolf, she thought, I guess we will continue forward. She looked back at the cottage and began walking beside him, to once again continue on their journey.


The world was covered in snow. In the horizon, a blood red moon was rising, signifying night's arrival. "W-where... where am I?" Nualk whimpered, as he frantically looked around. The stench of blood filled his nostrils, his whimpers bacame more frantic; he couldn't see Luai anywhere. "Luai!! L-luai, where are you!?""Wolf."The voice sent a chill down Nualk's spine. He stopped his frantic running only to look up and see an unusual creature. Icicles formed on his back, his muzzle, his legs, his tail. Where fur should be, there was ice covering it. The creature's body was a light blue color, cracks on the wolf's body made the body seemed to have been made of ice."W-who are you?" said Nualk quietly.

The wolf began to approach Nualk."I-I-I said... w-who are you!!" Nualk backed off a bit, but rose his tail and bared his fangs slightly.

The wolf saw this and stopped and a deep growl mustered from him, his fangs began to glow an icy blue, and he lunged at Nualk.


Nualk yelled. He awoke instantaneously, his body was frigid, and he trembled violently.
"N-nualk!! What is wrong with you!?" yelled Luai frantically. She had awoken from what little rest they managed to get.Nualk looked up at her; his eyes open wide in fright.

"...L-luai... I-I... I don't know..."