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A/N: Well folks. Here is another POV story I have started up. Harvey's New Eyes, all told from the perspectives of the characters within the game (Lilli, Harvey, the restriction blocks, etc.). I hope you enjoy it.


***Marcel's POV***

It had been months since the accident, but I was still determined to rid the world of childishness and childhood.

After all, it was because of Edna that my goal has expanded to others. Not just her.

During those months, I have been modifying that damn rabbit Edna had clinged on: fixing his scar and replacing his old eyes with new ones.

And frankly, this turned out for the better.

In the first week since, I had programmed an easy restriction for him to tell others: No one must lose control.

Within that time, I hired a secretary, a woman whom had broken up with her fiancee due to him cheating on her back. What she did not know was that she was actually my first test subject to try him out on.

And it worked. She no longer had any reason to lose control when she explained. Perhaps hypnosis WOULD play a part after all.

Time was passing as I slowly programmed the rabbit to tell others the other restrictions...no one doing the following: using sharp objects, going to dangerous places, contradicting adults, touching alcohol, playing with fire, and lying.

And the more I tested on her, the more willing and, oddly, more embracing she desired. It's like she WANTED these blocks for more than that. But that's probably because of the programming, I guess. It did give me an idea, however, on what else to program.

That morning, I had finally programmed the rabbit to tell everyone not to do this: following their wishes. And this would be the one whom will make sure everyone was in control.

After all, eight was all I needed for now until I could think up what other restrictions I could give them.

I was to test him out on my secretary, preparing to search for her since she disappeared, when the phone rang.

I picked it up and listened to it. It was the nun of the covenant on the hill. She demanded that I was to be summoned there because there were children misbehaving.

With a devilish grin, I agreed that I would go there, to try out the rabbit on the children. After all, it was getting boring using my secretary, Cindy Gingers, as an experiment anyway.

Finally, after I hung up, I turned to the rabbit with red eyes, scar stitched on his right eye, and picked him up by the ears.

All I told him was, "Harvey...we have a little place to go to this evening..."

***Lilli's POV***

It had been months since she first came here. I guess my life was a little better since she first came.

I mean ever since I was younger, I was always stuck doing chores for Mother Superior and picked on by other kids, even my crush, Capu.

Currently, I was to rake leaves on the ground, ignoring the gigantic robotic possum terrorizing a city not too far from where the church was.

I was humming a bit, hoping to cheer up a little. However, not everyone likes what I was doing.

"LILLI!" a familiar voice to me spoke out.

I turned to the covnent window, noticing the blue skinned old nun approaching: Mother Superior Ignantz.

She was the nun who ran the school and church, but there's one thing that you should know, she hates kids, despite running a school for them.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to sing while working?! You know very well that I hate the sound of cheerful children." she snapped before turning away, speaking to herself, "These ch-ch-children are driving me crazy!"

She left while I sighed depressingly, raking the leaves. She always did hate me. Why, even I don't know.

At that moment, I heard footsteps, noticing someone approaching. To my notice, Edna arrived to me.

You see, months ago, I was the only one awake when Edna knocked on the church door. She looked like she had escaped from an asylum or something, due to her only in her gown. And honestly, I think she looked like she was framed.

I made sure she got inside, giving her a new set of clothing while befriending her. With her, we were like sisters.

I guess Mother Superior doesn't notice her since Edna would usually do whatever she wanted while in the church, but I guess I never had a chance to explain due to my shyness.

And yet, whenever she DID notice Edna, she would probably believe she was one of the students like the others.

For you see, I wasn't the only student living in the church. There were others as well as my teachers and the chef, Doris. The others that also lived there were mostly kids who picked on me: Freeman, Frank, Birgit, Shawny, Memphis, Suka, Shy, and my crush Capu.

Capu was really nice at least. In fact, one time, I remember that when I was down, he gave me flowers to cheer me up. Granted, they were flowers from the garden, but it was the thought that counted.

But just recently, Mother Superior announced a new student just a few days ago. Gerret. He was strange, at least to me anyway, but there was something odd about him. He looked more like he was almost a year or two older than Edna.

The girl, grinning as usual, finally asked, interrupting my thoughts, "Oh there you are. Is that moloch making you r-r-rake leaves again?"

"Uh-huh." I nodded.

To be honest, I'm still a bit too shy to talk to her, despite knowing little bits about her every day.

Heck, even when I try to speak, I usually am too shy or nervous to speak or people would just interrupt what I was saying and assume what I was gonna say.

"Tuh! How boring and so unnecessary too." she said, pointing to the leaves on the ground, "The leaves all drift back onto the path anyway. You should just come with me instead. I'm on a treasure hunt right now, you know."

"Uh-uh." I bashfully said to her.

"Well, it's your decision. You can always come to the swing tree later when you're done here. I think I found something in the flower beds over there. Until then, see ya!" Edna grinned once again.

Finally, I watched her leave the area, looking more cheerful than the day we met. After all, she was my roommate.

Sadly, all I could do was sigh and rake the leaves. But even then, I was no good as I tried raking the leaves under the rocks, scratching them.

"What's that noise outside?" the familiar nun's voice shouted in agony.

I was still struggling as she continued, "Ugh! It's unbearable!"

Finally, as soon as I got the last leaf out, collecting the leaves, the angered nun came to me, shouting, "LILLI! Now I've had it up to here! I guess I overestimated you once again! You're not even fit to rake leaves."

She sighed, groaning, "It doesn't matter. I have 2 new tasks for you. The flower beds in the backyard have to be dug up again. Can you manage that?"

I nodded, saying, "Uh-huh."

"I doubt it, but we'll see. And while you're in the backyard, the swing tree is infested by termites. Come up with something to get rid of them for good. So, one more time for the really clueless: First: dig up the flower beds, Second: Get rid of the termites infesting the swing tree. You'll be very sorry if you don't do a good job."

With that, I saw her leave. She's really mean to me most of the time, but I guess it's because I was probably the one most easy to be picked on.

Finally, with a sigh, I headed to the backyard. I mean with Edna going to the flowerbed, I don't think I have a choice. Plus I was running low on options anyway.

"Harvey's New Eyes~A POV Story"

(End of Prologue)