Other Fan Fiction ❯ 2003 ❯ Book Two ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


“Willa!” Winston yelled as he shook his daughter awake the next morning. “Wake up! Please wake up!” “Mmm… Dad?” she said as she slowly awoke. Winston was relived. “You’re alive!” he breathed/ Willa fully opened her eyes to see her father in a nervous wreck. “Of course, I’m alive.” she mumbled. “Why wouldn’t I be?” Winston hugged her tightly. Willa was confused. “Uhh… Dad,” she said. “Are you feeling okay?” Winston let go of her and stared her in the face. Those blue eyes were just as strong as before. “I had a horrible dream that we were walking home one night and you stopped. Then you asked me what would I say if you died right now. Then you shoved me out of the way and you were shot to death.” he explained. Willa sat in silence. They just met yesterday and he was already worried about her. “There, there.” she said. “I’m still alive now. There’s nothing to worry about.” Winston said nothing. He just hugged his daughter tight again. Then, they heard something beep. Willa quickly broke away and looked around. It was her cell phone. Willa reached forward onto the bed, grabbed it, and opened it. A message from Brian was in the inbox:   Brian Davidson (*52-730-0524)   Now you’re done it! Your mom is worse than Satan now! She and I are now on the tube to Oceania to bring you home. I’m in hell!   Willa wanted to disappear now. Winston panicked silently. He too dreaded Julia’s wrath. But that was nineteen years ago. Willa quickly dialed her fiancée back.  


Brian’s cell phone rang in his pocket. He looked around nervously. Julia was busy exchanging money. He was clear now. Brian took out his phone and answered it. “Hello?” he asked. “Brian!” Willa exclaimed. Her beau got excited. But he knew he wouldn’t be clear. “Hang on.” he whispered. Then, Brian rushed to the bathroom. “Where are you?” he asked Willa once he was in a stall. “In hiding.” his girlfriend answered. “I have found my father.” “That’s great!” Brian said quickly. “But do something about your mom! You’ve done it this time! Come back with us to come with us now!” “Not until dad agrees to come with us.” Willa replied. “You know he can’t leave!” Brian shot back. “I know,” his fiancée challenged. “But I’m not going to give up trying.” As she spoke, Brian let his eyes wander around the stall. Through the crack, he saw a telescreen. Willa was on it as a wanted thought-criminal with a huge bounty on her head. Worry consumed him instantly. “Uh, baby…” Brian spoke up. “Yes?” Willa asked. “You’re a wanted criminal here.” her love said in a panic. Willa froze. “You’re joking right?” she asked sounding exasperated. “I wish I were.” he said. Dead silence came and went. “Thank you for warning me, love.” Willa said uneasily as she lightly rubbed the red diamond on her ring. “Be very careful.” Brian whispered. “I will.” Willa said. Then, they hung up. Willa turned to Winston. He looked just as upset. Willa toughened up. “Dad,” she said. “Take me to the station.” Winston looked sick. “I can’t… do that… they’ll capture you…” he stammered out. “I am aware of that.” his daughter murmured out. “But I have to see Brian again. He is so good to me.” Winston noticed that she was unconsciously rubbing the red diamond on her ring again as she spoke. “All right.” Winston said at last. “But, you’ll have to hide your ring.” Willa swallowed as she nodded. “Good,” Winston said. “Now, just hand me your ring.” Willa clinched her fist and held her other hand over her ring. Winston saw his daughter’s face. Worry was in her strong blue eyes and her teeth were clinched tight. “I won’t lose it or damage it.” Winston promised. “It will be safe with me. Just hand it here.” Willa hesitated at first, then she gently slid her engagement ring and handed it to Winston. Her father took it and placed it in his pocket. “Your ring will be safe, I promise.” he said. Willa nodded like an ill child. “Chin up.” Winston said as he pat her on the head. “Now, come on.” Then, the two headed down to the tube station.  


Brian stepped out of the bathroom. When he got back to the change counter, Julia was waiting for him. She looked cross. “Where’ve you been?” she hissed. “Bathroom.” Brian answered. Julia stepped closer. “You didn’t call Willa, did you?” she asked. “No…” he said. “Give me the phone.” she hissed. Brian swallowed hard and did so. Julia checked the call log. Willa’s number appeared. “This looks recent.” Julia hissed. Brian became pale. “I’ll be keeping this.” she snarled. Then, she put his phone in her purse. “Now come on!” Julia barked. Then, they began their search. Winston led Willa through the station. Willa had to wear a thick cloak and veil over her pale body. She couldn’t directly follow him but she had to keep him in sight. Willa felt uncomfortable in her cloak. But she had to deal with it. Willa felt naked without her ring. She hoped that Winston would keep his word about caring for it. She kept her eyes on him at all times. Her father was her only chance to survive. Julia and Brian picked up the pace. Brian stayed close. He could’ve been swept away. Plus, if Willa was a criminal here, he could be next. Winston was walking through the sea of people when he spotted Julia from a distance. Stunned, he quickly battled his way through the crowd to her. Willa caught sight of Brian behind her mother and raced to him. The two pairs met in the middle. Brian and Willa wanted to embrace but they knew it was too dangerous to do so. Brian looked at Willa’s hand. “Where’s your ring?” he whispered to her. “With dad.” his girlfriend answered. Winston eyed Julia silently. It had been nineteen years since they last saw each other. He had plenty to ask her. “I will tell you later.” Julia spoke up. Winston just nodded. Now, they had to slip through unnoticed. The trip was close to a nightmare. Winston and Julia had to push Brian and Willa along quickly and keep a close look out. The tube station was crowded with people. Some could be spies for Big Brother. “Dad, can I have my ring back now?” Willa asked. “Not yet.” Winston whispered quickly. Brian noticed how his girlfriend kept rubbing her finger as she walked. “Poor girl.” he thought. “You’ll get it back soon.Once the four of them were outside, Winston slipped Willa’s ring to her. “Don’t put it on now.” he whispered. His daughter nodded and held it tight in her fist. Julia leaned over to Winston. “Meet me in the woods.” she whispered. He nodded strongly. Next Chapter