Other Fan Fiction ❯ 2003 ❯ IV-End ( Chapter 9 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
IV     Willa had been here for four days now. She was free from her bindings. They were useless to her anyway. The guards, even O’Brien, were afraid of her. She was like a savage beast that could not be tamed. Torture was useless to her as well. She had become stone cold to anything they did to her. Something had to be done and fast.     “I noticed that none of our treatments here are effective on you.” O’Brien said. “When you go to school in hell, deal with snobs, for seven years, get suspended and expelled, and attempt suicide, you feel no real pain what so ever.” Willa replied. O’Brien handed her some aspirin and a glass of water. “Here.” he said. “This is for your head.” His “guest” eyed him suspiciously. “What is this, a truth serum or something?” she asked sarcastically. “Your humor amazes me.” her captor said. “No aspirin. Take it.” Willa took the pills as she watched O’Brien. She drank the water with the pills. She felt better already. Willa could finally open her eyes and see. O’Brien was in clear vision now. Her captor sat down again.     “Now,” he began. “Why did you break two telescreens?” As he asked that, everyone in Oceania was watching. Willa was a hero to the people. They were finally opening their eyes to the truth. They had been in hell for years. Two plus two was four. Oceania was losing to the new European states. Freedom was freedom. The past could not be changed. Bug Brother was all a lie. The Party looked like a joke now.     “Because,” Willa began as she crossed her ankles. Everyone waited for her answer. Then came the strongest five words ever said in the history of Oceania. “Big Brother is an idiot.” Willa announced boldly. It was as if the world had stopped moving. Dead silence was all over Oceania. O’Brien tried not to look like he had been hit by a bus.     “I’m sick of that little coward bullying innocent people into being mindless sheep!” Willa barked. “Big Brother is a lying hypocrite! The Party is just a joke!!!” That did it for O’Brien. He shot up from his chair and grabbed Willa by her black sweater. “I am not above killing a radical like you!!!” he yelled.     “Go ahead, do it.” Willa said coolly. O’Brien froze and let go of his captive. She just grinned. “You can’t can you?” Willa asked like a serpent. “If you let me rot in prison, I will be living proof of your failure to silence me. On the other hand, if you kill me, I will become a martyr to the people here and inspire them to overthrow Big Brother. So either way you deal with it, you lose.” O’Brien was too angry to speak. He just stomped out of the room and slammed the door violently. Willa sat back grinning. She had won for the fourth day in a row.   V     Yesterday’s testimony was like the first push to a long row of dominoes. Soon, prison camps were in riots all over in London. Winston, Brian, and Julia were soon walking on the road freely. The thought-police and guards were powerless to stop the people from rebelling. To the Party, it was clear. Willa had to die.     Willa awoke to the sound of footsteps. The young thought-police boy she saw before she was arrested stood over her. “What do you want?” she asked sleepy-like. “I came to get you.” he whispered. “They are going to execute you in public.” Willa began laughing to herself. “So the monkey decided to whimp out and kill the saint.” she said aloud. “I knew this would happen.” “I couldn’t persuade them to let you live but I persuaded them to let you see your family one last time.” the boy went on. Willa sat up at that statement. “All right.” she said in a low voice. Then the duo left the cell.     The sun was so bright and fresh air. Willa felt life blow into her again. As she walked, Willa remembered her life. The days at the beach before her dark years, eating watermelon, speaking and writing in Italian, machinery class, meeting Brian, her dark years, attempting suicide, the whole year in the depression home, the pranks of revenge on the tarts of her school, her days suspended, dating Brian, the day he purposed, meeting Gaile, and meeting her father.     Everywhere Willa looked there was chaos. She smiled to herself. A pity she wouldn’t get to see the revolution in full effect. She would’ve loved to see the Party collapse like the dominoes they were. Willa also thought of Brian. She looked forward to marrying him. But now, she never will. Willa lightly rubbed the red diamond on her ring. “My love, Brian.” she thought. Willa forced herself to keep walking.     When she and the thought-police came tot Mr. Charrington’s abandoned shop, a surprise was right in front of the shop. Winston sat on a pile of crate boxes. Brian leaned against the building. Julia stood near the door. Willa was relieved to see her family alive and well. The young thought-police nudged the prisoner forward. “You have thirty minutes.” he said. Willa nodded without turning. She walked forward slowly.     “You’re alive.” she said to her family. Winston smiled but he had a bad feeling about this.     “There are three stages in this revolution.” Willa said to everyone. “There is discovery. There is learning. There is fighting. I am now fighting.” Winston stood to his feet. Willa walked closer. She slid off her engagement ring and held it out to Winston. “I love you Brian.” she said. Then, she turned back to her father. “Take this.” she said. Then Willa dropped the ting in her father’s hand. Winston caught it. Despair was in his eyes. Willa walked forward and kissed Brian on the lips. Her love kissed back. The young thought-police felt guilty. This was an innocent person dying for no real reason at all. Big Brother was so heartless.     Then, he heard footsteps behind him. The thought-police turned to see thousands of people crowded around. They came to see their heroine. The fighting squad was ready to shoot. Willa turned to Julia. “I’ll miss you mom.” she said. Julia hugged her daughter. Willa backed up to the crowd. She smiled and held out her arms with her fists clinched. Winston became pale. This was just like in his nightmares of her. Willa was going to die.     “I forgive you, daddy.” Willa said almost inaudibly. Winston nodded in understanding. Then, gunshots rang out and the world stopped hard. Willa fell back into her blood. The young thought-police was sick with terror. The people were stunned. “Willa!!!” Winston yelled as he raced to his dying daughter. The firing squad was about to shoot him too but the thought-police ordered them not to so they stopped.     Winston held Willa tight in his arms. She was a beautiful girl. Willa slowly opened her eyes and mumbled something inaudible. Only Winston heard her clearly and nodded in agreement. Then, Willa slowly died.     Moments later, there were whispers crowd. She did all of that for us? Why did they kill her? She’s just an innocent. That motivated Brian to stand up for once. He jumped on an old sofa and grabbed a stick. “Now we’ve seen Big Brother’s true colors!” he yelled. “Are we going to take this anymore?” “NO!!!” the peopled yelled. That day, London found her courage to fight back against the beast that oppressed them.   VI     Today, Oceania was free. The people tore down the Big Brother poster and burned them, every telescreen was destroyed, and the slogans were dropped. The thought-police was dispatched for good. Free rights were restored. The Party was no more. And it was all to a voice that could no longer speak.     Willa was buried in the country near one of the former green-hells. Winston knelt over his daughter’s grave. Her eyes were forever in his head. He wore her engagement ring around his neck as a reminder. Thousands offered to buy Willa a proper headstone but Winston, Julia, and Brian refused. That would draw too much attention.     Winston pulled out the red diamond ring, held it tightly, and closed his eyes.     Winston stood along a shady grove. “Hi dad!” a voice called out. He looked up and saw Willa. She was dressed in a black tube top and a white flowing skirt. Black sandals adorned her feet and a long white veil and daises did the same for her loose flowing black hair. She had a bouquet of white lilies. Willa looked so happy. She even had lovely make-up on her face.     “You made it in time for the wedding.” she said. Winston smiled. “Just as I promised.” he said. Willa sat down near the pond and her father joined her. “Oceanc- I mean London, has a new president.” he went on. “I see.” Willa said as she looked at the water.       “I read your journal. I wanted to ask you many things about it.”       “Really?”       “I wanted to get to know you better.”       “So did I.”       “You should have seen London. Riots were in the streets everywhere. It looked like a slaughter.”       “Is that so?”       “Yes. The European states and the Ocean states have signed a treaty and the war is over.”     Willa smelled her bouquet. “I love you dad.” she murmured. “I love you too Willa.” Winston said back. A light breeze pasted over. Willa looked around. “Oh, where’s Brian?” she asked sounding concerned. “He should’ve been here hours ago! What’s keeping him?” Winston rose to his feet. “I’ll go get him.” he declared. Willa’s eyes lit up with hope. “Oh please do!” she exclaimed. Winston nodded and headed off.     Winston met Julia near the country road. She looked worn out as usual. This reminded Winston of a small question he was itching to ask. “Died in battle, eh?” he asked. Julia for once smiled. “It sounded logical at the time when she first asked about you.” she explained. Winston smiled. “I must say that was impressive.” he said. Julia nodded in pride.     Then the mood became somber. “What are you going to do now?” Winston asked. “I don’t know.” Julia answered. “Are you going to go back to North Country?” he asked. Julia nodded. “So, what happens next?” Winston asked. “I don’t know. I know as much about the future as you do.” she replied. Winston became silent. Julia headed out to the tube station. Winston didn’t accompany her.     He walked towards the first cab. Brian waited inside. Winston sat beside him. The ride back to the city was silent at first. “Mr. Smith,” Brian spoke at last. Winston turned. “Can I call you dad?” the boy asked. Winston smiled and patted Brian on the head. “Yes, son.” he replied. Brian smiled.     At the head of Willa’s grave was a short board of wood staked into the ground. Craved on it were Willa’s last words that Winston heard. They were perfect for this after they were translated.   La Pace e Ristabilita Peace is Restored   The End Back