Other Fan Fiction ❯ 2003 ❯ III-V ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


Winston stared at his victory gin sickly. He could not erase her face from him his head. Before, it was no real problem. But in time, everywhere he looked, she was there. Her strong blue eyes were in every young woman’s eyes. Even his victory gin smelt of her blood. She appeared in his nightmares five years ago and wouldn’t go away. What was this? Strangely enough, Winston felt as if he knew her from somewhere. Try as he might erase this girl from his mind, it was all in vain. She was just a powerful snare to his sanity. Outside, Willa walked up to the Chestnut Tree. This quest hadn’t been a walk in the park. People kept staring at her. It was one thing to have the girls at St. Luciana’s to stare at her. But Willa didn’t deal well with complete strangers staring at her pale body, black hair and clothes, and unforgettable blue eyes. In order to avoid the wandering eyes, Willa rushed forward. But that sparked suspicious to the on-lookers. One of thought-police stopped and looked at her engagement ring. “My engagement ring.” Willa answered. The thought-police eyed her coldly. He tried to snatch it off her finger but she fought back. In the end, Willa’s finger was as sore as the police’s knee when she kicked him. She certainly didn’t stay for more and ran away in a heartbeat. After wandering aimlessly for moments with a sea of eyes on her, Willa heard a tip that she would find her father at the Chestnut Tree. So, here she was now. Willa reached in her coat and pulled out a newspaper clipping of her father. Che cut it out two days before she left North Country. * (*North Country is a province in Belgium) This would be her best lead. Willa studied the picture for twenty-eight seconds and placed it back into her coat. She had a good photographic memory. Willa looked through the glass and scanned the café. The people looked the same so far. In an instant, she spotted her father in what looked like his usual corner. Willa’s heart leapt. She had done the easy part, now to confront him. Willa knew she couldn’t rush into the café, embrace him wildly, and tell him the truth. That would look strange for a woman of nineteen hugging on an old stranger. She didn’t want to scare him away. It would be best to approach him properly. Willa drew in a mouthful of air and entered the Chestnut tree. Winston had just ordered another glass of Victory Gin when he saw Willa walking towards him. He felt himself stiffened up tight. This was the girl in his nightmares. Only this time, she was real. Her pale white face, her thick red lips, her neatly pinned up black hair, her black attire, and her pricing blue eyes. It was all real. Willa stood on the other side of the table. “Hello sir,” she said softly. Fear shot through Winston like a cannon. He instantly picked up his glass and chucked it at Willa. The girl ducked immediately. “Wait!” she yelled. “Let me explain!” Winston didn’t listen. He shoved over the table and lunged at Willa in a heartbeat. The girl leapt away. “Get away, devil!” Winston yelled. “No, wait! You don’t understand!” Willa yelled. “I don’t want to hurt you!” “Get out! Get out! GET OUT!!!” Winston shouted. Willa stood at the wall in a frantic mess. “I AM YOUR DAUGHTER!!!” she blurted out. Winston froze in shock. That small statement had broke his loyalty for Big Brother into ash. This girl from his nightmares was his offspring. This was his own daughter. After that awkward daze moment, Winston looked up. People were staring at him and Willa. Panic rose in him again. Afraid for her life, Winston rushed forward, grabbed Willa, and fled out of the Chestnut Tree. Willa was in a hurricane of confusion. “Where are you taking me?” she asked. Her father didn’t answer. He just kept dragging her through the streets in fear. They finally stopped in a dark alley. Winston shoved Willa against a wall. He stared at his daughter. Her strong blue eyes glowed in the dark. But he saw something else in them. It was as if Julia was right in front of him. He even saw some of himself in Willa. But what she did she want? “Why are we here?” his daughter asked. Winston returned to reality and looked around. There was no telescreen in sight but microphones could be present. But he decided to risk this anyway. “I could die right now.” Winston said at last with tears in his eyes. Willa kept silent. Her father leaned in close. “Listen to me,” he whispered. “Get out while you still can. They’ll eat you alive.” Willa just stared on.  


For safety reasons, Winston decided to keep Willa close at all times. Hiding her would be deadly. The Party would soon be after her. Willa was not safe here. “What is wrong, dad?” Willa asked. Winston looked up at her. It was clear that she was walking to her death. She would be a beautiful corpse just like in his nightmares. He had to protect her at all costs. In order to do that, Winston had to inform her. “Listen…” he began. “Willa.” his daughter said. “Listen, Willa.” her father went on. “You have signed your death warrant by coming here. You don’t know about Big Brother.” “Big Brother is real?” Willa asked. “I thought it was a myth.” Winston felt sick. This outsider knew a little bit about the Party. But not enough to save her neck from this train wreck up ahead. Winston told Willa about how bad things that were here. He had to keep his voice low to keep them safe. As he spoke, each word was like a knife to the chest for Willa. She fought back tears of anger hard. When Winston had finished his grim reality check, they came to a Big Brother is Watching You poster and stopped. Willa stared at it hard. Anger burned in her heart. She grabbed a broken brick and chucked it at the poster. Then, she picked up a rock and did the same. She threw three handfuls of dirt at the poster. When she ran out of things to throw, Willa fell to her knees and cried. Winston raced to her and held her close. He looked around. Two old women were staring at them. “Uh…” Winston spoke up. “She’s just sick. I’ll deal with her myself. Nothing to see here.” The women just stared as they walked on. Winston sighed hard. This was like committing suicide. But still, something bothered Winston. “Willa,” he said once she was calmer. “Yes?” she asked. “Does your mother know where you are?” her father asked. No answer followed. “Does she know where you are?” he repeated. Willa looked up. “Damnit, I knew he would ask!” she thought. “Uh…” she began. “Are you hungry?” Winston eyed her hard. “Willa, I could help you escape if you tell me the truth,” he said trying not to yell at her. “Now tell me, does your mother know that you left home by yourself?” Silence followed again. Willa bit her lip and replied, “No.” Winston felt like fainting. Not only was his daughter in danger here, Julia was in the dark about this. Winston might as well have put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.  


Back in North Country, Julia waited. It was normal for Willa to be gone during the summer. She was normally at her boyfriend’s apartment. But she only stayed for three days and came home in the third night. But nightfall was and no Willa. Around eleven, Julia became worried. So she went to the phone and called her son-in-law-to-be’s apartment. “Hello.” a male’s voice said when he picked up the phone. “Hello Brian.” Julia said calmly. “Is Willa over there with you?” “No ma’am.” Brian said tiredly. Julia held on to her sanity as hard as she could. “Then, where is she?” the mother asked. Brian went silent. “Oh crap!” he thought. “I knew this would happen.” Then he remembered the line Willa told him to say if Julia asked about her. “I can’t say,” Brian replied. “I was told not to answer for personal reasons.” Julia frowned. “And they are?” she asked. Brian fell silent. He hadn’t counted on this. Well, here goes. “Personal.” he said at last. “Brian,” Julia pressed on. “Why can’t you tell me?” The boy was trapped now. “She told me not to.” Brian answered. “Why not?” the mother asked.     Brian was running out of things to say. Julia never asked these many questions before. He had to do something fast. “Uh… would you like to come for dinner sometime?” Brian asked quickly. Julia wasn’t fooled. “Don’t change the subject.” she hissed. “What do you mean?” Brian asked trying to sound dumb. Julia lost her patience. “LISTEN BRIAN!!!” she yelled at last. “IF YOU DON’T TELL ME THE TRUTH, I WILL COME DOWN THERE AND HUMILATE YOU BY SHOUTING AT YOU FROM OUTSIDE LIKE I AM RIGHT NOW! NOW, WHERE IS WILLA?!?” Brian had to hold the phone away from his ear. He feared Julia’s wrath more than anything. To save face, Brian had to the truth. “In London!” he blurted out at last. Julia froze hard. “WHAT?” she yelled. Brian swallowed hard. He couldn’t stop now. “She went London to meet her dad and invite him to the wedding!” he went on. “Why?” Julia shouted out. Brian drew in a breath. “Willa didn’t want to have the wedding until she brought her father to North Country.” he explained. That did it for Julia. Willa was in for it now. Ever since Julia fled London, she vowed never to return again. When she first came to North Country, Julia decided to work hard. She refused to let her past stand in the way. For nineteen years, Julia was successful. She was a high-pain journalist, she lived in a fancy apartment, she put Willa in the best private school, and she even had a flirty neighbor after her. Now because of Willa, that was going out the window. Unless… “Brian,” Julia spoke up. “Pack your bags!” Brian was confused. “What for?” he asked. “I’m going to bring Willa home.” she answered. “What does this have to do with me?” Brian asked puzzled. “Because, you’re going to help me do so!” Julia snapped. Then she hung up before her son-in-law-to-be could argue back.Brian fell back onto his couch. Willa had done it now. Julia was really on the warpath. Why did he agree to cover for Willa? Brian couldn’t talk his love out of this one. Now, he had to pay. Brian might as well have taken a rope, made a noose, and hang himself from it.
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