Other Fan Fiction ❯ 2003 ❯ IV-VI ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


Once he put Brian and Willa in the room above the antique shop, Winston stepped out into the midday. The street seemed cold and dead. But knew that would never be. Big Brother would always be watching everything. Winston walked fast along the path he took years ago to meet Julia. She could finally provide answers to everything. And maybe even come up with an escape plan to get them home safely. The forest seemed to be the brightest place in all of London. It had been so long ago. Julia stood in front of Winston. He looked her up and down. Except for a tired looked to her face due to travel, Julia looked the same as she did in 1984. For the first time since Willa first arrived in London, Winston felt as if he had been left behind and Julia was ahead of him. “A daughter?” he asked strongly. “Yes.” Julia replied. Winston stepped closer. “Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked. Julia kept still. “I didn’t know I was pregnant at the time.” she answered. “And if I did, I couldn’t have told you at the time.” He was now puzzled. “Why not?” he asked. “Because the Party had gotten you by then.” she said bravely. Now that he had the truth, Winston could say the worst. “Willa is in terrible danger.” he openly admitted. “Yes, I know.” Julia said. “I have had nightmares about her getting shot to death.” Winston pushed on. “She asked me, ‘What would you say if I died right now?’ Then she shoved me out of the way, held out her arms, mumbled, ‘I forgive you, daddy.’ And was shot to death. As she lay dying in my arms, Willa mumbled something else but I couldn’t hear her. Then, she died.” Julia listened in silence. “I had been having this nightmare for five years now.” Winston finished. Julia lightly touched his shoulder. “Willa is a strong girl.” she said. “She won’t go down without a fight. If she dies, Big Brother will die with her.” Winston stiffened up his lips. He hoped Julia was right.  


By evening, Winston made it back to his hiding room. He found Willa and Brian sitting on the floor. His daughter had set up four lines of dominoes beside each other. Brian had three sheets of paper lying on the floor in front of him. He had just finished writing on a fourth sheet. The couple looked up. “Hi dad,” Willa said. “You’re just in time. Brian and I just invented this game called Revolution.” Winston looked at the setting. The sheets of paper read the following:  

Freedom is Slavery

Ignorance is Strength War is Peace He who controls the present, controls the future. He who controls the future, controls the past   “Ready dad?” Willa asked. Winston nodded uneasily. His daughter grinned. “Pick a row.” she said. Her father stared at the rows of “Big Brother” as they were set up to be. This was treason in a children’s game. But yet, he felt giddy about playing it. “War is peace.” Winston challenged. Willa smiled. “Good choice.” she replied. Then, Willa pushed down the first domino and the rest fell onto the paper. “One ridiculous idea down!” Brian called out. “Now for the next one.” He looked at the three remaining choices and pondered the next move. “Baby,” her boyfriend said at last. “Take out Freedom is Slavery. It offends me.” “Gladly.” Willa said. Then, she pushed down the head of this principle and the rest fell. “Ha-ha!” she called out. “We’re almost free! Now I pick one.” Willa didn’t have to think about the next move. “I pick the rubbish about the past. It’s all bull.” she said. Then, Willa knocked the whole line down. One line remained standing. Willa turned to the boys. “Shall it be spared?” she asked gingerly. “No!” Brian and Winston said quickly. Willa grinned. “Neither do I” she replied. Then, she pushed down the row and it fell. The trio played Revolution until it was late. Winston left in a hurry.  


Within the dark streets, gossip secretly danced around the street like fire. All was about Willa. Two old parole women stood on the curb smoking and talking in the cold.   “So who is she?”   “The thought criminal? Some foreigner from North Country, I guess.”   “North Country? The free land?”   “Yep!”   “Wow! I heard everyone from that place was rich. How much is the foreigner worth.”   “About 1,000,330.32. *” (That’s worth about one billion in American dollars.)   The parole woman whistled. “That’s a lot of money.”   “I know. That could feed my family for years!”   “You’ve seen the foreigner’s ring?”   “Yes! It’s a red diamond!”   “She kicked a thought police for it.”   “Are you serious?”   “As the pigs themselves.”   “I wouldn’t blame her.”   “I know. That ring must cost a liver.”   “If she is captured, what becomes of the ring?”   “Black market, I guess.”   “What a shame.”            “Yes.” Next Chapter