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Chapter one: The cowgirl
Monday, Spring 2

Vaughn had just barely stepped off the boat and onto the dock when the man in charge of life on the Sunshine Islands waved to him. He adjusted his hat and held a hand up "Morning Taro, what's got you in such a good mood?" Vaughn was a good looking 25 year old cowboy who brought animals to and from the islands. He was also the only nephew to the animal shop's owner Mirabell and cousin to her daughter Julia.

He always wore the same thing...black jeans, black button up shirt with a tan vest over it,brown and tan cowboy boots, a belt with a usi buckle, and brown belt for holding his rope. He also wore a white bandanna around his neck which comes in handy when doing a job that kicks up dust, black gloves that had the thumb index and middle finger tips cut off. To finish he wore a black stetson hat with a brown band on it.

The first thing most people always noticed about him was his naturally white hair, after that they would always notice how his eyes were purple like amethysts Vaughn has always been an anti-social person due to being a cowboy and all but always showed proper respect to those who earned it from him.

Today however he felt a bit uneasy about Taro's smile. The old man smiled walking up to him "Vaughn my boy you got good timing. I'd like you to head to your aunts shop and help our new girl settle in fully, from the second she stepped off the boat she been cleaning up that old abandoned ranch."

A girl working on stuff like that. Vaughn smirked as he quickly made his way to the animal shop. As he opened the door he was met with something unexpected. "You sure you got that hun? It's not heavy is it?" He moved to the store room doorway and leaned on the door frame.

The scene before him was new and making him smile. A girl wearing a white long sleeve shirt, orange button up short sleeve shirt that was left open, blue jean shorts and red cowboy boots was pulling down a new big bag of chicken feed.

The girl smiled as she slowly pulled the bag off the shelf "Its light compared to all those logs and rocks I moved yesterday Miss Mirabell." Mirabell smiled "You're a good helper Rena." Rena smiled as she slowly climbed down the ladder and spotted Vaughn before blushing.

Mirabell blinked but turned and smiled putting her hands on her hip "Well hey the Vaughn. Be a dear and help her would ya? She's been working herself so hard to get us to think she's been here all the time and hasn't even unpacked her things."

Vaughn smirked standing straight as he pointed to her. Using his pointer finger he motioned her forward saying with a bit of a cold tone "Follow me girly, I don't plan to have everyone on the islands bug me all day to move you into that shack on the ranch."

Rena quickly and quietly moved. They went straight to the ranch and stepped into the old house. However instead of the shack, Vaughn blinked seeing that the house had been patched up in the few spots that needed it and even the busted bed frame had been fixed "Did...did you do all this work to fix up this dump?"

Rena looked around moving to sit on the bed "Yeah, i was up all night to be honest. Taro gave me a good yelling when he found me still up at 4:30 this morning."

"I'm impressed however..." He closed the door and moved something to block the door as he moved over to the bed and leaned forward "Why did you and why are you still blushing like that?"

Rena looked away trying to not falter "I've never seen amethyst eyes before okay." she glanced at him before looking away again thinking how hot he was to look at, more so up close.

Vaughn smirked moving and pinning her to the bed under him in a way she could not get him off her unless she screamed for help "Eyes huh? No poking fun at my hair girly?"

Rena glared at him "Why would I poke fun at something that's natural and part of who you are? Julia told me your hair and eyes were natural." she shifted and smirked staring at him "Besides my name's Rena not girly. I'll be 24 on the 22 of spring."

Vaughn's smirk changed to a warm smile as he moved off her and found a food box mumbling "think I may have to move permanently." he started to put the food away while Rena put her things away.

After just a few hours of working together Vaughn and Rena had the old house looking more like its just been put up even put a simple lock on the door. They had left to check on the rest of the island the ranch was on and got everything looking like someone actually lived there. They even found a few tomato and wheat seed packs to plant in the field. Currently they were sitting near a small pond on the island with their feet in the water, while they had their shoes and socks behind them on the grass.

Rena spotted a wild wolf pup and mother slowly creeping towards them "Wow they actually came back."

Vaughn glanced at her then at the wolves "They don't scare you?"

"Nope, to be honest i like wolves. Always hoped to have one as a pet someday."

"You aint to bad for a city chick. I gotta go do some things for my aunt. By the way..." he stood and put his socks and boots on tipping his hat "I'll be 26 tomorrow on the third." and he left before she could respond.

Rena smiled as she looked at the water "I wonder if he likes chocolate." She turned her attention to the wolves and smiled seeing that they were slowly and cautiously exploring the ranch for something to eat again and she giggled putting her socks and boots back on “Wonder if I got anything inside for them”

She slowly got up and as she turned to head for the house she paused seeing the mother wolf scratching at the door to the house and the pup was trying to dig under the door “Huh? Hmm, I wonder...” she turned and ran to find Vaughn even if he got mad at her for bugging him.

She found him just on the other side of the bridge talking to Chen “Vaughn, you gotta come quick.” She paused and put her hands up when he glared at her a bit mad “its that wolf and her pup, their trying to get into the house on the ranch”

Vaughn blinked but turned and quickly followed her back and stood still seeing the wolves trying to get inside the home “Have you done anything to them? Left anything out for them?”

Rena shook her head “No, I’ve not stopped to even think of giving them anything til just now. Why, what do you think is going on?”

He chuckled at her “I think you’ve just found yourself willing pets. I’ll stay back while you go towards them. If they get hostile stop and move away slowly.”

She nodded and approached her house and both her and Vaughn were suprised to see the two wolves stop and wait for her to do something. Rena smiled and crouched holding a hand out as the mother wolf sniffed her hand before licking it which made her giggle.

Seeing her laughing Vaughn slowly approached her and the wolves. He stopped next to Rena and picked the pup up and smiled petting it “The pups a male, and i’ve never seen a wolf this friendly towards anyone on the islands before. Not even me.”

Rena smiled opening her door and patted the mother wolfs head before going to the fridge with vaughn behind her “Maybe they like us, i mean you’re holding the pup and the mom isnt even growling at you.”

Vaughn nodded “My aunt and cousin will never believe this happened and to be honest I dont think i want them to know. I think you should name them Rena, they are on your ranch after all.”

Rena paused setting some raw chicken breasts on a plate on the floor for the wolves as vaughn set the pup down. She smiled “Well they mom is a smokey gray so i think i’ll name her Smokey and the pup is solid black so i’m thinking Midnight.” when she said the names both wolves looked at her tilting their heads before returning to eating.

Vaughn smiled “I think they like the names, and so do i.” he stood and set a hand on her shoulder “I have to go but i’ll be back later today to check on you and them alright.” He smiled seeing her nod while watching her new pets eat before he left to do his usual things on the islands.